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At this moment, her heart almost stopped beating.

If Yang Kai were to die here, it would be a great loss to the Human Race, but although she wanted to help, Yang Kai and the female Feudal Lord seemed to be connected, tumbling and entangling each other. She didn’t dare to act rashly and could only rush over.

A resounding dragon roar suddenly resounded throughout the world. In Feng Ying’s vision, Yang Kai, who had been bitten by the female Feudal Lord, suddenly released the power of the Dragon Vein. As he shook his head, his entire head suddenly transformed into a giant dragon head, with dragon horns growing out of his forehead and dragon whiskers flying about.

Although his head had transformed into a dragon head, his body was still that of a human, making him look extremely strange.

The dragon head turned around, opened its bloody mouth, and bit down on the female Feudal Lord’s slender neck.

Returning the favor!

Feng Ying’s eyes twitched as she watched this scene. Yang Kai and the female Feudal Lord seemed to be locked in a passionate embrace, but in reality, both of them were filled with murderous intent.

A series of dragon roars and miserable cries rang out as blood spurted out.

The stalemate only lasted for a short time before the giant dragon head suddenly swung back and a head was ripped with its mouth. Its beautiful face was filled with shock and disbelief as it blinked its eyes and its vitality quickly dissipated.

Black blood spurted out from the headless corpse like a fountain.

With a cracking sound, the head in the dragon’s mouth was directly crushed, and at the same time, the body that had been locked in Yang Kai’s embrace exploded.

Exhaling a mouthful of filth, Yang Kai threw his head back and roared. On the chaotic battlefield, this figure standing in the air caused countless Ink Clan members to shiver in fear, none of them daring to approach.

The battle with the female Feudal Lord was indeed dangerous, but the other party had underestimated him too much at the beginning, giving Yang Kai a chance to take advantage of her, but after that, she had been intimidated by his imposing aura. Although at the last moment, she had resisted with all her might, they had been entangled together, so her resistance was extremely limited and she had eventually died.

There was another person who was rushing over, but suddenly, Yang Kai turned around and punched out.

Feng Ying’s face went pale with fright as she hurriedly opened up a sword curtain to block this violent blow, calling out, “Yang Kai!”

Yang Kai withdrew his fist and stared at the person behind him, the blood red in his eyes flashing as his violent consciousness gradually calmed down. Nodding towards Feng Ying, his giant dragon head also returned to its original form.

Looking at Yang Kai’s neck, Feng Ying sucked in a breath of cold air. The wound on his neck was clearly visible, almost biting off Yang Kai’s entire neck. It was obvious how much strength the female Feudal Lord had used at the last moment. Feng Ying couldn’t help feeling a sense of fear. If Yang Kai hadn’t reacted in time just now, he would have been dead by now.

However, the result was quite fortunate. Although Yang Kai seemed to have suffered heavy injuries, in reality, they were only superficial wounds. With his Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivation, such injuries were not serious.

“Are you awake?” Feng Ying asked.

As a Sixth Order, he had single-handedly killed an Ink Clan Feudal Lord. This is an impressive record, but Feng Ying also felt that in that life or death battle, Yang Kai had fought to the point of madness, otherwise he wouldn’t punch at her when she was getting close.

Yang Kai nodded, slightly apologetic.

Only then did Feng Ying say, “The Regiment's Commander has ordered you to return to the pass immediately without delay!”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, “I am a human race!” In other words, in this war between the two races, he also had to contribute.

Feng Ying clenched her teeth and said solemnly, “On the battlefield, a military order must be obeyed. Those who refuse to obey will be killed without mercy. Yang Kai, don’t make things difficult for me!”

Her purpose in coming here was to bring Yang Kai back. Although she knew what Yang Kai’s purpose in this battlefield was, there was no hurry to break through to the Seventh Order. In comparison, Yang Kai’s safety was the most important. If Yang Kai insisted on not returning, she really didn’t know what to do. Although she said he would be killed without mercy, could she really attack him?

Yang Kai grinned, “Martial Aunt, there’s no need to make things difficult for me. I’m not a member of Blue Sky Pass for now, so the Regiment's Commander’s order cannot restrain me.”

Hearing this, Feng Ying was stunned. Thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai really wasn’t a member of Blue Sky Pass for the time being. Although he had been in Blue Sky Pass for some time, when he had arrived, Blue Sky Pass had been in the middle of a war, so they hadn’t had time to register him or assign him any duties.

Since he insisted on saying so, Feng Ying could not refute him.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had already rushed towards the battle between the Seventh Order Open Heaven and the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord.

Feng Ying panicked and quickly chased after him, running side by side with him as she earnestly said, “Yang Kai, the bigger picture is more important.”

Yang Kai said lightly, “I’m only a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, so I don’t know much about the big picture. All I know is that I have the strength to fight, so I can’t just hide behind the line.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he began fighting with one of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords.

The Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord and his companion had been attacking the half old man, but now that Yang Kai had led one of them away, the pressure on the half old man was greatly reduced, causing him to feel extremely grateful.

Seeing that Yang Kai was so stubborn, and that the Chaotic Battlefield was not a place to persuade him, Feng Ying grit her teeth and swiped her finger across her sword, calling out, “Myriad Swords Dragon Venerable!”

