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Yang Kai was somewhat worried, “But we don’t know what kind of existence is inside this ship, what if it’s a Territory Lord?”

Feng Ying shook her head, “It’s not likely. Two months ago, the Ink Royal Lord personally took action, so the nearby Territory Lord masters from the Ink Clan should have joined the battle by now. Even if some of them received the news late, they wouldn’t have waited until today to send reinforcements. There shouldn’t be any more Territory Lord. What’s more, the battle has already begun, and as the mainstay of the Ink Clan’s forces, Territory Lord should have rushed to the battlefield as soon as possible. The fact that they sent out a flying ship artifact to deliver manpower can only mean that the strength of the people here is mixed, each flying at different speeds.”

Her words made sense, so Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Feng Ying continued, “Of course, there’s always a chance. If there really is a Territory Lord… I’ll try my best to delay, so you should escape as soon as possible.”

During this time, she had witnessed Yang Kai’s methods and recognized his value. Such a talent must not be harmed, otherwise it would be an unimaginable loss to the Cave Heaven Paradise. She was even prepared to fight to the death to create an opportunity for Yang Kai to escape.

“Let’s go!” Feng Ying called out and led Yang Kai towards the flying ship.

When the two figures appeared, the ship immediately reacted. Several figures flew up from the deck and stood on the ship, watching from afar.

Feng Ying and Yang Kai didn’t slow down in the slightest as they rushed towards them and soon landed on the deck.

Many pairs of curious eyes turned towards them.

Yang Kai was also sizing them up, and when he discovered that none of these Ink Disciples were High Rank Open Heaven masters, he couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief. Moreover, just as Feng Ying had predicted, the strength of the people here was indeed mixed. From this, it could be seen that Feng Ying’s guess was correct.

Feng Ying put her hand on her chest and looked towards the interior of the ship, “Which Sir is in charge here? The Red Sickle Territory Lord has issued an order!”

It was as if she was the Ink Disciple subordinate of the Red Sickle Territory Lord.

The group of Ink Disciple on the deck looked around, but none of them said anything. Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he admired Feng Ying’s boldness and meticulousness. If she were to use the Red Sickle Territory Lord as an excuse, any master on this ship would definitely show up at the first opportunity. This way, they could quickly determine the strength of the enemy and have a way to deal with them.

Moreover, she is a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so it was normal for her to disguise as the Red Sickle Territory Lord’s Ink Disciple.

Soon, muffled footsteps could be heard from the cabin, and soon after, a tall and imposing Ink Clan cultivator walked out.

Yang Kai looked up and found that this Ink Clan member was probably just a Feudal Lord, so he immediately relaxed.

During this period of time, many of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords had died under Feng Ying’s hands, so there was really no need to pay too much attention to a mere Feudal Lord.

The only thing that caught Yang Kai’s attention was the Ink Disciple who was accompanying the Feudal Lord. He was undoubtedly a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master with a profound aura.

After the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord appeared, he looked down at Feng Ying and Yang Kai who were standing in front of him and said, “I am Xiao Yue Feudal Lord. If the Territory Lord has any orders, please inform me.”

He didn’t doubt Feng Ying’s identity at all, mainly because he hadn’t expected someone to be so bold as to come in front of him and pretend to be the Territory Lord’s Ink Disciple.

Feng Ying respectfully said, “Sir, please lower your head. Master has said that this token can only be given to you.”

The Xiao Yue Feudal Lord frowned slightly. Although he didn’t understand why Red Sickle Territory Lord had given such an order, he still lowered his body slightly and tilted his head to listen attentively.

Feng Ying flew forward slightly and whispered, “Master said…”

Halfway through her words, Xiao Yue's curiosity was piqued and he relaxed his vigilance. In the next moment, she drew her sword and slashed down.

Black blood splattered everywhere, but the Xiao Yue Feudal Lord still had his ears lean to the side as his head was chopped off.

Feng Ying’s hands didn’t stop moving as she once again forced back the Seventh Order Ink Disciple next to the Xiao Yue Ink Disciple, immediately opening up her Small Universe. In an instant, several dozen figures rushed out.

These Ink Disciple, who had been saved by Yang Kai and Feng Ying for two months, had been resting and recuperating in Feng Ying’s Small Universe, and had long since recovered. Every day, they had nothing to do and were bored to death.

Now that they had jumped out from Feng Ying’s Small Universe, it's like a fierce tiger descending from the mountain, instantly summoning their own artifact and sending out a series of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques towards the surrounding Ink Clan cultivators. The Ink Clan cultivators were still in a daze, not having expected to encounter a sneak attack from a Human Race master in such a place, causing them to suffer heavy casualties.

The moment Feng Ying made her move, Yang Kai pounced forward.

Yang Kai didn’t pay any attention to the other Ink Disciples, instead focusing on the Seventh Order Ink Disciple next to the Xiao Yue Feudal Lord. He still couldn’t determine how many people on this ship were equivalent to Seventh Order, but the Xiao Yue Feudal Lord had already been killed. As long as he could deal with this Seventh Order Ink Disciple, he would be able to stabilize the situation.

Just as Yang Kai move, the Seventh Order Ink Disciple who had been forced back by Feng Ying’s sword also rushed over.

