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The commotion behind the Ink Clan’s army attracted everyone’s attention. Shen Ao glanced over and was immediately overjoyed, shouting, “Hold on, the people from Blue Sky Pass have come to support us.”

Hearing this, the people who were originally trapped in a difficult situation all became excited and attacked even more fiercely to stop the Ink Clan’s attack.

Many people looked at the giant dragon’s body which was covered in blood and flesh and wore sorrowful expressions. If it weren’t for the giant dragon using its powerful body as a protective barrier, these hundreds of people would have suffered heavy losses.

Not only did this giant dragon block most of the Ink Clan’s attacks, but it also blocked the Ink Force, preventing them from being distracted by the Ink force, allowing them to fight without any worries.

The masters who rushed out of Blue Sky Pass caused a great deal of chaos for the Ink Clan, forcing them to divert some of their attention to fight back. As a result, the pressure on Yang Kai and the others was greatly reduced.

The leading Sword Dragon once again charged forward, cutting through the blockade of the Ink Clan’s army and attacking with Blue Sky Pass.

Not long after, the two sides met up.

Yang Kai raised his head slightly and looked over, only to see a half-grown old man leading the group. His attacks were fierce and his body exuded the aura of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

It was none other than the Ancestor who had fought with the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord and ended up suffering heavy losses.

Feng Ying obviously recognized this person, and a voice called out from the Sword Dragon, “Martial Uncle Zhong!”

Martial Uncle Zhong nodded slightly towards her, his eyes sweeping over the giant dragon Yang Kai had transformed into, but he didn’t have the time to say anything. His body trembled as a violent energy burst out from him, forcing the surrounding Ink Clans to retreat as he shouted, “Retreat first!”

Behind him, various kinds of palace artifacts rushed forward and activated their protective barriers.

There was no need for him to command the group. The Fifth and Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, who had been protected by the giant dragon’s body all this time, quickly rushed into the palace artifacts. Shen Ao and the others didn’t enter. As Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage and having consumed the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, their strengths had all been restored to their peak, so there was no need for them to rely on the power of the palace artifacts.

Yang Kai also didn’t enter, his dragon body swaying as his dragon tail swept across the void.

“Go!” Martial Uncle Zhong shouted as several of the palace artifacts flew towards Blue Sky Pass while Feng Ying, Shen Ao, and the others guarded the sides while Martial Uncle Zhong and Yang Kai followed behind.

The Ink Clan’s Territory Lord who was in charge of this region’s battlefield had already died. Although there were still some of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords who could issue orders, in this region’s battlefield, the Ink Clan was basically without a leader.

Facing Blue Sky Pass’s aggressive charge, there was no way to effectively stop them.

Along the way, the Ink Clan suffered countless casualties, and it didn’t take long for them to arrive at Blue Sky Pass, activating the protective barrier and sending one palace artifact after another into it.

The Ink Clan army was still chasing after them, obviously unwilling to give up.

Seeing that everyone was safe, Yang Kai, who was standing at the back of the hall, suddenly turned around with his two thousand zhang body, holding his thousand zhang long spear, and swept away in a single shot.

The many Ink Clans charging at the front were like straws being harvested, instantly clearing out a large area.

But this wasn’t the end of it. A Dragon Roar filled the air as the giant dragon’s body crashed into the Ink Clan army and continued to fight.

Just now, Yang Kai had felt extremely aggrieved. He had used his Big Dragon Body to protect the safety of hundreds of his clansmen, so he could only passively take a beating and barely had a chance to fight back. His massive body had been beaten to a pulp, so now that he no longer had anything to worry about, he naturally let loose.

After transforming into a Big Dragon, Yang Kai’s strength was comparable to a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, and he was not afraid of the corrosion of the Ink Force. In such an environment, he was practically invincible.

A dragon and a spear swam through the black sea, slaughtering their way in and out. From the direction of Blue Sky Pass, one could only see a two thousand zhang long golden dragon swimming through the black sea like a fish. The contrast between the two colors was extremely clear and shocking.

It had a massive physique and an awe-inspiring Dragon Prestige, and it even had a thousand zhang long spear on its claw.

With just the strength of a single dragon, in a short period of time, the Ink Clan army had been thrown into disarray and suffered heavy losses.

Martial Uncle Zhong had originally wanted to return to Blue Sky Pass, but after Yang Kai’s actions, he couldn’t just leave. Turning his head back, the corner of his eyes twitched as he asked Feng Ying, “Where did this Dragon Clan come from?”

Feng Ying didn’t know how to explain. To be honest, this was the first time she had learned that Yang Kai was actually a Dragon Clan!

Along the way, Yang Kai had given her too many shocks, so much so that Feng Ying had almost become numb to it. In the end, this guy was actually a Dragon Clan!

Shocked again.

When Martial Uncle Zhong asked this question, Feng Ying could only say, “I don’t know where he came from, I met him in the Ink Clan’s hinterland. It’s a long story.”

