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In the countless years of war between the two races on the Ink Battlefield, there had never been such a white light. This white light was so pure that it seemed to be able to cleanse one’s mind. Martial Uncle Zhong couldn’t help narrowing his eyes as he focused his vision.

Under his Divine Sense, he could clearly see the situation over there. The one holding the small sun up high was a young man he had never seen before.

However, this wasn’t strange. After countless years of accumulation in Blue Sky Pass, there were tens of thousands of human masters gathered here, so it was impossible for him to recognize all of them and only think that they were some kind of Cave Heaven Paradise's disciple.

In the next moment, he saw the small sun in the young man’s hand slam into the huge body of the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord.

Silently, a white light burst out and wrapped around the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord. In an instant, a large amount of black light was released from the Territory Lord’s body, and the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord seemed to have suffered a huge injury, his face instantly becoming filled with pain. Even his originally vigorous movements became sluggish for a moment as he instinctively struck out with his palm, causing the young man to vomit blood and fly away.

In this brief moment of sluggishness, the Sword Dragon spun towards him, roaring ferociously as it swallowed the Ink Clan Territory Lord into its stomach. Thousands of sword lights swirled around it as black blood sprayed into the air. The rich Ink Force burst out, but it disappeared in the aftermath of the white light.

Wherever the Sword Dragon passed, the powerful aura of the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord would be annihilated!

On top of the city wall, Martial Uncle Zhong’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. The beard he was holding in his hand was now being pulled so hard that it broke.

Dead? The Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, who had fought with him for two or three hours without a clear winner, had actually died?

Killed by Feng Ying?

If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, Martial Uncle Zhong wouldn’t have believed it. Feng Ying was indeed very strong, and he was also aware of this fact. But with Feng Ying’s ability, it was impossible for her to kill a Territory Lord. Even if she had helpers with her, even if the Territory Lord was seriously injured, it would be impossible!

In the blink of an eye, Martial Uncle Zhong realized what the problem was. That small sun-like white light should be the key! He clearly saw the pain and horror on the Territory Lord’s face when the white light enveloped him. It was because of this that Feng Ying had a chance to kill him in one blow.

What the hell was that?

However, now was obviously not the time to think about such things. The Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had been killed by a few humans in just a few breaths of time, causing many of the Ink Clan’s forces to go crazy as they swarmed towards Feng Ying and the others from all directions.

On the city wall, the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage hesitated before asking, “Martial Uncle Zhong, is there a trap?”

He felt that his brain wasn’t quite clear enough. He had also witnessed the death of the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, but if this was a scheme by the Ink Clan, the price would be too great.

There was no need to use the life and death of a Territory Lord to lure the Human Race into action.

On top of that, Senior Sister Feng Ying and the others were still engaged in a bloody battle with the Ink Clan. After the death of the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, a number of figures suddenly appeared around Feng Ying and the others. The originally small number of people instantly transformed into hundreds of people.

It was obviously a human race, and as soon as it appeared, it launched a series of Divine Abilities and Secret Technique, causing the defenseless Ink Clan to suffer heavy casualties.

“What kind of trick is there!” Martial Uncle Zhong couldn’t care less about his injuries and stood up, waving his hand to open the barrier and shouting, “Quickly come with me!”

Since even the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had been killed, he now believed that Feng Ying had not transformed into Ink. Since she could kill the Territory Lord who was overseeing this place, they were able to gain an advantage in this region’s battlefield. This was a great contribution, and he couldn’t just sit back and watch.

Saying so, he took the lead and flew down, a large number of streaks of light following closely behind him.

After this group of people left, the barrier quickly closed again to prevent the Ink Clan from taking the opportunity to invade.

Behind the battlefield, Shen Ao grabbed Yang Kai’s arm and asked with concern, “How is it?”

Yang Kai turned his head and spat out the blood in his mouth, his expression fierce, “I won’t die!”

When he had used the Light of Purification to hit the Territory Lord just now, he had been struck back by the other party’s palm. If he hadn’t reacted quickly enough, he would have been seriously injured by now. Even so, his Qi were still roiling, so it was inevitable that he would be injured.

Fortunately, Shen Ao had caught him at the critical moment, otherwise he would have been forced into the Ink Clan camp and would have had a difficult time escaping.

“Martial Aunt Feng is truly amazing,” Yang Kai couldn’t help praising. Although the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord had been disturbed by his Light of Purification, the true decisive factor was still Feng Ying’s Sword Dragon. The power of this Divine Ability Manifestation was simply too terrifying, and even the Territory Lord who was caught up in it had instantly died.

However, it was also because the Territory Lord had been seriously injured. If he had been at his peak, Feng Ying might not have been able to succeed.

“You’re not bad either!” Shen Ao’s face was filled with praise. He had never thought that the Light of Purification would cause so much damage to the Ink Clan until Yang Kai suddenly attacked.

However, thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. During this time, Yang Kai had been using the Purifying Light to restore Ink Disciple’s rationality. The white light was the nemesis of the Ink Force.

