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How could an ordinary Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator be so fierce? Feng Ying had also witnessed it and faintly felt that Yang Kai had probably reached the peak of the Sixth Order and was about to reach the Seventh Order, otherwise he wouldn’t be so powerful.

As these thoughts flashed through her mind, her hands didn’t stop moving, instead rushing towards the two Ink Clan masters who had been seriously injured by Yang Kai. With a wave of her sword, the two Ink Clan masters were cut down like vegetables.

These two had already been seriously injured by Yang Kai’s spear strike, so how could Feng Ying’s decisive and ruthless attack stopped by them?

In the blink of an eye, two Feudal Lord and six High Rank Ink Clan masters had died. Although this was the first time the two of them had cooperated, it was as if they had been familiar with each other for a long time. As they worked together, there was not the slightest opening to delay.

Only now did the five Ink Disciple react.

Seeing the Ink Clan members around them die so tragically, all five of them were enraged and immediately summoned their artifacts, sending out a series of Divine Abilities towards Yang Kai and Feng Ying.

When dealing with them, Yang Kai and Feng Ying couldn’t act so recklessly. This time’s plan was to save them, so it was naturally impossible to injure or kill them.

Yang Kai hastily twisted his body to avoid a Divine Ability that was aimed at him, put away his Azure Dragon Spear, and rushed towards the nearest Ink Disciple.

Seeing this, Feng Ying didn’t even need to discuss anything with Yang Kai. With a wave of her sword, a sword light burst out and enveloped the remaining four people, restricting their movements and attention.

Yellow and blue lights flashed, quickly transforming into pure white light that rushed towards the Ink Disciple and enveloped him.

The pure light did not contain any impurities and the black filth was expelled from the Ink Disciple’s body, causing his expression to change from one of pain to one of calmness. His violent resistance also slowly came to a halt.

His expression was still somewhat blank. During the years he had been transformed into Ink Disciple, he had not lost his consciousness and still remembered his current state and what had happened to him, but now that he thought about it, treating the Ink Clan as a supreme existence was simply laughable and foolish.

Yang Kai didn’t have time to explain anything to him, simply nodding slightly towards him before rushing towards Feng Ying.

Seeing Yang Kai finish off the Ink Disciple so quickly, Feng Ying immediately withdrew her sword light and released another one.

Just like before, the two of them cooperated with each other and quickly dispersed the Ink Force in the bodies of the five Ink Disciples.

Among these five people, there was no High Rank Open Heaven. Three of them were Sixth Order and two were Fifth Order. This was also the key to Yang Kai’s quick resolution.

All five of them stared at Yang Kai in shock, as if they wanted to see a flower on his face.

Although Feng Ying’s performance before was quite impressive, they were all from different Cave Heaven Paradise, and there were many masters in their Sect, so they couldn’t pay too much attention to her.

What they were more concerned about was the method Yang Kai had used to transform Ink Disciple back into a normal person. Having personally experienced this transformation, the five of them had a deep impression of this pure light.

The clansmen actually had such methods now? The five of them were secretly happy, because since ancient times, all of the cultivators who had been turned into ink by the Ink Force had stood on the opposite side of the Human Race, becoming mortal enemies with no way to save them.

But now that they had such a method, if someone were to be transformed into Inked in the future, they wouldn’t have to bear the pain and give up. If there was a chance, they could still save them.

This was definitely a way to change the situation.

Although there were many things they wanted to ask, they also knew that this was not the place to talk, so they just silently cupped their fists and thanked Yang Kai and Feng Ying.

“We can’t stay here for long, everyone, enter my Small Universe!” Feng Ying said before opening her Small Universe’s door.

She is a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, so cultivators below the Seventh Order could naturally join her Small Universe, unlike Yang Kai, who could only accept those under Sixth Order.

The five of them nodded and without any hesitation, rushed through the door and into Feng Ying’s Small Universe, each of them recovering.

“Let’s go!” Feng Ying called out as she took the lead and flew off, Yang Kai following closely behind.

Since they wanted to find helpers, the more the better. Yang Kai didn’t know what was happening up ahead, but since Feng Ying had said that the Ink Clan army was gathering at the front lines, it definitely wouldn’t be easy to break through. Only by gathering enough people would they have a chance to fight their way out of the Ink Clan army and return to the Human Race’s stronghold.

Half a day later, the two of them once again used the same trick and hid in a Ink Cloud, preparing to wait for their prey.

After hiding for less than an incense stick’s worth of time, a large number of Ink Clans flew past nearby. There were nearly a thousand of them, and their leader had a deep aura, most likely a Territory Lord.

Yang Kai and Feng Ying hid inside the ink cloud, not daring to move, doing their best to conceal their auras. With such a powerful enemy, if the two of them were to be exposed, they would definitely suffer.

Fortunately, the two of them were quite lucky. Although this Ink Clan army had passed by nearby, they had not gone to search the Ink Cloud.

