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Thanks to Feng Ying’s whispered introduction, Yang Kai had also remembered this Eighth Order Ancestor from Yin-Yang Heaven, Lu An. Originally, he had planned to pay this man a visit when he had time, but with the current situation, he had no choice but to explain his background first.

Lu An raised his brow, obviously surprised. He hadn’t expected Yang Kai to be a member of Yin-Yang Heaven. Although he didn’t come from Yin-Yang Heaven, since he was able to marry two disciples from Yin-Yang Heaven, he was definitely not an ordinary person. Otherwise, the Sect wouldn’t have allowed these two disciples to marry him.

Everyone was equally surprised that the boy standing in front of them was not from a Cave Heaven Paradise!

If one didn’t come from a Cave Heaven Paradise, or a Sixth Order cultivation, how could they have come to the Ink Battlefield? Although he is the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven, there had never been such a precedent. In the Ink Battlefield, those below Seventh Order Open Heaven were all elite disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise, with only a few High Rank Open Heaven from other Sect being forcibly sent here.

Knowing that Yang Kai was a member of Yin-Yang Heaven, Lu An’s expression immediately became much more amiable and he nodded slightly, “Which line of disciple did you marry?”

Not only was he asking out of curiosity, but he also wanted to verify this matter. If Yang Kai were to make irresponsible remarks, and he believe it, if something were to happen, Yin-Yang Heaven would lose face.

Yang Kai replied, “Disciple is married to Xu Linggong’s personal disciple and Chen Xiu’s personal disciple.”

Lu An suddenly understood, “Xu Old Fellow and Chen brat…”

When it came to Qu Huachang and Tao Lingwan, Lu An didn’t necessarily know them. After all, he had been in the Ink Battlefield for quite some time now. When he left the Sect, the two women weren’t necessarily born, but when it came to Xu Linggong and Chen Xiu, he had some impression of them, especially Xu Linggong. Although Xu Linggong was only a rising star when he left the Sect and hadn’t broken through to Open Heaven yet, he had already been raised as a core disciple.

Moreover, he had heard that several decades ago, Xu Linggong had also entered the Ink Battlefield, but he was not in Blue Sky Pass, so it was not too difficult to investigate this matter.

Listening to the conversation between the two, everyone could basically confirm that Yang Kai was indeed a member of Yin-Yang Heaven. Immediately, someone cupped his fists towards Lu An and said, “Senior Brother Lu is so lucky!”

“Congratulations, Senior Brother Lu.”

A wave of congratulations rang out, but Lu An didn’t show any joy on his face, only shaking his head with a wry smile, while Zhong Liang frowned deeply.

“Yang Kai, is it?” Amidst the congratulations, someone asked.

Yang Kai looked over and found that it was Tian Xiuzhu, immediately cupping his fists and bowing, “Yes!”

“When you broke through to Open Heaven, what grade were you?” Tian Xiuzhu asked.

Yang Kai replied, “Fifth Order!”

“Fifth Order…” Tian Xiuzhu nodded slightly, “You may be wondering what we old fogies are congratulating him about, but this matter is also related to you.”

Yang Kai’s face was filled with confusion. What did this have to do with him? Moreover, he was really curious about what everyone was congratulating Lu An about.

Lu An raised his hand and interrupted, “Brother Tian, let’s talk about this later.” A look of pity and guilt appeared on his face.

Tian Xiuzhu looked at him and said, “The Ink Clan is currently besieging Blue Sky Pass and we needs to increase our strength. This matter should not be delayed, and now that all the Eighth Order Cultivators in Blue Sky Pass are here, taking this opportunity to speak is not a bad thing. Brother Lu should know that this Tian has no selfish motives, this is a great plan for the Human Race!”

Lu An sighed lightly, “Of course I know Brother Lu is not selfish, but…”

Tian Xiuzhu said, “This matter concerns the entire clan, not Yin-Yang Heaven. If Brother Lu finds it difficult, please remain silent.”

Lu An let out another long sigh and said no more.

Tian Xiuzhu turned to look at Yang Kai and said, “Since you possess the Universe Four Pillars and have sealed the power of ink force in your body, you should know how much resistance these Universe Four Pillars have to the power of ink force.”

Yang Kai nodded, “Disciple understands.” With the World Spring in his possession, his Small Universe was perfect and flawless. Back in the Black Prison, even the Royal Lord's Secret Technique had no effect on him. It could be said that as long as one possessed the Universe Four Pillars, they wouldn’t need to fear the corrosion of the Ink Force. As long as one was strong enough, they wouldn’t have to worry about being attacked by the Ink Clan army.

Tian Xiuzhu bluntly said, “The Universe Four Pillars are extremely useful to my Human Race, but they are extremely rare and can only be found by chance. So, if the 3000 Worlds find any Universe Four Pillars, they will find a way to send them to the Ink Battlefield, where they will be refined and integrated by an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage to resist the Ink Clan. Ninth Order Old Ancestors are powerful, so they don’t need to worry about being turned into ink, but there are precedents of an Eighth Order being turned into ink. A Universe Four Pillars can guarantee an Eighth Order being able to fight with the Ink Clan on the battlefield without fear of being corroded by the Ink Clan’s Ink Force. This is of great significance to the Human Race!”

“As for the Ink Battlefield, only an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator has the qualifications to possess the Universe Four Pillars. Only an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator can protect the Universe Four Pillars from being lost. You’re only a Sixth Order cultivator now, so if you go to the battlefield, it’s hard to guarantee that nothing will happen to you. If anything happens to you, the Human Race will not only lose you, but will also lose an extremely precious resource.”