Martial Uncle Zhong bared his teeth. Logically speaking, although there were many Holy Spirits in the Ink Battlefield, it was impossible for a Dragon Clan to appear.

The Dragon and Phoenix Clan were responsible for guarding the No-Return Pass. Although each of their clansmen was powerful, they could not easily enter the Ink Battlefield.

The Human Race’s last line of defense was not to be broken.

A Dragon Clan had actually appeared on Blue Sky Pass’ side… Martial Uncle Zhong didn’t know if he came from the No-Return Pass.

However, in this situation, just watching from the sidelines didn’t seem like a good idea. The Dragon Clan was fighting a bloody battle over there, so why were they just watching from the sidelines?

Thinking quickly, Martial Uncle Zhong quickly came to a decision, his eyes sharpening as he shouted, “All forces, attack!”

Inside Blue Sky Pass, the human cultivators on the city walls who were watching the battle below were all boiling with excitement and couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as Martial Uncle Zhong issued this order, all of them began to rub their fists in anticipation.

The efficiency here was extremely high, so under Martial Uncle Zhong’s orders, in less than a dozen breaths of time, the protective barrier was once again activated, and numerous palace artifacts rushed out from Blue Sky Pass like a school of fish.

Accompanying the palace artifact were numerous Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage figures.

On the Ink Battlefield’s side, the environment for battle was special. Not only did one have to guard against attacks from the enemy, but they also had to guard against the corrosion of the Ink Force. As such, only a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator could charge into the battlefield without using the palace artifact as a shield.

Under the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, regardless of whether one was a Fifth Order or Sixth Order cultivator, they had to rely on the palace artifact's protection to resist the invasion of the Ink Force.

Otherwise, if those Fifth Order or Sixth Order Cultivators were allowed to enter the battlefield, they might be turned into ink.

There were a few advantages to borrowing the palace artifact's protection. The first was that it could allow a Fifth Order or Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to avoid the corrosion of the Ink Force. As long as the palace artifact was not damaged, the Ink Force wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. The second benefit was that the power of the palace artifact itself was higher than that of a Fifth Order or Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

Many of the palace artifacts were able to display the power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, increasing the strength of the Human Race.

Throughout the countless years since ancient times, the Human Race had fought against the Ink Clan and had their own methods of dealing with them.

Previously, in order to rescue Feng Ying and the others, Martial Uncle Zhong hadn’t sent out too many of their palace artifacts, but now that the entire army had been deployed, apart from those who had to remain behind, all the manpower available on this battlefield had been mobilized.

A large number of Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators transformed into streaks of light while behind them were countless palace artifacts.

The Ink Clan, who were besieging the giant dragon, quickly discovered the abnormality in Blue Sky Pass. Under the command of one of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords, the Ink Clan’s army behind them turned around and attacked.

Before the two armies could even collide, streaks of light from Divine Abilities and artifacts tore through the void and shining through the sky.

Multicolored light fell into the black tide like a stone smashing into a lake, causing ripples to spread out in all directions.

In the face of the Human Race’s attack, the Ink Clan naturally wouldn’t just sit back and wait for death. At the same time, the Divine Abilities gathered by the Ink Force also struck towards the Human Race’s camp.

Without needing any orders, the many Seventh Order leading the way immediately spread out, revealing the many palace artifacts behind them.

The palace artifacts quickly adjusted their positions and quickly formed a mysterious array. Mysterious energy fluctuations radiated from the palace artifacts as huge runes lit up the sky, transforming into solid shields that protected the palace from the black ink attacks.

From time to time, some of the palace artifact’s defensive barriers would be broken, forcing the palace artifacts in the rear to dodge while their own defensive barriers would light up to offset the damage.

The clash of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques only lasted for a dozen breaths before the two armies clashed.

Screams rang out as the two races clashed, the auras of life withering.

In terms of numbers, the Ink Clan undoubtedly had a huge advantage, almost ten times more than the Human Race, but in terms of strength, the Human Race had the advantage.

For countless years, the ones who had the qualifications to enter the Ink Battlefield were all elite disciples from the Cave Heaven Paradise, with the lowest being a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator. The reason why the Ink Battlefield now had a Fifth Order was because they had fallen from Sixth Order.

The various Cave Heaven Paradise had always maintained the idea of sending their elite forces here, because if one’s strength was too low, entering the Ink Battlefield wouldn’t be of any use. Instead, they would be easily converted into Ink Disciples to increase the strength of their enemies.

However, the Ink Clan’s side was different. Not only did the Ink Clan have a Territory Lord and Feudal Lord, but there were also High Rank and Low Rank Ink Clan. At the very least, the High Rank Ink Clan were equivalent to a Mid Rank Open Heaven master, while the Low Rank Ink Clan were only comparable to the Low Rank Open Heaven. How could they possibly be a match for the Human Race?

As such, the moment they met, they suffered heavy casualties.

This was especially true with the help of the palace artifact. The damage they could inflict was even greater than the pure Seventh Order Open Heaven, so how could the Human Race lose?


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