In this Ink Battlefield, it wasn’t difficult to make a contribution, but it wasn’t so easy to make a great contribution. Many people might not even be able to make great contribution in their lifetime.

However, in less than a year’s time, Yang Kai had accomplished two great deeds, one that had never been seen before.

In this way, no matter what kind of mistake he made, it was enough to make up for it.

When Lu An said he was going to side with Yang Kai, he was indeed going to side with him, but this favoritism was very reasonable, so no one could refute it, because everyone present agreed with what he said.

But this wasn’t the end, Lu An continued, “He was only a mere Sixth Order cultivator, yet he was able to kill his way to the front of the battlefield. Although it wasn’t intentional, he somehow managed to find the place where the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was hiding and interrupted the Royal Lord’s healing process, causing the Ink Clan from the East, North, and South to rush to his aid and rescue him. This gave the Human Race a great opportunity to pursue him, and even helped the Old Ancestor heavily wound the Royal Lord. It can be said that Blue Sky Pass’ great victory was all thanks to him alone. If it weren’t for his many actions, Blue Sky Pass’ battle wouldn’t have been so easy, and this was a great contribution!”

This was the third great contribution.

In a single battle, he had obtained three great merits, something no one had ever heard or seen before.

Hearing this, Zhong Liang chuckled, “According to Brother Lu, we must reward Yang Kai well. Brother Lu, even if Yang Kai really is a member of Yin-Yang Heaven, your favoritism is too obvious.”

Lu An smiled slightly, “Of course, after talking about his merit, he naturally has his share of demerit too. Not to mention that he doesn’t respect military orders on the battlefield, insisting on acting rashly is a great taboo. Just because of him, the Eastern, Northern, and Southern line forces supporting the Western Front may put countless Human Race soldiers in danger.”

Zhong Liang had previously borrowed troops from the Three Front, so he had to bear a great deal of risk. If the Western Front did not end the war in time, the East, South, and North would not be able to continue, and if things went wrong, they would be broken through. At the very least, the casualties would not be small.

Although this hadn’t happened, if the Royal Lord hadn’t exposed his whereabouts and interrupted his healing process, it really would have happened.

“Disrespecting military orders and implicating our clansmen’s soldiers in danger is another matter. Let's assume that his merits and demerits are equal to each other in this battle, so there is no reward or punishment,” Lu An concluded.

Everyone in the hall was speechless when they heard this. Lu An had previously said he would side with Yang Kai, so how could this be considered favoritism? Three great merits, two demerits, even if the great merit was offset, there was still one great merit left to be rewarded, but Lu An had suggested that there is no reward or punishment, this was naturally not favoritism, but rather suppression.

However, everyone could understand that Lu An came from the Yin-Yang Heaven while Yang Kai was a member of the Yin-Yang Heaven. What he said was just to avoid arousing suspicion. In the Ink Battlefield, although they were all from different Sects, this was not the most important thing. The soldiers in the pass were all close to one another, so they could work together.

Ding Yao waved his hand and said, “That won’t do, merit will be rewarded and punishment will be met for demerit. This is a rule, if merit can be offset, wouldn’t it be a mess in the future?”

Zhong Liang glanced at him and asked, “What does Brother Ding have in mind?”

Ding Yao was silent for a moment before replying, “I can’t say that I have an opinion, but this boy has indeed contributed quite a bit in this battle, so he can’t be punished too harshly. How about this, the battlefield needs to be cleaned up, so we’ll arrange an area for him to handle.”

Zhong Liang couldn’t help laughing, “Is this considered punishment?”

Ding Yao said indifferently, “You have to put on an act. Right now, Yang Kai’s popularity in the pass is quite high. If you punish him too harshly, I’m afraid the soldiers won’t agree!”

Everyone nodded in agreement. The purifying and dispersing of the Ink Force was in Yang Kai’s hands, so who in this world hadn’t heard of Yang Kai’s name? In the future, they might need his help, so naturally they wanted to befriend him.

It was said that outside Yang Kai’s current residence, there were people who came to visit almost every day with good wine.

These people were all soldiers who had owed him a favor during the war. At that time, many of them had said that if they were to return alive, they would treat him to a feast. Now that the war had ended, all of them had come to fulfill their promises.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai seemed to be in seclusion and no one could see him.

Shentu Mo nodded slightly and said, “That’s good too. This boy has just arrived at Blue Sky Pass, so we must let him know the rules of Blue Sky Pass. Punishment is punishment, but what about reward? This boy has made a great contribution this time, so this reward cannot be lacking, right?”

Ding Yao smiled and said, “Punishment is a small punishment, but reward is also a small reward. His battle achievements cannot be erased, so I’ll temporarily record them down for him. Later, if he wants to go to War Preparation Palace to exchange for something, he can do whatever he wants. As for his position… it’s a bit difficult.”

Everyone knew what Ding Yao meant by ‘difficult’. According to the contributions Yang Kai had made, it was more than enough for him to become a Guard Commander.

However, this guy was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so how could he be qualified to be the Commander of a Guard! Which Guard in Blue Sky Pass wasn’t a peak Seventh Order?

If one’s strength was too low, they wouldn’t be able to convince the masses.

“My suggestion is to promote him to a Team-Leader!” Ding Yao looked at everyone and said.

Someone immediately objected, “I heard he’s only a Sixth Order. If he becomes Team-Leader, his cultivation isn’t high enough, right?”

