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“It’s my duty, I don’t dare claim credit for it!” Yang Kai said humbly. Compared to his clansmen fighting bloodily on the front lines, it was much safer for him to remain in Blue Sky Pass. Everyone was contributing their strength to resist the Ink Clan, and some had even died.

The only reason he had such a method to purify and disperse the Ink Force was because of the Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer. It wasn’t his own ability, so how could he dare claim credit for it?

Zhong Liang nodded, “It’s best if you think this way, but since you’ve made a great contribution this time, you should be rewarded. This is the rule. The battle outside the pass is fierce, so it’s not convenient for me to stay here any longer. If you need anything, just let Feng Ying know, she will cooperate with you.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied.

Watching Zhong Liang and the two rescued Ink Disciple leave, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and examined his Small Universe.

During this period of time, he had been thinking about how to break through to the Seventh Order.

Since he couldn’t fight in the battlefield, he could only sit in the square and passively wait for others to come to him for help. He had a lot of free time, and now that his cultivation had reached the peak of the Sixth Order, refining more resources wouldn’t have much of an effect, not to mention that the Small Universe had a large number of living creatures and Small Stone Race. The Small Universe’s internal flow of time was several times faster than the outside world, so it could be said that he didn’t need to cultivate at all. At every moment, his Small Universe’s foundation was increasing.

Now, Yang Kai felt like he was being held back.

This was because his foundation had already surpassed the limits of his current Grade. It was as if he had eaten too much food in his stomach, and the Sixth Order accumulation he had was already too much.

In order to resolve this situation, breaking through to the Seventh Order was undoubtedly the best choice.

However, back in the Black Territory, Yang Kai had gone into seclusion to break through to the Seventh Order, but he was still unable to break through.

If a seclusion doesn't work, then it would be useless even if he went into seclusion again. This opportunity wasn’t something that could be obtained through seclusion.

The Proprietress had broken through to the Seventh Order and had secluded herself in the Void Land for more than a hundred years, so it was obvious how difficult it was to break through from the Sixth Order to the Seventh Order. After all, there was a huge gap between Mid Rank and High Rank. From ancient times until now, countless heroes had fallen before this gap and had only reached the Sixth Order, unable to reach the Seventh Order.

In order to resolve the condition of his Small Universe, Yang Kai had been using his own foundation to cultivate the Mysterious Yin Bamboo in his Small Universe.

There was nothing he could do about this. His Small Universe’s foundation was constantly increasing, but he was unable to break through to the next grade. If he didn’t use up his own foundation, his Small Universe would feel uncomfortable.

As a result, the number of Mysterious Yin Bamboo in his Small Universe grew rapidly.

He had the World Spring, one of the Universe Four Pillars. The Mysterious Yin Bamboo was useless to him, but it was definitely useful to the Human Race of Blue Sky Pass, so it wasn’t a bad thing to cultivate it more.

On Feng Ying’s side, Yang Kai also gave her a batch. There weren’t many of them, only a dozen or so, but it made Feng Ying ecstatic.

She was naturally aware of the reputation of the Universe Twelve Small Pillars. Many of her clansmen is a High Rank Open Heaven, but the Mysterious Yin Bamboo had never appeared before.

The other eleven of Universe Twelve Small Pillars were different from the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, so they couldn’t be cultivated in large quantities, nor could they allow others to share them.

Although the effects of Universe Twelve Small Pillars were basically the same, compared to the situation in the Ink Battlefield, the Mysterious Yin Bamboo was undoubtedly the most useful because it could constantly reproduce. If the conditions allowed, every High Rank Open Heaven would be able to cultivate a bamboo forest in their own Small Universe.

The Cave Heaven Paradise had once spent a great deal of effort to find the Mysterious Yin Bamboo, but unfortunately, they had found nothing.

Feng Ying also didn’t expect Yang Kai to have a Mysterious Yin Bamboo in his possession. As long as they had enough time, all of Blue Sky Pass’ High Rank Open Heaven would have their own Mysterious Yin Bamboo, which was extremely useful in resisting the Ink Force. At that time, when facing the Ink Clan, the Human Race’s High Rank Open Heaven would be invincible.

However, the current situation was quite tense, so it wasn’t the time to deal with the Mysterious Yin Bamboo. Feng Ying suggested that after the battle was over, Yang Kai should discuss this matter with the Eighth Order Ancestors.

Yang Kai naturally agreed.

When Yang Kai asked about her breakthrough to the Seventh Order, Feng Ying recalled and said, “I was fighting with the Ink Clan on the battlefield, and when my life was hanging by a thread, I felt a trace of opportunity. At that time, I was lucky enough to survive, so after returning to the pass, I hurriedly went into seclusion and broke through to the Seventh Order.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly. Between life and death, there was a great terror. When one’s life was on the line, their mind would become clear and they would often comprehend things they normally couldn’t.

He had once broken through from the shackles of life and death, so he didn’t doubt this claim, not to mention that Feng Ying had no reason to lie to him.

The following days were the same as always, sitting in the middle of Blue Sky Pass’ square while people constantly came to seek help. Under the purifying light, all ink force were wiped out.

