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Inside the mysterious Great Array, Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings, but he couldn’t see anything. However, since this Great Array was specifically designed for this purpose, it did indeed have a sealing effect.

As for whether it was useful or not, he would just have to give it a try.

Yang Kai immediately activated the Light of Purification and didn’t use any high grade Yellow Crystals or Blue Crystals, only using Fifth Grade ones to avoid wasting them.

A moment later, a small ball of white light like a small sun appeared in Yang Kai’s hand, condensing under his control.

As everyone watched, Yang Kai threw out the small sun-like white light and in an instant, the white light filled the Great Array but was blocked by the light curtain and sealed inside.

Yang Kai silently waited. Whether or not this Great Array could seal the Light of Purification for a long time was related to his next series of plans, so he couldn’t afford to be careless.

His Divine Sense was constantly monitoring the changes in the white light, and Feng Ying and the others were also paying close attention to the surroundings of the Great Array. However, now that the Great Array was filled with a dazzling white light, Yang Kai’s figure appeared somewhat hazy.

As time passed, Yang Kai’s face gradually filled with joy. He discovered that his previous thoughts were correct. The Light of Purification was an embodiment of energy and could indeed be sealed. The Spirit Array created by Fan Xun and the others had already achieved this.

The Light of Purification was sealed inside the Great Array and could not dissipate, nor could it reduce, allowing it to exist for a long time. As long as a human cultivator was drawn into the Great Array when being eroded by the Ink Force, the excess Light of Purification would not be wasted.

By condensing sand into a tower bit by bit, it would undoubtedly save a lot of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals in the long run.

“Martial Uncle Fan, that’s enough,” Yang Kai said. Hearing this, Fan Xun, who was controlling the Spirit Array, immediately changed his hand seal and a crack appeared on the Spirit Array barrier.

However, before Yang Kai could walk out of the Great Array, a portion of the purifying light that filled the Great Array dissipated.

After Yang Kai left the Great Array and Fan Xun once again sealed it, the amount of purifying light in the Great Array had clearly decreased.

Looking back, the joy on Yang Kai’s face gradually disappeared as he frowned.

He had forgotten that this Great Array had the effect of sealing and could indeed retain the Light of Purification, but when it was opened, the door to the Array would open and the Light of Purification inside would flow out.

Once or twice wasn’t a lot, but what about ten or a hundred times? If this plan was feasible, then every cultivator who was corroded by the Ink Force would have to enter this Great Array. When they entered, the Great Array would open once, and when they came out, the Great Array would open again. When a person entered and exited, it would cause the light of purification to fade twice. This was simply too wasteful.

Unless they could seal the Great Array at all times, but if the Great Array was sealed, the inked clansmen would not be able to enter.

This was a difficult problem.

Fan Xun and the others also noticed this and frowned.

Yang Kai looked at him and asked, “Does Martial Uncle Fan have a way to improve it?”

Fan Xun thought about it for a moment before saying, “We can add a restriction, which may have some miraculous effects.”

The others nodded slightly and one of them said, “Good point.”

“Then I’ll have to trouble you.”

The several Array Dao masters immediately got busy, adding a restriction to the original Array’s foundation was not a simple matter. The restrictions in the Array were connected to each other, so if they wanted to add a restriction, the entire Array would need to be greatly modified, ensuring that while the Array operated perfectly, it would achieve the desired effects.

Fan Xun and the others were all gathered together, busy with their own tasks. Occasionally, they would strike out with their Array Flags, sometimes they would whisper to each other, sometimes even arguing over a minor disagreement.

Yang Kai also had no way to help, so he could only wait. From time to time, his clansmen would come to ask for help, so naturally, he would quickly disperse the Ink Force for them.

The clansmen who had come to seek help didn’t know what Fan Xun and the others were busy with. Generally speaking, after being treated by Yang Kai, they would immediately leave and return to the battlefield to fight the Ink Clan.

Such a battle would only stop when the Ink Clan retreated.

After several days, a new Great Array took shape. Although Fan Xun and the others had profound cultivations, they were still somewhat tired, not physically but mentally.

Everyone knew that Yang Kai’s matter was extremely important, so they naturally exerted 120% of their strength and consumed a great deal of their mental strength.

Just like in the beginning, Yang Kai stood in the middle of the Great Array and used the Light of Purification to fill it with the light of purification as an experiment.

The sealing effect of the Great Array was the same as before, with no problems. The Light of Purification was perfectly sealed inside the Great Array, but when the Great Array opened again, as Yang Kai walked out of it, a small amount of the Light of Purification still leaked out. Although it was much better than the first time, it was certain that the restriction had played a role, but it was unable to achieve the desired effect.

