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However, the two of them didn’t find anything of value.

Seemingly seeing Yang Kai’s confusion, Feng Ying explained, “Every time the war between the two races erupts, when the clansmen of Blue Sky Pass come out to fight, besides carrying some necessary treasures to restore their injuries, everything else will remain inside the pass. As such, even if they unfortunately die, their inheritance will still be of use to the clansmen.”

In the chaotic battlefield, no one could guarantee that they would be able to return alive, so when they fought, almost everyone was determined to die. As Feng Ying had said, they would bring the necessary items and leave the rest behind.

This was also the reason why the Small Universe didn't have anything of value here. The treasures left behind by the Small Universe’s master had been taken away by Blue Sky Pass long before he died, so it was likely that it had already become a powerful asset to the other clansmen.

Yang Kai felt a deep sense of respect.

Since that was the case, there was no need to investigate further.

A moment later, Yang Kai and Feng Ying left the Universe Paradise. Just as they returned, the four Regiment Commanders arrived.

Feng Ying had sent a message to Zhong Liang before, and Zhong Liang had sent a message to Ding Yao and the other two, so the four of them arrived almost at the same time.

Four pairs of eyes were immediately attracted by the door to the Universe Paradise, and Zhong Liang even looked up and down at Yang Kai, “Did you do this?”

Yang Kai nodded. There was nothing to deny.

“Do you know who left it behind?” Zhong Liang asked again, not to Yang Kai but to Feng Ying.

Feng Ying shook her head, “I’m not too sure, unless someone close to him enters to investigate, it’s impossible to confirm.”

Zhong Liang was silent. Unless a cultivator had a special characteristic, it would be difficult to determine the identity of the deceased. Moreover, since ancient times, there had been countless High Rank Open Heaven cultivators who had died outside Blue Sky Pass. The number of years that had passed was simply too great, so it was impossible to determine their identity.

Ding Yao suddenly glanced at Yang Kai and asked, “Did you discover this by chance, or do you have the ability to open the gates to these Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven?”

Yang Kai said, “As long as It wasn't concealed too deeply, I can find the door and open it.”

Hearing this, the four Regiment Commanders all raised their eyebrows. Ding Yao even nodded and said, “Good, if that’s the case, then you’ve made a great contribution.”

Yang Kai was confused. What kind of great contribution was this? If what Feng Ying said was true, then there was absolutely nothing good hidden in the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven outside the Blue Sky Pass. Even if they found it, it would not bring any benefits to Blue Sky Pass.

However, since Ding Yao said so, it was definitely not without reason.

Moreover, the arrival of these four Regiment Commanders made Yang Kai realize that this matter was not ordinary. Feng Ying had said she would report this matter to the higher-ups, but he had not expected these four to come together.

Looking at the expressions of Zhong Liang and the others, it was obvious they were also paying close attention to this matter.

Unable to understand, Yang Kai could only ask, “Are these Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven very important? There doesn’t seem to be anything good inside.”

Ding Yao lightly said, “The clansmen who entered the battlefield naturally wouldn’t bring anything good with them. When they were alive, they fought to the death with the Ink Clan, but after they died, the Small Universe they left behind could still be used to kill the Ink Clan. We had this idea a long time ago, but unfortunately, we didn’t have the ability to open these hidden gates. I never expected you to have this ability.”

Zhong Liang said, “Let me put it this way, this Universe Paradise in front of you doesn’t have much value to begin with. Although it possesses the World Force and also has a Dao Mark, it is useless to us humans. But what if we set it up as a trap?”

“A trap…” Yang Kai raised his brow.

Zhong Liang’s eyes narrowed slightly, “The Ink Clan’s army has repeatedly besieged my Blue Sky Pass. If we set up a trap in the Universe Paradise, when the Ink Clan’s army approaches, the trap will be opened and the nearby Ink Clan will be forcibly taken in.”

Liang Yulong continued, “You can set up a Killing Array in this Universe Paradise ahead of time, and after the Ink Clan is taken in, the Killing Array will be activated. This way, you won’t need to fight with the Ink Clan to weaken their army.”

Shentu Mo also said, “One Universe Paradise may not be a big deal, but there are many Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven outside Blue Sky Pass. If ten, a hundred, or even a thousand traps are activated, victory will be decided in one fell swoop!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s expression changed slightly as a magnificent scene appeared in front of his eyes. The Ink Clan’s army had surrounded Blue Sky Pass from all sides, and as their momentum soared, traps that had been set up using Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven burst out one after another. In the blink of an eye, a large number of the Ink Clan’s army had been sucked into these traps and killed by the Great Array.

If that was the case, Blue Sky Pass would be able to win a great victory without much effort. If the Human Race had made such arrangements in the previous battle, victory would not have been so difficult.

As for Blue Sky Pass, they had long since had this idea, but although it was a good idea, it was difficult to put it into action. If they couldn’t open those gates, how could they set up traps?

So after hearing that Yang Kai had forcefully opened a door, Zhong Liang immediately realized the importance of this matter and immediately sent a message to Ding Yao and the other two to investigate the situation.

