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This time, they had slaughtered their way back from the Ink Clan’s hinterland and brought back more than three hundred people, all of whom were originally Ink Disciple. Three hundred people wasn’t a lot, but according to Blue Sky Pass’ plan, the three guard manpower is not small.

Five hundred people was enough to form a garrison, and the Three Guards could be said to be the strength of more than half the garrison. Of course, the number of Seventh Order Open Heaven Disciples they brought back was not many, most of them were Fifth Order or Sixth Order.

As the two of them spoke, two more streaks of light flew over from one direction. Yang Kai looked up and saw that one of them had faint traces of Ink Force surging from his body while the other was standing guard.

With his previous experience, how could Yang Kai not know that one of these two had been corroded by the Ink Force while the other was his companion who had escorted him here?

The newcomer glanced up and immediately looked towards Yang Kai, hurriedly asking, “Is it Yang Kai?”

Yang Kai nodded, his hands releasing two colored lights as he stepped towards the person who was being corroded by the Ink Force, “Leave it to me.”

The newcomer glanced at Feng Ying, who nodded slightly before withdrawing.

The white light enveloped the other cultivator, and with a crackling sound, the Ink Force was purified. In just a moment, everything was settled.

The two of them carefully examined the situation inside his Small Universe and were both surprised and overjoyed, just like the first batch of people who had arrived just now. After thanking them, they went to the battlefield.

The Human Race’s Open Heaven Stage masters who had been corroded by the Ink Force came to this center field under the protection of their companions. Yang Kai had been arranged to guard this place in order to help dispel the Ink Force, so he naturally did not refuse.

On top of that, using the Light of Purification wasn’t difficult, and it didn’t require a massive amount of energy. Basically, if a person was sent here, Yang Kai would be able to restore their original nature with a few breaths.

In the beginning, not many people had come here, and each and every one of them was filled with worry, anticipation, and anxiety. After all, none of them had experienced this before, and although each of the Eighth Order Garrison's Chief had explained the situation to them, making it impossible for them to make any mistakes, none of them would feel at ease without seeing it with their own eyes.

Now that he had seen it for himself, he could finally relax.

However, as time passed, several days later, more people came to seek treatment from Yang Kai, but none of them showed any signs of worry at first. The people who escorted their companions here only looked at Yang Kai curiously.

Yang Kai kept himself busy, saving at least a few dozen people a day, perhaps more than a hundred.

After half a month, Yang Kai finally had some time to himself, so he turned to Feng Ying and asked in confusion, “Is the situation with the clansmen so serious? Isn’t there some kind of palace artifact protecting them?”

If that was really the case, then without him, the Human Race’s forces would have suffered too great a loss. He roughly estimated that he had saved hundreds of people in the past half a month, and this was only the result of being corroded by the Ink Force. The casualties on the battlefield was not counted.

Feng Ying also noticed that something was wrong. She had been communicating with the outside world all this time, so when she heard this, she shook her head and said, “It wasn’t like this in the past. Although there were some people who were corroded by the Ink Force on the battlefield, it shouldn’t have happened so frequently. Now, it’s all because of you.”

“Because of me?” Yang Kai was stunned. What did this have to do with him? Suddenly remembering something, he asked thoughtfully, “Could it be…”

Feng Ying nodded, “News of what happened on your side has already spread throughout the battlefield. Everyone knows that there is someone like you in the pass who can use some kind of magical method to dispel the Ink Force, so when fighting against the Ink Clan, they no longer have to be so restrained.”

In the past, the corrosion of the Ink Force was something that couldn’t be resolved, so everyone was very careful on the battlefield. If they could avoid it, they would try their best to preserve themselves.

But now, Yang Kai’s appearance had changed the situation on the battlefield.

Although the Eighth Order Garrison's Chief had already stated Yang Kai’s existence and the Light of Purification method, no one had seen it with their own eyes, and no one had personally verified it, so who knew if it was real or fake?

It wasn’t that they didn’t trust the Eighth Order Garrison's Chief, it was just that this matter was too bizarre and unbelievable.

However, as the people who were first treated returned to the battlefield, the news gradually spread. The more people who were treated by Yang Kai, the fiercer the news became.

These people had all come from various garrisons of Blue Sky Pass’ army, and their companions had personally witnessed them being corroded by the Ink Force before returning to the pass. Not long after, they had once again appeared on the battlefield, and after asking a few questions, they learned about the situation inside the pass.

There really was someone in the pass who could use some kind of magical method to dispel the Ink Force that had invaded their bodies. The Eighth Order Garrison's Chief was right, and for a time, the morale of the soldiers was greatly boosted. The soldiers in the north, east, and west no longer had any scruples about fighting with the Ink Clan, and as such, the number of people who were affected by the Ink Transformation naturally increased.

In the past, when the Human Race and the Ink Clan fought, even with the help of the Palace Artifact, they had always felt somewhat restrained. Now, however, they no longer had any scruples. Not only had their morale greatly increased, even their strength had increased significantly.

After learning the truth, Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but what could he say? He could only stand guard here and disperse the Ink Force from the people who had been sent here, allowing them to return to the battlefield.

