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The direction Feng Ying was leading him towards was not towards the mountain pass guarded by the Cave Heaven Paradise, but instead seemed to be taking some kind of detour, making him quite puzzled.

Feng Ying explained, “This operation should have angered the Ink Clan. With the Ink Clan’s army gathering in front of us, the two of us alone may not be able to break through the defensive line. If we rush over rashly, we’ll just be walking right into a trap, so it’s best to find some helpers.”

“Helper?” Yang Kai raised his brow slightly and understood, “Ink Disciple?”

Feng Ying nodded, “You have your own methods. As long as we find a few more Ink Disciples, we may be able to gather a group of people to create chaos for the Ink Clan’s army from the rear. Only then will we have a chance to return.”

Originally, she didn’t have such a plan. She had fallen into this Ink Clan’s hinterland alone and was already mentally prepared to die here. If it weren’t for this, she wouldn’t have immediately killed Angy Flame after she had fully recovered. She simply didn’t want to return alive and only wanted to kill a few more Ink Clan and Ink Disciple, so even if she died, it wouldn’t be a loss.

However, after seeing Yang Kai’s bizarre method, a plan popped up in her mind. If she could successfully implement this plan, she would have a chance to survive and even save some Ink Disciple.

However, in this plan, Yang Kai was an indispensable part. Without him, there was no way to execute it.

Listening to her explanation, Yang Kai immediately understood. Looking around for a while, he turned his eyes to the black cloud in the sky and suggested, “Senior, how about we hide inside that black cloud?”

Feng Ying followed his gaze and said thoughtfully, “You mean…”

Yang Kai said, “Ink Disciple must be following the Ink Clan. If the two of us run around like this, even if we find Ink Disciple, they would be vigilant for their Ink Clan, so it won’t be easy to act. However, if we hide in the Ink Cloud and wait for the Ink Clan to pass by, the situation will be different.”

Feng Ying pondered for a moment before nodding, “You’re right.”

She was also a smart person and didn’t need Yang Kai to explain too much, so she naturally understood the benefits of doing so. However, if she really did so, there was only one question, “Can you protect me?”

Although she was strong and her Small Universe’s foundation was deep, allowing her to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force, it was impossible for her to remain in the Ink Cloud for too long. If she stayed too long, she would not be able to endure it.

“We’ll know once we try!” Yang Kai said excitedly and took the lead to fly towards the Ink Cloud.

There was no way he wouldn’t be excited. After spending two years in the Ink Clan’s hinterland, he had always been treading on thin ice, but now he suddenly had to do something so exciting that it made his blood boil.

A moment later, Yang Kai rushed into the ink cloud, Feng Ying following closely behind.

This thick black cloud was almost solid, and if the two of them were to hide inside it, anyone who passed by would not be able to discover their whereabouts.

However, Yang Kai possessed the World Spring, so no matter how powerful this Ink Cloud was, it didn’t affect him in the slightest, but Feng Ying was different. After entering this black cloud, she had to use her Small Universe’s strength to resist the corrosion of the Ink Force, causing her strength to be consumed at an extremely fast rate, and at the same time taking the risk of being turned into ink.

Naturally, Yang Kai was prepared for this and used the Light of Purification to disperse the Ink Force in this space, creating a safe zone.

Feng Ying let out a sigh of relief. When Yang Kai had used the Light of Purification, she had also carefully observed it, but she couldn’t see what kind of technique it was.

“Rest for a while, we may start fighting at any time,” Feng Ying said before closing her eyes to rest.

Yang Kai didn’t have to recuperate. He hadn’t expended too much energy in the previous battle, and now he needed to pay close attention to his surroundings. The uncertainty of waiting for a rabbit was too great, so he had to carefully observe any possible situation.

Time passed by slowly and the two of them were quite lucky. After just an hour, a dozen figures flew over from the Ink Clan’s hinterland.

Yang Kai immediately noticed this and quickly called out, “Senior.”

Feng Ying opened her eyes and used her Divine Sense to look outside. Although the black cloud’s obstruction was difficult to see clearly, her Divine Sense was able to clearly perceive it.

Feng Ying opened her mouth and said, “Two Feudal Lord, Six High Rank Ink Clan, and five Ink Disciples!”

She frowned slightly. There were too many people here, so it would not be easy to deal with them, but this was the first batch of people they had been waiting for, so they had no choice but to act. As long as there was a good start, the situation would only become better.

Checking her own Small Universe, she found that the two Ink Disciples she had thrown in had yet to awaken. Yang Kai had been quite ruthless.

These two couldn’t be counted on, and just as she was hesitating, Yang Kai said, “I’ll leave those two Feudal Lords to Senior, leave the rest to me.”

Feng Ying looked at him in surprise, “Are you sure?”

Although she had fought Yang Kai twice in a hurry and knew that he had some ability, she didn’t know what kind of background he had. It would not be easy for him to deal with six High Rank Ink Clan masters alone, not to mention that once they fought, the five Ink Disciple would not just stand by and watch, they would only help their masters.

