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Inside Feng Ying’s courtyard, Zhong Liang and the other three had just left when another person arrived.

Yang Kai didn’t know who he was, but according to Feng Ying’s introduction, he was a member of Blue Sky Pass’ Merit Palace. In Blue Sky Pass, Merit Palace was an extremely important existence, and was mainly responsible for settling each person’s battle achievements.

As for battle merits, they could be exchanged for various cultivation resources in War Preparation Palace.

Knowing that it was someone from the Merit Palace, Yang Kai naturally didn’t dare be negligent. Previously, he didn’t know, but now that he knew this person’s identity, he was quite curious about how many achievements he had made in this battle.

However, to his surprise, the other party didn’t come here to tell him how many battle merits he had obtained, but instead came here under the orders of the four Regiment Commanders to announce his punishment.

On the battlefield, he had disregarded military orders, ignored the big picture, and risked his life. After the four Regiment Commanders' discussion, they decided to punish Yang Kai for cleaning up the battlefield.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded.

The man smiled and handed a jade slip to Yang Kai, cupping his fists and saying, “Brother Yang, I was just following orders, please don’t blame me. However, cleaning up the battlefield isn’t difficult, it just takes some time, it’s not a big punishment. En, the area you’re responsible for is marked on this jade slip, you’ll know when you take a look.”

Yang Kai could only accept the jade slip.

The man didn’t say anything else and left.

Yang Kai stood in place and examined the jade slip. He found that it was engraved with a simple map of the vicinity of Blue Sky Pass, and the areas he was responsible for cleaning were indeed marked in it.

Yang Kai turned to Feng Ying and asked, “What should I do?”

Feng Ying said, “Actually, it’s nothing much. The main thing is to clean up the remaining Ink Clouds and Ink Force on the battlefield, especially those Ink Clouds. If they remain near Blue Sky Pass, when the Ink Clan army attack next time, they will become something they can use as leverage. Follow me.”

Saying so, she led the way.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to arrive at the War Preparation Palace. The hall was bustling with people constantly entering and exiting. Many people recognized Yang Kai and smiled kindly at him, some even coming up to greet him.

Yang Kai responded politely.

Feng Ying found some people from the War Preparation Palace and collected a tool specifically used to clean up the battlefield before leading Yang Kai away.

After leaving Blue Sky Pass, Yang Kai followed the location marked on the jade slip to a certain battlefield. Looking around, the battlefield was filled with Ink Clouds of various sizes, as well as the remnants of the Ink Clan’s remains.

In such a battle, there were naturally casualties amongst the Human Race, but the Human Race’s remains had all been taken in by their comrades, leaving only the Ink Clan corpses on the battlefield.

The area Yang Kai was responsible for was about a hundred thousand kilometers in radius, not too big, but not too small either.

At this moment, there were already people cleaning up the Ink Clouds all over the battlefield. Yang Kai looked around and saw that there were basically two people in a group cleaning up the Ink Clouds. Each of them was holding one end of a large net as they rapidly flew through the void. Wherever they passed, the Ink Clouds would be collected and sent away.

After dealing with the Ink Clouds in the net, the person holding the net would return again.

Yang Kai came to a sudden realization. The Human Race had specifically developed a treasure that targeted the Ink Clan. The Ink Force was extremely difficult to deal with, and so far, besides the Light of Purification that Yang Kai had used, there was no other force that could purify it.

If the Human Race wanted to clean up the battlefield, they could only think of other methods, and the scene in front of them was the crystallization of the Human Race’s wisdom over countless years.

“This is the Wrapping Black Ink Net,” As Feng Ying spoke, she took out a small net about a foot long, but after pouring her strength into it, the net suddenly expanded, “This is the only way to clean up the battlefield, and cleaning up the battlefield is also called fishing by the clansmen.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help laughing. The scene in front of him really did look like a fisherman trying to fish, but there were no fish on the battlefield, only Ink Clouds.

The Wrapping Black Ink Net had no other use other than to clean up the remaining Ink Clouds on the battlefield.

“Where are we sending the Ink Clouds to?” Yang Kai asked.

Feng Ying said, “At least a million kilometers away.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood. It was no wonder that the previous person from Merit Palace had said that cleaning up the battlefield wasn’t difficult, but it would take some time. The Ink Clouds, would be sent a million kilometers away, so this trip would take a lot of time.

Yang Kai roughly estimated that it would take at least a month or two to clean up the surrounding hundred thousand kilometers.

He had just broken through to the Seventh Order and needed to stabilize his cultivation, so how could he waste time?

Immediately waving his hand, he said, “There’s no need for such trouble.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he appeared in front of the Ink Cloud, opened the door to his Small Universe, and began devouring it madly.

A moment later, the giant Ink Cloud was absorbed into his Small Universe.

Yang Kai’s figure flashed back and forth as he collected the Ink Clouds of various sizes. When Feng Ying saw this, she couldn’t help feeling somewhat speechless and worried.

