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Zhong Liang nodded seriously, “That’s right, what everyone thinks is the truth. This is also the reason why I gathered everyone here.”

“Impossible!” Tian Xiuzhu faintly lost his composure, “The corrosive power of the Ink Force is extremely strong. Once the Ink Force enter theSmall Universe, one will lose their true nature. It’s not like we haven’t tried it all these years, even the Old Ancestors have been trying to find a way, but none of them have succeeded. How… how is this possible?”

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to believe it, but rather that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

“Seeing is believing!” Zhong Liang said solemnly, feeling somewhat better. When he first learned about this matter, he couldn’t believe that he had lost the steadiness of an Eighth Order Ancestor. The performance of these old fellows in front of him was even worse than his own, causing him to secretly laugh.

It wasn’t that he wanted to laugh at others, it was just that he was in a good mood.

Turning to look at the Ink Disciple, Zhong Liang asked, “How do you feel?”

After the Ink Disciple was dispelled of his Ink Force, he had been standing there in a daze, his brow furrowed, seemingly unable to understand what was happening, but as Ink Disciple, he clearly remembered everything that had happened. Now that he thought about it, he had somehow become obsessed with the idea of following a member of the Ink Clan and attacking his fellow humans.

Although he knew that it was because the Ink Force had corroded his body, he was still filled with guilt.

Hearing Zhong Liang’s question, the man looked up at him with a strange expression, not knowing whether he wanted to cry or laugh, “Reporting to Elder, this Disciple feels like he just had a big dream.”

Zhong Liang nodded, “Now that you’ve woken up from your dream, you should be more careful in the future.”


“Open your Small Universe, the Elders want to investigate,” Zhong Liang ordered.

The man nodded again and opened the door to his Small Universe without hesitation. In the next moment, the Eighth Order Ancestors who had been waiting for a long time all sent their Divine Senses into his Small Universe to investigate.

The Eighth Order Ancestors were very meticulous and did not miss a single corner. After a long time, they slowly withdrew their Divine Senses.

Many of the Eighth Order Ancestors had looks of disbelief on their faces, but even more were filled with joy.

From ancient times until now, the Human Race and the Ink Clan had fought for countless years. Although they had always guarded the various Pass and prevented the Ink Clan from slaughtering their way into the 3000 Worlds, the price they had to pay was that generations of people had fallen!

The Ink Clan was like spring bamboo shoots after a rainstorm, one after another keep popping out, never ending!

The human cultivators who step out from the No-Return Pass to the Ink Battlefield would never be able to return, because no one could guarantee that they had not been corroded by the Ink Force. If the one who had been released was Ink Disciple, it would be a disaster for the 3000 Worlds.

The key was this Ink Force! This was an extremely strange and difficult power, and even if a Ninth Order Old Ancestor were to personally take action, they would not be able to disperse the Ink Force that had invaded the Ink Disciple’s body. In order to deal with the Ink Disciple, the only way was to kill them.

But now, they had personally witnessed a method that could easily purify the Ink Force in an Ink Disciple’s body, allowing him to escape the corrosion of the Ink Force and restore his true nature!

How could anyone not be excited?

Everyone realized how precious this method was; it was definitely a method that could change the balance between the two races.

Taking a deep breath, someone turned to Lu An and asked, “Brother Lu, since when did your Yin-Yang Heaven have such ability? Why haven’t I heard you mention it before?”

Yang Kai was a member of Yin-Yang Heaven, and although he wasn’t born in Yin-Yang Heaven, he was still the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, so it wasn’t strange for the person who spoke to him to have such thoughts.

What’s more, when Yang Kai used this technique just now, he had clearly used the power of Yin and Yang to gather it in his left and right hands. When he pressed his palms together, the Yin and Yang converged.

This was somewhat similar to some of Yin-Yang Heaven’s Secret Techniques.

Lu An shook his head seriously, “I don’t know either.” He wasn’t sure if this was really Yin-Yang Heaven’s method. After all, he had been here in the Ink Battlefield for thousands of years, so it was understandable if the younger generation had developed some kind of new Secret Technique.

Hearing the two speak, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Reporting to Elder, this Secret Technique does not originate from Yin-Yang Heaven.”

Tian Xiuzhu chuckled, “No matter where it comes from, being able to dispel and purify the Ink Force is a good method. If this Secret Technique can be spread out, how can my Human Race fear the Ink Clan in the future!”

Immediately, someone nodded and said, “That’s right, after so many years, we have been deeply troubled by the Ink Clan. If everyone can master this method, we will no longer fear the corrosion of the Ink Force and no one will be turned into Ink Disciples. We can kill our way into the Ink Clan’s headquarters and purify all of the Ink Force, eliminating them from the roots!”

As he spoke, his face flushed red, as if he had just witnessed a glorious scene.

Everyone was also moved by the beautiful scene he described, each of them looking extremely excited.

He finally understood why Zhong Liang had summoned them here to discuss matters despite knowing that the Ink Clan’s army was coming. This method was simply too important, so he had to announce it immediately.