During this time, the ones who came to ask for help were naturally the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters. After saving them, Yang Kai would ask them about the situation when they broke through to the Seventh Order.

These Seventh Order masters didn’t try to conceal anything. Their lives were saved by Yang Kai, so there was no need to hide anything from him.

Moreover, everyone was interested in befriending Yang Kai, so they naturally had some opinions about such things.

Everyone’s breakthrough to the Seventh Order was different, but in general, there were three types.

The first was that when the conditions were right, many people who had accumulated enough experience would naturally feel the opportunity to break through.

The second type was self-seclusion and breakthroughs.

As for the third type, it was the same as Feng Ying’s situation. There were many who had comprehended the opportunity in life and death situation.

Yang Kai had once gone into seclusion, so if he went into seclusion again, it would probably be useless. He believed that with his own aptitude, if he continued to accumulate, one day he would be able to succeed. The reason why he was unable to comprehend the opportunity to break through was mainly because he had not cultivated for long.

An ordinary cultivator would need at least a few hundred to a thousand years to reach the Open Heaven Stage from the low cultivation level. After reaching the Open Heaven Stage, each breakthrough would require a massive amount of time.

The higher the grade, the longer it would take to accumulate.

Under normal circumstances, the accumulation of time between Fifth Order and Sixth Order would probably take a thousand years. Sixth Order and Seventh Order would take longer, while Seventh Order and Eighth Order would take ten thousand years!

Yang Kai had only been cultivating for a short period of time, let alone after his promotion to Open Heaven Stage.

Back then, outside Shattered Heaven's Shadowless Cave Heaven, Yang Kai had been forced to cut off his own future and break through to the Fifth Order Open Heaven in front of everyone. Afterwards, he entered Shadowless Cave Heaven and consumed a Mid Rank World Fruit, smoothly advancing to the Sixth Order.

There was not much time to accumulate.

It had only been two or three hundred years since he had broken through to the Sixth Order, and he had relied on many opportunities to achieve his current achievements. The accumulation of time was simply too short.

Cultivating step by step wasn’t a big deal, but who knew how many years it would take for him to comprehend that trace of opportunity?

This was probably the reason why he had been unable to comprehend the opportunity to break through. Even though his Small Universe’s foundation had reached a saturation point, he was still unable to smoothly break through to the Seventh Order.

Thinking about this, Yang Kai felt a headache coming on.

Time was not something that could be achieved overnight.

Now that he was in the Ink Battlefield, his thirst for strength was far greater than when he was in the 3000 Worlds. In this chaotic battlefield, only by being strong enough could he ensure his own safety.

If it weren’t for this, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been so anxious to break through to the Seventh Order, so it wasn’t a bad thing for him to focus on his cultivation.

However, this place was not one of the 3000 Worlds, there was no peace here. He had seen the situation of the Ink Clan’s army besieging Blue Sky Pass. Zhong Liang had arranged for him to guard this place, so there was no need to worry about his own safety, but could he hide here forever?

This wasn’t the kind of life he wanted to live. To be honest, after staying here for so long, listening to the sounds of battle and energy collisions outside every day, he had become somewhat restless.

Unfortunately, he had a method to purify and disperse the Ink Force, so he had no choice but to remain here.

Yang Kai didn’t regret exposing his methods. Since he had such methods, Yang Kai couldn’t just stand by and watch as his clansmen were turned into ink, while he can save his clansmen who had been corroded by the Ink Force.

However… as a man, he was more looking forward to a bloody battle with the Ink Clan!

Perhaps in the battlefield where he could fall at any moment, he would be able to comprehend the opportunity to break through to the Seventh Order.

The more he thought about it, the more tempted he became. He couldn’t wait to rush into the battlefield and try his luck.

However, he couldn’t leave this place so easily. If he left, no one would be able to save his clansmen who had been corroded by the Ink Force. Since he had this method, he couldn’t just watch as his clansmen were turned into ink.

It was rare for there to be two ways in this world.

The clansmen who were constantly being corroded by the Ink Force were being escorted here by their companions to seek help. Yang Kai was busy every day.

One day, after he helped the two clansmen who had come here to ask for help dispel the Ink Force in their bodies, he suddenly stared at the white light and fell into deep thought.

The two clansmen who had dispersed the Ink Force checked themselves and after confirming that there were no problems, they naturally expressed their gratitude.

Yang Kai responded absent-mindedly, still staring at the white light.

Seeing this, the two old men knew that Yang Kai must have discovered something, so they didn’t disturb him any further and left with their companions.

After everyone left, Feng Ying also looked towards the white light and then at Yang Kai curiously.

She had seen this scene many times before, and every time he finished treating Ink Disciple, it would be like this. In the past, Yang Kai had never shown any reaction, so she didn’t know why this time he suddenly seemed to have discovered something.

She didn’t know much about the Light of Purification, so she didn’t ask much.

As time passed, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly lit up and a trace of excitement and joy appeared on his face.

Feng Ying couldn’t help asking, “What did you find?”


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