This Light of Purification was the only method to save the clansmen, and it also required the consumption of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals. This kind of thing could only be found in the Chaotic Dead Territory, owned by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, and it was impossible to find in the Ink Battlefield.

In other words, if one day the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals in Yang Kai’s possession were used up, the Human Race would once again fall into a helpless situation against the Ink Force.

This was something no one wanted to see.

The little bit of purifying light he had wasted now might become a life-saving straw for one of his clansmen in the future.

Thinking so, how could Fan Xun and the others dare to be careless? They all felt a heavy weight on their shoulders.

The second experiment was undoubtedly a failure, and the several Array Dao masters gathered together once more to gain experience, becoming more courageous.

For the next two months, almost every few days, the Grandmasters would come up with a new plan to set up a new Great Array.

The results of each experiment were unsatisfactory, unable to solve the problem of the purifying light dissipating when the Great Array was activated, there was no way to avoid the waste when people entering and exiting.

In just two months, the eyes of several Array Grandmasters had turned red. To them, if they couldn’t solve Yang Kai’s request, it would be their own lack of skill and lack of Array Dao. How could they, who had always been proud and arrogant, be willing to accept this? They were people who represented the Array Dao of the Cave Heaven Paradise. In this world, the number of people who could surpass them in Array Dao could be counted on one’s fingers. Everyone secretly swore to themselves that they had to study the Great Array to solve this problem perfectly.

After yet another failed experiment, not only did the Array Dao masters not become discouraged, they instead became more spirited, feeling as if they had returned to the time when they were young, when they were still learning from their masters. At that time, they didn’t have much attainments in Array Dao, but when faced with all kinds of difficult problems, they were still able to easily solve them, and every time they solved a difficult problem, the joy in their hearts was indescribable.

They looked forward to that day.

Yang Kai, on the other hand, was worried about their current state. These Grandmasters were obviously acting a bit strange. They were competing with themselves, and while stubbornness was sometimes a good thing, it could also drive one into a state of madness.

During this time, Yang Kai also had a vague idea, but he was too embarrassed to mention it in front of these people, lest he be suspected of showing off.

However, at this moment, he had no choice but to bring it up. At the very least, he could give these Grandmasters an idea.

“Martial Uncle Fan, do you think this will work? If we set up a Space Array inside this Great Array, the people who come and go will be able to use it to enter and exit, so there’s no need to open it frequently.”

If they didn’t activate the Great Array to open it, they naturally wouldn’t waste the Light of Purification.

“Space Array?” Hearing this, Fan Xun’s brow rose, his red eyes fixed on Yang Kai as they gradually brightened, “Yes, Space Array, how come I didn't think of it?”

The others also wore looks of shame and speechlessness on their faces. It was such a simple matter, but it was only after Yang Kai reminded them that they realized this.

Feng Ying, who was watching from the side, was secretly amused. He knew that these people’s thoughts had been misled. During this period of time, they had been trying to set up a perfect Great Array, so how could they have thought of anything else? Sometimes, thinking too much was not a good thing.

Yang Kai’s words had enlightened him.

Fan Xun and the others immediately became excited and began making arrangements.

With several Array Grandmasters working together, a Space Array was naturally not a problem for them. In just a day, a Space Array had appeared in the Sealing Array, but a single Space Array was useless. Not far from the Great Array, there was another Space Array.

After the two Space Arrays were completed, Fan Xun said with a troubled expression, “Yang Kai, this old master suddenly thought of a problem.”

“Martial Uncle Fan, please speak!”

“In order to ensure that the Light of Purification doesn’t go to waste, we’ve put a lot of effort into this Sealing Array. The Sealing Array’s effects are extraordinary. Let’s put it this way, the area covered by this Sealing Array is completely isolated from the outside world. In other words, when this Sealing Array is activated, I’m afraid these two Space Arrays can’t be connected,” Fan Xun said with a slight blush.

The several Grandmasters also wore shocked expressions.

Hearing this, Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, but after recovering, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This time, he had made a big mistake. He had only proposed the Space Array to express his thoughts, but now it seemed it was useless.

Under the Sealing Array, the connection between the two Space Arrays was naturally severed, making it impossible to teleport from the outside to the inside.

“Of course, it’s not completely impossible. This old master can make some minor adjustments, and the moment the Space Array is activated, the Sealing Array will also activate, opening a door and allowing the two Space Arrays to connect. However, with this, I cannot guarantee that the Light of Purification will not fade.”


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