The Ink Clan’s Ink Force was the source of their power, so how could they have a good end after being suppressed by the Light of Purification?

With the combined strength of these two, they had actually managed to kill the Territory Lord. This was something Shen Ao and the others hadn’t expected before taking action. Although they had taken risks under Feng Ying’s orders, they hadn’t expected much, but the result was a pleasant surprise.

“Enough idle chatter, hurry up and defend against the enemy!” Ning Qizhi shouted from the side as he changed his hand seals and released his Divine Ability.

The reinforcements who had been hiding in the Small Universe had all been released, but there were only about three hundred of them. The average level of these reinforcements wasn’t too high, all of them Fifth or Sixth Order.

The few of them had acted quickly just now and caught the Ink Clan off guard, but by the time the Ink Clan reacted, hundreds of people had already been surrounded by the Ink Clan’s army.

Feng Ying’s Sword Dragon took the lead and led the charge. Wherever it passed, the Ink Clan fell without exception.

Shen Ao and the others also spread out to guard the two sides and followed Feng Ying.

However, the difference in numbers was obvious. The advancement of hundreds of Human Race teams was difficult, with almost every step, one of them fell behind. In this situation, the consequences of falling behind were self-evident.

If this situation continued, it was likely they would all be wiped out before they could reach Blue Sky Pass.

Suddenly, a Dragon Roar resounded throughout the sky.

This voice shocked both sides, neither of them knowing what was happening.

Shen Ao and the others quickly turned their heads towards the source of the voice, and in the next moment, their eyes narrowed.

They saw Yang Kai took a deep breath as a giant golden dragon head appeared behind him and disappeared into his body.

Immediately after, a terrifying pressure spread out from Yang Kai, causing his body to expand.

This was an unforgettable scene. No matter how many years passed, the surviving cultivators would never be able to forget this scene.

In a short span of three breaths, the small figure had transformed into a massive creature, its golden body reaching two thousand zhang in length, its entire body covered in fine dragon scales, its hands and feet transforming into dragon claws, its forehead sprouting dragon horns, and its beard fluttering about.

The two golden dragon eyes were like two small suns, illuminating the earth and penetrating all the darkness on the battlefield.

Dragon Clan!

On the intense battlefield, the sudden appearance of such a two thousand zhang long big dragon was difficult to ignore. Whether it was the Human Race or the Ink Clan, all of them couldn’t help feeling slightly dazed.

A majestic Dragon Prestige filled the air!

The giant dragon opened its mouth and spat out its dragon breath, instantly sweeping away all the Ink Clan cultivators gathered in the void in front of it. Its two thousand zhang long body stretched out and transformed into a semi-circle that completely enveloped hundreds of people.

“Go!” A Dragon Roar shook the sky.

Only now did the human race come to their senses. Before, they didn’t know whether this big dragon was a friend or foe, but now that they saw what it was doing, how could they not know that it was one of their own? For a moment, they felt relieved!

Feng Ying, who was leading the group, was slightly dazed for a moment before quickly collecting her thoughts. Sword Dragon took the lead and led the humans forward.

The Ink Clan army attacked the Human Race from all directions, but most of their attacks were blocked by the Dragon’s body. Where the Dragon’s body was, there was a protective barrier. Without breaking through the Dragon’s body, the Ink Clan army can't harm the Human Race!

The Dragon scales were sent flying as its flesh and blood were sent flying and golden dragon blood sprayed through the air.

In just a short period of time, not a single part of the two thousand zhang long body remained intact, but the giant dragon’s body did not move in the slightest. No matter how serious its injuries were, it was still able to transform into a firm defensive barrier to protect the Human Race’s advance.

On the Dragon Claw, it was already holding the Azure Dragon Spear. This artifact, which had been gifted to him by the Giant Spiritual God, A’ Da, was incredibly powerful and could change its size at will. At this moment, the spear had also transformed into a thousand zhang spear in the dragon's claw.

There was no need for him to use any Divine Abilities or Secret Techniques as the long spear swept through the air, causing a thousand zhang radius of destruction. Countless Ink Clan vomited blood as the weaker ones died on the spot.

The Ink Clan’s army felt a chill run down their spines. It wasn’t as if they had never fought with a Holy Spirit before. On the Ink Battlefield, there were many Holy Spirits, each one of them extremely powerful existences that brought great losses to the Ink Clan.

However, they had never seen a Holy Spirit activate such a huge artifact…

Although the appearance of the giant dragon had greatly boosted the morale of the Human Race, the good times didn’t last long, and the momentum of its charge was still blocked. The Sword Dragon leading the charge was now in tatters, and Feng Ying, who was hiding inside, had also revealed herself. The giant dragon protecting the Human Race was also in tatters.

In front of them, the densely packed Ink Clan army was still like a tide, blocking their way, as if they could not be killed.

At this rate, no one would be able to rush back to the Blue Sky Pass, and sooner or later they would be exhausted and die on the battlefield outside.

However, right at this moment, a commotion suddenly broke out behind the Ink Clan army as a series of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques burst forth from the black light.


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