“Don’t worry Senior, although this Junior is young, I’ve experienced a lot of things, so I won’t screw up,” Yang Kai licked his lips and said impatiently. After holding back for so long, he could finally relax and let go.

Feng Ying hesitated for a moment before nodding, “Be careful, I’ll deal with those two Feudal Lords as soon as possible to help you.”

Yang Kai nodded and exchanged a glance with Feng Ying before rushing out of the Ink Cloud.

As soon as these two figures appeared, the Ink Clan cultivators who were passing by noticed them and immediately turned their eyes towards them.

Seeing that it was two humans, the two Feudal Lords revealed surprised and delighted expressions, exchanging a glance before flying over.

Yang Kai and Feng Ying also approached, and soon, the two sides were close to each other.

One of the Feudal Lords sized them up and asked, “Where is your master?”

Subconsciously, he thought that Yang Kai and Feng Ying were Ink Disciple. After all, only Ink Disciple could walk out of the Ink Clouds. Human Race who hasn't been transformed would aboid the Ink Cloud, who would hide there?

This was also the reason why Yang Kai had suggested hiding in the Ink Cloud, and Feng Ying readily agreed. Only by doing so would they be able to numb the Ink Clan and misjudge their identities.

Reality proved that this move was very effective. The two Feudal Lords in front of them had never expected that the two people who walked out of the Ink Cloud were not Ink Disciple.

Yang Kai said bitterly, “The Human Race was tyrannical, Master was killed.”

Both he and Feng Ying had dried blood stains on their bodies, especially Feng Ying. The bright red color of her white dress was extremely eye-catching, it was obvious she had experienced a great battle.

As such, this statement did not arouse the suspicion of the Ink Clan.

The two Ink Clan Feudal Lords glanced at each other, and the one who asked the question nodded, “Since that’s the case, you may follow us.”

Saying so, he stretched out his hand towards Yang Kai, the Ink Force in his palm surging.

As for the other Ink Clan Feudal Lord, he was acting towards Feng Ying. A masterless Ink Disciple was the most favored by the Ink Clan. As long as they allowed their Ink Force to erode them, they would be able to turn them into their slave.

Yang Kai didn’t move an inch, allowing the man in front of him to do whatever he wanted.

On Feng Ying’s side, however, a sudden change occurred. In the blink of an eye, a rain of swords descended upon the massive body of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord.

At the same time, Yang Kai took out his Azure Dragon Spear, not bothering with the Feudal Lord in front of him, flashed behind him, and thrust it towards the High Rank Ink Clan who was still watching.

In that instant, neither the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord nor the High Rank Ink Clan could react.

Black blood blossomed as one of the High Rank Ink Clan masters exploded under Yang Kai’s attack, his spear piercing through the rain of blood and flesh before stabbing into the head of another High Rank Ink Clan master.

As he drew his spear, he swept it to the side, sending two figures flying as they coughed up blood.

Yang Kai’s figure spun as he threw a punch to the side, ruthlessly smashing into the abdomen of the third High Rank Ink Clan master. The violent energy exploded, creating a hole in the High Rank Ink Clan master’s abdomen. From one side of his body, one could see the other side.

In the blink of an eye, of the six High Rank Ink Clan masters, three were killed, two were seriously injured, and the last one was only a dozen feet away from Yang Kai.

No one had expected that these two people who were obviously Ink Disciple would launch a sneak attack on the Ink Clan.

In a flash, life and death was decided.

“Impudence!” The Feudal Lord who had tried to use his Ink Force on Yang Kai to turn him into his slave finally reacted and turned around, roaring angrily as the Ink Force around his body surged and he punched towards Yang Kai’s back.

However, in the next instant, his body suddenly froze.

A sword light shot out from his head to his crotch, piercing through his defenses and piercing through his massive body.

Feng Ying attacked!

She had acted even earlier than Yang Kai. Yang Kai had the World Spring to protect him, allowing the Ink Force to freely flow into his body to paralyze his enemies.

The moment the Ink Clan Feudal Lord in front of her moved, she immediately used her killing move.

She is an outstanding Seventh Order master and had previously killed hundreds of powerful enemies by herself. At this moment, the enemy had been caught off guard and she launched a sneak attack at such a close distance, so how could the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord resist?

In the blink of an eye, the Feudal Lord was killed on the spot, and she immediately slashed her sword towards the second Feudal Lord, who was preparing to attack Yang Kai.

How could there be a chance?

As the sword light slashed down, the second Feudal Lord was cut in half, couldn't be more dead.

The instant the two Feudal Lord were killed, Feng Ying let out a sigh of relief. Looking up, she was slightly shocked because Yang Kai, who was standing there, was holding a High Rank Ink Clan member with one hand while holding a spear. With a wave of his hand, the High Rank Ink Clan member exploded into dust.

This boy… is really strong!

She was able to kill two Feudal Lords because she had enough confidence in her own strength, but in the short time she had taken to act, Yang Kai had already killed four High Rank Ink Clan masters, while the other two who had been forced back also looked dispirited, obviously suffering heavy injuries.


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