Although Yang Kai possessed the World Spring, she didn’t know if he would be alright after swallowing so much Ink Force.

However, after confirming that Yang Kai was fine, she relaxed.

A hundred thousand kilometers only took Yang Kai a day or two to clean up.

However, he didn’t immediately return to the pass, instead stopping somewhere in the void and staring straight ahead.

Feng Ying flashed over and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

Yang Kai sighed lightly and suddenly stretched out his hand. As the Space Laws fluctuated, Yang Kai’s hand seemed to press into an invisible curtain and the entire hand disappeared.

Feng Ying’s expression froze, not knowing what was happening.

The Space Laws continued to circulate for a while before Yang Kai suddenly shouted, “Open!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his big hand suddenly turned, and at the place where it stopped, it was as if a door had slowly opened, revealing a door in front of it. This door was like a whirlpool, slowly rotating and emitting a Small Universe’s aura.

Feng Ying couldn’t help muttering, “This is…”

“Universe Paradise,” Yang Kai’s eyes showed a hint of sadness, “I wonder which Senior left it behind.”

After High Rank Open Heaven died, if there were no accidents, the Small Universe would most likely be completely preserved and hidden in the void. If one didn’t know its exact location, it would be difficult to find it, and even if one knew its exact location, they wouldn’t be able to open it without some means.

Because of the death of a High Rank Open Heaven cultivator, these small Universe remnants were called Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven.

Among them, the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage's was called Universe Paradise, while the Eighth Order's was Universe Cave Heaven.

The Blood Monster Cave Heaven that Yang Kai had once explored was left behind by Blood Monster Divine Monarch after his death.

In Shattered Heaven, Yang Kai had cooperated with Bright Sun Divine Monarch and found many gates to Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven. For him, as long as he could sense the location of these gates, forcefully opening them would be easy.

These Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven all contained their owner’s inheritance, so if they were lucky, they might even be able to inherit his legacy.

Therefore, in the 3000 Worlds, Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven both represented a massive amount of wealth and opportunities. Once they were discovered, countless people would flock to them.

Every time the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened, it would attract the elite disciples of the Cave Heaven Paradise to enter and train, so one could imagine how precious it was.

Among the 3000 Worlds, Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven were no longer easy to find. After so many years, those who could be found had long been discovered, and those who were difficult to find might not be found.

But this was the Ink Battlefield, outside Blue Sky Pass.

From ancient times until now, countless Human Race masters had fought a bloody battle against the Ink Clan, their blood dyeing the void.

Outside Blue Sky Pass, how many Human Race masters had fallen? This was probably an unimaginable number.

During the battle between the two armies, all kinds of energy fluctuations had been constantly fluctuating, so Yang Kai hadn’t been able to detect them, but now that he was cleaning up the battlefield, he could clearly feel some subtle and almost imperceptible spatial fluctuations.

If one wasn’t proficient in the Space Laws, it would be difficult to detect such fluctuations, no matter how high one’s cultivation was. However, Yang Kai had opened quite a number of Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven. Coupled with the special circumstances of this place, how could Yang Kai not be able to guess the reason?

After a series of attempts, the door to the Universe Paradise was easily opened.

For Yang Kai, this was an extremely easy task, but for Feng Ying, it was simply unimaginable.

Outside Blue Sky Pass, there were countless Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven hidden, this was something everyone could imagine. After all, there were too many clansmen and masters who had died here.

But up until now, no one had been able to open the door as easily as Yang Kai.

If he could open one, he could open the second, the third…

What did this mean? This meant that the treasures left behind by the masters of the Universe Paradise and Universe Cave Heaven could all be taken back. Although there might not be many treasures left behind, these were the witnesses of the battle between these Human Race masters and the Ink Clan.

“Go in and take a look?” Yang Kai tilted his head and asked.

Feng Ying nodded, “I’ll report it first.”

Saying so, she took out her communication device and sent out a message before entering the gate with Yang Kai.

With a flash of their vision, the two of them arrived in a Universe World. Just as Yang Kai had expected, this was Universe Paradise, a place left behind by a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

However, this Universe Paradise was barren and seemed to be somewhat damaged. The entire World’s Law was not complete.

This was a Small Universe that once cut off its own territory. Yang Kai could almost imagine that the owner of this Small Universe had been corroded by the Ink Force and had no choice but to part with his Small Universe's territory to fight the Ink Clan, but in the end, he had still been defeated and died.

After he died, his Small Universe did not collapse but instead left behind this incomplete Universe Paradise.

The Universe Paradise wasn’t very large, and there didn’t seem to be anything of value here.

Yang Kai and Feng Ying walked around the Small Universe but found nothing. This made Yang Kai somewhat puzzled. Logically speaking, this Human Race master had been a Seventh Order before he died, so all of his possessions should have been stored in the Small Universe. After he died, all of his possessions should have been left here.


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