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Shen Ao turned to Feng Ying and asked, “Senior Sister, what is your plan?”

The two of them have the same grade and had never met before, so it was unknown who was older and who was younger. The title of Senior Sister was just a form of respect and had no special meaning.

Feng Ying said, “The Ink Clan’s army should be gathering at the front lines to attack my Human Race’s mountain pass. I plan on gathering more people to launch a surprise attack from the rear. This way, even if we can’t resolve the situation at the mountain pass, we can create some chaos for the Ink Clan. What does Senior Brother think?”

Hearing this, Shen Ao nodded, “Previously, when I was by the side of that Xiao Yue Feudal Lord, I did hear some information about the front lines. Right now, there are indeed many Ink Clan forces attacking the nearest mountain pass, but after so many years, the various Cave Heaven Paradise have rarely fallen, so we don’t need to worry too much. On the contrary, if we want to return, we need to gather enough strength.” Turning to Yang Kai, Shen Ao said, “With Little Brother’s profound methods, it’s not too difficult to gather manpower. Senior Sister should just act according to plan, I have no objections.”

Feng Ying said, “That’s good, let’s rest for now. If we want to gather more people, we’ll need to find more Ink Clan members.”

Shen Ao said, “It’s just that Senior Sister should be aware of my current situation. If I really encounter a powerful enemy, I will have to rely on Senior Sister’s help.”

Feng Ying nodded, “Rest assured, I will do my best.”

Yang Kai suddenly turned to Shen Ao and asked, “Has Senior’s Small Universe been damaged?” Basically, all of Ink Disciple’s Small Universe was damaged. When he fought with the Ink Clan, the strength this Shen Ao displayed was somewhat different from a Seventh Order.

Shen Ao’s expression became somewhat gloomy, “Yes.”

This was also his regret. Back when he was fighting with the Ink Clan, he had accidentally been contaminated by the Ink Force and had no choice but to part with a portion of his Small Universe’s territory. However, the battle was too intense and he was already exhausted, so he didn’t have time to rest and recuperate. In the end, he was accidentally transformed into ink and was reduced to a muddled Ink Disciple.

Being able to wake up now was truly a surprise.

Yang Kai took out an object and handed it over, “Then Senior can see if this thing is useful to you.”

Shen Ao took it suspiciously and opened it, his expression suddenly becoming serious, “Profound Female Spirit Fruit?”

[MSN: There was a mistake before, it was actually called Profound Female Spirit Fruit, based on the wiki.]

Feng Ying also looked over in surprise. She naturally recognized this thing, after all, it was a treasure in the Ink Battlefield and was extremely effective in repairing the Small Universe.

“Where did you get it?” Feng Ying asked in shock.

Yang Kai shrugged, “I accidentally obtained it.”

It wasn’t convenient for him to explain, after all, Meng Qi had given it to him before, so it wasn’t appropriate for him to inform others. Looking at Shen Ao, he asked, “Can this thing help Senior repair your Small Universe?”

Shen Ao held the Profound Female Spirit Fruit tightly, a look of excitement appearing on his face as he said, “Of course, only this thing can be used to repair it.”

As a Seventh Order Open Heaven, he had a calm temperament, and there were very few things in this world that could make him excited. Even when he was rescued by Yang Kai, he had never been so excited, but with the Profound Female Spirit Fruit in his hand and the hope of repairing his Small Universe’s condition, he was still quite excited.

“How long will it take?” Feng Ying asked.

Shen Ao shook his head, “I’m not too sure, after all, I’ve never used this thing before, but I don’t think it will take long.” Turning to Yang Kai, he said, “Little brother, this thing is very useful to me, so I won’t refuse. I’ll definitely repay you generously in the future!”

Yang Kai waved his hand and said, “Senior’s recovery is also helpful to our plan.”

Currently, he only had Feng Ying and Shen Ao, two Seventh Order Open Heaven with him, he didn’t need to worry about Feng Ying. Although Shen Ao was a Seventh Order, he was only a Pseudo-Seventh Order. Not only was his strength not comparable to an ordinary cultivator, but his resistance to Ink Force was also weak, which was extremely disadvantageous to his future plans.

If one Profound Female Spirit Fruit could solve this problem, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t be too stingy.

After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai said, “I still have a few Profound Female Spirit Fruits with me, do you want to find a few people to consume them?” In his current situation, if he could increase their combat strength a bit more, it would also increase his combat strength. Moreover, after repairing the Small Universe, they would have stronger resistance to the Ink Force.

There were still a few…

Feng Ying and Shen Ao were both shocked. The Profound Female Spirit Fruit was extremely rare, and in the Ink Battlefield, only a few unique Secret Realms could produce it. If they were lucky enough to find one, it would be like a green smoke rising from their ancestral graves, but Yang Kai actually had a few of them.

Although they didn’t know how many of these were, it was definitely not too few.

Feng Ying couldn’t make decisions for others, so after a moment of silence, she said, “I’ll ask.”

Shen Ao, on the other hand, smiled wryly and said, “No one should want it.”

“Why is that?” Yang Kai couldn’t help being surprised. The Small Universe of the rescued Ink Disciple should be in an incomplete state. The Profound Female Spirit Fruit should be extremely attractive to them, so how could no one want it?

Shen Ao didn’t explain and simply said, “You’ll understand later.”