Although there were only a dozen or so people in a team, as the Team-Leader, he had to be responsible for the entire team. Sixth Order was indeed too low.

Ding Yao smiled faintly and said, “He is indeed a Sixth Order, but who has ever seen a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator fight on the battlefield like a Seventh Order? His performance on the battlefield this time was even more dazzling than many Seventh Order masters, and by cooperating with Feng Ying, he killed no less than fifteen Ink Race Feudal Lords. Moreover, don’t forget, this boy can transform into a big dragon, and under the Dragon Transformation, his strength is comparable to a Seventh Order, his strength can be improved. When this boy broke through to the Fifth Order, he consumed a Mid Rank World Fruit and broke through to the Sixth Order, so he has a chance of reaching the Eighth Order in the future.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded.

Liang Yulong said, “Then we’ll do as Brother Ding says and promote him to Team-Leader, but there’s something I must clarify. Which army does he belong to?”

Zhong Liang refused to back down, “Naturally, he belongs to my Western Army! He was brought back by Feng Ying.”

Shentu Mo chuckled, “He is a member of Yin-Yang Heaven. Brother Lu An is in my Northern Army, shouldn’t he return to Brother Lu An’s side?”

Ding Yao also stood up and said, “There’s no point in saying that. In the Ink Battlefield, no matter where you come from, we’re all one family. Yin-Yang Heaven or not, I think it’s more appropriate for him to stay in the Eastern Army.”

The four Regiment Commanders glanced at each other, none of them showing any intention of backing down. It was obvious they wanted to win Yang Kai over to their side.

Although the Expelling Black Ink Battleships had already been built four times and each army had one, only a sufficient amount of purification light can be stored in it to use, but for a talent like Yang Kai, any army would want it.

As for his insufficient cultivation level for the Team-Leader position, no one mentioned it.

Inside the main hall, the four Regiment Commanders were engaged in a heated debate. Many Eighth Order Garrison Chief glanced at each other helplessly.

A mere Sixth Order had caused the four Regiment Commanders to fight so madly for it, this was a rare sight.

However, everyone knew Yang Kai’s value and understood their actions.

However, no matter how much they argued, they couldn’t come to a conclusion. In the end, they could only put this matter aside for now and decide to ask Yang Kai’s opinion about which army he would choose.

After the meeting, everyone dispersed.

The four Regiment Commanders walked at the back, seemingly in harmony, as if they were not the ones who had just quarreled.

“Brother Ding, aren’t you going back to the Eastern Army? Why are you heading here?” Zhong Liang suddenly asked Ding Yao.

With his hands behind his back, Ding Yao calmly said, “I’m just taking a walk, what does that have to do with you?”

Saying so, he took a step forward.

“Brother Liang, why are you also walking this way?” Zhong Liang stared at Liang Yulong with a gloomy expression.

Liang Yulong chuckled, “I have something to discuss with Brother Ding.” Saying so, he chased after Ding Yao.

Zhong Liang then turned to Shentu Mo, who bluntly said, “It's my legs, why do you care where I go?”

He also chased after them.

Zhong Liang gnashed his teeth, “A bunch of shameless old men trying to poach this old master's corner, no way!”

A moment later, in a courtyard, four figures landed.

There were many houses in Blue Sky Pass, all of which were reserved for the soldiers inside. Blue Sky Pass was very large, enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people, each of them having their own house.

The higher one’s position was, the better the treatment they would receive. This was Feng Ying’s residence. As a Guard Commander, Feng Ying lived in a courtyard. Although it wasn’t very big, it was still quite quiet.

Yang Kai hadn’t had time to register, and he didn’t have a clear identity in Blue Sky Pass, so he temporarily didn’t have a place to live. After the previous battle, he had followed Feng Ying here.

Sensing that someone had arrived, Feng Ying quickly stepped forward and saw that the four Regiment Commanders had arrived. She couldn’t help being surprised and quickly bowed, “Greetings, Sirs.”

Zhong Liang nodded slightly and glanced at the other three vigilantly before asking, “Where’s Yang Boy?”

Feng Ying glanced towards a secret room and replied, “He’s in secluded cultivation.”

Zhong Liang frowned, “How are his injuries?” He clearly remembered that when he brought Yang Kai and Feng Ying back from the battlefield, the two of them had been in a miserable state while Feng Ying had been unconscious.

Feng Ying said, “His injuries seem to be fine, but…”

“But what?” Zhong Liang asked anxiously.

Feng Ying quickly said, “However, he said that he seems to have felt the opportunity to break through. If his retreat this time is successful, he will be able to break through to the Seventh Order.”

Hearing this, Zhong Liang and the others were both surprised and happy.

During the Eighth Order masters discussion, some people had said that Yang Kai’s cultivation level was too low, but now it wasn’t a problem. Since he had felt the opportunity to break through, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to break through to the Seventh Order.

Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was the most suitable candidate to become the Team-Leader.

On the other hand, Yang Kai’s sudden breakthrough to the Seventh Order caused Zhong Liang some anticipation.

This little brat was able to display such power when he was only a Sixth Order, so if he really broke through, he would definitely be even more outstanding.

As for the opportunity to break through, it was not surprising.

This time, he had snuck out of Blue Sky Pass and rushed into the battlefield. Originally, he had wanted to break through the shackles of life and death, but the progress of his plan had greatly differed from his expectations.


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