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Small Universe’s complete state was extremely important to the Open Heaven Stage cultivator because every Open Heaven Stage cultivator’s Small Universe was the source of their own strength. Once Small Universe was damaged, his strength would definitely fall, and because of the Small Universe’s incomplete state, they would be unable to advance.

So unless it was absolutely necessary, which Open Heaven Stage cultivator would be willing to part with their Small Universe territory?

However, if it was eroded by the Ink Force, there was no way to dispel it. Only by abandoning the part of its territory that had been eroded could they preserve their clarity and maintain their nature.

From ancient times until now, the Human Race’s masters had fought against the Ink Clan in this Ink Battlefield. Every time a great war broke out, there would be people who had no choice but to give up a portion of their territory. This kind of determination to cut their own losses was something their ancestors had warned them about when they entered the Ink Battlefield.

If they didn’t want to be turned into ink and lose their will, they had to be willing to give up!

If they were destined to be killed by their enemies, they would strive to die together with them!

These two sentences, in every mountain pass, were the warning words of the ancestors to the new juniors.

By cutting off a portion of their Small Universe's territory, they would be able to preserve their will and prevent themselves from being turned into ink, but once they did so, the Small Universe would become incomplete. Not only would their strength fall, but the next time they faced the erosion of the Ink Force, because the Small Universe was incomplete, it would be even more difficult to resist the erosion of the Ink Force.

Therefore, in comparison, the complete and incomplete state of the Open Heaven Stage cultivators' Small Universe can determine the time they could resist the Ink Force, the comple Small Universe could naturally resist the Ink Force better.

In the face of the corrosion of the Ink Force, the Human Race’s Open Heaven Stage cultivators were able to cut off a part of Small Universe’s territory the first time, but perhaps the second time…

However, there would always be a time when it was impossible to guard against, so basically every Ink Disciple's Small Universe is incomplete. When they faced the erosion of the Ink Force, they had already done their best to resist, turning into Ink Disciple was not something they wanted to see.

The Meng Qi who Yang Kai had encountered from Exquisite Paradise was like this, having fought with so many Ink Disciple in the gambling arena, he had also discovered this point, even Yi Er, Ding Si, Wu Wu, and so on.

This was especially true for Ding Si. Although he was only a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage master now, it had to be known that he was once a Sixth Order, an elite disciple of a certain Cave Heaven Paradise. It was only because he had been corroded by the Ink Force that he had been forced to part with his Small Universe several times which was contaminated by the Ink Force, resulting in his cultivation dropping to the Fifth Order.

Basically, all Ink Disciples could be called Pseudo Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

It wasn’t that they weren’t Open Heaven Stage masters, but because their Small Universe was incomplete, Ink Disciple’s strength would never reach a normal level.

For example, Meng Qi could be considered a Pseudo-Seventh Order! He was more powerful than an ordinary Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, but compared to a Seventh Order, he was pitifully weak.

Both Yi Er and Wu Wu could be considered Pseudo-Sixth Order.

Over the past two months, Yang Kai and Feng Ying had been wandering around and treating Ink Disciple, but not a single one of these Ink Disciple’s had a perfect Small Universe. In this battle, they had killed many of the Ink Clan’s members, and after their deaths, the Ink Force in their bodies had dispersed and condensed into clouds. As such, it was easy for everyone to be corroded by the Ink Force again.

However, with their previous experience of being treated, once they noticed that their Small Universe was being corroded by the Ink Force, these people naturally rushed over to Yang Kai’s side immediately and asked him to dispel the Ink Force.

Coupled with the fact that Ink Disciple still needed to be treated, Yang Kai found it difficult to cope.

Fortunately, Feng Ying and the newly rescued Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator had extraordinary strength, and this ship didn’t have any corresponding high-level combatants. The two of them fought back and forth, causing countless casualties to the Ink Clan, allowing the situation to gradually stabilize.

Seeing the strength of the Human Race’s forces, knowing they were no match for them, the surviving Ink Clan cultivators immediately scattered and fled.

Seeing this, Feng Ying’s eyes became fierce as she shouted, “Don’t let any of them off!”

Leading a group of people, she chased after them while the other Seventh Order Open Heaven chased after them.

The main reason they had been able to remain safe until now was because they hadn’t exposed their whereabouts. Every time they encountered an Ink Clan master, they would kill them, and every time they encountered an Ink Disciple, they would save them. If news of this were to leak out here, the Ink Clan would definitely target them. At that time, these people alone wouldn’t be able to resist.

As such, all of the Ink Clan here had to die, and only the dead could keep their secrets.

The Ink Clan had fled in all directions, and even after the two Seventh Order pursuers had chased after them, there were still some who had escaped, so everyone naturally split up to pursue them.

Yang Kai also did the same, taking the lead by himself, his figure like a leech as he bit down on the back of the Ink Clan members, manipulating his Space Laws to envelop them.

The several fleeing Ink Clans suddenly felt like they had fallen into a swamp, and the more they struggled, the stiffer their bodies became.

When he got close, Yang Kai took out his Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it forward, killing several Ink Clan masters on the spot. His figure flickered as he flew through the air, blocking several fleeing figures and killing them one by one. Looking around, the originally noisy battlefield was now completely silent.

