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It wasn’t impossible. The Expelling Black Ink Battleship had set up a Universe Formation, so if Yang Kai really came back, he would definitely be inside.

Thinking so, she used the Space Array on the deck to teleport inside.

A vast expanse of white filled her vision as a gentle purifying light washed over her body and mind, but where was Yang Kai?

Obviously, he had not returned.

Suspicious, Feng Ying walked out of the cabin again. Just as she was wondering what was happening, she suddenly saw a stream of light rush over from the distance and land on the deck in an instant. Feng Ying looked around and quickly saluted, “Martial Uncle Zhong!”

The newcomer was Zhong Liang.

Zhong Liang’s face was ashen as he asked anxiously, “Where’s Yang Kai?”

Feng Ying replied, “He just said that he made some changes to the Universe Formation and needed to be tested before leaving.”

“How long have he been gone?” Zhong Liang’s face sank.

“Less than an hour.” As soon as the words left her mouth, Feng Ying also realized that something was wrong. In the past, Yang Kai had done similar experiments, but every time he left, he would return after a short time. After all, this was a test of the Universe Formation. As long as he stayed away from this place and used the Universe Escape Law, he would be able to return. How could he possibly spend so much time this time? There was no need to delay inside the pass.

“This is bad, it’s really him!” Zhong Liang cried out in alarm. As soon as he received the message from the Li Ding Mountain Guard, he had immediately rushed back from the front lines to personally investigate. In his heart, he was wondering if there was some kind of mistake, how could Yang Kai have run out? But when he looked over, he found that there was no mistake, it was definitely Yang Kai.

Feng Ying asked, “Martial Uncle, did something happen?”

Zhong Liang stretched out his hand and pointed at her, not knowing what to say to her. In the end, he waved his sleeve and sighed, “That boy came out of seclusion and ran off to the battlefield.”

“What?” Feng Ying was shocked, “Why did he go to the battlefield?”

“How would I know?” Zhong Liang looked outside the pass with a worried expression, “I hope it’s not too late.”

After receiving the message from Li Ding Garrison’s Mountain Guard, he had rushed to the pass to investigate while sending a message to the Mountain Guard to return. Before confirming whether this person was Yang Kai or not, he would rather be careful than allow him to enter the depths of danger.

However, the situation on the battlefield was ever-changing, and he didn’t know if the Mountain Guard would be able to carry out their orders. After all, it wasn’t easy to return from the battlefield. If they were surrounded by the Ink Clan’s army, they would have to kill their way out.

Feng Ying stood in place, dumbfounded. Yang Kai had actually come out of seclusion and entered the battlefield. What was this guy trying to do? Moreover, he hadn’t even called out to her in advance. This wasn’t good, it was simply inexcusable.

Zhong Liang had no intention of staying here for long. Since he had confirmed that the people from the Mountain Guard were really Yang Kai, he had no choice but to return to rescue them, so he immediately flew out of the pass.

Feng Ying followed closely behind. Zhong Liang had arranged for her to stay by Yang Kai’s side to protect him, but in the end, Yang Kai had run away, so she had to bear the responsibility.

“He didn’t mention this to you before?” Zhong Liang suddenly turned his head and asked as he flew.

Feng Ying shook her head, “No.” This was also what she was most puzzled about, but from this, she could confirm that Yang Kai had done this on purpose. Otherwise, there was no need for him to lie to her that he was going to test the Universe Formation and use this opportunity to exit seclusion.

“Has he been acting strangely recently?” Zhong Liang asked again.

Feng Ying was shocked, “Does Martial Uncle suspect him…”

Zhong Liang said unhappily, “He possesses the Universe Four Pillars and also has the means to purify and disperse the Ink Force. During this period of time, thousands of clansmen have been treated by him, and he was the one who create the Expelling Black Ink Battleship. It is of great significance to our Human Race, so no one will suspect him. His actions should not have any malicious intent towards Blue Sky Pass or the Human Race, but I just can’t understand why he would secretly come out of seclusion and spend so much time and effort on it. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice anything when you were with him?”

Feng Ying frowned in contemplation before suddenly remembering something, “Martial Uncle, I’m afraid he’s about to break through to the Seventh Order!”

Zhong Liang raised his brow, “What do you mean?”

Feng Ying said, “When he first came to Blue Sky Pass, he had asked me about the situation of breaking through to the Seventh Order. Later, when he was treating many Seventh Order clansmen, he also asked them about breaking through. I once asked him if he wanted to prepare for his breakthrough, and he admitted that he had reached the peak of the Sixth Order and was only a step away from reaching the Seventh Order. Martial Uncle also knew that the situation of each person who broke through to the Seventh Order was different. There were those who went into seclusion to cultivate and break through, and there were also those who broke through at the critical moment of life and death. Yang Kai said that he had cultivated in seclusion and failed to break through, if he were to slowly accumulate his strength, who knows how long he would have to wait? So, the first two methods are not feasible. He probably wants to use the last method to break through his shackles, otherwise he wouldn’t have needed to go to the battlefield.”

Hearing this, Zhong Liang’s eyes twitched, “It's probably this!”

Moreover, from the looks of it, this little brat probably had this plan all along. He knew that his existence was extremely important to Blue Sky Pass, so Blue Sky Pass wouldn’t let him enter the battlefield so easily, which was why he had snuck out.

