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Moreover, the one presiding over this matter was a Ink Clan Territory Lord!

This was an existence equivalent to an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master. If they really encountered such an expert, no one would be a match.

Realizing the severity of the situation, everyone didn’t dare delay any longer and quickly packed up their things, allowing all the cultivators below the High Rank Open Heaven to enter their Small Universe and quickly leave.

Everyone moved quickly. The Ink Clan’s side probably hadn’t expected their Ink Disciple to leak this information, so they didn’t encounter any danger while fleeing.

Two hours later, the group of five once again hid in an Ink Cloud, calming their Qi and converging their auras.

For the next half a month, the five of them didn’t dare to act rashly and simply hid within the Ink Cloud.

From time to time, they would be able to detect several hundred people from the Ink Clan passing by, obviously searching for their whereabouts. But for the Ink Clan, they could only infer that there was a small group of Human Race cultivators causing trouble behind them. As for who these people were or how many of them there were, none of them knew.

Every time Yang Kai and the others made a move, they would eradicate the entire Ink Clan, so the news naturally wouldn’t leak out.

The Ink Clan would never have thought that these people would actually be hiding in the Ink Clouds, so although they had searched carefully and brushed past Yang Kai and the others, they had never been able to find them.

Fortunately, Yang Kai had created a safe zone in the Ink Clouds, so the five of them didn’t have to worry about being corroded by the Ink Force.

However, continuing to hide like this was not an option. If the Ink Clan couldn’t found them for a long time, no one could say for sure if they wouldn't investigate the situation inside the Ink Cloud. Once they did so, everyone would be unable to conceal themselves and would be exposed sooner or later. At that time, the situation would become passive.

In the Ink Cloud, Feng Ying looked at the others and said solemnly, “It’s time to take a risk.”

Ning Qizhi frowned, “Senior Sister Feng means…”

Feng Ying turned back to look at the front line, “Continuing to seek stability will only make our situation more difficult. I want to see if we can return. What does everyone think?”

Everyone fell silent.

They had all been turned into Ink Disciples by the Ink Clan and had been enslaved by them for many years, never returning to the Human Race’s mountain pass. If they could return, they would naturally be filled with desire, but with the current situation, they couldn’t return just because they wanted to, so they had to take some risks.

Shen Ao said, “The Ink Clan’s side has already been alerted, so it won’t be beneficial for us if we continue. Although we don’t have many people on our side, it’s not a small number. If we can find a suitable opportunity, we may be able to tear a hole in the Ink Clan’s army and return.”

Qi Taichu nodded and said, “This old master has no objections. When I was transformed into Ink, this old master had died once, now that I have been reborn, killing one Ink Clan isn’t a loss, killing two is a profit. If you say what you want to do, this old master will follow. Even if this old master isn’t good at coming up with ideas, this old master can still contribute.”

Shen Ao also said, “Then let’s go back.”

Seeing that no one had any objections, Feng Ying nodded, “Then let’s go back!” Turning to Yang Kai, she said, “Be careful, you must follow me.”

The reason she insisted on returning at this time was firstly because the situation here was no longer safe, and secondly because she wanted to send Yang Kai back.

Although Yang Kai’s cultivation wasn’t high, his existence was of great significance to the Human Race, so she couldn’t risk his life here with them.

If it weren’t for this consideration, Feng Ying wouldn’t have been so anxious. If possible, Feng Ying even wanted Yang Kai to remain hidden in her Small Universe. As long as she didn’t die, Yang Kai’s life wouldn’t be in danger.

However, she couldn’t do so. Yang Kai had a method to dispel and purify the Ink Force, so when fighting the Ink Clan, this method could be used at any time.

After finishing their discussion, the five of them rushed out of the Ink Cloud and headed straight for the frontline battlefield. Since they had decided to return, there was no need to hesitate.

The Ink Clan’s search continued, and because they had been unable to find them for a long time, the Ink Clan had clearly sent more people.

So after half a day, the five of them had been exposed!

Although they had anticipated this situation, the speed at which they were exposed still caught them off guard.

The ones who had discovered them were only a small team of a dozen or so people. Some of them had planned to kill them all, but as time passed, more Ink Clans came from all directions.

The Ink Clan seemed to have split up the search teams into groups and spread out their net to search, contacting and reporting each other’s whereabouts. If anything went wrong, the entire net would rebound.

Along the way, they had killed many Ink Clans, but each time they attacked, their position would be exposed.

A few days later, an oppressive aura entered everyone’s perception, and when they looked up, they could see that the source of this aura was a thick black aura rapidly approaching them.

“Ink Clan’s Territory Lord!” Feng Ying, who was leading the group, called out, her expression instantly becoming serious.