A short while later, everyone gathered on the ship again to count the casualties.

It wasn’t bad. Although a few people had fallen, their gains were greater. The lineup here had already expanded to seventy or eighty people, and now there was an additional Seventh Order Open Heaven.

The original flying ship had already been damaged by the previous battle and was only a flying artifact. Although it had some defensive capabilities, it had not been activated during the battle just now.

What’s more, even if it was opened, it wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. The shockwaves from the attacks of so many Open Heaven Stage masters were extremely fierce, making it impossible for this kind of flying artifact to resist.

Feng Ying was quite straightforward, directly destroying all evidence to prevent the Ink Clan from noticing anything. She turned to the crowd and said, “Everyone, please enter my Small Universe first, we will discuss the rest later.”

With such a large group of humans gathered together, it would be too conspicuous, and it would also be inconvenient for them to launch a sneak attack on the Ink Clan, so it was naturally safer to hide in Feng Ying’s Small Universe.

Everyone also knew that this wasn’t the place to talk, and although everyone had many doubts in their hearts, they still entered Feng Ying’s Small Universe one by one.

Soon, only Yang Kai, Feng Ying, and the Pseudo-Seventh Order cultivator remained.

“Let’s go,” Feng Ying called out and led the way.

Yang Kai and the Pseudo-Seventh Order followed behind.

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn, an Ink Cloud appeared in front of Feng Ying’s eyes. Feng Ying turned to look at Yang Kai, a look of inquiry appearing on her face as Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Three figures rushed towards the Ink Cloud.

The Pseudo-Seventh Order cultivator, on the other hand, had some doubts. After all, Ink Cloud was not something a human cultivator could casually touch, especially in his current state. His Small Universe was incomplete, so Ink Cloud was a great threat to him.

However, considering the methods Yang Kai had used before, he didn’t say anything and simply followed closely behind.

Soon, the three of them entered the Ink Cloud. Yang Kai immediately created a safe zone inside the Ink Cloud, allowing the Pseudo-Seventh Order to relax.

“Blue Sky Paradise, Feng Ying!” Feng Ying looked at the Pseudo-Seventh Order and cupped her fists slightly, introducing herself.

Yang Kai also followed up, “Yin-Yang Heaven, Yang Kai!”

The Pseudo-Seventh Order bowed and said solemnly, “Great Change Paradise, Shen Ao!”

Saying so, he looked at Yang Kai seriously, “I will never forget this life-saving grace. In the future, if Little Brother needs any help, please feel free to ask. This Shen will do his best to help you.”

Yang Kai waved his hand, “It’s nothing, Senior is too serious.”

Shen Ao shook his head, “I’ve been muddleheaded for hundreds of years, but today I’ve finally managed to clear my mind. This Shen will remember this favor.” He then asked curiously, “When did our Human Race gain such a method?”

For countless years, all of the Ink Disciples who had been turned into ink were unable to be saved. It was clear that when Yang Kai had used it, all of the Ink Disciples who hadn’t died had been saved. It was obvious that all of the Ink Force in their bodies had been expelled and their essence had been purged.

This made him extremely curious and excited.

Like Feng Ying, how could he not see the great value of this method?

Feng Ying explained, “Not everyone knows this method, it’s this boy’s unique ability, I only recently learned of it.”

Shen Ao looked at Yang Kai in surprise, “Is this a Secret Technique or a Divine Ability? Can others cultivate it?”

Yang Kai pondered for a moment before replying, “It can be said to be a Secret Technique, but others cannot cultivate it.”

Shen Ao didn’t understand, “Since it’s a Secret Technique, why can’t you cultivate it? The Cave Heaven Paradise is filled with talented people, there’s bound to be someone who can successfully cultivate it.”

Feng Ying also looked at him curiously. In truth, after spending some time together, she had become quite curious about Yang Kai’s methods. Many times, she had wanted to ask him about them, but when the words were about to came out of her mouth, she couldn’t bring herself to ask. After all, Yang Kai didn’t seem to have any intention of saying anything about these methods, so if she were to ask him about them, she would be suspected of prying into other people’s privacy.

Now that Shen Ao had asked what she wanted to know, if this method could really be promoted, the structure of the Ink Battlefield would definitely be changed.

Yang Kai shook his head and explained, “Senior doesn’t know this, but although I can use this technique, it wasn’t something I cultivated, it was given to me by someone else!”

Saying so, he took the initiative to activate the seals on his left and right hands. The left hand's seal were as dazzling as the sun, while the right hand's seal were as deep as black holes.

Feng Ying and Shen Ao watched in amazement.

“These two seals are the foundation of the Secret Technique, not Junior’s own ability, and these two seals… are not in the Battlefield of Ink.”

Hearing this, both of them couldn’t help showing a look of disappointment. The two of them also felt a trace of a terrifying aura from these two seals, but they were certain that these two seals were not to be trifled with.

Shen Ao remained silent for a moment before patting Yang Kai’s shoulder, “You must protect yourself well. One of you may become a million masters of the Human Race!”

These words were a bit exaggerated, causing Yang Kai to blush with shame.


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