This time, the Ink Clan’s army suffered heavy losses. For a short time, Blue Sky Pass would be safe, but one day, the Ink Clan’s army would return and there would be another fierce battle.

As for the Ink Clan’s recuperation period, it was perfect for them to set up traps and great arrays around Blue Sky Pass. If everything went smoothly, the next time the Ink Clan army arrived, there would be a great surprise waiting for them.

The key to this was whether Yang Kai had the ability to open these gates.

If he did, everything would be fine, but if he didn't, there was no need to expect too much.

The four of them stared at Yang Kai with complicated expressions. Originally, it was because Yang Kai had disregarded military orders on the battlefield that they had ordered him to clean up the battlefield as a small punishment, but who would have thought that cleaning up the battlefield would result in such a great contributions?

Moreover, they had heard from Feng Ying that Yang Kai was preparing to contribute a batch of Mysterious Yin Bamboo to Blue Sky Pass…

This was a good thing, especially for the High Rank Open Heaven masters in the Ink Battlefield. If they really had the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, whether it was resisting the corrosion of the Ink Force or cultivating, it would be greatly beneficial.

This was another great contribution.

Zhong Liang and the others suddenly felt a headache coming on. This junior disciple’s contributions were too great, it didn’t seem to be a good thing, making it difficult for them to treat him too harshly.

When these contributions were converted into merit points, they had already accumulated a considerable amount. Forget about everything else, just Yang Kai’s achievements in the last battle had already surpassed most of the Eighth Order Garrison Chief's.

“Yang Kai, this is a matter of great importance. Are you sure you can open those gates?” Zhong Liang asked solemnly, pushing aside the many thoughts in his mind. This matter was related to the future battle situation, so he had to carefully confirm it.

Yang Kai respectfully replied, “I dare not speak wild things.”

Ding Yao said lightly, “Seeing is believing!”

This time, they want him to demonstrate it in front of them. Yang Kai didn’t refuse and immediately nodded, “Please follow me.”

When he was cleaning up the battlefield just now, he had discovered the hidden locations of many gates, so it was naturally not difficult to find another one.

A few breaths later, everyone stopped somewhere in the void, and under everyone’s watchful eyes, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and pushed it forward.

Under everyone’s gaze, there seemed to be a faint fluctuation in space and Yang Kai’s hand suddenly disappeared.

Zhong Liang and the others frowned.

In the next moment, Yang Kai twisted his hand and activated his Space Laws, causing a slowly rotating vortex to appear in front of everyone’s eyes. From this vortex, the aura of a Universe World could be felt.

Seeing this, Ding Yao and the others’ eyelids twitched. Although they knew that it was impossible for Yang Kai to deceive them in this matter, they also felt that he had the ability to do so, wasn’t this too easy?

To him, opening a hidden door was as simple as eating and drinking.

A long time ago, they had thought of setting up a trap outside Blue Sky Pass in the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven, but after many attempts, they were unable to open it. There was nothing they could do about it. Those who were proficient in the Space Laws were simply too rare, so even if the Human Race cultivated the Space Laws, their attainments weren’t very high, making them useless. [MSN: if only you let a batch of people to study it.]

On the other hand, when Yang Kai stretched out his hand, a door opened. How deep was this boy’s attainments in the Space Dao? But thinking about how this boy could even arrange the Universe Formation, it was not surprising.

At this moment, Yang Kai was frowning as he observed the door. The aura coming from the door made him feel that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?” Zhong Liang asked.

Yang Kai said, “This Universe Paradise seems to have been turned into ink.”

“Ink transformation?” Zhong Liang frowned.

Yang Kai nodded and suddenly pushed his hands forward, causing the vortex to suddenly expand, revealing a scene in the middle of the vortex. The scene was as black as ink, obviously a scene from inside the door.

As the door opened, the Ink Force inside also began to surge out, but under Yang Kai’s control, all of it was sealed inside the Universe Paradise.

Zhong Liang sighed lightly, “Seal it, this Universe Paradise can no longer be used.”

In order to set up a Great Array in the Universe Paradise, it would definitely require the Array Dao masters to enter, but with the rich Ink Force in this Universe Paradise, those Array Dao masters did not have the ability to resist it without fear like Yang Kai.

This Universe Paradise has been completely inked. It was easy to imagine that its owner had been corroded by the Ink Force when he was alive, but before his death, he had fought a bloody battle and eventually died, leaving behind his Small Universe.

There was definitely more than one such Small Universe.

Moreover, not every High Rank Open Heaven's Small Universe would be left behind after they died. If they took the initiative to disintegrate their Small Universe, after they died, nothing would remain.

There were also many such people. They had sacrificed their lives for the Human Race, but none of them had been able to leave behind a single trace of their existence. How sad was that?

Even so, the Cave Heaven Paradise was still resisting the Ink Clan in this Ink Battlefield, refusing to allow the Ink Clan to step into the 3000 Worlds.


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