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Inside the Spirit Array, streaks of orange-red light flew about as if they were alive.

Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly as he realized that this Spirit Array should be the key to his inspection. Outside the Spirit Array, there was also a Seventh Order Open Heaven Aura hidden in the darkness, silently observing the people inside the Spirit Array. Yang Kai could clearly feel that these people gathered around the Spirit Array were all vigilant and secretly circulating their World Force, as if as soon as there was a slight change in the Spirit Array, they would attack.

These people should be the Human Race masters responsible for overseeing this place.

As everyone stood in the middle of the Spirit Array, the rays of orange-red light began to flow towards them. Soon, everyone’s bodies were enveloped by this orange-red light, and under this light, everyone’s expressions became somewhat strange.

None of them showed any signs of abnormality, only the layer of light that shrouded Yang Kai’s body suddenly flickered several times before instantly turning from orange-red to black.

In the blink of an eye, all eyes turned to Yang Kai, and Zhong Liang’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

At the same time, the figures who had been guarding and monitoring the surroundings of the Spirit Array all rushed out and surrounded Yang Kai in an instant. As they rushed forward, their hands began to form different seals and the leader shouted, “Seal!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a number of exquisite artifacts that had been specially forged for this situation were summoned and floated around Yang Kai in eight different directions. These artifacts were connected to each other and their energy surged, forming a cage around Yang Kai.

After doing all this, everyone secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but the cultivators guarding the Spirit Array remained vigilant.

It had been a long time since such a situation had occurred. The last time such a situation had occurred was several hundred years ago, when an Ink Disciple had snuck into this place and directly used a Secret Technique to explode and die. Although it hadn’t caused much damage to the Human Race, the Ink Force that remained after the Ink Disciple’s death had brought a lot of trouble.

It took a lot of effort on Blue Sky Pass’ side to purge the remaining ink force.

Today, such a situation had actually occurred again, but fortunately, the Human Race had been on guard against all of this and had responded promptly.

The atmosphere in the hall instantly became heavy.

“Stop!” Feng Ying hurriedly shouted, “This is a misunderstanding!”

The people guarding the Spirit Array ignored her and only stared at Yang Kai vigilantly while Yang Kai stood there, lowering his head to examine the black light around his body. He had a guess in his heart, so he immediately spread out his hands and stood there quietly, indicating that he would not act rashly.

Zhong Liang stared at Yang Kai for a moment before turning to Feng Ying, “What do you mean?”

Feng Ying signaled Yang Kai with her eyes to calm down before quickly walking over to Zhong Liang’s side and whispering, “Martial Uncle Zhong, I can guarantee that Yang Kai is not Ink Disciple.”

“What guarantee do you have? The Ink Revealing Array already has a reaction, which means he has the Ink Force in his body, so how could he not be Ink Disciple?”

Feng Ying once again transmitted her voice, “Yang Kai does have the Ink Force in his body, but he hasn’t been corroded by the Ink Force. His Small Universe has the World Spring sealing it!”

Zhong Liang’s eyes narrowed as he turned to look at Feng Ying, “World Spring? Are you sure?”

“I’ve personally examined it, I can confirm it!” Feng Ying nodded seriously, “If Martial Uncle doesn’t believe me, you can check again.”

Zhong Liang nodded seriously, “We can’t afford to be negligent in this matter, we really need to check.”

Feng Ying whispered, “Martial Uncle, Universe Four Pillars are extremely important, there are too many people here…”

She didn’t finish her words, but how could Zhong Liang not understand what she meant? The Universe Four Pillars were extremely important to the Ink Battlefield, and every Human Race powerhouse who possessed them was an extremely precious talent. It was best not to make such an existence known to everyone, or else there might be trouble.

Immediately nodding slightly, he waved his hand and said, “All of you, withdraw and remove the restriction.”

The people guarding the Spirit Array all glanced at each other, and the Seventh Order Open Heaven in the lead hesitated for a moment before saying, “But Martial Uncle Zhong, if the Ink Revealing Array reacts to this person, it must be Ink Disciple. If the restriction is removed, what if he does something…”

“I have my own considerations, just do as I say,” Zhong Liang said firmly.

Seeing him insist, the crowd couldn’t do anything about it. After all, the person in charge of this area was Zhong Liang. After a while, the artifact was taken back and the barrier around Yang Kai also dispersed. Under Zhong Liang’s orders, everyone left the hall.

Shen Ao and the others looked back at Yang Kai in shock.

If Yang Kai was Ink Disciple, they would be the first to not believe it. After interacting with him for such a long time, they more or less understood what kind of person Yang Kai was. How could someone who had the ability to purify and disperse the Ink Force possibly be Ink Disciple? Not to mention, he had transformed into a Big Dragon to protect his clansmen and slaughtered his way through the Ink Clan’s army, killing countless Ink Clan members.

If such a person was an Ink Disciple, it would be too unreasonable.

However, the Ink Revealing Array actually had a reaction, which was quite puzzling.

However, since Zhong Liang had already taken over, although they were surprised, they could only wait and see.

Soon, only Zhong Liang, Yang Kai, and Feng Ying remained in the hall.

Zhong Liang didn’t relax his vigilance. Although Feng Ying had already assured him and told him the truth, he couldn’t be certain until he saw it for himself.

