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“Do you feel any discomfort?” The Team-Leader looked at the three of them with concern.

The three of them all shook their heads, indicating that everything is good.

Only then did the Team-Leader turn to look at Yang Kai with a complicated look in his eyes. When the Eighth Order Ancestor had informed him of this, he had still found it hard to believe. To the Human Race masters who had spent most of their time in the Ink Battlefield, the Ink Force was something they were all too familiar with. If they wanted to protect themselves, they could only cut their own foundation after being corroded by the Ink Force.

However, it was also because of the advice of an Eighth Order Ancestor that he decided to take this opportunity to lead his team back to Blue Sky Pass and to the Central Field.

Unexpectedly, this Yang Kai had actually solved the problem that had plagued the Human Race for countless years, and from the looks of his methods, it didn’t seem too troublesome at all.

What kind of method was this white light? He had never seen it before, but under this white light, he could clearly see the dissipation of the Ink Force.

A sense of excitement suddenly welled up in his heart. The Human Race actually had a method to resolve the erosion of the Ink Force, so the problem that had plagued the Human Race for many years would no longer be a problem! He could foresee that once this news spread, it would greatly increase the morale of the Human Race.

He cupped his fists and said, “I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. In the future, if there’s anything we can help you with, Brother Yang, please feel free to ask.”

He is a Seventh Order Open Heaven cultivator, but it's unknown which Cave Heaven Paradise he came from. In terms of seniority, he was definitely one generation higher than Yang Kai, but at this moment, he called Yang Kai ‘Brother Yang’, showing his gratitude.

The six people behind him also cupped their fists and bowed, especially the three who had been rescued, their gratitude overflowing. They knew that if it weren’t for Yang Kai’s help, their best ending would have been to part with their Small Universe's territory and their cultivation would have fallen.

This was something no Open Heaven Stage cultivator wanted to experience.

Although the Ink Battlefield had a Profound Female Spirit Fruit that could repair the damaged Small Universe, the Profound Female Spirit Fruit was only born in some Secret Realms and was extremely rare to the Human Race, so it was not easy to obtain.

When the Human Race obtained the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, they would try their best to give it to those with a higher cultivation. Under the High Rank Open Heaven, it was basically impossible to use it.

Yang Kai had not only helped them resolve the erosion of the Ink Force, but he had also ensured that their cultivation remained intact. This kind of gratitude was not something that could be expressed with words.

“Yes, it’s my duty!” Yang Kai returned the gesture.

“The battle is quite intense, so it’s not convenient for us to stay here for long. We still have to go to the battlefield, and after the battle is over, if we are lucky enough to survive, we will come back to drink with Brother Yang!” The Team-Leader cupped his fists and said solemnly.

Yang Kai’s expression became solemn, “I wish you all the best!”

A group of seven people rushed over in a hurry. No matter where they came from, on this battlefield, they had completely disregarded their own lives.

Looking at the figures of the seven people leaving, Yang Kai sighed lightly. He didn’t know when these seven people had come to this Ink Battlefield, nor how long they could survive in this cruel battlefield. Perhaps one day, they would be killed by a certain Ink Clan and die without a complete corpse.

Whose children were they and whose parents were they?

Seeing the situation on the Ink Battlefield with his own eyes, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit depressed. On the other hand, these people who had been here all year round were already used to it.

Suddenly turning to look at Feng Ying, he asked, “Those people just now called him Team-Leader, is the army inside the pass composed of small teams?”

The more Feng Ying thought about it, the more she felt that Yang Kai didn’t know anything about the Human Race’s Pass, because what he was asking about was common knowledge. However, after experiencing it a few times before, she wasn’t surprised at all, so she patiently explained, “A small team is the most basic unit in the Human Race’s Pass. Ten to fifteen people will form a small team, a hundred people will form a garrison, and five hundred people will form a regiment. Of course, the number of people may be small or large, but it’s roughly the same. The structure of the Human Race’s army is similar to that of Great Battle Heaven. They have a lot of experience in marching armies.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly. As early as when he was in the 3000 Worlds, he had heard about the Great Battle Heaven and knew that this Cave Heaven was different from the others and was a complete military-like management.

Previously, he had been very curious as to why Great Battle Heaven was managing their disciples in such a manner, but now it seemed that it had something to do with the Ink Battlefield.

“Tell me more about the Human Race’s Pass,” Yang Kai added.

Feng Ying asked, “What do you want to know?”


Feng Ying was silent for a moment before suddenly sitting down cross-legged in front of Yang Kai, stretching out her hand and drawing Eight Trigrams pattern on the ground in front of him.

“Basically, all of the Human Race’s troops can be deployed according to this map. As I said just now, the Human Race’s army is composed of small teams. Above the small teams are the guard, above the guard is a garrison, and above it is the regiment! Each of the Human Race’s Pass has four armies in the north, south, east, and west, guarding the four directions of the Pass.”

"Further subdivision, the regiment is named after the composition of the eight trigrams and the heavenly stems. The eighth trigrams include Qian:Heaven, Kan:Water, Gen:Mountain, Zhen:Thunder, Xun:Wind, Li:Fire, Kun:Earth, Dui:Marsh and the heavenly stems are divided into Jia, Yi, Bing, Ding, Wu, Ji, Geng, Xin, and Ren. The Eastern Army is Qian Kan, the Western Army is Xun Li, the Sourthen Army is Gen Zhen and the Northern Army is Kun Dui. For example, the first regiment of Eastern Army is Gan Jia, and the Second one is Gan Yi. Do you understand?"

