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Yang Kai first paid attention to the conflict between the Human Race’s Old Ancestor and the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

As far as the eye could see, tens of thousands of kilometers away, two figures were entangled in a fierce collision of energy, causing a visible shockwave to spread out in all directions. Whether it was the Human Race or the Ink Clan, neither of them dared to approach these two figures and had long since avoided them.

Even though they were tens of thousands of kilometers away, Yang Kai could still feel the terrifying shockwaves from the collision between these two.

This was the power of a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage. This was the power of the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord.

With his eyesight, he couldn’t tell which of these two was stronger, only feeling that the two were evenly matched.

However, not long after, these two figures gradually disappeared from sight.

Although it was a pity that he couldn’t see these two fight, Yang Kai’s heart was at ease now, certain that the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had the upper hand.

Only if the Human Race’s Old Ancestor had the upper hand would he be able to drag the battle between them out so as to avoid affecting his clansmen.

On the other hand, if the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had the upper hand, he would definitely be able to force the Human Race’s Old Ancestor into a corner.

Such an outcome was not surprising.

On the battlefield, Yang Kai had personally verified that the Ink Clan was slightly weaker than the Human Race, but at the level of a Royal Lord, it was no longer easy to judge who was stronger and who was weaker. It was only after countless years of accumulation and cultivation that they had achieved their current achievements.

During the fierce battle with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor half a year ago, both of them had suffered injuries. From this, it could be seen that a Royal Lord and the Ninth Order Old Ancestor were almost equal.

This war had been carried out by the Ink Clan over again, attacking the Human Race’s passes. If nothing unexpected happened, this kind of war would last for at least a few years.

However, something unexpected happened.

Yang Kai secretly ran out of Blue Sky Pass, hoping to break through his shackles on the battlefield and advance to the Seventh Order. When Zhong Liang learned of the situation, he immediately borrowed forces from the East, South, and North armies to suppress the West’s front line, causing the Ink Clan in the West to find it difficult to resist and retreat.

As a result, the Royal Lord’s healing and hiding place, the Ink Cloud, was placed on the battlefield.

Coincidentally, Yang Kai, who had been fighting with Feng Ying at the front of the battlefield, had exposed the whereabouts of the Ink Royal Lord and even interfered with his healing, causing the Ink Royal Lord’s injuries to not only not improve, but instead worsen.

The Human Race’s Old Ancestor’s injuries had definitely not recovered yet, once a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage master was injured, it would be difficult for them to recover. However, he had taken the initiative to exit seclusion, so it was better than the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord being interrupted.

Because of this, the two Great Experts, who were originally on par with each other, now had a gap between them. This was why the Human Race’s Old Ancestor was able to involve himself in the battlefield and distance himself from his clansmen.

Moreover, if there were no accidents, the final outcome of this battle would definitely be the Human Race’s Old Ancestor winning. As for whether or not he could kill the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord, Yang Kai had no idea.

The highest battle power between the two races had already disappeared, so Yang Kai turned his attention to the battlefield.

The situation was great.

The Ink Clan had lost all of their forces and suffered countless casualties, while the Human Race’s masters were chasing after them. On the battlefield, it was a one-sided battle.

Although this battle did not end here, it was still a great victory.

He had always been at the forefront of the Western Front’s battlefield and knew nothing about the situation in the Eastern, Southern, and Northern Fronts. Naturally, he didn’t know that because of the exposure of the Royal Lord’s healing ground, the Ink Clan in the Eastern, Southern, and Northern Fronts had given up their advantage and rushed to support him, only to be pursued by Ding Yao, Liang Yulong, and Shentu Mo. During the pursuit, the Ink Clan army suffered heavy losses, which gave them the foundation for victory.

The wounded Human Race cultivators continued to return to the pass, bringing with them information about the front lines. One day, the Ink Clan army retreated three hundred thousand kilometers, and two days later, after retreating a million kilometers, the Human Race army continued to pursue them.

It wasn’t until three days later that the Human Race army returned. During this battle, the Ink Clan army had lost more than fifty percent of their forces, so it could be said that they had suffered heavy losses. Such a result could be counted on one’s fingers throughout history.

This was truly a great victory. The news spread amongst the humans of Blue Sky Pass and the entire mountain pass was filled with a joyous atmosphere.

Everyone knew that after this battle, at least a hundred years of peace had been established.

Within a hundred years, the Ink Clan no longer had the strength to organize a large-scale attack.

The Old Ancestor had yet to return, and it was unknown where he had gone to fight with the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. The Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters who had just returned gathered together and after a brief discussion, they left half of their forces behind to guard the area while the other half followed the traces of the battle between the two Great Experts.

It wasn’t that they were worried the Old Ancestor wouldn’t be an opponent, but rather that they wanted to take this opportunity to see if they could assist the Old Ancestor in completely killing the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord in order to avoid future troubles. If they could really accomplish this, then the Ink Battlefield that Blue Sky Pass guarded would be safe for the next thousand years.

The only way the Ink Clan could resist Blue Sky Pass was to produce another Royal Lord.