What made her speechless was that this Territory Lord gave her a very familiar feeling. If she wasn’t mistaken, this was the one who had tried to ink her.

At that time, this Territory Lord had poured his Ink Force into her body and thought that he had successfully completed the Ink Transformation, so he had rushed to the battlefield and only told her to rest before following him.

Who would have thought that Feng Ying's Small Universe, had long ago been planted with a Secret Technique by a Human Race master using the Mystery Fish as the foundation, allowing her to block the power of Ink Transformation once.

As a result, Feng Ying took a break and killed Angry Flame.

Originally, she had thought it would be difficult for them to meet again, but who would have thought that the one who was responsible for searching for them this time would be this Territory Lord?

The five of them had discovered the Territory Lord, so the Territory Lord naturally saw them as well, but the distance between them was too great, so no one could do anything about it.

A trace of hesitation flashed across Feng Ying’s face. She was an outstanding Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master and was only a step away from breaking through to the Eighth Order. Shen Ao and the other two had consumed the Profound Female Spirit Fruit and repaired their Small Universe, so their strength had not been damaged. If the four of them joined forces, they might be able to fight against this Territory Lord. Even if they were not his opponent, they would not suffer a crushing defeat.

However, this was not a good time to be entangled with a Territory Lord level master, or else the Ink Clan’s army would surround them and make it impossible for them to escape.

So after a moment of hesitation, Feng Ying shouted, “Go!”

Taking the lead, Yang Kai and the others quickly followed.

The Territory Lord was like a maggot clinging to their bones as he chased after them at an extremely fast speed. Although the few of them had used all their strength, they were still getting closer.

In such a situation, it wouldn’t be long before they were caught up and a great battle broke out.

What made things worse was that the teams from the Ink Clan had once again gathered together and formed a lineup of several hundred people, blocking the way.

Although everyone had discovered this early, they had no choice but to change directions and delay their escape.

Several days later, Feng Ying and the others all wore looks of despair on their faces. The Territory Lord behind them was getting closer, but because of the several hundred Ink Clan teams chasing after them, the group of five was forced to flee in a large area.

However, as the encirclement continued to shrink, there was less room for everyone to maneuver. If this situation continued, everyone would eventually become turtles in a jar.

While fleeing, Feng Ying turned her head to look at Yang Kai, thinking of a feasible plan. It didn’t matter if they died here, but if they couldn’t send Yang Kai back, their losses would be huge. The various methods he possessed were extremely useful to the Human Race.

While she was lost in her thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly turned to her, “Senior, run back!”

Feng Ying looked in the direction he was pointing and shook her head, “Although there is a gap in the encirclement behind us, it is clearly the Ink Clan’s intention. If we really do this, it will only serve to satisfy the Ink Clan’s intentions, and to us, it will only be a struggle to survive.”

They had come all the way here from the Ink Clan’s hinterland, and now they had to return. Wouldn’t all their previous efforts be in vain?

Yang Kai insisted, “I have a way to get rid of them, Senior, please listen to me.”

“You have a way?” Feng Ying was surprised when she heard this, Shen Ao and the others also stared at him in surprise. In this current situation, it could be said that there was no way out, there is only battle ahead, and none of them could do anything about it, what can Yang Kai do.

“What method?” Ning Qizhi couldn’t help asking.

Yang Kai shook his head, “You’ll find out later, Senior doesn’t need to ask.”

Ning Qizhi smacked his lips and remained silent.

Feng Ying hesitated for a moment before gritting her teeth, “Good!”

Taking the lead, they turned around and flew back. Seeing this, the others had no choice but to change their direction.

This was truly a hopeless situation. They didn’t know what method Yang Kai was talking about, but they couldn’t help feeling somewhat uneasy.

The Ink Clan obviously didn’t expect these people to make such a decision, but seeing that they were actually rushing towards their home territory, they naturally chased after them. The Territory Lord leading the group sneered. From his perspective, these humans were just delaying their death. As long as he could catch up to them, he could naturally show them how powerful he was.

As they ran, the oppressive aura of the Territory Lord behind them grew closer, causing the faces of Feng Ying and the others to turn ugly.

Half a day later, Ning Qizhi couldn’t help but say, “Little Brother, if you really have a way, hurry up and act. If you don’t act soon, it will be too late. If you don’t have a way, you can also tell us the truth. If we risk our lives, we might be able to kill that Territory Lord.”

Killing that Territory Lord was unrealistic, the difference in strength was obvious, but it was still possible to injure him.

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai turned around and saw that the Territory Lord was already quite close to them. If he was just a bit closer, he should be able to attack. Yang Kai immediately nodded and said, “Almost there.”

His figure suddenly stopped.

Feng Ying and the others quickly came to a halt and were caught off guard, all of them turning around to look.


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