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At the top of the city wall, a man looked over and Yang Kai quickly hid behind the crowd.

Yang Kai had seen this person before. It was an Eighth Order Garrison's Chief that Zhong Liang had gathered for a meeting. Although he didn’t know this person’s name, if he were to be seen, he would definitely be discovered.

He had snuck out this time because he didn’t want to be caught halfway.

The Eighth Order Garrison's Chief expression became solemn as he nodded, “Good! Open the formation!”

With a single command, the restriction was activated and the flying ship slowly sailed out.

As soon as they left Blue Sky Pass, a murderous atmosphere filled the air. Standing on the deck, Yang Kai looked up and saw many palace artifacts shuttling back and forth in the vast void. From time to time, a profound light would shoot out from these artifacts and blast into the Ink Clan army.

There were also Seventh Order and Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters who were currently wandering the battlefield, competing with the Ink Clan masters.

Ink Cloud of all sizes were scattered across the battlefield, and apart from these Ink Cloud, there were also many pieces of Universe Fragments.

The Ink Cloud was a remnant of the Ink Clan’s Ink Force after its death, and the Universe Fragments were undoubtedly the remnants of the Human Race’s High Rank Open Heaven. The fragments are undoubtedly all caused by the collapsed of the Small Universe after their death, some of them had even been cut off by the High Rank Open Heaven from their Small Unvierse during the previous fierce battles.

The sound of energy colliding rang out as the sounds of battle filled the air, blood spraying into the air, and life withering from time to time.

This was a battlefield that had buried countless Ink Clan and Human Race masters. From ancient times until now, countless masters from both races had died here.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Yang Kai’s blood began to boil and a strong desire to fight surged from his chest. He couldn’t wait to rush into the Ink Clan’s army and kill them.

However, he also knew that in this kind of battlefield, no matter how strong an individual was, the role they could play was limited. This was a struggle between the two races, a struggle that involved countless lives of both races. If one were to fall into the encirclement of the Ink Clan’s army alone, even an Eighth Order Garrison's Chief would not have a good end.

What’s more, he had come here secretly for his own purpose.

He wanted to break through to the Seventh Order!

His cultivation had stagnated at the peak of the Sixth Order for many years, and it was useless for him to cultivate in seclusion to accumulate his strength over time, now he only had one method left, which was to break through his shackles at the critical moment of life and death.

The struggle between the two races had provided him with the best stage, so he had long planned to fight to the death.

However, he also knew that Blue Sky Pass would not allow him to act in such a manner. If he really was just an ordinary Sixth Order, no one would care too much about him. There were as many Sixth Order in Blue Sky Pass as there were hairs on a cow’s body, so having one more or one less was not a big deal. Which one of them had not experienced a bloody battle with the Ink Clan? Those who could survive were all elites among elites.

However, his existence was of great significance to Blue Sky Pass and even to the entire Human Race. He was no ordinary Sixth Order.

The Light of Purification could only be used by him, and the Universe Formation had to be set up by him.

It was because he realized Yang Kai’s importance that Zhong Liang immediately had Feng Ying protect him. Feng Ying was no ordinary Seventh Order, and even among all the Seventh Order masters in Blue Sky Pass, her strength was among the top.

Right now, just protecting Yang Kai was undoubtedly a waste of talent.

However, Zhong Liang had no other choice. He couldn’t possibly let an Eighth Order protect Yang Kai, right? In comparison, Seventh Order was the best choice, and Feng Ying was also the best choice.

Just this point alone showed how much Zhong Liang valued Yang Kai!

If Yang Kai had told him that he was going to run to the battlefield to find an opportunity to break through at this critical moment, Zhong Liang would definitely not have agreed. Not only would he not have agreed, but he would also have Feng Ying take good care of him, not allowing him to enter the battlefield so easily.

Once Yang Kai is lost, the losses to the Human Race would be too great. After all, his cultivation wasn’t too high, only at the Sixth Order.

How many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators had died on the battlefield? The slightest carelessness would result in death.

So from beginning to end, Yang Kai had never revealed his intention to participate in the battle. Even Feng Ying, who had spent more than half a year with him, didn’t notice this.

After waiting for so long, he finally found a good opportunity.

If this matter was successful, he would return with a Seventh Order cultivation, but if it failed, he would have no choice but to obediently cultivate and wait for the day when the conditions were right.

However, before he left, Yang Kai had to wait for the four Expelling Black Ink Battleship to be finished. This way, even if something were to happen to him, the Expelling Black Ink Battleship on Blue Sky Pass’ side could still hold out for a while, enough to support the end of this battle.

If he was still in the 3000 Worlds, Yang Kai might not have been so anxious.

However, this was the Ink Battlefield, and the stronger one was, the more capital they would have to survive. The Sixth Order was still a bit low while the Seventh Order was barely enough, so no matter what, he had to try.

In order to cut off his escape route and seize the opportunity to break through, Yang Kai didn’t leave any contingency plans for himself. He didn’t even leave behind a single Space Spirit Bead, all for the sake of a slim chance at life or death.

The Li Ding [Mountain] Guard belonged to the Western Army and was also under Zhong Liang’s command. The total number of soldiers in this army was more than eight thousand, and each of the fifteen garrisons had seven or eight guards.

