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This matter had a lot to do with Dongguo Anping, and it wasn’t something that Dongguo Anping could decide with just a few words. He had to wait until the Old Ancestor came out of seclusion to report this matter.

It could even be said that if they really wanted to attack the Ink Clan, it wouldn’t just be Blue Sky Pass alone. All of the Human Race’s major passes would have to exert their full strength. At that time, the various mountain passes’ armies would have to advance together in order to wipe out the Ink Clan in one fell swoop and exterminate all of them, and the early preparations wouldn’t be completed in a short time.

However, this beautiful future made one’s imagination run wild.

“Whether this old master’s idea is useful or not, Blue Sky Pass’ battlefield is a good place to test it out,” Dongguo Anping withdrew his gaze, “I’ve already sent a message to the four Regiment's Commander, they should be arriving soon. Later, this old master will report this matter to them, and they will be the ones to decide what to do, but when the time comes, we will need your help, Yang Kai.”

“Disciple will do his best!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

After the results of the experiment were out, and after confirming that this modified Palace Artifact could be of great use, Dongguo Anping immediately sent a message to the four Regiment's Commander. After waiting for less than an incense stick’s worth of time, four figures arrived.

The Eastern Army Regiment's Commander, Ding Yao, came from the Great Battle Cave Heaven, the Southern Army Regiment's Commander Liang Yulong came from the Crape-Myrtle Cave Heaven, the Western Army Regiment's Commander Zhong Liang came from Blue Sky Paradise, the Northern Army Regiment's Commander Shentu Mo came from Azure Clouds Paradise.

Each and every one of them was an Eighth Order Ancestor, and among the Eighth Order, they were the cream of the crop. In the face of war, these four were responsible for guarding Blue Sky Pass’ north, south, east, and west. Before the end of the war, they wouldn’t easily leave their posts.

The last time they left was because Zhong Liang had sent a message saying he had something important to discuss. This time, Dongguo Anping’s message was also a matter of great importance, so it was necessary for the Regiment's Commander to appear personally. Otherwise, how could he dare disturb them?

They didn’t have much time, so after arriving, they immediately asked about the situation.

Zhong Liang knew that Yang Kai had been busy recently. After all, Feng Ying had always been by Yang Kai’s side and would occasionally send a message to him, so the other three weren’t too clear about the situation here.

Listening to Dongguo Anping’s vision of the future war, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help lighting up. If that was the case, Yang Kai’s arrival not only gave Blue Sky Pass a way to dissolve the Ink Force, but also gave the Human Race the capital to invade the Ink Clan’s headquarters.

Dressed in a golden armor, Ding Yao looked majestic and awe-inspiring. Cultivators from Great Battle Heaven had this style. After carefully inspecting the ship, he turned his head and asked, “Is it useful?”

“It should be useful,” Yang Kai nodded.

Ding Yao frowned and said, “We can’t be careless about this matter, we need to carefully test it out and make sure it works.”

As he was speaking, he suddenly saw someone rushing over from the distance. It was the Human Race cultivator who had been invaded by the Ink Force and had come here to seek help. Seeing the four Regiment's Commander here, the newcomer was startled and quickly cupped his fists in greeting.

The four of them waved their hands, indicating that there was no need for formalities.

Yang Kai smiled, “Whether it’s useful or not, we’ll just have to wait and see.” There was no need to make any special preparations here. In any case, there were people who came to him every day to ask him to help dispel the Ink Force.

The four of them nodded slightly and waited.

Yang Kai stepped forward and led the cultivator who had been corroded by the Ink Force into the Space Array, activating the power of the Array to teleport him into the cabin, but he did not follow.

A moment later, the man suddenly teleported out of the cabin, his expression somewhat blank and somewhat shocked.

Although he had heard his clansmen mention that someone in the pass had used some kind of mysterious method to purify and disperse the Ink Force, he had only heard about it and had not personally experienced it.

Now that he had experienced it for himself, he finally understood what it was like. The Ink Force that had invaded his body was completely dispersed in a short period of time, leaving not a single drop behind. There was no longer any risk of being turned into ink, and the gentle white light in the cabin was like a spring breeze, extremely comfortable.

This was a life-saving grace!

He couldn’t thank Yang Kai enough.

However, the four Regiment's Commander were still worried and carefully examined this man’s Small Universe. After confirming that there was no problem, they let him go.

Taking advantage of this time, Yang Kai made another trip to the ship’s cabin to check the loss of the Light of Purification. Someone had entered the ship’s cabin with the Ink Force, and after being purified, the Light of Purification would definitely be lost.

However, just as he had expected, the consumption was almost negligible. Previously, he had used a lot of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals in the ship’s cabin, causing the purifying light inside the ship to be extremely rich.

Dongguo Anping said calmly, “Four Senior Brothers, this method is feasible.”

Now that there was proof, there was no need to doubt anything. Deep in his heart, he was somewhat excited. Did the Human Race finally have a way to support the expedition? Perhaps one day, they would be able to perfectly resolve the war on the Ink Battlefield and the many clansmen trapped here would finally have hope of returning home.

Liang Yulong nodded and said, “This matter is of great importance, so don’t reveal it for the time being. It will only be known to those present.”

Everyone naturally knew what he was talking about. The existence of the flying ship could not be kept a secret, and anyone who came here to ask for help would definitely have to enter the flying ship to purify the Ink Force, so what he said about not revealing it was not about the flying ship.

