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With a cry, Feng Ying spat out a mouthful of blood, her expression somewhat dispirited.

After fighting for so long, her Divine Ability Manifestation was no longer able to hold on, otherwise she would not have voluntarily dispersed it just now, and killing this Ink Clan Feudal Lord, whether it was her or Yang Kai, both of them had paid a heavy price.

The afterglow of the sun was still present, and it burst out like a small sun, scattering most of the ink clouds in front of it.

Yang Kai and Feng Ying supported each other as they stood up and were about to approach a nearby ship to recuperate when their bodies suddenly felt cold.

From the depths of the Ink Cloud that had been blow away by the sun, a pair of cold eyes seemed to stare at them. At the same time, a will awoke from its slumber.

This will was vast and profound, giving off a terrifying feeling. Yang Kai’s hair stood on end and his heart skipped a beat.

Suddenly turning his head towards the source of the will, he saw a massive figure faintly discernible in the thick Ink Cloud.

It was unknown how long this figure had been hiding in this Ink Cloud. Before this, it had not released any aura at all, so no one had noticed it. Moreover, this place had originally been the territory of the Ink Clan’s army, so the Human Race had not been able to discover anything. However, the defeat at the Western Front had forced the Ink Clan’s army to retreat, turning this place into a battlefield.

Coincidentally, Yang Kai’s Golden Crow Sun Casting Divine Ability Manifestation had also scattered this Ink Cloud, exposing the figure hiding inside.

The will was like a sleeping dragon, and when it awoke, the world trembled and the noisy battlefield seemed to fall silent.

Yang Kai had once felt a similar will in the Black Prison, the will of the Ink Royal Lord. However, the Royal Lord in the Black Prison had been sealed for countless years and its strength had been greatly reduced, far from being comparable to what it was now.

If one were to say that the will of the Black Territory was weakening by the day, then at this moment, it was like the sun in the sky.

“The Ink Royal Lord!” Feng Ying cried out in alarm, her already pale face losing all color.

The Ink Royal Lord was equivalent to a Ninth Order Old Ancestor, and on the Ink Battlefield, only a Ninth Order Old Ancestor could compete with them. Before, Blue Sky Pass had been led by an Old Ancestor to invade the Ink Clan’s hinterlands, destroying many of the Ink Clan’s territories and even destroying many Ink Nests.

In a fit of anger, the Ink Royal Lord gathered their forces to pursue and kill, leading to this great battle.

According to what Yang Kai later learned, the Old Ancestor who was overseeing Blue Sky Pass had also fought with the Ink Royal Lord, but neither of them had been able to gain any advantage over the other. Both of them had suffered injuries, and now, the Old Ancestor was focused on healing his injuries inside the Blue Sky Pass and had yet to show his face. After the great battle, even the Ink Royal Lord had disappeared, and no one knew where he had gone to.

Zhong Liang had also said that this time’s battle would depend on who recovered first, the one who recovered first would gain a great advantage, and the one who won would win.

The humans all thought that the Ink Royal Lord had found a safe place to recuperate.

No one had expected that this Ink Royal Lord would play some kind of trick, hiding in the Ink Cloud tens of thousands of kilometers outside Blue Sky Pass.

Logically speaking, although this Royal Lord's hideout wasn’t too deep, it wasn’t likely to be disturbed. The place he was hiding in was the depths of the Ink Clan army, so unless the Human Race had the ability to defeat the Ink Clan army, he would be able to rest and heal.

According to his previous experience, this kind of battle would last for at least a few years, perhaps even a few dozen or even a hundred years. By then, his injuries would have completely healed.

However, the progress of the battle had far exceeded his expectations. On the western front, Zhong Liang had borrowed troops from the other three armies and held the absolute advantage. The Ink Clan’s army had been forced to retreat tens of thousands of kilometers while Yang Kai and Feng Ying, who had been fighting at the forefront of the battlefield, had managed to kill their way to a place near him.

Coincidentally, a Golden Crow Sun Casting Divine Ability Manifestation had actually revealed him and interfere with his healing.

Many accidents had led to this current situation. The Human Race hadn’t expected this, and neither had the Ink Clan.

When the will of the Ink Royal Lord awakened, it instantly filled the entire battlefield, causing the endless battlefield to fall silent. Whether it was the Human Race or the Ink Clan, all of their movements suddenly stopped.

Ding Yao, Liang Yulong, Zhong Liang, Shentu Mo, as well as all the Eighth Order Garrison Chief, all of them clearly felt the aura of the Ink Royal Family at this moment. Turning their heads towards the source of the aura, their faces filled with disbelief.

The Ink Royal Lord, whose whereabouts had never been discovered by them, was actually located in the Western Front Battlefield? This was truly an effortless search.

They had previously considered where the Ink Royal Lord would hide after being injured by their Old Ancestor, but the void was vast, so the Ink Royal Lord only needed to find a safe place to hide and the Human Race would not be able to discover him.

But in the end, he was actually nearby.

The thick ink cloud covered his figure and his aura, and the nearby Ink Clan army provided him with the best cover. Not to mention the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, even the Old Ancestor himself would not have expected this Royal Lord to act in such a manner.

Zhong Liang suddenly understood something, and after receiving the news that the Ink Clan had withdrawn their forces from the Three Battlefield, the doubts in his heart were easily resolved.

