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With the Light of Purification, the problems they had encountered before were no longer a problem.

Feng Ying’s eyes lit up, “Your idea is feasible! It’s just that…” As she said this, her brow furrowed, “It seems that no one is capable of setting up the Universe Formation. At the very least, there are no such talents in Blue Sky Pass.”

The Universe Temple of the Human Race’s various mountain passes had existed for many years. In ancient times, there might have been people who could set up the Universe Formation to build the Universe Temple.

However, with the closure of the Universe Temple, this method had been lost over the years. This was also the intention of the Human Race, in order to prevent any related personnel from being corrupted, allowing the Ink Clan to grasp the method to create Universe Temple.

The Ink Clan was difficult to deal with to begin with, and if they were allowed to grasp the mysteries of Universe Temple, it would be impossible to kill them all.

“I can arrange it!” Yang Kai said solemnly.

Feng Ying was surprised, “You can set up the Universe Formation? Aren’t you…”

Yang Kai smiled and said, “I really don’t know anything about the Array Dao, but Space Arrays and Universe Formations are related to the Dao of Space, so I have some experience with them.” When he was in the 3000 Worlds, it took him thirty years to fully comprehend the mysteries of Universe Formations, allowing his attainments in the Dao of Space to greatly increase, allowing him to comprehend the Secret Technique of Beating Ox.

Afterwards, Yang Kai also arranged some Universe Temple in the new Great Domain for his disciples to explore.

Therefore, setting up the Universe Formation was not difficult for him.

“Do you need me to do anything? Do you need some help?” Feng Ying asked.

Yang Kai shook his head, “There’s no need for a helper, I’m lacking some materials, so I need Martial Aunt to think of a way to gather them.”

“Okay!” Feng Ying quickly nodded.

A short while later, Yang Kai handed Feng Ying a list of materials and asked her to find a way to obtain them. This wasn’t a difficult task for her. Blue Sky Pass also had its own storehouse that stored a large amount of cultivation resources, so basically everything Yang Kai needs can be found in it.

However, she still needed to inform Zhong Liang and the others about this matter. Only after obtaining their approval could she enter the storehouse to collect the necessary materials.

Knowing that Yang Kai was actually able to set up the Universe Formation and was planning to do so inside the ship’s cabin, Zhong Liang was both surprised and delighted.

Although it had only been half a year since Yang Kai had arrived at Blue Sky Pass, too many strange things had happened because of him.

The first thing was the ability to purify and disperse the Ink Force. Previously, Dongguo Anping and the others had created a suitable palace artifact for the expedition, but now they had to set up the Universe Formation.

He is an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master, so he could naturally see the great potential of this method. If he could successfully execute it, it would be much easier for the scattered clansmen to return to Blue Sky Pass in the future. As long as they could activate the Universe Escape Law within a suitable range, they would be able to instantly return to the ship, and with the Light of Purification sealed inside the ship’s cabin, he wouldn’t have to worry about Ink Disciple committing any crimes.

It could even be said that a flying ship with the Universe Formation was more suitable for an expedition.

Naturally, he fully supported this kind of thing. With Feng Ying’s great authority, she could freely choose the resources stored in the storehouse and cooperate with Yang Kai at all costs.

Half a day later, Feng Ying brought back what Yang Kai needed.

Yang Kai entered the cabin and busied himself.

Setting up the Universe Formation was undoubtedly much more difficult than setting up a simple Space Array. Although the two were similar in nature, the Universe Formation was still more profound than a Space Array.

Moreover, the space inside the cabin was limited, so the Universe Formation’s setup was also somewhat limited.

Before, Yang Kai had set up quite a large number of Universe Temple in the new Great Domain. Now, in order to operate the Universe Formation in a limited space, he needed to make some minor changes.

This busy process lasted for two months, during which he repeatedly experimented and made several major improvements before finally completing it.

It was also thanks to the large amount of purifying light sealed inside the cabin that the Ink Force corroding his clansmen could be purified, there was no need for him to act personally. Otherwise, it would have taken even longer.

After being personally tested by Feng Ying and confirming that the Universe Formation was operating well, Zhong Liang was overjoyed.

After two months of delay, Dongguo Anping also delivered the first newly refined palace artifact.

Under normal circumstances, it would take at least half a year for Blue Sky Pass to build a new palace artifact. This artifact was not something that could be casually refined. Not only did it require a large number of people, but it also required an extremely profound Artifact Refiner to manage.

However, Dongguo Anping also understood the importance of this mission. The war between the two races was fierce, so the sooner this mission was completed, the better it would be for the clansmen. As such, he gathered the elite disciples of Divine Cauldron Heaven from all over the world and gathered more than a hundred people to construct a new palace artifact.

When the palace artifact arrived at the square, Yang Kai immediately entered the Ship's Cabin, but he did not use the Light of Purification. He first set up the Universe Formation, and when it was complete, he sealed the Light of Purification inside.

Another month later, this well-prepared flying ship arrived at the Eastern Army’s defensive line.