“Open your Small Universe!” Zhong Liang ordered.

Yang Kai nodded.

Feng Ying opened her mouth and kindly reminded, “His Small Universe is a bit special, Martial Uncle doesn’t need to be too surprised.”

Zhong Liang looked at her in confusion, thinking that it was nothing more than a World Spring sealing it. Since he already knew, how could he be surprised? However, even though he thought so, when his Divine Sense probed Yang Kai’s Small Universe, he couldn’t help raising his brow in shock, “Your Small Universe…”

Anyone who had investigated Yang Kai’s Small Universe would generally have such a reaction, so Yang Kai didn’t find it strange and casually explained, “Disciple is proficient in the Dao of Space, when I advanced to the Open Heaven Stage, my Small Universe already turn to solid existence. Disciple doesn’t know the exact reason.”

He really didn’t know what was going on with his Small Universe. On one hand, he was proficient in the Dao of Space, but on the other hand, the biggest possibility was that when he had broken through to the Open Heaven Stage, his Small Universe has fused with the Mysterious Boundary Bead.

However, there was no need to explain this to others.

Zhong Liang asked in surprise, “What rank did you advance to?”

Yang Kai replied, “Fifth Order!”

Zhong Liang’s mouth twitched. In other words, when Yang Kai reach Open Heaven, the Small Universe in his body had already transformed from illusory to physical form. Thinking back to how he had painstakingly cultivated until he reached the Seventh Order, there was simply no comparison.

But then again, only after reaching the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage would the Small Universe truly transform from illusory to physical form. This was common knowledge and also an unchanging law. To be able to achieve such accomplishments at the Fifth Order, it was definitely unprecedented.

Suddenly remembering something, Zhong Liang frowned and asked, “Are you a Human Race or a Dragon Clan?”

The Dragon Clan focused on the cultivation of their bloodlines, and once their bloodlines reached a certain purity, they would have corresponding strength, so there was no need for them to create a new world in their bodies, and there is no Small Universe.

However, Yang Kai’s situation was somewhat confusing.

Yang Kai honestly replied, “Disciple is from the Human Race and possesses the Dragon Clan’s Source.”

Zhong Liang suddenly understood. Since he possessed the Dragon Clan’s Source, he could naturally cultivate the Secret Technique of the Dragon Clan and transform into a Dragon Body, but when he thought about the two thousand zhang long Dragon body, he couldn’t help feeling shocked.

This was a Big Dragon! A thousand zhang long Dragon body was equivalent to a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, and two thousand zhang meant that it was stronger than an ordinary Seventh Order.

However, he also understood why Yang Kai’s performance was somewhat different from the rumoured Dragon Clan. This is not a Pure Dragon.

Immersing his Divine Sense into his body, he did indeed see the World Spring in Yang Kai’s Small Universe, sealing it and allowing it to become smooth and flawless.

Smacking his lips, a look of envy appeared on his face. Who wouldn’t want something like the Universe Four Pillars, especially in the Ink Battlefield? With the Universe Four Pillars, there was no need to fear the corrosion of the Ink Force. In a battle with the Ink Clan, one could gain a great advantage, but this thing was extremely rare and could only be found by chance. Those who could obtain it were all extremely lucky.

He also saw the Ink Force sealed inside Yang Kai’s Small Universe and couldn’t help asking, “Is sealing it inside your Small Universe not affecting you?”

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “It doesn’t matter, sometimes Disciple can even disguise himself as Ink Disciple. Disciple relied on this ability to survive in the Ink Clan's territory for more than two years.”

Saying so, he activated the Ink Force in his Small Universe and his eyes instantly turned black.

Zhong Liang’s mouth twitched, “You stayed in the Ink Clan's territory for two years?” This time, he was shocked. Since ancient times, which Human Race had been able to remain safe and sound in the Ink Clan for two years? Even with the World Spring’s protection, his courage was simply too great.

Feng Ying replied, “I was just about to discuss this matter with Martial Uncle. Disciple’s return this time was all thanks to Yang Kai.”

“What happened?” Zhong Liang asked.

Feng Ying briefly explained what had happened to her, explaining that she was about to be transformed into Ink Disciple by a Territory Lord and had used that Secret Technique to escape a calamity. After killing a High Rank Ink Clan, Yang Kai had taken the initiative to reveal his identity and then rescued the Ink Disciples together with her. In the end, they had gathered more than three hundred people and killed their way back.

Even though Zhong Liang had a wealth of experience, his eyelids were still twitching as he listened. After Feng Ying finished speaking, he took a deep breath and asked, “Did you say he had the means to dispel and purify the Ink Force? The hundreds of people who came back with you were originally all Ink Disciples?”

“That’s right,” Feng Ying nodded seriously, “Martial Uncle should have seen his methods before. When he cooperated with this disciple to kill that Territory Lord, Yang Kai used them once.”

Zhong Liang’s head twitched, “That White Light?”

It was impossible for him to not have a deep impression of this white light. He had never seen such a pure small sun-like white light in the Ink Battlefield before, he had suspected that the Territory Lord's death had something to do with this white light. Now it seemed that it was indeed the case.

This was the nemesis of Ink Force!


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