Originally, some people had been somewhat dissatisfied with Zhong Liang’s action, but at this moment, all of their dissatisfaction had disappeared. Such an important matter could benefit the entire Human Race.

Seeing everyone’s heated discussion, Yang Kai sighed in his heart and had no choice but to pour cold water on them, “Elders, this Secret Technique cannot be promoted, and no one else can cultivate it, only this disciple can use it.”

The discussion came to an abrupt halt as everyone turned to look at Yang Kai. The hall fell silent, and even Zhong Liang stared at Yang Kai in shock.

Previously, he only knew that Yang Kai had a method to purify the Ink Force, but he didn’t know much about it, he didn’t have time to ask about it. Originally, he had thought that since it was a kind of Secret Technique, even if it was impossible for everyone to cultivate it, there would always be a group of people who could successfully cultivate it amongst the tens of thousands of human elites in Blue Sky Pass.

Unexpectedly, Yang Kai said so.

“Why can’t others cultivate it?” Lu An asked, puzzled. He had the same idea as Zhong Liang. Since it was a Secret Technique, there must be a way to cultivate it. As long as it was spread, there would always be people who could successfully cultivate it.

Yang Kai explained, “This Secret Technique was not obtained by this disciple, but was bestowed upon him by a great master, there is no way for others to cultivate it. Naturally, it cannot be imparted to others.”

Saying so, he spread out his left and right hands and activated the mark on his back. In an instant, the sun and black hole-like mark appeared in the vision of the Eighth Order Ancestors.

Yang Kai continued, “These two marks are the source of the Light of Purification, and these two marks were bestowed by Sun's Burning Shine and Moon's Nether Glimmer respectively. The Yin and Yang forces that this Junior used before also belongs to these two, and it comes from the same source as them.”

“Burning Shine, Nether Glimmer!” Someone called out in a low voice, causing even more people to turn solemn.

These two existences were simply too famous, so it was difficult to not know them. It was rumored that these two were ancient Supreme Existence who were born together with the world and represented destruction. The Chaotic Dead Territory they resided in was completely silent, so no one could enter it, much less see them.

At this moment, Yang Kai actually said that the two seals were bestowed by Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, making them unable to believe it.

But on second thought, perhaps only the strength of those two could restrain the Ink Force.

Lu An frowned, “Have you seen Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer?”

Yang Kai nodded, “I’ve spent some time with them, we can be considered friends.”

Many Eighth Order Ancestors heard this and their mouths twitched, while Zhong Liang’s eyelids twitched as he stared at Yang Kai like he was a ghost.

If Yang Kai had said he was fortunate enough to have met Burning Shine and Nether Shine, he would have reluctantly accepted it. After all, the mark on his hand couldn’t be faked, nor could the Light of Purification be faked, but Yang Kai had actually said he had spent some time with them and had some kind of friendship?

Friendship with those two existences?

Even the Ninth Order Old Ancestors didn’t dare say such words.

“Big Brother Huang and Big Sister Lan are actually quite easy to get along with, but… they have some special habit,” Yang Kai explained casually.

“Big Brother Huang, Big Sister Lan?” Zhong Liang asked curiously.

“Oh, it’s just Burning Shine and Nether Glimmer, they made me call them that.”

Zhong Liang’s eyelids twitched even more violently, as if he was beating a drum! What kind of relationship was this? Why was he calling them Big Brother and Big Sister?

Lu An coughed lightly and asked carefully, “What particular habit does these two have?”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with disappointment, “I can’t bear to look back on the past, let’s not talk about it.” He couldn’t bring himself to say that he had played house games with these two in the Chaotic Dead Territory for a long time. Every time he thought about it, he would feel ashamed.

Changing the subject, Yang Kai said, “However, it is precisely because of this that Junior was fortunate enough to obtain these two seals from the two supreme existence and use their strength as a source to display the Light of Purification. As such, this Secret Technique is not something Disciple is unwilling to share and teach to others. But it is simply impossible for others to cultivate it.”

With this explanation, everyone understood.

This was indeed a Secret Technique that couldn’t be promoted. Before, they had all been fantasizing about their future, but now they could only give up.

Secret Techniques that could be promoted and Secret Techniques that couldn’t be promoted were simply incomparable in value. It could be said that the significance of the Light of Purification was greatly reduced, causing those who had high expectations of it to feel a great disparity.

After a moment of silence, Zhong Liang said, “Although there is no way to promote it, since Yang Kai is able to use this Secret Technique, it will be of great help to the war between the two races. Today, all of you have witnessed the effects of the Light of Purification, so when you return, please announce this matter to the public and tell the disciples that there is no need to shrink back when fighting against the Ink Clan. If they are accidentally corrupted by the Ink Force, there is no need for them give up their Small Universe's foundation and return to the pass as quickly as possible. I will set up an area in the pass for Yang Kai to stand guard and help them purify the Ink Force that has invaded their bodies.”

“On top of that, if you’re comfortable on the battlefield and don’t encounter any danger, try to capture Ink Disciple alive and don’t kill them.”


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