Zhong Liang and the others weren’t able to win against Ding Yao in the end. It wasn’t that they couldn’t win, but the battle in the Eastern Army was indeed the most intense, and the other three Regiment's Commanders couldn’t be bothered to compete with him. With Ding Yao personally stepping in, they had given him some face.

Of course, the most important reason was that before long, their three armies would also have their own share, so there was no point in fighting over it.

Now, whether it was Yang Kai or Dongguo Anping, both of them were familiar with this matter and could refine this special palace artifact in batches.

Half a year passed in the blink of an eye, and the Southern and Northern Armies finally had their own Expelling Black Ink Battleship.

Expelling Black Ink Battleship, this was the name Dongguo Anping had given these special palace artifacts, so it quickly spread and received everyone’s approval.

The four Expelling Black Ink Battleship were stationed behind the four armies, so any clansmen who were infected by the Ink Force could be immediately treated, making it much more convenient than before.

With these four Expelling Black Ink Battleship, the battle between the Human Race and the Ink Clan became even fiercer.

In the central square, Yang Kai suddenly became idle…

In the past, this place had been quite lively, with at least a dozen or a hundred clansmen coming to seek help every day. However, after the four Expelling Black Ink Battleship had been pulled out, no one had shown any interest in this place. When the clansmen being corroded by the Ink Force, there was no need for them to come here, nor was there any need for Yang Kai to personally take action.

Each Expelling Black Ink Battleship had enough Purifying Light for two thousand people, enough to support for a long time.

After spending so much time and effort, he had finally reached this point, so it was time for him to begin.

On the deck, Feng Ying was cultivating with her eyes closed when a figure suddenly flashed and Yang Kai appeared.

Feng Ying opened her eyes and looked at him. Although no one had come to ask for help during this time, Yang Kai was still busy, and Feng Ying didn’t know what he was busy with. After asking him once, Yang Kai didn’t say anything, so Feng Ying didn’t ask.

At this moment, Yang Kai took the initiative to speak, “Martial Aunt, I’ve made some modifications to the Universe Formation, but I don’t know what kind of effect it will have. I’ll go try.”

“Good!” Feng Ying nodded lightly, not suspecting anything.

When they first experimented with the effects of the Universe Formation, Yang Kai had also personally participated in it. According to him, it would be easier for him to discover the problem if he went back and forth himself.

Now that Yang Kai said he wanted to test out the Universe Formation, Feng Ying naturally didn’t suspect anything.

“Martial Uncle, please wait a moment,” Yang Kai said before leaving.

Since he wanted to investigate the effects of the Universe Formation, it was naturally impossible for him to test it nearby, so he had to go far away.

After leaving Feng Ying’s sight, Yang Kai turned around and flew towards the exit.

Recently, he had been investigating Blue Sky Pass’ situation, so he was naturally not unfamiliar with it.

Not long after, a group of people appeared in front of them, bustling with activity. A palace artifact was docked in a small square, and cultivators dressed in Divine Cauldron Heaven’s robes were bustling about on the ship. The ship’s interior was constantly emitting clanking sounds as well as a few intermittent lights.

This palace artifact had obviously been attacked by the Ink Clan and was slightly damaged.

There were quite a few palace artifacts like this in the square, and hundreds of people were scattered about, sitting in groups of three or five, each of them silently circulating their profound art to rest.

Yang Kai looked around and vaguely guessed that these people had all retired from the battlefield. During this time, he had asked Feng Ying about many things, so he had a rough idea of what was happening here. Although he had never personally experienced it, he naturally had some understanding of it.

His sudden arrival didn’t attract too much attention. To the clansmen, their time to rest was extremely precious and couldn’t be easily wasted. Moreover, there were many people coming and going here, enough to provide Yang Kai with a good cover.

Looking up, he found that the barrier in front of him was completely sealed, and the exit was guarded by Human Race elites, which must be ordered to not easily open the restriction.

Yang Kai frowned slightly. Originally, he had wanted to sneak out, but seeing this, he was afraid it wouldn’t work. If Blue Sky Pass’s restriction couldn’t be opened, there was no way he could leave.

Looking around, he could only wait and see.

He found a corner and sat down cross-legged, pretending to be meditating as he felt somewhat anxious in his heart. This was a rare opportunity, and if he messed it up, he might not be able to easily leave Blue Sky Pass in the future.

Fortunately, his luck wasn’t bad. After waiting for less than an incense stick’s worth of time, the Divine Cauldron Heaven Disciple responsible for repairing the ship left and a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator stepped onto the ship. After inspecting the ship and making sure there were no problems, he shouted, “[Mountain] Guard, all of you get on board!”

As soon as he finished speaking, over a hundred people stood up and flew towards the ship.

Seeing this, Yang Kai quickly stood up and followed the large group of people onto the ship.

The Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator swept his eyes over the people on the ship and nodded slightly before cupping his fists and shouting, “The West Army has finished repairing the [Mountain] Guard of Li Ding and is requesting to fight!”


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