He finally understood why the Ink Clan army, which had clearly gained the upper hand on the Three Battlefield, would suddenly withdraw and rush towards the Western Front.

Obviously, they wanted to protect him!

The Human Race didn’t know where the Ink Royal Lord was hiding, and most of the Ink Clan probably didn’t know either, but there were always some Ink Clan Territory Lords who knew that the Royal Lord was in a certain ink cloud on the Western Front, concentrating on healing his injuries.

The battle on the Western Front had failed, and the Human Race’s army was pressing down on them while the Ink Clan was forced to retreat. How could this be allowed to continue? Once the Human Race’s army attacked the Royal Lord's healing ground, they would definitely expose him.

With no other choice, even if they had the upper hand, they still had to retreat to protect their master.

As a result, they had given up such a huge advantage, turning the tide of the battle. Ding Yao and the others also reacted quickly, immediately leading their troops to pursue them, causing the Ink Clan army to suffer heavy losses.

After understanding all of this, Zhong Liang couldn’t help but laugh wildly. This battle had been quite unexpected and had caught everyone off guard, but in general, the current situation was good for the Human Race.

In particular, he had borrowed forces from the three front to oppress the Ink Clan on the Western Front. His original intention was to quickly defeat the Ink Clan of the Western Front and rescue Yang Kai from the battlefield, but now it seemed that this was a stroke of genius that had established the momentum of this war.

Thinking of Yang Kai, Zhong Liang’s face darkened again as he cursed in his heart.

He had been so focused on borrowing troops that he had forgotten that Yang Kai, that bastard, was still on the Western Front. If he was killed by the Ink Royal Lord, even if he won this battle, he would lose the war.

He still didn’t know that the reason why the Ink Royal Lord was exposed was because of Yang Kai’s unintentional actions. If he knew, he wouldn’t know what to think.

“I’ll leave this place to you,” Zhong Liang called out to his clansmen before turning around and rushing towards the Western Front, secretly praying that nothing bad would happen to Yang Kai.

Since the Ink Royal Lord had already appeared, the Old Ancestor would naturally deal with him. As long as he could protect himself before the Old Ancestor arrived on the battlefield, Yang Kai wouldn’t have any accident.

Just as Zhong Liang was about to leave, in the depths of Blue Sky Pass, where the Old Ancestor was cultivating, the door suddenly opened and a figure flew out.

The Old Ancestor had come out!

On the Western Front battlefield, Yang Kai and Feng Ying’s bodies went stiff. Under the cold gaze of the Ink Royal Lord, they didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger.

The difference in strength was too great, and whether it was Yang Kai or Feng Ying, both of them were like arrows at the end of their flight. The two of them had originally planned to return to the nearest ship to recuperate, but who would have thought that such an accident would occur next to them?

His cold eyes showed no emotion as he stared coldly at Yang Kai, the culprit who had exposed his whereabouts, his killing intent gradually rising.

Yang Kai’s mouth was filled with bitterness. How could he have known that this Ink Clan’s Royal Lord was hiding here? Just now, he had only cooperated with Feng Ying to kill the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord. The Golden Crow Sun Casting Divine Ability Manifestation had also been unleashed at will, so he had not even thought about it.

Blasting the Ink Clouds and exposing this Royal Lord’s figure was a complete accident.

However, there was no way to explain this matter to him, and there was no point in explaining it to him. Now that he was staring at him as if he was looking at a dead man, it was obvious he was targeting him, the culprit.

As soon as the Royal Lord’s gaze fell upon them, Yang Kai and Feng Ying didn’t dare to move in the slightest, lest they trigger a murderous intent.

Puff… Suddenly, a muffled sound rang out, and the Ink Royal Lord who had been staring coldly at Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of black blood, his aura immediately becoming somewhat weak.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai and Feng Ying were both surprised and happy.

This Royal Lord had obviously suffered a relapse of his old injuries. It seemed that he had suffered quite a bit under the hands of the Old Ancestor, otherwise, there was no reason for him to remain like this after so long.

All of this was undoubtedly caused by the Golden Crow Sun Casting that Yang Kai had used to scatter the Ink Cloud. This Divine Ability Manifestation did not cause any harm to the Ink Royal Lord, but it had disturbed him at a critical moment.

Under normal circumstances, a master at the level of a Royal Lord would be able to suppress his injuries, but at the critical moment of healing, he was suddenly interrupted. This was a heavy blow to him, adding insult to injury.

Yang Kai and Feng Ying instantly understood this point, and without any hesitation, they took advantage of the moment when the Royal Lord’s aura weakened to flee.

A master of this level was not someone they could deal with, especially since the two of them couldn’t display their full strength right now. If they continued to stay here, they would only die.

In order to run faster, Yang Kai even used his Space Laws to teleport away with Feng Ying.

In the blink of an eye, he would be able to escape this dangerous place.

However, facing this culprit who had exposed his whereabout and interrupted his healing, how could the Ink Royal Lord allow him to escape?

A thick murderous intent burst out from this majestic will, causing the world to freeze as Yang Kai’s Space Laws instantly lost their effect.

A chill ran down his spine, from head to toe, and the aura of death seemed to be calling out to him.


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