Of the four armies in the east, west, and north, the Eastern Army's side was the most intense. Although the Western Army was slightly better, it wasn’t much better. The Ink Clan’s army attacked again, but they were repeatedly repelled by the Human Race, leaving behind countless corpses each time, but the Ink Clan obviously didn’t care about these casualties.

Yang Kai, who had lived in the Ink Clan’s hinterlands for two years, knew that the Ink Clan’s foundation was the Ink Nest. As long as the Ink Nest was not destroyed, the Ink Clan would continue to be born. Although such casualties were not small for the Ink Clan, it was not unacceptable.

The Western Army’s defensive line was set up a thousand kilometers away from Blue Sky Pass, and the various palace artifacts belonging to the various garrison guards had set up a tight defensive line, not allowing the Ink Clan to take even half a step forward.

A thousand kilometers wasn’t too far away, so the [Mountain] Guard’s flying ship quickly arrived at the battlefield.

The Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator who was guarding the ship should be the [Mountain] Guard's Commander. With a solemn look in his eyes, he shouted, “Everyone, get into position and fight the enemy with me!”

The hundred or so people on the ship immediately got to work.

Yang Kai was suddenly at a loss for what to do.

Although he had successfully infiltrated this place, he knew nothing about the deployment of the [Mountain] Guard. Seeing that everyone else had run to their assigned positions and were preparing to defend themselves, he could only follow them to the deck.

Unexpectedly, after two people turned to look at him, one of them suddenly asked in surprise, “Senior Brother Yang, why are you here?”

When he had boarded the ship with the others, it wasn’t that no one didn't pay attention to him, but those who had paid attention to him didn't care too much. After all, when they were repairing the ship from time to time, there would be people who would come to help.

Those who didn’t know Yang Kai naturally treated him as a reinforcement.

Who knew that at this moment, he would meet someone he knew.

Hearing this shout, Yang Kai looked up and was speechless.

The man in front of him looked familiar. Although he didn’t know his name, he was certain that he was a cultivator who had received his treatment in the past.

Before the Expelling Black Ink Battleship was made, there were at least thousands of clansmen who had been personally treated by Yang Kai. All of these people were deeply grateful to him. Yang Kai didn’t remember their names, but they did.

Yang Kai was afraid of encountering such a situation, but he also knew that there was no way to avoid it. He had saved so many people, so it was likely he would be exposed.

“What’s going on?” The Commander of the [Mountain] Guard turned his head towards Yang Kai and saw an unfamiliar face. He stared at Yang Kai vigilantly and frowned, “Who are you?”

Recognizing Yang Kai, the man quickly cupped his fists and reported, “Sir, this is Senior Brother Yang Kai.”

The Commander raised his brow. Although he had never returned to the pass to see Yang Kai, he had heard this name many times in recent times, so he asked in surprise, “Is it that Yang Kai?”

The person who replied quickly nodded, “That’s him.”

The Commander was shocked, “Nephew, why are you here?”

If it really was the one he had heard about, he should be inside the pass right now. How did he end up on his ship? He hadn’t received any orders to replenish his manpower, so this trip should have the same people.

What’s more, even if they wanted to replenish their forces, this person should not have been sent to the battlefield. When he heard about Yang Kai’s amazing methods, he had realized the importance of his existence. This was someone they had to protect well, so how could he be sent to the battlefield so easily?

Yet he had actually appeared on his ship, this was no small matter.

Yang Kai’s thoughts raced as he cupped his fists and said, “Sir, this Disciple is under the orders of the Regiment's Commander to carry out a secret mission. The main purpose of this Disciple accompanying Sir is to facilitate concealment!”

“Secret mission!” The Commander frowned. What kind of secret mission was it that required this person to personally come to the battlefield? Moreover, he had long heard that for the sake of this person’s safety, the Regiment's Commander had not hesitated to have Feng Ying guard him. Looking around, he could not see Feng Ying.

There was obviously something wrong with this matter, and he was no fool, so how could he not see it?

However, now that the flying ship had arrived on the battlefield, the front lines were in desperate need of reinforcements, so he couldn’t bring his men back just for some doubts.

Without asking any more questions, he nodded slightly and said, “Since that’s the case, Nephew can do as you please.”

“Many thanks, Sir,” Yang Kai cupped his fists and thanked him before turning to chat with the two people beside him.

Seeing this, the Commander turned his head slightly and sent a voice transmission to the other Seventh Order beside him, “Send a message back and ask the Regiment's Commander what’s going on here.”

He had a feeling that something was wrong. This matter concerned Yang Kai, so he had to report this matter to Zhong Liang. Of course, he wasn’t suspecting that Yang Kai had any malicious intentions. This person had saved so many clansmen, so he definitely wouldn’t do anything to harm the Human Race.

“Yes,” The Seventh Order replied and took out his communication artifact.

In the central square of Blue Sky Pass, on the first Expelling Black Ink Battleship's deck, Feng Ying stood up and frowned.

Yang Kai said that he made some changes to the Universe Formation and needed to be tested, but after waiting for an hour, Yang Kai still hadn’t returned.

Suspicion filled her mind as she wondered if Yang Kai had returned.


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