What he was talking about was the expedition. The Human Race hadn’t made any preparations yet, and the Old Ancestors hadn’t made any decisions yet. If news of this were to spread, the clansmen would definitely have more expectations, and if they couldn’t fulfill them in time, their expectations would turn into disappointment.

Yang Kai and the others naturally obeyed.

Zhong Liang smiled and patted Yang Kai’s shoulder, “Nephew has worked hard recently.”

This was a treasure! How many losses had Yang Kai’s arrival redeemed for Blue Sky Pass? He didn’t dare say anything else, but the clansmen who had been corroded by the Ink Force recently were all saved by this person. Otherwise, they would all have to give up their Small Universe, causing their strength to fall, or perhaps they would be converted into Ink Disciples and serve the Ink Clan.

However, after Yang Kai came to Blue Sky Pass, this situation had never occurred again, not even a single Ink Disciple had been converted.

The more he looked at Yang Kai, the more he liked him. Fortunately, Feng Ying had met Yang Kai in the Ink Clan’s hinterland and brought him back, otherwise, how could the Blue Sky Pass obtain him?

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing,” Yang Kai replied humbly.

“Old Ancestor?” Ding Yao’s expression suddenly became serious as he looked towards a certain direction.

Everyone was startled and quickly turned around to look, but all they saw was an empty space with no sign of the Old Ancestor. Just as they were wondering what was happening, a surge of energy burst out from Ding Yao’s body and sent Yang Kai and the others flying. None of them had expected to be attacked in such a place, so how could they react in time? In an instant, all of them were like fallen leaves in the wind, scattering in all directions.

In midair, Yang Kai heard Zhong Liang shout, “Ding Yao, what are you doing?”

His heart sank, thinking that Ding Yao was up to no good. Could it be that Ding Yao was an Ink Disciple who had exposed his Light of Purification and was about to kill him?

However, there seemed to be something wrong. Although Ding Yao’s attack just now was swift and fierce, it didn’t have any intention of harming anyone. At the very least, Yang Kai didn’t sense any danger and was only sent flying.

Forcefully stabilizing himself, Yang Kai glanced over and his eyes twitched.

In the sky above the square, Ding Yao was standing alone on the deck. The flying ship had already changed directions and was now pointing towards the eastern defensive line. From the looks of it, it seemed that Ding Yao had just flown the flying ship towards the east, but was stopped by someone and had no choice but to stop.

Combining his identity as East Army Regiment's Commander, Yang Kai suddenly had a guess.

In front of the ship stood Liang Yulong, Zhong Liang, and Shentu Mo, blocking his path.

Just now, these three had been caught off guard and were also sent flying by Ding Yao, just like Yang Kai and the others. However, as an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, they had a strong foundation and quick reaction, so after a moment of confusion, they quickly adjusted themselves.

“Ding Yao, that’s a bit unkind,” Liang Yulong’s face sank slightly.

Shentu Mo frowned, “What are you doing?”

Zhong Liang was exasperated, “Is there a need to say what he’s trying to do? I know what kind of shit this old rogue is trying to pull! He’s trying to steal the ship!”

Ding Yao didn’t try to hide anything. In any case, his intentions had already been seen through, so he quickly said, “This ship will belong to my Eastern Army from now on.”

“Why?” Liang Yulong asked.

Ding Yao looked down at him from above, “With me standing on the ship and the three of you below.”

Shentu Mo chuckled, “What does this mean? It’s just that we were caught off guard when you suddenly attacked. In fact, this ship belongs to my Northern Army. Take a look at the symbol on this ship and see if it belongs to my Northern Army’s Dui Bing Thunder Guard. Ding Yao, come down quickly, I want to bring this ship back to the Northern Army.”

The ship had been pulled out from the storehouse by Dongguo Anping. It had originally been heavily damaged, but after some minor repairs, it was barely usable. From the looks of it, it really did belong to the Northern Army’s Dui Bing Thunder Guard.

Ding Yao sneered, “In your dreams!”

Zhong Liang tried to persuade him, “Ding Yao, come down first, let’s talk.”

Ding Yao sneered, “I will not come down, you will come up when i come down!”

Zhong Liang was speechless. He wasn’t a young man anymore, yet he was acting like a child trying to snatch something from him. If word got out, wouldn’t he lose face? He could also understand why Ding Yao had suddenly taken action to snatch the flying ship. If he brought this thing back, although it wouldn’t be able to directly increase the combat strength of the army, it would save him a lot of time to travel back and forth. Moreover, this thing was like a stabilizing needle, greatly increasing the morale of the army.

Let alone Ding Yao, he also wanted it!

“We're all from Blue Sky Pass. Although we’re all Regiment's Commander, we can’t just think about our own family. If you, Ding Yao, take the flying ship away today, what will happen to the Southern Army, Western Army, and Northern Army?” Zhong Liang tried to persuade him.

Ding Yao looked to the side and pouted, “Isn’t that Little Boy Yang here? Just look for him. My Eastern Army’s war situation is quite tense. With this flying ship here, we might be able to change the situation.”

“Stop exaggerating,” Liang Yulong spat, “Your Eastern Army is in a tight spot, my Southern Army is also in a tight spot. You only care about the Eastern Army and don’t care about the lives of the other three armies’ disciples? Ding Yao, as the Regiment's Commander, how can you be so selfish?”


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