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The adjutant got up from the ground and watched as the army disappeared into the distance. Gritting his teeth in frustration, he quickly sent a message to the North and South armies and quickly followed after them.

Reality proved that Ding Yao’s judgment was correct. The Southern Army’s Liang Yulong and the Northern Army’s Shentu Mo received news that Ding Yao had ordered the entire army to pursue the enemy, so they immediately made the same decision. In an instant, the entire Blue Sky Pass, with the exception of those who needed to remain behind and those who were injured, sent out tens of thousands of troops to attack.

On the Eastern Army’s side, Ding Yao took the lead and led his thousands of subordinates in hot pursuit of the Ink Clan. Originally, he was a bit worried that the Ink Clan had some kind of scheme up their sleeve, but after chasing for a while, he discovered that the Ink Clan had really retreated and there were no traps along the way.

This allowed him to relax completely. Facing the Ink Clan army that had left its back to the Human Race, there was naturally no need for him to be polite, so he chased after them and began bombarding them.

In such a large-scale battle, the true cause of death wasn’t when the two armies were facing off. Although there would also be casualties, as long as the difference in strength wasn’t too great, the casualties wouldn’t be too great.

When one was truly capable of killing enemies, it was when one was in pursuit. At this time, the fleeing party basically had no desire to continue fighting, while the pursuing party could do as they pleased, allowing them to easily achieve great results.

This was the situation the Eastern Army was currently facing.

When the Ink Clan army discovered that the great army behind them was pursuing them, they had actually cut off a portion of their forces to stop the Eastern Army, but the result was obvious. The remaining Ink Clan soldiers were quickly wiped out.

When the Eastern Army attacked, there were many masters in the army, so they naturally had the ability to eat their enemies.

The same situation also occurred with the North and South armies. When they pursued, the Ink Clan that was killed was difficult to calculate.

At first, Ding Yao and the others didn’t know why the Ink Clan had retreated, but after chasing them for a while, they suddenly discovered that the three Ink Clan army was heading in the same direction.

The Western Front!

The Ink Clan from the east, south, and north actually all rushed to the west.

Realizing this, Ding Yao and the others quickly sent a message to Zhong Liang, informing him of the situation. When Zhong Liang received this message, he was also shocked, never having expected the Ink Clan to act in such a manner.

This didn’t make any sense! Although the Ink Clan on the Western Front had been forced to retreat because he had borrowed their forces, there was no need for the Ink Clan on the East, South, and North armies to take the risk and rush to their aid. They could continue to attack the Blue Sky Pass, and if they lost in the Western Front, they would be able to win back some face from the Easte, North, and South fronts. He didn’t believe that the Ink Clan army would be so affectionate.

Unlike the Human Race, the Ink Clan’s internal strife was quite fierce, so how could they possibly provide such assistance?

There was definitely something wrong here, but he couldn’t figure out what it was.

However, now that the battle had reached this point, he saw a huge opportunity. Originally, borrowing troops from the three armies would be extremely risky, and although this action could benefit the Western Front, the Eastern, Northern, and Southern Front would have to bear the corresponding pressure.

His initial plan was to wait for the war on the Western Front to end before he went to support the other three fronts.

However, the Ink Clan’s lack of patience was tantamount to sending a great victory to him. After sitting in the position of Regiment Commander for thousands of years, Zhong Liang’s sense of war was extremely sharp.

Immediately, he issued an order and began making arrangements.

On the Western Front battlefield, the Human Race’s front line quickly split apart, one group chasing after the Ink Clan while the other group turned around to face the enemy.

At the same time, Zhong Liang’s figure also flashed as he rushed towards the battlefield. Ding Yao and the others had already taken part in the battle, and the Eastern, Southern, and Northern armies had also launched an all-out attack. If this battle was well fought, the Ink Clan would definitely be defeated, so there was no need for him to hold back his strength and he would naturally go all out.

A short while later, Zhong Liang arrived at the front lines. The Human Race army that had been cut apart had already been fully assembled and was ready to attack. Seeing him arrive, all of their expressions became calm, as if they had found their backbone.

When the Garrison Chief came to inquire about the situation, Zhong Liang did not conceal anything and told them about the changes in the East, South, and North Armies, causing many of the Garrison Chief to be overjoyed.

Naturally, they could also see the opportunities Zhong Liang could see.

All of them realized that the Ink Clan had made a mistake this time.

“They’re here!” A short while later, one of the Garrison Chief shouted.

Everyone turned to look in the direction of Blue Sky Pass and saw three giant clusters of ink advancing towards them like a tide. These three clusters of ink were the Ink Clan’s army from the east, south, and north.

Behind these three armies, there were even more Human Race cultivators pursuing them. These were the three armies led by Ding Yao and the others.

As they pursued, the Ink Clan army suffered heavy casualties and the auras of many lives began to wither.

Soon, the three forces of the Ink Clan had gathered together, and correspondingly, the three armies of the Human Race’s East, South, and North army also converged.

The Human Race army in front of them was fully prepared for battle. The Ink Clan army saw this and immediately changed directions, wanting to take a roundabout route.

