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The Ink Clan, on the other hand, was different. Any cat and dog would come to the battlefield. The strongest of them was a Territory Lord, while the weakest was a Low Rank Ink Clan equivalent to Low Rank Open Heaven. How could these Ink Clans be Yang Kai’s opponent?

As such, although every time the Ink Clan army besieged the Human Race’s mountain pass, the difference in numbers between the two races was too great, after so many years, the Human Race had never been defeated. Each time, the Ink Clan army would be forced to retreat and suffer heavy losses, retreating to their headquarters to recuperate, then returning after tens or even hundreds of years.

Wherever Yang Kai’s spear passed, the World Force surged, causing large swaths of the Ink Clan to fall. The death of every Ink Clan member would give birth to some Ink Force, which would then condense into large and small ink clouds.

The Ink Clouds would not pose any harm to the Ink Clan and would instead provide them with a good stage and protection. On the other hand, the Human Race was quite wary of the Ink Clouds.

Before Yang Kai arrived at Blue Sky Pass, on the battlefield, the Human Race would normally distance themselves from the Ink Clouds. Firstly, it was to prevent themselves from being corroded by the Ink Force, and secondly, it was to prevent any sudden ambush from the Ink Clouds.

It was common for the Ink Clan to hide in Ink Clouds and launch sneak attacks on the human race.

However, ever since Yang Kai had come to the Blue Sky Pass and spread the Light of Purification, the Human Race no longer had any scruples about the Ink Cloud.

In the past, if the Ink Clan was injured, they could find an opportunity to escape into the Ink Clouds to preserve their lives. No human dared to enter the Ink Clouds without permission.

But now, things were different. Even if they hid inside the Ink Clouds, the Human Race’s masters would still rush in and attack them, catching them off guard and causing them to suffer heavy casualties.

The Ink Clan was also confused, wondering why the humans of Blue Sky Pass had suddenly become so fierce.

On the battlefield, Yang Kai rushed back and forth, flanked on both sides by Human Race masters, all of whom were Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters. Only Seventh Order Open Heaven masters could display their full strength on such a battlefield without the help of the palace artifacts.

When he had just rushed out from the Mountain Guard's ship, he had rushed straight here. The many Seventh Order masters fighting with the Ink Clan didn’t pay much attention to him. In a life and death battle, they couldn’t afford to be distracted. If they weren’t careful, they would be consigned to eternal damnation. Which one of them didn’t go all out and treat the enemy seriously?

However, Yang Kai’s actions quickly attracted the attention of the nearby Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters. The energy fluctuations coming from Yang Kai’s body were clearly only at the Sixth Order.

On the battlefield, it was not impossible for a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to appear. In general, this meant that one of the guards’ palace artifacts had been destroyed, and the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator could only abandon his ship and move.

Therefore, after discovering Yang Kai’s cultivation, the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage naturally assumed he was in this situation and took care of him.

However, after seeing the power of Yang Kai’s spear with their own eyes, the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters were slightly shocked. This kind of ability was not something an ordinary Sixth Order cultivator could possess.

There were a total of four Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters around Yang Kai, three men and one woman, with the leader being a half-grown old man. Among the four, his cultivation was the most vigorous, while the other three were a tall, thin middle-aged man, a young man about his age, and a beautiful woman.

Near the four of them, a flying ship-like palace artifact followed closely behind them.

These four, along with a flying ship, should be the forces of one of the guards. Yang Kai, who had some understanding of the Human Race’s situation, could easily determine this.

This was the front line of the battlefield, and the battle was also the most intense as they faced the attacks of the Ink Clan’s army.

“Little Brother, which guard are you from? Why have you come here?” The tall, thin middle-aged man held a giant sword in his hand and slashed out a shocking sword light, creating a vacuum in front of the Ink Clan army.

Yang Kai casually replied, “Li Ding Garrison’s Mountain Guard!”

He had followed Li Ding Garrison’s Mountain Guard out of Blue Sky Pass, so if one were to really count it, he was right.

The middle-aged man sighed, subconsciously thinking that this Li Ding Garrison Mountain Guard’s ship had been destroyed, resulting in this little brat being left alone on the battlefield. He turned his head towards him and said, “Your grade is not high enough, quickly return to the ship.”

The ship they were on was cruising nearby. Although Yang Kai wasn’t one of them, they were all clansmen, so arranging for him to board was no problem.

Yang Kai turned his head to look at him and shook the spear in his hand, sending out a burst of scorching energy. The Golden Crow’s cry resounded as a great sun slowly rose.

Light illuminated the void, illuminating the endless darkness.

The Golden Crow was jubilant, leaping and frolicking after the great sun, its cheerful aura bringing with it the call of death.

The sun rose above his spear and Yang Kai thrust it forward, smashing it into the densely packed Ink Clan army.

A massive halo of light suddenly burst out from the depths of the Ink Clan’s army, enveloping a radius of a thousand kilometers. The heat from this light was enough to melt the void, causing countless Ink Clan members to scream as they were transformed into nothingness by the Great Sun Light.

With a single spear strike, at least ten thousand Ink Clans had been reduced to ashes.

