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“Martial Uncle Zhao!” Feng Ying bowed to the newcomer, and Yang Kai also bowed slightly behind her.

Martial Uncle Zhao looked at Feng Ying with some surprise, “Feng girl came back? Didn’t they say you were stranded alone in the Ink Clan's territory? How did you come back?”

Feng Ying said, “I was lucky to survive.” As for how she had returned, she didn’t explain much.

Martial Uncle Zhao nodded slightly, “Those who survive a great catastrophe will have good fortune in the future. In the future, let’s kill more of the Ink Clan on the battlefield.”

Feng Ying nodded.

Martial Uncle Zhao looked into the hall again and asked with a frown, “Senior Brother Zhong summoned us, but why is he nowhere to be seen? Is something the matter?”

Feng Ying respectfully said, “Martial Uncle Zhong does have some important matters to announce, but disciple is also not very clear about it specifically. Martial Uncle Zhao, please enter first, Martial Uncle Zhong should be here soon.”

“Good,” Martial Uncle Zhao nodded and strode into the hall, casually finding a place to sit and wait.

As soon as he entered, more streaks of light flew over from all directions, each of them an Eighth Order Open Heaven master. Obviously, they were the leaders of the various battlefronts, existences on the same level as Zhong Liang.

Feng Ying led Yang Kai out of the hall and greeted the guests one by one. After they entered, Feng Ying briefly introduced these people to Yang Kai, explaining which Cave Heaven Paradise they were from.

Although there were tens of thousands of Human Race masters in the Blue Sky Pass, the number of Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters wasn’t very high, only a few dozen at most. Feng Ying had been here for thousands of years, so he naturally knew all of them.

These Eighth Order Open Heaven could basically be said to be the cornerstones of every Human Race's pass, each of them an extremely valuable talent. Each of them held an important position and were responsible for leading the Human Race’s army to defend the Human Race’s passes.

This time, it was an Eighth Order Ancestor who came from Yin-Yang Heaven, but the other party didn’t know Yang Kai’s background, so he didn’t pay too much attention to him. Moreover, this wasn’t a place where they could socialize, so Yang Kai simply called out his name, not saying anything.

Most of the Eighth Order cultivators who came here recognized Feng Ying, and a small number of them glanced over at Yang Kai, not paying much attention to him. On the other hand, there was an Eighth Order Ancestor who came from Xihe Paradise. Yang Kai felt that this Eighth Order Ancestor was looking at him seriously, and when he walked into the main hall, there was a puzzled look on his face.

The Eighth Order didn’t say anything to him, and Yang Kai didn’t even know if he was imagining things.

Everyone waited in the hall for a moment, but Zhong Liang was still nowhere to be seen. Soon, someone couldn’t help complaining, “Old Ghost Zhong, what are you doing? I’m in the middle of a fierce battle, and now you want me to come over? Are you joking? Where is Old Ghost Zhong?”

“Junior Brother Zhang, please calm down. Since Junior Brother Zhong has sent an urgent message, there must be some urgent matter. The battle has reached a critical stage, so it won’t be able to determine the victor in a short time. It’s best to let the disciples below rest,” Someone advised.

“Speaking of which, have you asked the Old Ancestor about his injuries?”

“I sent a message over. The other side replied that the Old Ancestor was currently healing his injuries and didn’t dare to disturb him, it shouldn’t be too serious. This kind of situation has occurred more than once or twice. The Old Ancestor is healing his injuries while the Royal Lord is also healing his injuries.”

“If you ask me, we should find an opportunity to rush out and find the place where the Royal Lord is healing and kill him, then this battle will be easier.”

“You’re not young anymore, you only know how to make irresponsible remarks. The Royal Lord’s place of healing is heavily guarded, even if you come back with your life, it seems your brain is left behind!”

“Who are you calling brainless!”

“Anyone who answers is it!”

For a time, the two Eighth Order Ancestor were in a heated argument. It was unknown if there was a friction between them, but as they argued, they were about to roll up their sleeves and fight, causing everyone around them to quickly calm down.

Outside the hall, Feng Ying and Yang Kai looked at each other speechlessly.

An Eighth Order Ancestor’s status was revered, and in the eyes of the common people, they were all extremely dignified people. Who would have thought that these Eighth Order Ancestors would be arguing like street vendors in this hall? If news of this were to spread, no one would believe it.

A streak of light flew over from afar and landed in front of the two people. It was Zhong Liang.

Feng Ying and Yang Kai both bowed and looked up to see Zhong Liang holding a man in his hand. This man was obviously an Ink Disciple. His eyes were filled with a black light, but his body was covered in a restriction that suppressed his strength, making it impossible for him to activate it, but he was still struggling.

Seeing Ink Disciple, Yang Kai vaguely understood what Zhong Liang’s intentions were. No matter how good his words were, there was no way he could win the trust of others. Just now, he had clearly run to the battlefield outside the pass and captured Ink Disciple so that he could use his Light of Purification in front of everyone.

Zhong Liang nodded and said to Yang Kai, “Come with me.”

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied.

As he followed Zhong Liang into the hall, the noise in the hall suddenly stopped and many pairs of eyes turned towards him, wondering why he had captured a Ink Disciple.

“Senior Brother Zhong, you’ve finally come,” someone said.

“I’ve made everyone wait a long time,” Zhong Liang cupped his fists and apologized, “However, this matter is too serious, so I had to delay some time.”

