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“Old Ancestor is injured,” Before Yang Kai could ask, Zhong Liang took the initiative to explain.

Yang Kai was shocked!

An Old Ancestor level character, that was a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage, how could such a person be injured? However, after a moment’s thought, Yang Kai asked, “Was he injured during his fight with the Ink Royal Lord?”

In this world, the only one who could hurt the Old Ancestor was the Royal Lord of the Ink Clan. It seemed that the Old Ancestor who take actions in the Ink Clan’s territory were from Blue Sky Pass.

The Ink Clan’s Royal Lord then led the Ink Clan’s army in pursuit, probably having fought with the Human Race’s Old Ancestor before he was injured.

Zhong Liang nodded, “Although Old Ancestor is injured, the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord is also not in a good state. I don’t know where he is recuperating, but now it’s up to which of these two to recover first to decide the outcome of the battle!”

The two clans’ strongest combatants were all injured, each of them recuperating. If it weren’t for this, they would definitely be on the battlefield.

As for which of these two would be able to recover first, which of them would have the absolute advantage? Because of this, Zhong Liang wasn’t sure if he would be able to see the Old Ancestor.

If it wasn’t something important, he wouldn’t have bothered him at this time. After all, the Old Ancestor’s recovery was extremely important, but Yang Kai’s method of purifying the Ink Force was also very important, so he had to inform the Old Ancestor immediately.

In the center of Blue Sky Pass, there was a solitary mountain that was thousands of blades tall. On this solitary mountain, there was a grand hall. This was the place where the Old Ancestor cultivated in seclusion. Normally, the Old Ancestor lived here in seclusion, rarely showing himself.

Flying inside the pass was not an option, it didn’t take long for Zhong Liang to lead Yang Kai to the main hall on the lone peak.

There were several figures standing guard outside the main hall, each of them exuding a profound aura. The weakest among them was a Seventh Order, and there was even an Eighth Order Ancestor standing guard to prevent any accidents from happening.

Hearing the commotion, the Eighth Order Ancestor who was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed slightly opened his eyes and stood up to block the way.

“Senior Brother Sun!” Zhong Liang stepped forward to greet him.

Senior Brother Sun nodded slightly and glanced curiously at Yang Kai who was following behind Zhong Liang before asking, “Junior Brother Zhong, what brings you here?”

As an Eighth Order Ancestor, Senior Brother Sun believed that Zhong Liang knew the severity of the situation and would not come here unless there was something important.

“There are some things I need to report to the Old Ancestor!” Zhong Liang said before stepping forward and whispering to Senior Brother Sun.

Senior Brother Sun’s expression was indifferent as he listened, but after a moment, his eyes narrowed as he stared at Yang Kai in shock, hurriedly asking, “Really?”

Zhong Liang nodded seriously, “Feng Ying personally said so, and those several hundred people have also entered the pass, so it shouldn’t be fake.”

Senior Brother Sun frowned, “You didn’t verify it yourself?”

Zhong Liang asked, “How do we verify this?”

Senior Brother Sun pondered for a moment before saying, “Find a way to capture and bring the Ink Disciple.”

Zhong Liang stared at him with his mouth wide open, as if he was joking. Although he was an Eighth Order Ancestor, in this chaotic battlefield, it wasn’t easy to capture Ink Disciple.

Senior Brother Sun glared at him, “This is a serious matter, it’s best to be careful, hurry up and go!”

Senior Brother Zhong was helpless and could only say, “Fine, I’ll go personally.”

On the side, Yang Kai listened for a while and vaguely guessed what the two of them were talking about. He immediately cupped his fists and said, “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. If Senior wants to verify it, Disciple can do so at any time.”

Senior Brother Sun raised his brow, “How do we verify this?”

Senior Brother Zhong slapped his forehead and said, “I forgot, his Small Universe contains the sealed Ink Force.” Turning his head, he explained to Senior Brother Sun, “This little brat’s luck is quite good and he possesses the World Spring, so he doesn’t need to worry about being corroded by the Ink Force. Moreover, he has great skill and courage, sealing the Ink Force in his body and disguising himself as an Ink Disciple for several years.”

Senior Brother Sun’s jaw dropped as he stared at Yang Kai, completely stunned. Even if he possessed the World Spring, sealing the Ink Force inside his body was a bit too much, and he had even disguised himself as Ink Disciple and lived with the Ink Clan for several years…

This wasn’t something that could be accomplished with courage.

However, this saved him a lot of trouble, so he nodded to Yang Kai and said, “This matter is of great importance. It’s not that I don’t trust you, but this old master needs to see for himself.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding, and with a wave of his hand, his Small Universe’s door opened and a mass of Ink Force poured out.

The few Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters who were guarding this place were all shocked when they saw this pitch-black Ink Force. They thought Ink Disciple had snuck into this place and instinctively urged their World Force, but fortunately, Senior Brother Sun stopped them in time.

He stared fixedly at Yang Kai’s movements and soon saw two different colored lights appear on Yang Kai’s hands. When he put his palms together, the two colored lights transformed into pure white light!

Zhong Liang’s brow rose slightly. It was this white light. He had seen with his own eyes that this white light had caused great damage to the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord. When this white light enveloped him, the Territory Lord’s expression clearly showed panic.

However, the shock he felt from watching from afar was not as great as the shock he felt now. Using his Divine Sense, he could only feel that this white light was extremely pure.

The white light enveloped the Ink Force, and in the next instant, the two forces fused together and the rich Ink Force quickly dissipated, leaving only the white light!

