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The female Feudal Lord’s physique was exactly the same as a normal human’s, and her clothes were quite revealing. On her exposed skin, there were many strange and complicated black lines, making her look extremely strange.

Her cold eyes stared at Yang Kai. The sneak attack just now had not been able to do anything to this human, which surprised her.

The two races had been fighting for many years and were familiar with each other’s strengths. While she was hiding in the Ink Clan’s army, she had long since seen that Yang Kai was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator while she was a Feudal Lord equivalent to Seventh Order, so she should have been able to kill this human in an instant.

However, she soon smiled and stretched out her scarlet tongue to lick her nose. The tip of her tongue was like a snake’s tongue.

In the next instant, her figure flickered and transformed into a wisp of blue smoke.

Yang Kai suddenly felt a great sense of danger and instinctively shot out his spear.

The female Feudal Lord’s figure appeared, avoiding this earth-shattering spear strike and appearing directly to Yang Kai’s left. Her seemingly soft little hand gently slapped down, but it contained a devastating power.

Yang Kai blocked with his spear.

Boom! Boom! Boom! After three successive palm strikes, Yang Kai was forced back three hundred meters and barely managed to stabilize his body. He felt the blood in his chest roil and a sweet taste in his throat as he forcefully suppressed the blood he was about to spit out.

This time, the female Feudal Lord was truly shocked. She didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to chase after Yang Kai, instead staring at him suspiciously.

If the human in front of her had been lucky enough to survive that sneak attack, now that she was facing him head-on three times, she felt something different.

This human seemed somewhat different from the other humans. He was clearly a Sixth Order, but he was much stronger than any Sixth Order she had ever encountered.

On the opposite side, Yang Kai’s long spear swept out, killing the surrounding Ink Clan members who had been trying to take advantage of the situation. The long spear pointed towards the female Feudal Lord, causing Yang Kai to spit out a mouthful of blood as he sneered, “You really are weak.”

Confirming that the Ink Clan was indeed weaker than the Human Race in terms of strength at the same rank, Yang Kai wasn’t too sure about this before. After all, the Ink Clan he had killed didn’t have any Feudal Lords. Now that he had fought with this female Feudal Lord, Yang Kai could finally confirm this point.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai understood the key.

The cultivation of the Open Heaven Stage of the Human Race required a long period of accumulation without any shortcuts. Between one rank, a great deal of time and effort was needed, so no matter which Open Heaven Stage one was, their foundation was extremely solid.

However, the Ink Clan was different. The Ink Clan was born in the Ink Nest, so they needed to rely on the Ink Nest to advance. Their growth time was definitely shorter than the Human Race’s, so even if their corresponding ranks were the same, their strength was still weaker than the Human Race’s.

However, the Ink Clan’s Ink Force was a great deterrent to the Human Race. In battle, the Ink Force would often be able to restrain the Human Race, making up for some of the Ink Clan’s deficiencies in strength.

As such, even if their strength was slightly weaker, if they were to fight one on one, it was still unknown who would emerge victorious between the Human Race’s Seventh Order Open Heaven and the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord.

Of course, this was before Yang Kai appeared.

After Yang Kai appeared, they had gained the ability to purify and disperse the Ink Force, so the Human Race no longer had to worry about the corrosion of the Ink Force. Even if their Small Universe was accidentally corroded, it didn’t matter. As long as they didn’t lose their rationality and return to the Expelling Black Ink Battleship, they would be able to rest easy.

This was also the reason why Zhong Liang and the other Regiment's Commanders valued Yang Kai so much, to the point where they didn’t hesitate to issue orders to bring him back from the battlefield.

Cleansing and dispersing the Ink Force not only boosted morale, but also increased the combat strength of the Human Race, allowing them to act freely.

However, no matter how weak the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord was, it was still a Feudal Lord, comparable to a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master. The difference in cultivation was enough to make Yang Kai stop underestimating her.

Although his words were provocative, Yang Kai’s expression was solemn.

The provocation was very successful and the female Feudal Lord was thoroughly enraged. Perhaps it was because she had personally taken action, but not only was she unable to kill Yang Kai, she didn’t even have a chance to seriously injure him. The female Feudal Lord immediately screamed and pounced towards Yang Kai.

Halfway there, she opened her mouth and spat out a large mass of Ink Force. The Ink Force was so thick that it almost seemed solid, instantly transforming into a giant Ink Cloud that enveloped Yang Kai.

Facing such a human who dared not put her in his eyes, killing him was already a bargain. She decided to turn him into her Ink Disciple and teach him a good lesson in the future.

In the depths of the Ink Cloud, Yang Kai’s expression became strange. He knew exactly what the other party’s intentions were, but if she wanted to turn him into an Ink Disciple, she is simply too naive.

Inside the ink cloud, the female Feudal Lord’s figure swam about like a fish in water, like a ghost. She believed that at this moment, this human must be somewhat flustered, and any human who was wrapped up in the ink cloud would not have a good performance.

She didn’t immediately attack Yang Kai, instead preparing to enjoy the horror of her opponent. This was a rare interest she had on the battlefield.