As he spoke, he threw the Ink Disciple onto the ground. Although the Ink Disciple had been sealed, he was still able to move freely, so he quickly stood up and looked around vigilantly.

Everyone was also sizing him up. Everyone present was an Eighth Order Ancestor, so this Ink Disciple wasn’t a threat to them, but they all vaguely guessed that what Zhong Liang was about to say had something to do with the Ink Disciple, otherwise there was no need to act like this.

“What is it, Senior Brother Zhong can tell us now. The front lines are still fighting, it’s not good for us to stay here forever,” Someone urged.

Zhong Liang nodded, but just as he was about to speak, someone suddenly said, “Junior Brother Zhong, before that, I have something I want to confirm.”

Zhong Liang turned his head and nodded, “Senior Brother Tian, please speak.”

Yang Kai also looked over and found that the person who had spoken was the one who had previously sized him up seriously. At that time, he had felt that this person’s gaze seemed to have some kind of profound meaning, but he hadn’t dared to confirm it. Now, it seemed that it was true.

Yang Kai remembered Feng Ying’s introduction that this person was Tian Xiuzhu from Xihe Paradise.

Tian Xiuzhu said, “I heard from a disciple below that a group of people had entered the pass and the Ink Revealing Array reacted to one of them, but Junior Brother Zhong still insisted on bringing him into the pass. Is that true?”

Zhong Liang frowned slightly. He knew that the one who had sent the message was one of the few people guarding the Ink Revealing Array, but he couldn’t blame the other party. It was their responsibility, and since he insisted on bringing Yang Kai into the pass, those people couldn’t stop him, so they could only send a message to their Cave Heaven Paradise's Anccestor and ask them to investigate.

It seemed like there were some things he couldn’t conceal, causing Zhong Liang to smack his lips. Originally, he didn’t want to attract any trouble, but now that he had to face it, he could only nod, “There is indeed such a thing!”

Seeing him admit it, someone said in surprise, “Since the Ink Revealing Array has such a reaction, it means that this person has the Ink Force in his body. Isn’t that Ink Disciple? Why does Senior Brother Zhong want to bring this person into the pass? Could it be this person in front of us?” He looked at the Ink Disciple who was brought in by Zhong Liang.

Tian Xiuzhu shook his head, “It’s not this Ink Disciple. If I’m not mistaken, it should be him, right?” As he spoke, he turned to look at Yang Kai, who was standing beside Zhong Liang.

Yang Kai bowed, “Yang Kai greets Seniors!”

Many pairs of eyes looked over curiously, some puzzled, some thoughtful. Zhong Liang sighed lightly and looked towards Tian Xiuzhu, “What does Senior Brother Tian want to say?”

Tian Xiuzhu said, “Junior Brother Zhong insisted on bringing him into the pass without even setting up a restriction, which means Junior Brother Zhong is very assured about him, but the Ink Revealing Array will never go wrong. In other words, he should have some kind of Ink Force in his body, but looking at him, he doesn’t look like an Ink Disciple. He has Ink Force in his body, but it won’t corrode and transform him. Under such circumstances, can’t everyone think of anything?”

Someone came to a sudden realization and called out, “This child possesses the Universe Four Pillars?”

Gasps rang out as pairs of eyes lit up.

Someone even asked excitedly, “Does this little brat really possess the Universe Four Pillars?”

Only by possessing the Universe Four Pillars would one be able to avoid being transformed into an Ink Disciple while possessing the Ink Force. After all, Yang Kai wasn’t the only one who possessed these Universe Four Pillars.

With the Universe Four Pillars protecting the Small Universe, logically speaking, the Ink Force should not be able to invade his body, but if he opened his Small Universe’s door and accepted the Ink Force, it would naturally be a different situation.

The Human Race with Universe Four Pillars had once experimented with absorbing the Ink Force into their own Small Universe to see if the Ink Force’s corrosion was more powerful or if the Universe Four Pillars were more powerful, the result was obvious. Those who possessed the Universe Four Pillars would not be affected even if they opened their Small Universe's door and accepted the Ink Force.

Although this matter was considered a secret, everyone present was an Eighth Order Ancestor and had heard about it, so after Tian Xiuzhu finished speaking, some people immediately guessed the truth.

Zhong Liang’s brow wrinkled as he faced the many pairs of inquiring eyes. Although he wanted to cover up for Yang Kai, he knew he couldn’t. He had previously warned Feng Ying and his Senior Brother when visiting the Old Ancestor not to let the news of Yang Kai possessing the World Spring leak out just in case such a situation occurred.

However, he didn’t expect that the disciple guarding the Ink Revealing Array would send a message to Tian Xiuzhu without permission. Tian Xiuzhu’s thinking was quick and he was able to deduce the truth from just a little bit of information.

With a straight face, Zhong Liang nodded, “Senior Brother Tian is right, Yang Kai does indeed possess one of the Universe Four Pillars, World Spring.”

Although they had some guesses, hearing him admit it personally, everyone couldn’t hide their joy.

Someone asked, “Which Cave Heaven Paradise did this child come from?”

Zhong Liang turned to look at Yang Kai, indicating for him to speak.

Yang Kai looked towards one of the old men and cupped his fists, “Disciple has married two disciples of Yin-Yang Heaven and is the son-in-law of Yin-Yang Heaven. Greetings, Elder Lu!”


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