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Before the Sword Dragon had even arrived, the two Feudal Lords had already noticed it and one of them, a massive Feudal Lord, stepped forward to intercept it.

As soon as he moved, his vision blurred and a figure blocked his path.

The Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was stunned for a moment before Yang Kai raised his hand and slapped down. In the next instant, he activated his Space Laws and the void froze.

The giant figure froze for a moment before the Sword Dragon arrived, opened its mouth wide and swallowed the Feudal Lord.

At the same time, the defensive line of the North, South, and East armies shrank as they faced the fierce attacks of the Ink Clan’s army, retreating step by step as they defended Blue Sky Pass.

It couldn’t be helped. Originally, the three armies had been relatively stable, able to fight evenly with the Ink Clan’s army and even gain an upper hand to a certain extent, causing the Ink Clan to complain incessantly.

However, Yang Kai secretly ran out of Blue Sky Pass, and in order to rescue him as soon as possible, Zhong Liang did not hesitate to borrow the forces of the Eastern, Southern, and Northern Armies. Ding Yao, Liang Yulong, and Shentu Mo also knew of Yang Kai’s importance, so they did not hesitate to split up their forces.

Once they were separated, they could only shrink their defensive line or else they would be beaten.

In front of the three armies, the Human Race masters were extremely depressed. Most of them didn’t know what was happening and only knew that the number of clansmen on their side had greatly decreased. Now that they were facing the fierce attacks of the Ink Clan army, they could only defend and didn’t dare to casually attack.

However, this situation wouldn’t last for long. Perhaps in a day or several days, the defensive line would be breached, and at that time, the Ink Clan’s army would arrive at Blue Sky Pass. Although the Ink Clan wouldn’t be able to break through the mountain pass in a short time, casualties would be inevitable. Once this happened, Blue Sky Pass’ Human Race would suffer heavy losses.

The three regiment commanders’ faces were ashen as they cursed Yang Kai in their hearts, thinking that this little brat didn’t know how to appreciate the bigger picture. On the battlefield, how could he act as he pleased? If they could really bring him back to the pass, they would definitely watch him closely and not let him run off to the battlefield.

After receiving the order, the three armies immediately retreated back to Blue Sky Pass and reorganized themselves in the central square before gathering their forces and marching towards the Western Army’s defensive line.

A moment later, seven or eight thousand Open Heaven Stage masters rushed out from the Western Army’s defensive line and attacked the Ink Clan’s camp.

In the blink of an eye, the Ink Clan was completely defeated.

In front of the Western Army Front, the Ink Clan was originally able to fight back and forth with the Western Army, but at this moment, the number of reinforcements that had suddenly arrived was so great that it was almost equivalent to another Western Army Corps arriving. How could the Ink Clan survive? One by one, the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords were killed, and even many of their Territory Lords had fallen. Many areas of the Ink Clan’s army had lost their leader and had fallen into chaos. Seeing this, the Human Race naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity to beat up a fallen dog.

On top of the city wall, Zhong Liang stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes flickering.

He had already received a message from Feng Ying from the battlefield. Although the battlefield was chaotic and dangerous, it wasn’t a problem for Feng Ying to send him a message.

Yang Kai had already been found, but Yang Kai didn’t want to return, so Feng Ying couldn’t bring him back by force. Moreover, the two of them were currently at the forefront of the battlefield and could fight with the Ink Clan’s masters at any moment. If they were careless, they would be doomed.

Feng Ying also said that Yang Kai had given up on breaking through at the critical moment and was now cooperating with her to kill the enemy.

Feng Ying sent a message asking what she should do, whether she should continue killing the enemy or persuade Yang Kai to return.

Zhong Liang’s brow wrinkled. Logically speaking, since Yang Kai had given up on the idea of breaking through at the critical moment, with Feng Ying guarding him and the World Spring protecting him, he shouldn’t be in much danger on this battlefield.

After all, the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had an Eighth Order Human Race master on his side, if the Territory Lord didn’t attack them, they would have no problem protecting themselves.

However, there was always a chance that something might happen. The only thing to worry about was that the two of them would become too excited and fall into a trap.

Yang Kai’s existence was simply too important to risk, so after a moment of silence, Zhong Liang sent a message back, telling Feng Ying that no matter what, she had to persuade Yang Kai to return to Blue Sky Pass. If he didn’t cooperate, even if it meant breaking his limbs, she had to bring him back.

In less than an incense stick’s worth of time, Feng Ying once again sent a message to him, telling him that her persuasion had failed. Yang Kai insisted on remaining on the battlefield and clearly stated that if Feng Ying were to fight him head-on, he would immediately escape from Feng Ying’s line of sight and even demonstrate what the Space Laws were.

Feng Ying also said that although her strength was much higher than Yang Kai’s, if Yang Kai really wanted to escape, she couldn’t stop him.

“Bastard!” Zhong Liang couldn’t help cursing. This little brat was too stubborn, did he not know how important he was?

Since he couldn’t persuade him to return and couldn’t bring him back, he had no choice but to quickly repel the Ink Clan’s army. Zhong Liang immediately sent a message to each Garrison's Chief, telling them to kill the enemy as quickly as possible and defeat the Ink Clan’s army.

Only then would the battle come to an end. At that time, even if Yang Kai didn’t want to return, he would have to.

The Western Army’s side were almost equivalent to the total strength of the two armies, so how could the Ink Clan possibly be able to resist? At every moment, a large number of Ink Clan soldiers were killed, and the aura of life withering rose and fell on the battlefield.