The few Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters who seems like they were facing a great enemy were all stunned. Senior Brother Sun was also shocked beyond words and only after a long time did he say, “Amazing!”

Although the white light didn’t contain any powerful destructive force, just the effect of purifying the Ink Force was worthy of this evaluation.

“Wait a moment, I’ll go in and inform the Old Ancestor, but I’m not sure if he will respond. After all, the Old Ancestor is still recovering,” Senior Brother Sun said before turning around and entering the hall.

Zhong Liang and Yang Kai waited patiently while several Seventh Order Open Heaven sized up Yang Kai, as if they were trying to find a flower on him.

The Ink Force he had created earlier had been dispersed, but the white light was still there. Zhong Liang couldn’t help feeling curious, so he stretched out his hand to probe it and found that the light gave off a very gentle feeling.

“Is this thing still useful?” Zhong Liang asked.

Yang Kai nodded, “It should still be useful, but it won’t last long.”

Zhong Liang smacked his lips, “It’s a bit wasteful.” He really wanted to grab an Ink Disciple and throw him into this white light. This way, he would be able to dispel the Ink Force in the Ink Disciple’s body and restore his rationality.

Yang Kai also noticed this problem. Most of the time, the Light of Purification was a bit wasted. After dispersing the Ink Force in the Ink Disciple’s body, the effect of the Light of Purification did not completely dissipate. Obviously, it could continue to play a role, but it could only be wasted.

One had to know that when he used the power of the Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals to activate this Light of Purification, he had wasted extremely precious Yin-Yang attribute cultivation resources.

Soon, Senior Brother Sun returned from the main hall.

Zhong Liang quickly looked over and saw Senior Brother Sun slowly shake his head, “Old Ancestor didn’t respond, he should be at a critical point in his recovery.”

When Zhong Liang heard this, he couldn’t help feeling helpless. The Old Ancestor needed to recuperate, so he couldn’t forcefully interrupt him. If anything happened, he wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibility.

Senior Brother Sun said, “When Old Ancestor comes out of seclusion, I’ll report this matter to him. In any case, he’s already inside the pass, there’s no need to rush.”

Zhong Liang nodded, “We can only do so.”

“But what are your plans?” Senior Brother Sun asked.

Zhong Liang understood what he meant and said, “This matter cannot be hidden, so there is no need to hide it. My plan is to make this matter public. After all, it is a piece of good news that will raise the morale of the disciples, especially now that the war has begun, it will allow the disciples to act freely and boost morale.”

Senior Brother Sun pondered for a moment before saying, “That’s good. The problem that has plagued us for so many years has been solved, so it can indeed boost morale. You can arrange it.”

Zhong Liang said, “Then I’ll call for a meeting.”

“Go, I will report this matter to the Old Ancestor later. I believe the Old Ancestor will agree to this proposal.”

Zhong Liang cupped his fists and sent a voice transmission, “Senior Brother, this boy’s possession of the World Spring cannot be exposed.”

Senior Brother Sun understood immediately, “Don’t worry, I understand.”

Just as Zhong Liang was worried, Senior Brother Sun also knew that once Yang Kai’s possession of the World Spring was exposed, there would definitely be some trouble.

Zhong Liang thanked him and quickly led Yang Kai away.

Along the way, he took out a communication artifact and sent out a message.

A short while later, a stream of light appeared in front of them, revealing a figure. It was Feng Ying.

“Martial Uncle!” Feng Ying cupped her fists and saluted. She had obviously been called over by Zhong Liang.

Zhong Liang said, “Lead him to the Discussion Hall and wait for me there. I’ll be there soon.”

“Yes!” Feng Ying replied before turning to Yang Kai and leading him in a certain direction while Zhong Liang flew out of the pass.

Halfway there, Feng Ying asked, “Did you see the Old Ancestor?”

Yang Kai shook his head, “The Old Ancestor is healing his injuries, so I couldn’t see him.”

Feng Ying was startled, “Old Ancestor is injured?” She had only returned a short time ago, so she wasn’t too clear about the Old Ancestor’s injuries.

“I heard from Senior Zhong that the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord is also in a difficult situation and is currently hiding somewhere to recuperate. Now we just need to see which of these two will recover first and which side will gain the upper hand on the battlefield.”

On Blue Sky Pass’ side, it wasn’t the first time the Old Ancestor had fought with the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord. Every time the Ink Clan attacked Blue Sky Pass, the Ink Clan’s Royal Lord would take the lead. It couldn’t be helped, the Human Race had the Old Ancestor overseeing them, so the Royal Lord had to fight. Otherwise, if the Old Ancestor attacked, no matter how many Ink Clans came, they wouldn’t be able to kill him.

“Why does Martial Uncle Zhong want you to go to the Discussion Hall?” Feng Ying asked again.

Yang Kai replied, “It seems he thinks my Light of Purification is good for boosting morale and is preparing to announce this matter.”

Feng Ying understood, “There are indeed benefits, it’s only right to announce it, and this matter can’t be hidden, sooner or later everyone will know.”

Yang Kai nodded. He didn’t try to hide this method, it was a method to restrain the Ink Force. If it could bring benefits to his clansmen, he would naturally be happy to cooperate.

Soon, the two of them arrived in front of a large hall, but instead of entering, they simply waited outside.

The hall was empty, but after waiting for a while, someone flew over and soon landed in front of them.

The newcomer was tall and burly, his hair disheveled, making him look like a widl lion.


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