The middle-aged man’s eyelids twitched, and the old man glanced at Yang Kai in surprise. The young man’s expression was as if he had seen a ghost, and the beautiful woman couldn’t help crying out, “Divine Ability Manifestation?”

They had all witnessed the power of the Great Sun’s Light and knew that this kind of power was definitely not something an ordinary Divine Ability or Secret Technique could possess. This was definitely a Divine Ability Manifestation.

But… a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage could actually display Divine Ability Manifestation? How was this possible? Everyone thought they had seen wrongly.

Divine Anbility Manifestation had always been exclusive to the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage and above, and not every Seventh Order cultivator could comprehend their own Divine Ability Manifestation. Although the four of them were all Seventh Order, up until now, only the old man in the lead and the middle-aged man who had spoken to Yang Kai had their own Divine Ability Manifestation, and the other two had yet to comprehend them.

If this Sixth Order young man in front of them was really using a Divine Ability Manifestation, how shocking would that be?

The young man and the beautiful woman glanced at each other, both seeing the shock and shame in each other’s eyes.

The other party was only a Sixth Order Open Heaven and already have Divine Ability Manifestation, yet the two of them didn’t have it yet… How could this be reasonable?

Yang Kai glanced at the middle-aged man who was talking to him and didn’t say anything, but his meaning was clear. Although his rank was lower, his strength was definitely not weak, so there was no need for him to board the ship.

The middle-aged man obviously understood and smiled, “Good boy, since that’s the case, be careful. On the battlefield, you can only rely on yourself, no one can help you if you encounter danger.”

No longer trying to persuade Yang Kai, he focused on killing the enemy.

Although the Golden Crow Sun Casting had eliminated a large number of enemies, it didn’t take long for more Ink Clan cultivators to gather here. These enemies that were exuding Ink Force seemed endless.

On the walls of Blue Sky Pass, Zhong Liang and Feng Ying used their eyes to survey the battlefield.

As the Regiment's Commander of the Western Army, although he had ordered the various guards to search for Yang Kai’s whereabouts, the battle on the battlefield was extremely tense, so he didn’t have the time or energy to find a single person.

So up until now, Zhong Liang hadn’t received any useful information. All he knew was that after Yang Kai escaped from the Li Ding Garrison Mountain Guard's ship, he had entered the battlefield alone, so no one knew if he was alive or dead.

At this moment, somewhere on the battlefield a thousand kilometer away, a massive light burst out.

Zhong Liang’s expression changed and he immediately looked over.

He still remembered the first time he saw Yang Kai use the Light of Purification on the battlefield. That dazzling and pure white light was something that had never appeared in the Ink Battlefield.

After that white light, the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord who had fought with him was severely wounded and killed by Feng Ying.

At this moment, what entered his eyes was not pure white light, but a dazzling orange-red light like a small sun.

Zhong Liang was both relieved and disappointed.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the Light of Purification. He had always been worried that Yang Kai would once again use the Light of Purification. This method’s restraint on the Ink Clan was too obvious. If it was really exposed, the Ink Clan’s masters would definitely not sit back and do nothing. At that time, Yang Kai’s situation would be quite worrying.

Unfortunately, they were unable to find Yang Kai’s whereabouts.

At this moment, Feng Ying, who was standing next to him, suddenly said, “Martial Uncle, over there!”

She pointed at the spot where the small sun had exploded.

Zhong Liang’s brow rose, “Was it Yang Kai?”

“Golden Crow Sun Casting!” Feng Ying nodded, “This is his Divine Ability Manifestation, it’s definitely not wrong.”

Zhong Liang almost bit his tongue as he asked in shock, “A Divine Ability Manifestation? He has a Divine Ability Manifestation?”

Feng Ying nodded, “Although it’s hard to believe, he does have a Divine Ability Manifestation. On the way back, he used it once.”

It was because of this that Feng Ying was able to identify Yang Kai’s position. Otherwise, in such a large battlefield, it would be difficult to find a single person.

Zhong Liang’s jaw dropped, not knowing what to say.

A Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage actually had a Divine Ability Manifestation? This was unheard of, what kind of heaven-defying aptitude was needed to achieve this? But since it came from Feng Ying’s mouth, there was no doubt about it.

Stomping his feet in frustration, Zhong Liang angrily said, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Feng Ying felt somewhat aggrieved, thinking to herself, 'You didn’t even ask.' As soon as Yang Kai arrived at Blue Sky Pass, everyone’s attention was drawn to his purifying light. Everyone knew that he had a method to suppress the Ink Force, so they had high hopes for this method.

Who had ever paid attention to Yang Kai’s strength and aptitude?

Not to mention that Yang Kai’s aptitude was heaven-defying, even if he was a mediocre cultivator, with his Light of Purification technique, he would still be someone the Human Race desperately wanted to protect.

“Adjutant!” Zhong Liang suddenly shouted.

A young girl, a Seventh Order Open Heaven, immediately rushed over and cupped her fists, “Senior!”

“What did the South, East, and North Army say?” Zhong Liang asked anxiously.

The young girl quickly replied, “The Regiment's Commander of the Three Armies has responded, they will cooperate with us according to the arrangements!”


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