For the Ink Clan, Ink Clouds were too common, so there was no need to search carefully. They would never have thought that there would be two Human Race masters hiding inside the Ink Clouds for so long.

It wasn’t until the Ink Clan’s army disappeared from sight that Yang Kai and Feng Ying let out a sigh of relief.

After a while, another group of several hundred people flew over and the two of them could only hide.

From this, it could be seen that Feng Ying’s previous guess was correct. The Ink Clan’s army was currently gathering at the front lines, and the Human Race’s invasion had thoroughly enraged them. The Ink Clan was obviously planning to launch a large-scale attack and wait for an opportunity to take revenge.

From time to time, they would see a large number of Ink Clan cultivators pass by, but no matter how small the number of Ink Clan cultivators was, it wasn’t something the two of them could handle. This time, the situation was different from when Feng Ying had fought hundreds of Ink Clan cultivators alone.

Previously, Feng Ying had been forced to sacrifice herself to allow her companions to escape, so she could only make a big fuss. Now, the two of them had to act stealthily.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai, who had been paying close attention to his surroundings, suddenly lit up and called out, “Senior, they're here.”

Feng Ying glanced at him speechlessly. Why did these words sound like the words of those bandits who were out to rob others?

However, they had indeed come. After waiting for so long, they had managed to avoid some of the Ink Clan’s groups, and now, a group of only a dozen or so people had appeared in front of them.

However, although their numbers were about the same as their first encounter, their lineup was far inferior. There were no Feudal Lord from the Ink Clan, only a few High Rank and even a few Low Rank Ink Clans.

There weren’t many Ink Disciple either, only three.

After confirming that there was no danger nearby, the two of them no longer hesitated and rushed out from the Ink Cloud towards the group.

Soon, there was a massacre where the Ink Clan was completely wiped out, and the three Ink Disciple’s ink force were dispelled by Yang Kai’s technique before being sent to the Small Universe to recuperate.

For the next two months, the two of them wandered around, and the Ink Clouds they could see everywhere became the best place for them to hide.

When they encountered a suitable opportunity, the two of them would act together and divide the work. If the enemy was too strong, they could only continue to hide.

Over the past two months, their harvest had been quite bountiful. They had killed more than a hundred masters from the Ink Clan, many of whom were Feudal Lord, and the number of Ink Disciple they had rescued was around thirty to forty.

Not every Ink Clan had their own Ink Disciple. Many Ink Clans hated humans to the core, and couldn't even stand the Ink Disciples, so there was no way they would have an Ink Disciple accompanying them. Most Ink Clans didn’t have the opportunity to subdue their own Ink Disciples.

For example, Angry Flame was only a High Rank Ink Clan, but he had three or four Ink Disciples, which was quite rare.

If they wanted to have their own Ink Disciple, they would have to spend a great deal of money to purchase it or subdue it on the battlefield. These two methods were not easy to achieve for the Ink Clan.

In the Ink Clouds, after a great battle, Yang Kai and Feng Ying hid while recovering.

After a while, Yang Kai opened his eyes and looked towards Feng Ying.

Seemingly sensing something, Feng Ying didn’t even raise her eyes and simply said, “If you have something to say, say it.”

Yang Kai asked, “Senior, when are we going back?”

Feng Ying said, “There are too few people, it’s not safe to go back like this. At the very least, we need to gather a hundred people to try, otherwise we’ll just be sending ourselves to our deaths.”

“A hundred people…” Yang Kai was speechless.

After following Feng Ying here for two months, they had only managed to save thirty or forty Ink Disciple’s lives. Wouldn’t a hundred people need half a year?

“There’s no need to rush,” Feng Ying opened her eyes and consoled him, “Before, we didn’t have enough strength, so we could only wait for the right opportunity. Now that we have some manpower, we should take the initiative to attack. If we find an opportunity, our speed will be much faster.”

Yang Kai nodded and didn’t say anything more. He didn’t know much about the situation in the Ink Battlefield, so he could only follow Feng Ying’s instructions.

Half a day later, the two who had fully recovered emerged from the Ink Cloud and carefully concealed themselves while searching for possible targets.

The Ink Clan’s army was gathered in front of them, so there was a constant stream of Ink Clans rushing towards the front lines. If an opportunity presented itself, these scattered Ink Clans would be their food.

The opportunity soon arrived.

From afar, the two of them saw a massive ship sailing through the void, heading in the direction the Ink Clan had been attacking. This ship was undoubtedly going to support the front lines.

With such a flying artifact as a carriage, it was obvious that the strength of the Ink Clan on the flying ship was not low. It was at least a Feudal Lord level Ink Clan, and it was also a Feudal Lord with a fief, not just those with Feudal Lord tittle.

From a distance, Yang Kai and Feng Ying quietly observed the flying ship. They could clearly see many figures moving about on it, and judging from the size of these figures, they were all Ink Disciples transformed from humans.

“Does Senior want to attack this ship?” Yang Kai asked.

Feng Ying nodded, “It’s an opportunity.”


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