Feng Ying closed her eyes and didn’t say anything, probably communicating with the many Open Heaven Stage cultivators hiding in her Small Universe. After a while, she opened her eyes and looked at Yang Kai, “Take these Profound Female Spirit Fruits first.”

Sure enough, no one wanted it.

Seemingly seeing his confusion, Shen Ao explained, “When they encounter such an opportunity, they will all choose to give it to a High Rank Open Heaven Stage cultivator. Not to mention the Spirit Fruit in your hand, even if they obtain it, they won’t easily consume it and instead choose to hand it over.”

Saying so, he patted Yang Kai’s shoulder and sat down cross-legged, swallowing the Profound Female Spirit Fruit.

Yang Kai stood in place for a moment before sighing lightly. He hadn’t expected that those who had been rescued would be able to resist the temptation to refuse the Spirit Fruit, but from this, he could feel the difference in atmosphere in the Ink Battlefield.

If it was in the 3000 Worlds, such a treasure would probably attract the attention of many people, but in this Ink Battlefield, where everyone’s hearts were united, everyone would choose a plan that was beneficial to the overall situation and would never ignore the general situation just to satisfy their own desires.

The black cloud was completely silent as the three of them began to recover.

From time to time, Shen Ao’s body would emit a faint fluctuation of World Force. It was likely that the Profound Female Spirit Fruit was working to repair his Small Universe.

After more than twenty days, the intermittent fluctuations on Shen Ao’s body finally subsided, and after half a day, he slowly opened his eyes.

Yang Kai had been paying attention to Shen Ao’s movements all this time, and now that he looked up, he felt that Shen Ao’s aura seemed to have changed, becoming more confident.

As their eyes met, Shen Ao nodded slightly towards Yang Kai to express his gratitude.

Feng Ying asked, “Are you done?”

“Yes,” Shen Ao nodded.

“Then let’s go.” Feng Ying stood up.

Before setting out, the three of them made some preparations. All of the Open Heaven Stage cultivators they had rescued before were now hiding in Feng Ying’s Small Universe. Although she was a Seventh Order, and her Small Universe was strong enough to accommodate these people, if she were to accommodate too many of them, it would be a burden on her body and affect her ability to display her strength.

Moreover, if she were to launch a sneak attack on the Ink Clan like before, she would need to first release everyone from her Small Universe, which would take some time.

After some discussion, the dozen or so Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage masters were taken by Yang Kai into his Small Universe while the remaining half were shared by Shen Ao.

Shen Ao’s expression as he stared at Yang Kai was simply astonishing.

He hadn’t been in contact with Yang Kai for long, but Yang Kai had brought him too many surprises.

With his own methods, he was able to save the Ink Disciples who had been turned into ink by the Ink Force and even give him the Profound Female Spirit Fruit. Now, even his Small Universe was able to take in living people…

Putting aside the Profound Female Spirit Fruit, Shen Ao had lived for so many years but had never seen or heard of the other two, which had given him quite a shock.

Seeing his expression, Feng Ying’s lips curled up slightly as she thought to herself, 'This little brat still has one of the Universe Four Pillars, World Spring.'

If Shen Ao knew about this, he didn’t know what to think.

To be honest, Feng Ying herself was also quite shocked by Yang Kai. She had never seen such a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage before, and his body was always filled with all kinds of strange phenomena.

Sometimes, she was quite puzzled. Such a person should have been properly protected, so how could he have ended up in the Ink Clan’s hinterland, relying on his disguise as an Ink Disciple to survive?

The main forces of the Ink Clan had long since gathered at the frontline, but later on, there were always some scattered Ink Clans rushing to the battlefield. It was not as united as the Human Race's. The territory occupied by the Ink Clan in the Ink Battlefield was too vast, and under the command of the Ink Clan, the movements of the various territories were always fast and slow. There were also some Ink Clans who acted on their own, so whenever they were interested, they would go to the frontline battlefield to join in the fun and avoid any danger if it's dangerous.

These few people from the Ink Clan who were rushing to the battlefield gave the three of them a chance to act.

If there were too many people, the three of them would conceal themselves and not expose themselves.

If there were fewer people, they would naturally eat them in one bite, kill all the Ink Clans, and try their best to save the Ink Disciple.

Previously, Yang Kai and Feng Ying had been able to make a name for themselves here. Now, not only did they have Shen Ao, but they also had dozens of helpers, so it was naturally much more convenient.

As the days passed, the number of Ink Disciple they had saved increased, from a few dozen to a hundred, then two or three hundred.

Among them, there were two more Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage. Including Feng Ying and Shen Ao, there were now four Seventh Order masters.

These two newly rescued Seventh Order masters had naturally received Yang Kai’s gift and used the Profound Female Spirit Fruit to repair their Small Universe.

Recently, at least two thousand members of the Ink Clan had died under their hands, and more than a dozen Feudal Lords had been killed.

After a great battle, the four Seventh Order masters and Yang Kai hid in the ink cloud and rested, each of them recovering their strength.

Every time this happened, Yang Kai would always think of Meng Qi. Today’s situation could be said to be caused by him and Feng Ying.

Although Meng Qi’s strength was not as strong as Feng Ying’s, he was still a Seventh Order. If he had not died and instead left with him, perhaps he would have survived.

However, he had resolutely died.

Because there was always a chance of something happening.


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