“If the Ink Clan finds out that you have the Universe Four Pillars, they might even target you, which would be even more disadvantageous for you. The Ink Clan is extremely against the Universe Four Pillars. If there is an opportunity, they will definitely not let any human cultivator who possesses the Universe Four Pillars escape. Your strength is not enough to protect the Universe Four Pillars.”

“Do you understand what I’m saying?” Tian Xiuzhu looked at him solemnly.

Yang Kai didn’t quite understand what was going on, with Tian Xiuzhu speaking so clearly, how could he not react? He immediately nodded and said, “If I didn’t hear wrongly, Senior wants me to offer the World Spring!”

Tian Xiuzhu nodded, “Good steel should naturally be used on the edge of a blade. Although this old master’s words are a bit unreasonable, I have no selfish motives, but for the sake of the entire clan. Of course, you can rest assured that this old master has no intention of coveting your World Spring. Since you come from Yin-Yang Heaven, your World Spring should be taken over by Brother Lu.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood. No wonder they had asked him which Cave Heaven Paradise he came from before. It turned out that in order to prepare for this moment, the Ancestor from the Cave Heaven Paradise he came from will took over the World Spring.

“If you really had the potential to break through to the Eighth Order, this old master would not have become such a villain, but when you broke through to the Fifth Order, your limit was only the Seventh Order. Even if you broke through to the Seventh Order, you still wouldn’t have the ability to protect the World Spring!” Tian Xiuzhu gently sighed and looked at Yang Kai seriously, “So little friend, this old master implores you to offer up the World Spring and contribute to the Human Race!”

Yang Kai remained silent.

He hadn’t expected to encounter such a situation as soon as he arrived at the Ink Battlefield. Previously, he had heard Feng Ying mention that the Human Race’s Universe Four Pillars were all under the control of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage. At that time, he hadn’t taken it to heart, but now it seemed that it wasn’t because of those Eighth Order Opportunities, but rather because they were man-made.

Perhaps there had been some cultivators unde Eighth Order who had obtained the Universe Four Pillars before, but they had all taken the initiative to hand them over to their Sect’s Ancestor.

The Ink Clan must have also obtained such information, so they hadn’t carefully inspected any Open Heaven Stage cultivators below the Eighth Order. Otherwise, when Feng Ying was being inked last time, the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord wouldn’t have left so easily.

If it were any other place, Yang Kai would have suspected that Tian Xiuzhu was plotting something, but this was the Ink Battlefield, and although there might be some friction between the various Cave Heaven Paradise, under the great momentum of the two races’ war, everyone’s intentions weren’t bad.

For example, in order to protect the face of Yin-Yang Heaven, Chen Xiu had set up his own disciple, Tao Lingwan, to suffer from Qi Deviation in front of Yang Kai. Chen Xiu didn’t have any malicious intent towards Yang Kai, he just wanted to preserve the face of Yin-Yang Heaven. [MSN: it's bad tho, just the result is not bad for YK. It's not like someone never try to harm YK to save face.]

Right now, Tian Xiuzhu shouldn’t have any malicious intent towards him, Yang Kai could feel that. After all, even if he really offered up the World Spring, it wouldn’t be Tian Xiuzhu’s. He would only hand it over to Yin-Yang Heaven’s Eighth Order Ancestor Lu An.

Just as Tian Xiuzhu had said, this was a great plan for the Human Race.

As he remained silent, the atmosphere in the hall became somewhat tense. Everyone knew that this matter was unfair to Yang Kai, but it wasn’t as if they had never encountered such a situation before. They had always dealt with it this way, so now was no exception.

Tian Xiuzhu spoke again, “Don’t worry, abandoning the World Spring is indeed harmful to your body and will damage your Small Universe’s foundation, but we will prepare some Profound Female Spirit Fruit to help you repair your Small Universe and will not affect your future cultivation. Moreover, this matter is not urgent. You are only a Sixth Order, even if you want to offer up the World Spring, you don’t have the ability to do so. Only when you reach the Seventh Order and your Small Universe becomes solid will you do so.”

When Yang Kai first obtained the World Spring, he had been placed under house arrest by Xia Linlang in Shattered Heaven for a period of time, and this was also the reason.

Xia Linlang also wanted the World Spring, but considering that Yang Kai’s cultivation wasn’t high enough, he couldn’t give up his Small Universe's territory, so she could only provide him with cultivation resources to help him break through to the Seventh Order.

However, she didn’t know that Yang Kai’s Small Universe had long since transformed from illusory into physical form. If he wanted to, he could easily part with the World Spring.

Of course, there was another way, which was to kill Yang Kai directly. When the Small Universe collapsed, the World Spring would appear.

However, for the Human Race, forcefully asking for a Junior’s World Spring was already unreasonable, so how could they possibly kill him? No one would agree to this.

On the side, Zhong Liang was silent. The reason why he had asked Yang Kai what grade he was when he broke through to the Open Heaven Stage was firstly because he was confused about whether he was a human or a Dragon Clan, and secondly because he wanted to know what his limit would be in the future. When he found out he was a Fifth Order, he had made up his mind to ensure that the news of Yang Kai possessing the World Spring would not be leaked.

Because he knew that once this information was leaked, he would have to face this problem.

If it had been anyone else who possessed the Universe Four Pillars, Zhong Liang would have agreed to let them offer up the World Spring, but Yang Kai was different. The Light of Purification was too useful to the Human Race, so if he were to resent them for this, it would not be beneficial to the Human Race.

Secretly sizing up Yang Kai, Zhong Liang found that his expression was calm and not the slightest bit resentful, causing Zhong Liang to click his tongue in wonder.


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