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“Good!” Zhong Liang nodded heavily, “It seems they also know the severity of this matter, so they didn’t try to drag this old master down. Relay my orders, all forces are to attack. When the reinforcements from the three armies arrive, tell them to go to the battlefield.”

Blue Sky Pass’ four armies were divided into four lines of defense, the north, south, east, and west. This was a situation that had never changed since ancient times, and the four great armies rarely needed allies to support them. Every time a battle broke out, the four great armies would be able to defend their own lines without being broken by the Ink Clan.

However, this time, in order to save Yang Kai on the chaotic battlefield, Zhong Liang couldn’t care less. Just now, he had sent a message to Ding Yao, Liang Yulong, and Shentu Mo, informing them of the situation here and asking them to split up their forces to help.

When Ding Yao and the others received the message, they were all shocked. This little brat Yang Kai had actually snuck onto the battlefield and now he had disappeared without a trace. No one knew if he was dead or alive, so how could they not be shocked?

Yang Kai controlled the Light of Purification, so his existence was of utmost importance to the entire Blue Sky Pass and to the Human Race.

As the three of them replied to Zhong Liang, they scolded him and blamed him for not being able to keep an eye on him. At the same time, they immediately adjusted their forces and sent a portion of their forces back to the pass to rush to the defensive line of the Western Army and rescue Yang Kai from the battlefield.

This was also the safest route, otherwise it would be too difficult for the three armies’ reinforcements to arrive from the battlefield.

Blue Sky Pass had more than thirty thousand people, each army has less than ten thousand strong. Originally, they had been more than enough to deal with the siege of the Ink Clan, but now that they divide their forces, the battlefront immediately became tense.

It had to be known that the Three Armies’ Regiment's Commander had made up their mind this time. Almost every one of them had sent out two or three thousand people, almost thirty percent of each army’s forces. When the three Armies’ reinforcements gathered together, it was almost equivalent to a complete army.

At this moment, the Human Race masters who had retreated from their divisions had already gathered in the central square of Blue Sky Pass. The people below didn’t know about this mission, but the various garrisons had already received orders.

No matter the cost, they would find traces of Yang Kai on the battlefield and bring him back from the battlefield unscathed!

After splitting up, the north, east, and south armies gave up their advantage on the battlefield and retreated to the vicinity of Blue Sky Pass. With the help of Blue Sky Pass’ power, they were able to defend it with all their might. For the time being, the defensive line would not be broken, but as time passed, no one could guarantee that no accidents would occur, so this mission had to be completed quickly.

Such a situation was seen by the Ink Clan, and the Territory Lords commanding the Ink Clan’s army were also confused. They didn’t know why the Human Race’s forces had suddenly decreased so drastically, but this was an opportunity for them, so they naturally spared no effort in attacking. For a time, Blue Sky Pass' three forces, the east, north, and south fought fiercely.

In the direction of the Western Army, Zhong Liang, who had already determined Yang Kai’s position, naturally didn’t hesitate and immediately rushed out of the pass, leading Feng Ying in that direction.

However, as soon as he moved, a powerful aura from the Ink Clan’s side welcomed him. This person’s figure was tall and majestic, and his Ink Force was rich. He was obviously a Territory Lord.

Zhong Liang had already anticipated this situation. If not for this, he wouldn’t have asked the other three armies for help.

Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage was a great deterrent and destructive force on the battlefield. Once the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven were dispatched, the Ink Clan Territory Lord who was in charge of the Ink Clan’s army would naturally not turn a blind eye to it and someone would immediately intercept them. This was a battle between the higher-ups, so the people below were unable to intervene.

Correspondingly, once the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord took action, the Human Race’s Eighth Order Open Heaven would do the same. After so many years of fighting, both sides had reached a mutual understanding.

Zhong Liang’s gaze swept across the battlefield and locked onto the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord who was approaching him. Turning to Feng Ying, he ordered, “Go!”

Feng Ying nodded. Although she had killed a Ink Clan’s Territory Lord before, that was only because she had taken advantage of his injury. If she really had to face a Territory Lord in their peak state, she would definitely not be an opponent. Moreover, she had an even more important task, which was to find Yang Kai and bring him back. Naturally, she would not stay here.

“Martial Uncle, be careful!” Feng Ying shouted as she charged into the battlefield with a sharp sword in hand. Soon, the sound of a powerful energy collision rang out behind her. Looking back, she saw that somewhere in the void, Zhong Liang and the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord were locked in a life or death battle.

Within a radius of several hundred kilometers, whether it was the Human Race or the Ink Clan, none of them dared to approach. This was their battlefield!

The Western Army attacked with all their might, sending one ship after another towards the Ink Clan’s camp, each of them accompanied by a powerful aura. Under the command of the Western Army, more than a dozen Eighth Order Garrison's Chief also rushed out.

The Human Race’s momentum was fierce, while the Ink Clan’s side was somewhat stunned. All along, the Human Race had always been on the defensive, rarely taking the initiative to attack unless the Human Race had a huge advantage.

However, this was obviously not the case right now. What was wrong with the Human Race?