Yang Kai nodded, “Understood!”

The situation on the Ink Battlefield couldn’t help but remind him of the battle between the Human Race and Demon Race in the Star Boundary. At that time, the entire Star Boundary’s Human Race had been in full force, and his own 6th Stem Army had also made great contributions in the battle against the Demon Race.

The past was still fresh in his mind.

Feng Ying said, “Martial Uncle Zhong Liang is the Regiment Commander of the Western Army, responsible for the defensive lines of the Western Army’s Xun Li. We also rushed back from here. As for your Yin Yang Heaven’s Elder Lu, he belongs to the Southern Army’s Gen. If I remember correctly, his position should be Garrison Chief of Gen Ding Regiment.”

“Each regiment has its own Garrison Chief, and only Eighth Order Ancestors are eligible to take up this position. The same goes for the Regiment Commanger, who is an elite Eighth Order. As for the garrison, they are all peak Seventh Order cultivators, while the garrison is named after the Heaven, Water, Mountain, Thunder, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Marsh. For example, I am a subordinate of the West Army’s Xun Jia Regiment, the Heaven Guard, and my position is the Heaven Guard’s Commander! Under the Guard is the Team, and there is no special name for it. It all depends on one’s own habits. If the Team-Leader has any hobbies, they can name it as they please, and there will be no restrictions on them. There are Sixth Order and Seventh Order Team-Leaders.”

Yang Kai listened quietly as he gradually gained a better understanding of the Human Race’s Pass, but this division was quite detailed.

Raising his brow slightly, he asked, “The number of Eighth Order Ancestors I saw in the main hall was 53 in total. Excluding the four Regiment's Commanders, in other words, Blue Sky Pass has 49 garrisons?”

Feng Ying shook his head and said, “60 garrisons, it’s impossible for Martial Uncle Zhong Liang to call back all the Eighth Order masters. After all, the battlefield still needs someone to take care of it, only most of them have returned.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding, calculating the total number of people in Blue Sky Pass, slightly shocked, “Blue Sky Pass has about thirty thousand people?”

Thirty thousand was not a large number. Back when he was in the Star Boundary, he had commanded his own 6th Stem Army, a full 300,000 people, which had more than ten times the number.

However, compared to the thirty thousand people here, the 300,000 people from his 6th Stem Army were simply incomparable.

This was because the human race of Blue Sky Pass were all at the Open Heaven Stage, and even the weakest amongst them was a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage master! Just how terrifying was this lineup?

Such a group of people would be able to easily sweep through all the Great Domains and sweep away all opposition.

However, even with such a magnificent lineup, they were still trapped in the Ink Battlefield and had fought against the Ink Clan for countless years, unable to see any hope of victory.

However, this was only a single situation in Blue Sky Pass. There were 108 Cave Heaven Paradie, all of them corresponding to each Pass, each one of which should be similar to Blue Sky Pass.

The more Yang Kai thought about it, the more his scalp went numb.

From ancient times until now, just how many people had been sent to the Ink Battlefield and how many years had it taken to accumulate such a large number of Human Race forces?

“More or less.” Feng Ying nodded slightly. She didn’t know exactly how many people there were in Blue Sky Pass, and the exact number probably wasn’t clear to anyone. After all, in every great battle, there would always be clansmen who fell and died, but the number should not be too far off from Yang Kai’s estimate.

However, although 30,000 Human Race masters sounded like a lot, if one were to look in all directions, there weren’t that many.

In the four directions of Blue Sky Pass, there were only seven or eight thousand people defending it.

“Since Martial Aunt Feng is the Western Army’s Xun Jia Heaven Guard's Commander, does it not matter if you don’t go to the battlefield?” Yang Kai asked.

Feng Ying shook her head, “If I’m not there, they can handle it themselves, it doesn’t matter. Right now, your safety is of utmost importance.”

Yang Kai asked again, “I saw many palace artifacts on the battlefield before?”

Feng Ying nodded and said, “The Palace Artifact can be said to be the Human Race’s greatest reliance on fighting the Ink Clan on the battlefield. If an Eighth or Seventh Order cultivator wanders the battlefield, they will still have some resistance to the Ink Force. As long as it isn’t too long, they will be fine, but there are more than just Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage inside the pass. There are also Sixth Order and Fifth Order Open Heaven, especially those Fifth Order Open Heaven, which had their cultivation fall after cutting off their Small Universe's foundation. Their Small Universe is incomplete and can easily be corroded by the Ink Force. Without the Palace Artifact to protect them, once they are contaminated by the Ink Force, they will instantly become Ink Disciples, so if you really enter the battlefield, you won’t be able to see a Fifth Order or Sixth Order Open Heaven. They all rely on the Palace Artifact to defend themselves.”

Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking back to when Feng Ying had been chased by the Ink Clan’s army and jumped out of a palace artifact to block the enemy.

From the looks of it, the people on the palace artifact were all subordinates of the Western Army’s Xun Jia Heaven Guard, under Feng Ying control.


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