After painstakingly constructing the Expelling Black Ink Battleship and leaving behind a purifying light that could support an entire battle, this little brat suddenly took action and came out of seclusion.

Thinking so, Zhong Liang muttered, “Not good.”

Feng Ying was startled, “What is it, Martial Uncle?”

Zhong Liang’s face was ashen, “This little brat is probably already mentally prepared that he won’t be able to return, otherwise there would be no need to leave behind so much Purifying Light. He’s cutting off his own escape route!”

Feng Ying’s heart trembled. If that was really the case, then she would have been too negligent, because Yang Kai had spent so much time with her, yet she hadn’t even noticed.

As the two of them spoke, Zhong Liang suddenly stopped and took out a Message Bead, immersing his Divine Sense into it. A moment later, he shouted angrily, “Scoundrel!”

Feng Ying turned to look at him.

Zhong Liang gritted his teeth and said, “This little brat is too cunning. He must have sensed that the the Mountain Guard had sent a message back and rushed out of the Palace Artifact, entering the battlefield on his own. Now, even the Mountain Guard doesn’t know where he is!”

“Ah!” Feng Ying’s face suddenly went pale. A Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator had rushed into the battlefield alone, if no one cooperated with him, how could he have a good ending?

“Capture him and see if I don’t rip his skin off!” Zhong Liang shouted angrily, he was really about to die from anger. This little bastard clearly knew that he was important to the Human Race, yet he still dared to take such a risk. If something really happened, how was he going to explain himself to the Old Ancestor?

The Old Ancestor was still recuperating in seclusion, so he didn’t know anything about Yang Kai, but this matter would definitely be reported to the higher-ups later. A key character who could possibly change the course of the war between the two races had been killed right in front of his eyes, so he couldn’t absolve himself of this responsibility. If this matter were to continue, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to remain as the Regiment's Commander of the Western Army.

“Martial Uncle, Yang Kai’s… strength isn’t weak,” She and Yang Kai had worked together to kill their way back from the Ink Clan’s hinterland. The strength Yang Kai had displayed far surpassed an ordinary Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, and he was even able to transform into a big dragon, comparable to a Seventh Order.

“So what if his strength is strong? How can he fight against an entire clan alone!” On the battlefield, it wasn’t like the Seventh or Eighth Order never falls. Yang Kai’s Sixth Order strength was truly worrying. He also knew that Yang Kai could transform into a Big Dragon, and when the time came, his strength would be comparable to a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage. However, since Yang Kai wanted to comprehend the opportunity to break through between life and death, he would definitely not use his Dragon Clan’s strength. He would completely cut off his escape route, leaving no chance of survival.

In other words, in this battle, Yang Kai would only use his Sixth Order strength.

Now, Zhong Liang could only pray that Yang Kai would not use his Light of Purification in front of the Ink Clan’s army.

Last time, he had used it once, but in the end, he had managed to severely injure a Ink Clan Territory Lord and then killed him on the spot.

If he only used it once, even if the Ink Clan saw it, they wouldn’t care too much about it, but if he were to use it again, making the Ink Clan realize how effective it was against the Ink Force, Yang Kai would be finished.

The Ink Clan would spare no expense to kill Yang Kai on the spot.

As the two of them spoke, they had already rushed out of Blue Sky Pass. As far as the eye could see, the two races were engaged in a fierce battle, their figures flying about, so how could anyone see where Yang Kai was?

Zhong Liang’s expression became ugly as he quickly sent out a message.

At the same time, on the frontline battlefield, on the flying ship of the Li Ding Garrison Mountain Guard, the Guard Commander frowned.

After rushing into the battlefield to confront the Ink Clan, Yang Kai used the excuse of carrying out a secret mission to open the protective barrier around the flying ship and instantly flashed out.

The Mountain Guard was naturally caught off guard and quickly closed the barrier to prevent the Ink Force from leaking inside.

The Guard Commander had also received a message from Li Ding Garrison’s Chief asking him to temporarily keep an eye on Yang Kai and immediately retreat to the pass.

However, this message was a bit late. Yang Kai had already left, where could he find him in this Chaotic Battlefield?

Left with no choice, he report the matter to the Garrison's Chief, only to be reprimanded by the Garrison's Chief. This Seventh Order Guard Commander felt extremely aggrieved, not knowing who he had provoked.

With nowhere to vent his grievances, all he could do was pour his grievances onto the Ink Clan. The flying ship shuttled back and forth, sending out beams of profound light that bombarded the Ink Clan army, killing them.

He personally led his subordinates, a group of Seventh Order Open Heaven, out of the ship and stood guard around it, constantly releasing their Secret Techniques and artifacts.

This was how the Human Race and the Ink Clan fought.

Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage allowed one to freely display one’s strength while those below Seventh Order relied on the power of the Palace Artifact. On the battlefield, it was either a guard or team cooperating with each other to attack and defend.

Somewhere on the battlefield, Yang Kai held the Azure Dragon Spear and recklessly used his own strength. Wherever the spear passed, the Ink Clan would fall.

To be able to sweep away all obstacles in his way, not only was his strength powerful, but more importantly, the strength of the Ink Clan’s army varied greatly.

Compared to the Human Race, the people who entered the Ink Battlefield from the Cave Heaven Paradise, the lowest were Sixth Order, and even the Fifth Order was due to a drop in their grade.


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