Seeing that the Human Race’s Garrison's Chief had sent out a large number of people, the Ink Clan naturally responded. Many Territory Lord-level masters appeared one after another, and in terms of numbers, there were more than the Human Race.

The gazes of the two clans’ masters collided in the air, their killing intent surging.

One by one, the figures transformed into streaks of light and rushed towards each other. In the blink of an eye, the Eighth Order Garrison's Chief and Territory Lord collided in one place, releasing their Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques, causing the world to tremble.

However, because of the difference in the number of high-level personnel, the Human Race’s side was clearly at a disadvantage. Several of the Garrison's Chief even needed to fight one against two, and Zhong Liang’s side was the same. After the first Territory Lord fought him, another Territory Lord suddenly appeared from the nearby Ink Clouds and joined forces to attack.

Since ancient times, the Human Race’s higher ups had always been at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. Which Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator hadn’t experienced a situation where they were outnumbered? As such, they were quite familiar with dealing with this kind of situation and didn’t need to worry about any danger.

At the front of the battlefield, Yang Kai was focused on killing the enemy.

He had come here to break through to the Seventh Order, and for this reason, he had spared no expense to trick Feng Ying and use his clansmen’s strength to secretly exit Blue Sky Pass.

However, now that he was on this battlefield, trapped in this endless killing atmosphere, he no longer had the mood to consider his breakthrough. All he could see were his mortal enemies, so he could only kill them.

He had been working together with the four Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters to support each other, and the number of Ink Clan masters who had died at their hands was countless.

At first, the old man and the others were worried that Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to keep up with them, but as time passed, they were surprised to discover that although Yang Kai was only a Sixth Order, the number of enemies he killed was no less than theirs, and no matter how they changed their formation, Yang Kai was able to follow them closely.

It was as if they were old friends who had known each other for many years and knew how to cooperate.

This discovery made the old man and the others feel relieved. They only regarded Yang Kai as a Seventh Order, so there was no need to take special care of him.

Fighting on this battlefield, Yang Kai soon discovered a problem. Under the premise that they were of the same grade, the Ink Clan’s overall strength was weaker than the Human Race’s.

For example, Yang Kai had killed many High Rank Ink Clan masters who were comparable to Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, but up until now, none of them had been stronger than the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters he had seen.

There were many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stages in his Void Land. Although they were of the same grade, because of his own foundation, there is still some gap in their strength.

However, even the weakest Sixth Order in the Void Land was stronger than all the High Rank Ink Clan masters here.

In fact, when he had fought his way back to Blue Sky Pass with Feng Ying, he had vaguely discovered this problem, but he hadn’t paid much attention to it at the time because he hadn’t taken any action. Before he had taken action, Feng Ying and the others had been able to take care of most of the Ink Clan, so he had only been able to clean up some of the remaining survivors.

During the two years he had lived in the Ink Clan's territory, he had disguised himself as Ink Disciple and was not qualified to fight with the real Ink Clan.

Therefore, it was only after he had fought on this battlefield that he was able to confirm this point.

However, up until now, he had only encountered High Rank Ink Clan and under, so whether or not it was as he had imagined, he still had to verify.

“Be careful, the Ink Clan’s Feaudal Lords are about to attack!” A tender voice called out, a reminder from the beautiful woman.

Yang Kai’s spirits immediately rose. Wasn’t this the moment he had been waiting for?

This was the first time he had participated in a war between two races, so he didn’t know much about the situation on the battlefield, but the old man and the others were well aware that the Ink Clan’s hierarchy was extremely strict, and the higher the status of the Ink Clan, the less they cared about the lives of their clansmen.

Every time there was a war between the two races, the Ink Clan would first send some of their weaker members to exhaust the strength of the Human Race. When it was about time, the true masters would arrive, catching the Human Race off guard.

It had been one or two hours since the old man and the others had entered the battlefield and killed the Ink Clan. Even now, they had not seen a single trace of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord, so they knew exactly what the Ink Clan was planning.

As soon as she finished speaking, a figure suddenly rushed out from a nearby ink cloud and rushed towards the old man.

The old man’s eyes flashed sharply as he raised his palm to meet this attack.

At the same time, within the ink cloud, the long-hidden masters of the Ink Clan all attacked. The middle-aged man, the young man, and the beautiful woman were instantly entangled, and the middle-aged man was also entangled by two enemies, causing him to panic.

There were also several Feudal Lords who rushed towards the flying ship’s artifact, attacking it one after another. However, the Human Race had long since become familiar with this kind of situation. Although there were no High Rank Open Heaven on the flying ship, all of them were Fifth Order or Sixth Order, the existence of the flying ship had been prepared for this moment. With nearly a hundred people attacking together, they were able to use the flying ship to counterattack.

This guard’s strength was instantly entangled by the Ink Clan, and Yang Kai, who had always been with this guard, was no exception.

Just as Yang Kai was about to attack the Ink Clan in front of him, a slender female from the Ink Clan suddenly flew out from the crowd and lightly slapped her palm towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai was caught off guard and staggered by her slap, his brow immediately furrowing as he suddenly realized that this female Ink Clan master was actually a Feudal Lord.

She had been hiding amongst the Ink Clan’s crowd and her aura had not been obvious, so Yang Kai had not noticed her until she attacked.


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