However, Zhong Liang had personally stepped forward to hold the fort and was waiting for this moment, so how could he allow the Ink Clan to do as they wished? He unsheathed his sword and pointed it towards the front. Zhong Liang’s voice was deep as he shouted, “Soldiers, listen up! Follow me to kill the enemy!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure transformed into a streak of light and shot towards the Ink Clan army, closely followed by the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage Garrison Chief masters.

Before they even arrived, a series of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques were launched towards the Ink Clan’s army, instantly causing the Ink Clan’s people to fall and suffer heavy casualties.

On the other hand, Ding Yao and the others were leading their respective armies in hot pursuit.

In the void, the three forces from the east, south, and north instantly caught the Ink Clan's army in a pincer attack.

The World Force fluctuated wildly, and the light of the Divine Ability and Secret Technique burst forth, causing the world to tremble violently.

Since ancient times, Blue Sky Pass had not experienced such a large-scale battle many times. In the past, Blue Sky Pass was divided into four lines of defense, north, south, east, and west, and the Ink Clan had also split their forces in all directions. However, the current situation was basically the entire Blue Sky Pass fighting against the Ink Clan’s army, so naturally, it was like a raging fire.

On the way here, the Ink Clan had been killed by Ding Yao and the other Regiment Commanders, and now they had been blocked by Zhong Liang’s army. Facing the fierce attacks of the Human Race army, they had no way to resist.

Countless Feudal Lords had died, and even three Territory Lord had been lost in less than an incense stick of time.

The Ink Clan army was still fighting desperately, desperately trying to break through, but the more they tried, the more casualties they suffered.

On the frontmost battlefield, Feng Ying’s Divine Ability Manifestation was in tatters, no longer possessing its original might. Yang Kai stood atop the dragon head and cooperated with Feng Ying to kill the enemy.

More than a dozen Feudal Lords had died at the hands of these two, but the resistance of these Feudal Lords before their deaths could not be underestimated. Whether it was Yang Kai or Feng Ying, both of them had consumed a great deal of energy and were injured, especially Yang Kai. His naked upper body was riddled with wounds and blood was pouring out, making him look extremely terrifying.

But to him, as long as it wasn’t a fatal injury, he didn’t need to worry about it.

The sound of movement behind him attracted Yang Kai’s attention. Turning his head to look back, he saw that a thousand kilometers away, the two armies were engaged in a fierce battle and was immediately surprised, “Why are there so many Ink Clans behind us!”

Feng Ying also saw the situation behind them and after a moment of thought, she said, “They should be reinforcements from Blue Sky Pass.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai grinned, “It seems that the war on the Western Front is quite tense, the Ink Clan can’t hold on much longer.”

He naturally thought that it was because of the unfavorable situation in the Western Front that the other three side of the Ink Clan’s army had arrived, but Feng Ying felt that something was wrong.

Her time on the Ink Battlefield was not as short as Yang Kai’s. Feng Ying had been here for thousands of years, so she had some understanding of the situation of the Ink Clan. Logically speaking, even if the situation on the Western Front was tense, the Ink Clan from the North, South, and West would not come to support them. They would only work harder to attack the Blue Sky Pass, how could they care about the lives of their comrades?

However, although she didn’t know why, the situation in front of her was clear. The Human Race had the absolute upper hand. After this battle, the Ink Clan would likely suffer heavy losses.

On the Western Army’s defensive line, the ones responsible for turning around and intercepting the Ink Clan’s reinforcements were the forces Zhong Liang had borrowed from the North, South, and East Front while the original Western Army Corps was still responsible for advancing.

It wasn’t like everyone could just turn around and intercept them. If they really did so, the Ink Clan on the Western Front would also launch a sneak attack from behind. At that time, the Human Race would have to face two frontal attacks.

The Ink Clan was still retreating. Their previous losses had caused them to suffer heavy losses, and now, facing the entire Western Army Corps’ attack, they were powerless to resist.

The Sword Dragon shook its head and swayed its tail as it charged towards one of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords. Along the way, the High Rank and Low Rank Ink Clan masters were powerless to resist, and under the sharp sword light, they all exploded and died.

The Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord's senses were sharp, and he immediately turned to look at the Sword Dragon. At the same time, he let out a furious roar as his massive body suddenly expanded, a thick black aura surrounding his body as he punched towards the Sword Dragon.

The power of this punch caused ripples in the air.

Standing atop the Sword Dragon’s head, Yang Kai suddenly flashed forward and thrust his Azure Dragon Spear forward.

When the violent energy burst out, Yang Kai’s entire body was sent flying as he vomited blood in midair, while the Ink Clan Feudal Lord let out a pained cry as his massive fist was pierced by the Azure Dragon Spear, causing black blood to flow out.

Without giving him a chance to react, the Sword Dragon that was rushing towards him suddenly transformed into a myriad of sword lights. In the next instant, the swords rained down like rain, and although the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord tried his best to resist, he was quickly turned into a hedgehog.

Yang Kai, who had been sent flying, flew over in the blink of an eye, his spear shooting out a dazzling sun, which let out a Golden Crow’s cry as it smashed into the chest of the Ink Clan Feudal Lord.

Silently, a huge hole appeared in the chest of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord, and as the sword light flashed, Feng Ying, who had already dispersed her Divine Ability Manifestation, flew past him, her long sword glowing a bright red.

The giant head shot up into the sky, spewing out black blood as it fell to the ground.


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