The female Feudal Lord quickly understood what Yang Kai meant by not taking advantage of her.

The human race put away his artifact, strode forward, and fiercely punched out.

She rolled to her feet and dodged this attack, her miserable escape causing her to burn with rage. Being bullied by a Sixth Order Human Race cultivator like this made her even angrier, and with a fierce roar, a thick black energy burst out from her body as she charged towards Yang Kai, her claws transforming into sharp blades that sliced through the air.

Yang Kai raised his fist and launched a barrage of attacks, completely disregarding her attacks, completely putting his life on the line.

Boom boom boom…

Both of their bodies shook violently as black and golden blood splattered all over their bodies. Even the two of them spat out blood from their mouths, drenching each other’s faces.

In just a short period of time, the female Feudal Lord’s ferocity had been completely suppressed, and the momentum she had taken a great deal of effort to unleash was slowly declining.

She had never seen such a reckless Human Race. Although since ancient times, the Human Race had always viewed death as their home and had even disregarded life and death when facing a desperate situation, even dragging the Ink Clan down with them when possible, this was the first time she had seen such a savage Human Race.

How was this a human? This was simply an Ancient Beast!

What frightened her even more was that the corrosion of the Ink Force seemed to have no effect on this human. Even the power she had attached to her sharp claws showed no signs of inking him.

Originally, she had high hopes that once this human in front of her was corroded by the Ink Force, she would be able to capture him without any effort, and she would even be able to obtain an Ink Disciple. Capturing an Ink Disciple on the battlefield was something the Ink Clan took great pleasure in talking about, but even now, this human in front of her still has a clear consciousness.

This was one thing, but the power transmitted from the other party’s fist was becoming heavier, showing no signs of weakening.

She knew the Human Race like the back of her hand and knew that the foundation of the Human Race’s Open Heaven Stage lay on their Small Universe. Once the Small Universe was shaken, it would affect their strength.

Logically speaking, if she were to go head to head with the other party, and the other party’s strength was slightly lower than her own, his Small Universe should have been thrown into turmoil and his strength should have fallen.

However, in reality, not only did the other party’s strength not fall, it instead became stronger.

Close combat was not her forte.

'I’ll die!' The female Feudal Lord’s heart suddenly filled with this terrifying thought. If she continued to fight like this, she was afraid she would really die at the hands of this human. Although he was destined not to be any better, as soon as this thought appeared in her mind, she had already decided to retreat.

Borrowing the momentum of this collision, the female Feudal Lord’s figure suddenly retreated, wanting to escape from Yang Kai.

“You want to run?” Yang Kai’s eyes bulged, but he didn’t give chase immediately. Instead, his body suddenly trembled as his Space Laws fluctuated wildly, causing the void to stretch endlessly.

So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!

The female Feudal Lord was shocked to discover that under the influence of this mysterious force, no matter how she tried to escape, she was unable to escape from this human.

This was a Secret Technique of the Human Race! Although she didn’t know what mysteries this Secret Technique had, her ten fingers moved like the wind, releasing a powerful force that instantly broke the seal of this Secret Technique.

In terms of cultivation, she was stronger than Yang Kai, so the So Close, Yet Worlds Apart Secret Technique couldn’t really trap her.

However, in this moment of delay, Yang Kai had already caught up, and a new fierce battle erupted.

On the battlefield, Feng Ying wielded her long sword and was invincible. She was one of the strongest Seventh Order masters, if the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord didn’t come out, who could stop her?

As she shuttled through the battlefield, her Sword Qi was unrestrained and the weaker Ink Clan masters were often torn to pieces before they could even get close to her. Even the Ink Clan Feudal Lords who came to greet her were unable to resist the might of her three sword strikes and were either forced back or killed on the spot.

This was still the strength without using her Divine Ability Manifestation. If she were to use her Divine Ability Manifestation, her strength would be even greater.

After all, she was someone who had once killed a Territory Lord, even if she had only picked up a small advantage at that time, if she didn’t have any foundation, it wouldn’t have been easy to take advantage of the situation.

She didn’t stop and, using the cover of her fellow clansmen along the way, rushed straight to the front of the battlefield and arrived at the place where the Golden Crow Sun Casting had erupted. Looking around, her Divine Sense surged, but she couldn’t find any trace of Yang Kai.

Her face sank. Had she arrived too late and Yang Kai had already been killed?

Not far away, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage was facing the combined attacks of two Ink Clan Feudal Lords and was in a precarious situation. Although the Human Race was slightly stronger than the Ink Clan in terms of strength, two fists were no match for four hands. If the two Feudal Lords joined forces, a Seventh Order Human Race master would definitely not be their opponent.

Feng Ying rushed over and forced the two Feudal Lord back with her sword. Before her clansmen could pursue them, she grabbed his collar and asked anxiously, “Have you seen Yang Kai?”

The old man who was caught by him was stunned, “What Yang Kai?”

Feng Ying suddenly remembered that not everyone knew Yang Kai, so it would be difficult for her to obtain any useful information by asking such a question, so she quickly changed the subject, “Did you see a Sixth Order young man?”