But what came next was a strong wind and an unstoppable force. The female Feudal Lord was shocked and hurriedly dodged.

A slight pain appeared on her cheek as she was injured by this sharp force. Reaching out her hand, she wiped the black blood off her palm.

The female Feudal Lord was enraged. She had actually been injured by a lowly ant, but in the next moment, her anger turned into shock as she launched a barrage of attacks without stopping.

Her reaction couldn’t be described as slow. She knew she had underestimated her opponent, and this was not the time to dodge. Once she dodged, she would fall into a disadvantageous position, and there would be no chance to counterattack.

Gritting her teeth, not only did she not retreat, she instead charged forward, her palms transforming into countless palm shadows.

The Ink Clouds surged and a violent energy burst out.

Yang Kai’s Great Unrestrained Spear Technique, every single spear strike was profound and flawless, each strike imbued with his lifetime’s worth of cultivation and supplemented with a treasure like the Azure Dragon Spear, its destructive power terrifying.

The female Feudal Lord was also extremely decisive, perhaps because Yang Kai’s attitude had angered her. Facing an opponent whose rank was lower than hers, she wanted to let them know how pitiful they were.

It seems like an instant, it felt like a million years.

In the thick Ink Clouds, two figures crossed each other.

Yang Kai immediately turned around, his eyes red and his breathing ragged as he stared at the hazy figure in front of him. The clothes on his body were torn and bloody, and there were more than a hundred wounds all over his body. Each one of these wounds seemed to have been cut by a sharp weapon, causing his flesh and blood to twist and distort. Even his face was covered in wounds, making his expression look extremely hideous.

The female Feudal Lord’s true killing blow wasn’t her palms, but rather her claws. Yang Kai had only noticed it after fighting her head-on. Her killing blow was a sharp claw from her ten fingers, and it was extremely sharp. It was unknown how she cultivated it, but it was comparable to a genuine artifact, capable of destroying anything.

Not only that, but the sharp claws had clearly been infused with her rich Ink Force, like poison. When she attacked, the Ink Force would seep into the wounds on his body and enter his flesh.

If an ordinary cultivator were to suffer such an injury, even if their body was fine, they would soon be corroded by the Ink Force and become an Ink Disciple.

However, Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered. It wasn’t like his Small Universe didn’t have the Ink Force sealed in it. With the World Spring in his Small Universe, he wasn’t worried about being corroded by the Ink Force.

In less than a dozen breaths of time, this exchange had left him in a miserable state.

He wasn’t having a good time, but the female Feudal Lord wasn’t having a good time either. Looking down on Yang Kai’s strength was naturally not a good thing. Moreover, Yang Kai had taken the initiative in the beginning, so although she did her best to counterattack, the Azure Dragon Spear had still left a few marks on her body, especially her lower abdomen, which had almost been pierced through by a spear. At this moment, there was still a hole in her abdomen, with black blood flowing out.

On top of that, her originally limited clothes had been torn to shreds by the power of the Azure Dragon Spear, leaving her almost completely naked.

A look of hatred flashed across her eyes as she stretched out her hand and wiped it across her abdomen, bringing it to her mouth and licking her blood with her long tongue as she stared at Yang Kai’s position resentfully, “Don’t worry, after you transform into Ink Disciple, I won’t kill you, but I’ll let you taste what it means to be inferior in life…”

Amidst the thick ink cloud, a fist suddenly enlarged in front of her eyes and ruthlessly smashed into her beautiful face, releasing a violent force. The female Feudal Lord suddenly felt as if she had been struck by a whole world and her figure was sent flying like a paper kite.

“Enough nonsense!” Yang Kai shook his hand and tore off his tattered shirt, revealing his upper body. After stretching his muscles a little, a crackling sound rang out from his body. In just a short time, the wounds on his body had stopped bleeding and the flesh around his wounds had closed up.

The female Feudal Lord’s vision was filled with stars as she felt her nose caving in and tears streaming down her face. The taste of that punch was quite unpleasant.

If it was a slightly weaker Ink Clan member, under such a punch, their head would have probably exploded. If she was caught off guard, she would not have a good ending.

Fortunately, her reaction was quick, and when she noticed something was wrong, she quickly used her Ink Force to protect herself, but she still suffered greatly.

The violent power of that punch shocked her greatly.

What was even more unbelievable was that this human didn’t seem to be affected by the Ink Force at all. Not only did he not show any signs of being transformed, he even seemed as fierce as before.

Stopping her flying figure in a hurry, she half-knelt in the ink cloud and gasped for breath.

The hazy figure in front of her quickly approached her, the human’s voice resounding in her ears, “Come, let’s fight again. This time, I won’t take advantage of you, use your full strength, either you kill me or I kill you!”

The female Feudal Lord’s eyes twitched violently as she instinctively felt a trace of fear. She wanted to turn around and flee, but she also knew what the consequences of running away on such a battlefield were. What’s more, she was only facing a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. If she ran away, she will no longer have place to stand on the Ink Clan.


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