As the clanging sound rang out, tens of thousands of sword lights appeared behind her. These sword lights condensed into a solid form as the Sword Qi rushed towards her, instantly forming a several thousand feet long Sword Dragon while Feng Ying’s body was perfectly hidden within the Sword Dragon’s head.

As the dragon roared, the giant Sword Dragon rushed towards Yang Kai and the Ink Clan Feudal Lord.

The Ink Clan Feudal Lord, who was fighting against Yang Kai, was shocked to see this. The Human Race knew a lot about the Ink Clan, and the Ink Clan also knew a lot about the Human Race. He could tell at a glance that this Sword Dragon was the Divine Ability Manifestation of a Human Race master, so how could he dare to directly confront it?

Immediately exchanging blows with Yang Kai, he wanted to escape, but how could Yang Kai allow him to do as he wished? He immediately released his Space Laws and instantly sealed the world.

The figure of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord suddenly froze as he watched the Sword Dragon open its mouth and swallow him whole.

Yang Kai was also swallowed by the Sword Dragon, there was nothing he could do. He was too close to the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord, Feng Ying had no way of avoiding him, nor did she want to.

After entering the dragon’s belly, Yang Kai immediately felt a cold killing intent from all around him. Sword Qi surged around him, but these Sword Qi did not cause him any harm.

On the other hand, the Ink Clan Feudal Lord who had been swallowed into the dragon’s belly was howling in pain as the sound of flesh being cut rang out.

A short while later, the life aura of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord withered, obviously having been killed by Feng Ying, but she had no intention of letting Yang Kai out. The giant Sword Dragon turned around and flew towards Blue Sky Pass.

Since Yang Kai was unwilling to return to Blue Sky Pass, she could only forcefully bring him back.

However, just as she was about to turn around and leave, Feng Ying’s expression suddenly changed, because she noticed that Yang Kai was trying to break free from the dragon’s belly.

Although Feng Ying tried her best to restrain the power of her Sword Qi, Yang Kai was still quickly riddled with cuts and bruises, but he did not show the slightest intention of compromising. His aura continued to rise, as if he would not give up until he destroyed the Dragon Body.

Feng Ying’s face was filled with anger. Although she could trap Yang Kai inside the dragon’s body, if this continued, both sides would suffer greatly.

Slightly groaning, she opened a door to the dragon body formed from ten thousand swords, and in the next moment, Yang Kai flashed out.

“Little brat, what are you doing?” Feng Ying’s face was filled with anger.

Yang Kai was covered in blood as he grinned, “Our cooperation is quite good, how about we join forces to kill the enemy?”

Feng Ying’s eyes flashed, “You want to join forces with me?”

Yang Kai nodded and said, “I have Imprisoning Technique, and you have the power to destroy an enemy, so we complement each other!”

Looking him up and down, Feng Ying’s thoughts fluctuated, “No other thoughts?”

Yang Kai said lightly, “Since you’re here, what else can I do?”

Seeing his sincere expression, Feng Ying nodded slightly, “I hope so.”

Forcefully bringing Yang Kai back was unrealistic. If he wanted to remain on the battlefield, there was nothing she could do to him and had to protect him. Instead of being so passive, she might as well cooperate with him and kill the enemy. It was just as Yang Kai had said, the power of the Space Laws was extremely strong, and her Myriad Swords Dragon Venerable's killing power was even more terrifying. Once the two of them joined forces, they would definitely be invincible. Who under the Territory Lord-level would be a match for them?

Of course, Feng Ying had another reason to agree to Yang Kai’s request.

Looking at Yang Kai, it seemed he had already abandoned his purpose in coming to the Ink Battlefield.

He had secretly come to the battlefield in order to comprehend the opportunity to break through between life and death, but the atmosphere of the battlefield had already affected his thinking, allowing him to indulge in blood and slaughter while her arrival had changed his original intentions.

Either way, since he wanted to join forces with her, Feng Ying felt she should agree. This way, she would be able to protect Yang Kai as much as possible.

However, if she really did that, Yang Kai’s opportunity to comprehend and break through in the face of death would be impossible.

With her protecting him, it was absolutely impossible for Yang Kai to fall into a dangerous situation unless a Territory Lord attacked them. However, for a Territory Lord, the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters would deal with them, so it was not their turn to deal with them.

That was why Yang Kai had said that since she was already here, what else could he do? With a peak Seventh Order like Feng Ying guarding him, there was no way he could put himself in a life or death situation.

As soon as Feng Ying finished speaking, Yang Kai flashed and stood atop the dragon head.

The Sword Dragon immediately shook its head and swayed its tail as it charged into the Ink Clan’s army. Wherever it passed, sword light flashed and a bloody storm was stirred up. The two of them had a clear goal: to kill the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords along the way.

A moment later, the Sword Dragon arrived near a Human Race ship. At this moment, this ship was being besieged by two Ink Clan Feudal Lords. Each of the Human Race’s ships had spent a great deal of time and effort to build, and many of their barriers were extremely sturdy. There were also many cultivators on board, so even if they were besieged by two Ink Clan Feudal Lords, they would be able to deal with them for the time being and even have enough strength to reap the lives of their enemies.


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