The old man suddenly understood, “Are you looking for him?”

This half-grown old man was one of the four people Yang Kai had worked with to kill the enemy before. On the battlefield, there were countless Sixth Order Open Heaven, but Feng Ying’s question definitely had some kind of unique meaning, so the half-grown old man immediately thought of the special Sixth Order.

“Where is he?” Feng Ying asked, her heart in her throat, afraid that she would receive an unacceptable answer.

Sure enough, the old man’s expression darkened as he pointed in a certain direction, “There, a Feudal Lord has set her eyes on him.”

Feng Ying looked in the direction he was pointing and saw a large Ink Cloud. It was obviously the work of an Ink Clan master.

Feng Ying’s heart sank…

“That boy’s character is not bad, but it’s a pity,” The old man sighed lightly. If possible, he would have been more than happy to take care of Yang Kai on the battlefield. After all, they had fought side by side before, but now that the battle had begun, he was being besieged by the two Feudal Lords, so he was unable to divert his attention.

The old man didn’t know what kind of relationship Feng Ying had with Yang Kai, so even if he wanted to persuade her, he couldn’t. Besides, now was not the time to talk about this matter, so he could only say, “My condolences!”

He could basically confirm that Yang Kai had already died at the hands of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord. After all, even if it was him, once he was trapped in the Ink Cloud, he would not have a good ending.

“He won’t die so easily!” Feng Ying grit her teeth. On the way back, she had witnessed Yang Kai’s ability, not to mention that Yang Kai also possessed the World Spring, he didn’t need to worry about being turned by the Ink Force, he could also transformed into a Big Dragon…

However, she also knew that Yang Kai had entered the depths of the battlefield in order to break through his shackles. Even if he encountered a life-threatening situation, he would not easily transform into a Big Dragon, otherwise his efforts would be in vain.

If he abandoned his Dragon Transformation method, it was highly likely he would be in danger.

Saying so, Feng Ying rushed towards the Ink Cloud.

In the next instant, a change occurred.

Within the massive ink cloud, two figures were entangled as they rushed out. These two figures seemed to be stuck together, and the murderous intent they exuded was even more terrifying.

Feng Ying immediately recognized one of them to be Yang Kai and her eyes lit up.

He wasn’t dead yet! If he wasn’t dead, he could be saved. Just as she was about to rush over to help, her figure suddenly stopped and her expression became strange.

The old man also saw this scene and his eyes nearly popped out.

The one who was entangled with Yang Kai was the female Feudal Lord from before. At this moment, Yang Kai’s arms became shackles as he tightly hugged the female Feudal Lord’s body.

Fortunately, her body wasn’t too big, and if she was as imposing as the other Ink Clans, Yang Kai really wouldn’t have been able to hold her.

The muscles on his arms bulged and it was easy to imagine how violent his strength was. The female Feudal Lord constantly spat out black blood from her mouth as the bones in her upper body collapsed. Obviously, her chest had been broken and the twisted expression on her face showed her pain.

Not only that, but the main point was that Yang Kai’s clothes had disappeared and he was now completely naked while the woman’s clothes were almost completely torn.

Seeing this scene, Feng Ying and the old man didn’t know what to say.

In fact, Yang Kai wasn’t willing to do so either. The key was that this female Feudal Lord had actually tried to escape just now. Although he had used the So Close, Yet Worlds Apart to intercept her once, if his opponent was determined to escape, he probably wouldn’t have been able to stop her.

In order to prevent his opponent from escaping, Yang Kai had no choice but to use this method.

Although Yang Kai’s cultivation was lower than his opponent’s by a grade, Yang Kai’s violent strength was not something that the female Feudal Lord could resist. With her arms shackled, the female Feudal Lord was unable to escape and her bones were broken one by one, piercing into her lungs and causing her unbearable pain.

In this life or death situation, she had also gone all out. With her arms restrained, she was unable to attack, so she bent her knees and hit towards Yang Kai’s crotch. Fortunately, Yang Kai had been prepared and had clamped his legs around her legs, allowing the two of them to roll around in the ink clouds.

With her limbs all shackled, the female Feudal Lord struggled to resist.

Yang Kai’s head slammed into the female Feudal Lord’s head, causing her head to jerk back as she screamed.

Yang Kai didn’t care about this at all as he continued to charge forward.

The surrounding human cultivators who saw this scene were all incomparably shocked. After fighting with the Ink Clan for so many years, this was the first time they had seen such a scene. It was extremely rare, and they were also shocked by Yang Kai’s ferocity.

Where did this guy come from…

Seeing Yang Kai’s head slam into her again, the female Feudal Lord’s head suddenly tilted back and her slender neck suddenly stretched.

Yang Kai’s strike hit nothing but air.

In the next moment, the female Feudal Lord’s head that had been stretched out suddenly bounced back, her cherry lips suddenly transforming into a fierce kiss as she bared her fangs and bit Yang Kai’s neck.

Feng Ying had rushed over to help, and after seeing Yang Kai’s figure, she quickly rushed over, but she was still too late and could only watch as the female Feudal Lord bit Yang Kai’s neck.


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