For Ink Disciple, his master had just died a miserable death in front of his eyes. Regardless of whether Feng Ying was sent by the Red Sickle Territory Lord, he had to take revenge.

Feng Ying naturally had his guard up against him. After releasing several dozen of clansmen from her Small Universe, she raised her sword and charged forward.

Yang Kai was even faster than her, leaping out from her side and punching towards the Seventh Order Ink Disciple.

A cold light flashed across the other party’s eyes as he raised his palm to meet Yang Kai’s attack. The World Force in his palm surged like a tsunami as if it was about to kill Yang Kai.

“Be careful!” Feng Ying cried out in alarm. She hadn’t expected Yang Kai to be so fierce. In her original plan, she would be the one to deal with the Seventh Order enemy, so all Yang Kai needed to do was treat the subdued Ink Disciple.

Who would have thought that this little brat would actually target a Seventh Order Ink Disciple? She didn’t even have time to stop him.

However, thinking about how Yang Kai had blocked her killing blow twice, Feng Ying was slightly relieved. This guy wouldn’t die so easily.

As the fist and palm collided, the World Force surged and Yang Kai’s figure was sent flying. The Seventh Order Ink Disciple also trembled slightly, his eyes flashing with surprise.

Although his strength wasn’t at its peak, his Grade was still there. For an opponent one grade lower than him to be able to take him head on was truly surprising.

If it was a one on one fight, it would naturally be a good opportunity to pursue him, but just as Yang Kai was forced back, Feng Ying had already closed in on him, her long sword transforming into a sky full of sword shadows that enveloped him.

In an instant, this Seventh Order Ink Disciple was in imminent danger.

Feng Ying’s strength was extremely powerful, and even at his peak, this Seventh Order Ink Disciple was not necessarily her opponent, let alone now.

In just two or three moves, this Seventh Order Ink Disciple had been beaten to the point where he could only block, unable to fight back. No matter how he tried to resist, he was unable to escape from Feng Ying’s grasp.

Yang Kai, who had been forced back, returned and joined forces with Feng Ying, causing the Seventh Order Ink Disciple to complain incessantly.

Yang Kai’s figure was extremely nimble, and his movements were erratic, causing a great deal of trouble for his opponent. On top of that, the pure white light in his hand caused this Seventh Order Ink Disciple to instinctively feel fear.

He had never seen such a pure white light before and didn’t know what kind of technique it was, but the Ink Force in his body seemed to have encountered its natural enemy, sending him a terrifying message.

As a result, the already precarious situation became even worse.

After a short while, Yang Kai found an opportunity and stepped forward, placing a palm on the back of this Seventh Order Ink Disciple.

A pure white light burst out and enveloped the Seventh Order Ink Disciple. With a crackling sound, the Ink Force was dispersed and the resistance of the Seventh Order Ink Disciple slowly stopped.

After a while, Yang Kai stopped and nodded towards Feng Ying before rushing towards the nearest Ink Disciple.

The dozens of Open Heaven Stage masters released by Feng Ying were already engaged in a fierce battle with the enemies on the ship. In just a short time, several of them had fallen, a testament to the intensity of the battle.

The main thing was that they couldn’t do anything, and their numbers weren’t as many as the other party.

Previously, he had not been able to tell, but now he discovered that there were at least two or three hundred people hidden on this ship. Among them were several dozen Ink Disciple and the rest were all from the Ink Clan.

When dealing with the Ink Clan, they could be merciless, but when facing the Ink Disciple, their hands were tied and they couldn’t kill as ruthlessly as before.

After the sounds of the battle rang out, Ink Disciple and the Ink Clan cultivators hiding inside the ship began to appear one after another. Fortunately, this was the case, otherwise, if several dozen people were to face two or three hundred people at once, the casualties would have been disastrous.

After the Seventh Order Ink Disciple was dealt with, Feng Ying immediately blocked the hatch. If the Ink Clan came, she would kill one, if two came, she would kill two. This gave Yang Kai a chance to use his full strength.

He shuttled back and forth across the battlefield as purifying light burst forth from his hands, helping Ink Disciple restore their true nature.

Each time they rescued an Ink Disciple, it was equivalent to adding one more member to their side, weakening their opponent’s strength. As the battle continued, the advantages of their side gradually began to show.

What made Yang Kai feel relieved was that on this ship, other than the Xiao Yue Feudal Lord, only the Seventh Order Ink Disciple beside him had a decent cultivation, and the rest didn’t have a combat strength comparable to a High Rank Open Heaven.

This made the situation even better.

Now that the Seventh Order Ink Disciple had been rescued, there was no need for any further communication between them to understand what they should do.

The continuous deaths of the Ink Clan and the dissipation of their Ink Force caused quite a bit of trouble for them.

Although the Ink Disciples had been saved by Yang Kai’s technique, they were still easily rendered into Ink Transformaiton again, so they had to constantly avoid the Ink Force. Some of them had even been corroded by the Ink Force and had to rush to Yang Kai’s side to ask for help.

Yang Kai naturally did not refuse.

After following Angry Flame for two years, although he had been spending his time with him, he had learned a lot about the Ink Clan and Ink Disciple.

Any Ink Disciple would have to undergo two or even more Ink Transformations before they could be transformed. The first time they were corroded by the Ink Force, they would choose to cut off their Small Universe to ensure their safety.


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