Half a day later, the Ink Clan army retreated again, retreating more than thirty thousand kilometers while the Human Race masters pursued them relentlessly, seemingly intent on killing them all.

The young girl adjutant suddenly appeared and cupped her fists, “Senior.”

“Speak!” Zhong Liang stared at the changes on the battlefield, faintly feeling that in just half a day’s time, the Western Army’s front line would be cleared up. At that time, he would be able to withdraw his troops and prepare for the next battle.

“The East, South, and North armies have sent a message asking us to act quickly and return their people after this matter is completed. The three armies are about to collapse.”

Zhong Liang turned his head and asked in shock, “How did it happen so quickly?”

He had borrowed troops from the three armies, so he knew that such a result would occur. After all, Blue Sky Pass’ four defensive lines had originally been in good condition, but now that the three armies had suddenly lost about thirty percent of their strength, they would definitely not be able to hold on. The Western Army had the advantage, and the other three armies would have to pay a certain price, but he hadn’t expected it to happen so quickly. According to his estimations, even if the three armies couldn’t hold on, it would only be a matter of a few days later.

A few days later, the Western Army battlefield would finally be settled, and Yang Kai must have returned.

It had only been half a day.

The adjutant replied, “I don’t know what madness the Ink Clan has gone through, but they are willing to pay any price to attack the three armies, regardless of the casualties.”

Zhong Liang’s expression couldn’t help becoming solemn. The Ink Clan’s actions were somewhat abnormal, but he couldn’t understand the deeper meaning behind them, so he didn’t think too much about it and instead ordered, “Send out a message, tell them to hold on for half a day. After half a day, I will personally go and assist them!”

The adjutant nodded and quickly carried out her orders.

On the defensive line of the North, South, and East armies, Ding Yao, Liang Yulong, and Shentu Mo received a reply and scolded Zhong Liang harshly, blaming him for not being able to watch over people properly. Yang Kai had run away and caused so much trouble while deploying thier troops to guard against the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, even going so far as to personally participate in the battle to stall for time.

The three Regiment's Commanders personally joining the battle was truly inspiring, and the Ink Clan’s army’s relentless assault had caused many casualties to the Ink Clan. At this moment, it was clear that they had lost the ability to advance or retreat.

On the Western Army’s defensive line, the Ink Clan’s army had already retreated fifty thousand kilometers. Along the way, the void was filled with the corpses of the Ink Clan, a testament to the heavy losses they had suffered.

Two hours later, just as the Western Army battle was scorching ahead, a strange scene suddenly appeared in front of the Eastern Army’s defensive line.

For some reason, the Ink Clan army that was attacking the Eastern Army’s defensive line suddenly stopped, and after a short gathering, the army changed direction and flew deeper into the void.

The Eastern Army’s Regiment Commander, Ding Yao, stood atop the city wall and watched this scene unfold with a look of surprise. He couldn’t understand why the Ink Clan army would suddenly withdraw.

The adjutant standing nearby shouted excitedly, “Regiment Commander, the Ink Clan has retreated.”

“I’m not blind, I can see!” Ding Yao snorted.

The adjutant let out an embarrassed laugh and didn’t say anything else.

The wounded Garrison Chief frowned, “What the hell is the Ink Clan doing? Regiment Commander, should we chase them?”

The adjutant quickly stopped him, “Sir, all is fair in war. The Ink Clan may be luring the snake out of its hole.”

The Garrison Chief remained silent. This was also what he was worried about. It wasn’t as if the Ink Clan had never done such a thing before. Although it seemed like they had withdrawn their forces, in reality they had dug a hole and were waiting for the Human Race to jump into it, so he didn’t say anything else. If it really was a trap, then they really couldn’t chase after them, otherwise they would fall into it.

Just as the adjutant's voice fell, he suddenly received a message and quickly investigated. After a while, he raised his head with a strange expression and said, “Regiment Commander, the Ink Clan from the Southern Army and Northern Army have also withdrawn.”

Ding Yao suddenly turned his head, “The Ink Clan from the North and South have also withdrawn?”

The deputy quickly nodded, “The news from both sides asked about our situation.”

Ding Yao was somewhat dumbfounded. The Eastern Army’s Ink Clan had withdrawn their forces, and so is the Southern and Northern Army Side. What was the Ink Clan doing?

However, no matter what the Ink Clan’s intentions were, it didn’t seem like they were plotting anything. There was a certain amount of risk involved in this kind of scheme. As the saying goes, if one’s forces were to fall back, once the Human Race’s forces disrupted the Ink Clan’s arrangements, even if there really was a trap, they would be able to destroy it.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Ding Yao shouted, “All troops, listen up! Follow me out to kill the enemy!”

The adjutant was shocked and quickly tried to dissuade him, “Regiment Commander, be careful of trap… ah!”

The last thing he heard was Ding Yao kicking him to the ground, “What kind of trap is there? If anything happens, this old master will take responsibility, inform the North and South armies of my decision. Ask Liang Yulong and Shentu Mo to act as they see fit!”

As the Regiment Commander of the Eastern Army, he was unable to command the North and South armies, but he believed that Liang Yulong and Shentu Mo would be able to make the right decision. After all, everyone had worked together for thousands of years, so who didn’t know how strong they were?

As soon as he finished speaking, Ding Yao was the first to rush out, followed by the many Human Race masters of the Eastern Army. In an instant, the massive Human Race army came out to pursue the enemy.


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