The changes in the Human Race’s side were deeply felt by the Ink Clan.

For some reason, the Human Race suddenly seemed to be in high spirits, their fighting spirit soaring. On the battlefield, because of the fall of the Ink Clan, there were countless Ink Clouds. These Ink Clouds were often used by the Ink Clan, so the Human Race would always stay far away from them.

However, things were different now. The Ink Clouds could no longer deter the Human Race. In the past, when the Ink Clan was injured and fled into the Ink Clouds, there was a high chance they could escape from their pursuers and survive.

But now? Those humans seemed to have gone crazy. If you hid in the Ink Clouds, they would definitely kill you.

The Ink Clan’s side was completely stunned. The countless years of battle experience they had accumulated suddenly became useless, catching them off guard and causing them to suffer heavy losses.

What puzzled the Ink Clan in particular was the Human Race’s attitude towards these Ink Disciples.

In the past, when the Human Race encountered Ink Disciple, they would try their best to kill them, but now, under the pretext of doing so, they actually began to capture them alive!

Many Ink Clans had lost their subordinates in a moment of carelessness and could only watch helplessly as their Ink Disciple was captured.

On the battlefield, the Human Race’s situation was quite good.

Feng Ying had been constantly in contact with the battlefield, so it wasn’t surprising for her to obtain this information.

“At this rate, the Ink Clan will be forced back in a few years,” Feng Ying said excitedly.

“A few years…” Yang Kai was speechless. Fighting for a few years was simply too long.

“A few years can be considered a short time. When the Ink Clan’s army besieged the Human Race’s Pass, every time they did so, it would take several years, several decades, or even hundreds of years,” Feng Ying sighed lightly, “There was no way to eliminate them completely. Every time the Ink Clan’s army was forced to retreat, they would hide in the Ink Clan’s hinterland to recuperate, and after accumulating enough strength, they would come back again. For countless years, every Human Race pass in the Ink Battlefield has repeated such a thing.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai felt a headache coming on. If this battle was to continue for several years, wouldn’t he have to stay in this center field for several years?

This was not what he had expected…

Originally, he had thought that he had come here to join the Human Race’s army in slaughtering enemies on the battlefield, but now, because he could use the Light of Purification, he had been sent here to save his clansmen.

It wasn’t that this matter wasn’t important, Yang Kai also understood the importance of his mission. The stability of the rear could determine the outcome of a battle to a large extent, not to mention that his actions had greatly boosted the morale of the Human Race’s army and changed the situation of the battlefield.

But if he continued to stand guard here… it would be too boring. He was more willing to kill the Ink Clan on the battlefield and serve the Human Race.

Seemingly having seen through Yang Kai’s thoughts, Feng Ying smiled and said, “Just bear with it for a moment, you won’t be able to teach them this method, Martial Uncle Zhong won’t let you go anywhere else.”

Yang Kai’s teeth hurt, his stomach hurt, everywhere hurt.

Speaking of Martial Uncle Zhong, Martial Uncle Zhong came.

Carrying a fierce-looking man with black eyes in each of his hands, he suddenly appeared beside the two of them and threw them in front of Yang Kai with a smile, “Little brat Yang, did you encounter any trouble?”

What kind of trouble was there? At first, the people who came to ask him to treat them had some doubts about his ability, but after the news spread, all of them came to ask for help. All of them were smiling warmly at Yang Kai, some of them even trying to establish a relationship with him, almost becoming sworn brothers.

Before each of them left, they said that if they could survive this battle, they would treat him to some wine.

If all of these people’s promises were fulfilled, Yang Kai would have to spend a year and a half to attend this banquet.

Yang Kai shook his head and looked towards the two who had been thrown down, raising his brow, “Ink Disciple?”

The real Ink Disciple had lost his true nature and was different from the human masters who had been corrupted by the Ink Force and still retained some of their rationality. During this time, Yang Kai had also saved many of the Ink Disciple who had been brought back from the battlefield.

Zhong Liang nodded, “Captured from the battlefield, no problem, right?”

Yang Kai replied, “No problem.”

Walking forward, Yang Kai used the Light of Purification on the two Ink Disciple.

Feng Ying stepped forward and whispered something in Zhong Liang’s ear. Zhong Liang nodded, indicating that he understood.

After a short while, the Ink Force was dispersed and the two Ink Disciples regained their natural disposition, their faces filled with confusion and shame.

Every Ink Disciple clearly remembered what they had done in the past, and it was precisely because they remembered that they felt ashamed. Perhaps one of them had once killed their own clansmen on the battlefield.

Zhong Liang waved his hand towards them, indicating for them to withdraw. Although the two of them had many questions to ask, since the Eighth Order Ancestor had spoken, the two of them could only obediently withdraw.

Zhong Liang walked over to Yang Kai’s side and patted him on the shoulder, sincerely saying, “Boy, what you’re doing here is extremely important to Blue Sky Pass. Although it’s a bit boring, bear with it for a while. When the war ends, I’ll personally give you the credit.”


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