However, how could an existence like the Royal Lord be born so easily? Just like the Human Race’s Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage, there might not even be another Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage in thousands of years. The Royal Lord and Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage were the two races’ trump cards.

A few days later, the Old Ancestor returned, along with the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage who had gone to receive him. Most people didn’t know what the result of the battle between the two races’ strongest forces was, but under deliberate propaganda, everyone quickly learned that the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord had been seriously injured by the Old Ancestor and had fled into the depths of the Ink Clan’s territory, unable to fully recover for a hundred years.

As soon as the news spread, Blue Sky Pass was filled with joy.

Although this result wasn’t the best, it was enough to inspire everyone. After all, everyone knew that the Royal Lord wasn’t so easy to kill.

As for Blue Sky Pass, they had never fought such a fierce battle before. In the past, every time the Ink Clan besieged them, they would spend a great deal of time slowly wearing down the strength of the Ink Clan until they were unable to support themselves.

This process could take years, decades, or even centuries.

But this time? It had only been half a year, and the Ink Clan’s army didn't even retreated of their own volition.

The cultivators on Blue Sky Pass’ side all praised the valiant and heroic four Regiment Commander, especially the Western Army's Regiment Commander Zhong Liang, who received praise like snowflakes falling from the sky.

If it weren’t for him using his army to suppress the Western Front from the other three front, how could he have allowed the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord to expose his whereabouts, resulting in a great victory?

In the eyes of those who didn’t know what was happening, Zhong Liang had used his army like a god, gathering his forces to attack the western front, forcing the masters from the other three front to help their leader, giving Ding Yao and the others a chance to pursue them.

According to the rumors in the pass, Regiment Commander Zhong Liang had long anticipated that the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was hiding in the Western Front to heal his injuries, so he had acted in such a manner.

Over the past few days, Zhong Liang’s face had been flushed red every day and everyone thought he was in high spirits. Only those who knew the truth understood that he was embarrassed.

What kind of dogshit military strategy was there? If he had the ability to predict the future, he would've deal with the Ink Clan long ago and would have led his army to destroy their headquarters.

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to explain this matter, so he could only accept the praise of the four forces, his face turning red every day.

After the great battle, Blue Sky Pass’ side couldn’t remain idle, and many things had to be done. At the very least, the battlefield had to be cleaned up properly. Because of the deaths and injuries of the Ink Clan, countless ink clouds of various sizes had appeared on the battlefield. These things had to be cleaned up, otherwise it would be inconvenient for the Human Race to enter and exit. When the next Ink Clan army attacked, these black clouds would become their best cover.

There was also a need to count the casualties and calculate the battle merits. Although there were specialized personnel in charge of these matters, the various Regiment Commanders were still busy.

In the meeting hall, many Eighth Order masters gathered to discuss the various matters of the war.

With the exception of a few injured Eighth Order masters who needed to heal quickly, the rest of the Eighth Order masters were all here.

None of them were delaying things, so after half a day of discussion, they had finished.

Zhong Liang cleared his throat and said, “There’s one last thing, everyone, please give your opinions.”

Everyone looked towards him.

Zhong Liang rubbed his nose and continued, “The reason why the war has undergone such a drastic change is something everyone understands.”

When Ding Yao heard this, he chuckled, “Naturally, Brother Zhong, you are a master of the art of war. This Ding admires you greatly. This battle’s greatest achievement should be the West Army, while the East, South, and North armies will only serve as a foil.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Zhong Liang glared at Ding Yao and knocked his hand on the table, “Let’s get down to business. You’re not young anymore, don’t play around with me.”

Ding Yao chuckled and kept quiet.

Zhong Liang continued, “Yang Kai, whether or not he has performed well in this battle, there is always rules.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone fell silent. Blue Sky Pass was a battlefield, and unlike the Sects of the 3000 Worlds, there was a clear distinction between merit and punishment. This was a military place, so there was no room for favoritism.

Seeing that no one was speaking, Zhong Liang turned to one of them and said, “Brother Lu, Yang Kai is one of your Yin-Yang Heaven’s people, please speak.”

Lu An, who had been called out, smiled and said, “Brother Zhong also said that he is a member of Yin-Yang Heaven, so if you want me to say something, I will naturally side with him. It’s best if I don’t say anything.”

“Just say it, if you really want to speak, it’s fine to be biased,” Zhong Liang insisted.

Seeing his persistence, Lu An pondered for a moment before saying, “Before Yang Kai arrived, the erosion of Ink Force had always been a difficult problem for my Human Race, but after he came here, he was able to easily resolve this issue. According to what I know, during the early stages of the war, the number of clansmen and soldiers who were personally treated by him was no less than three thousand. Just this action alone ensured the complete combat strength of my Blue Sky Pass’ three thousand soldiers, a great contribution!”

Everyone nodded, this was indisputable. Almost all of the soldiers of the four armies had received treatment from Yang Kai.

“After that, he, Brother Dongguo of Divine Cauldron Heaven, Fan Xun of Mosha Heaven, and the others managed to construct the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and even set up the Universe Formation inside the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, leaving behind a large amount of purifying light. During the battle, which of the four armies did not receive the protection of the Expelling Black Ink Battleship’s light? This was a great contribution!”


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