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Yang Kai’s roar caused the woman’s hand movements to pause for a moment. It was this moment of hesitation that allowed Yi Er and Wu Wu to survive.

Blood splashed as both of them were instantly heavily injured and forced back.

However, the two of them were not afraid of death, and after being forced back, they once again charged towards the woman.

The woman’s brow wrinkled as killing intent burned in her eyes. She had held back just now because of Yang Kai’s roar, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to kill Yi Er and Wu Wu.

The Human Race powerhouse who had been turned into the Ink Clan's Ink Disciple was destined to become their enemy. She could not show the slightest bit of mercy to her enemy. This was a lesson that had been taught to the Human Race for countless years on the Ink Battlefield, a lesson that countless ancestors had exchanged their blood for.

However, before she could attack again, Yang Kai had already arrived.

Yi Er and Wu Wu only had eyes for this woman and didn’t have the slightest bit of vigilance against Yang Kai. As Yang Kai approached them, they were knocked out one by one, but none of them were killed.

However, the situation was urgent and Yang Kai’s attack was a bit too heavy. Even if the two of them woke up, they would need to rest for a while.

The woman raised her sword and stared at this scene, a trace of surprise flashing across her eyes.

As an Ink Disciple, Yang Kai’s actions were undoubtedly puzzling, but combined with what he had just said, the woman vaguely guessed, “You weren’t transformed into Inked?”

Holding Yi Er in one hand and Wu Wu in the other, Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “When I first met Senior, I wanted to tell you about this, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance.”

“You have the Universe Four Pillars?” The woman raised her brow.

“World Spring!”

“Words aren’t proof!” The woman didn’t let down her guard, the sword in her hand flashing rapidly.

Yang Kai nodded, “Senior, please take a look!”

Saying so, he took the initiative to open his Small Universe's door. The woman stared at him for a moment before using her Divine Sense to probe his Small Universe's interior.

After a short while, the woman withdrew her Divine Sense, her eyes filled with surprise. She had indeed seen a clear spring in Yang Kai’s Small Universe. The spring had released an extremely profound energy that sealed the Small Universe, allowing it to become smooth and flawless, not allowing any external force to invade it.

However, she also saw that Yang Kai’s Small Univeres had actually transformed from illusory into a solid one.

This was what surprised her. The young man in front of her was obviously only a Sixth Order…

“Senior also has the Universe Four Pillars?” Yang Kai asked for confirmation. If she didn’t have the Universe Four Pillars, how could she have escaped from the hands of a Territory lord transformation? The reason she had held back and pretended to be Ink Disciple was because she was like a dried up oil lamp, once she was discovered to have the Universe Four Pillars, she would definitely die on the spot.

After the Territory Lord left and she had recovered, she suddenly attacked.

Angry Flame had died a wrongful death. This fellow had thought that staying behind to look after this woman was a good job and didn’t need to compete with the Human Race’s masters, but who would have thought that staying behind was the fastest way to die?

If he had known this would happen, Angry Flame would never have stayed by this woman’s side.

It was precisely because Yang Kai had such a guess that when the woman attacked just now, he had shouted.

Unexpectedly, the woman slowly shook her head, “I don’t have the Universe Four Pillars. The Universe Four Pillars on the Human Race's side are all for the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, so I’m not qualified to have them. Otherwise, why do you think the Territory Lord didn’t investigate my Small Universe before leaving?”

Ninth Order Old Ancestor masters had never been seen being turned into ink before, so there was no need to worry about them being corroded by the Ink Force. It didn’t matter if they had the Universe Four Pillars or not.

Eighth Order Open Heaven was the strongest force below the Ninth Order, and it was also the cornerstone of the Human Race’s Ink Battlefield. Naturally, they had to carry the Universe Four Pillars on their backs in order to display their greatest strength.

Eighth Order Open Heaven's strength was enough to protect himself in the chaotic battlefield and prevent him from being killed.

If they really let a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage and a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage carry a treasure like the Universe Four Pillars, if they died, the Universe Four Pillars would be lost.

The Ink Clan was also aware of this. The Human Race didn’t have many Universe Four Pillars, but without exception, all of them were on the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters. So after the Territory Lord Inked the woman, he left the place without checking her Small Universe.

Yang Kai was stunned, “Then how did Senior resist the erosion of the Ink Force?” As he asked this question, he became vigilant.

If this woman was really turned into ink, the situation in front of him wouldn’t be good.

The woman pondered for a moment before explaining, “My Small Universe was once planted with a secret technique based on the Mystery Fish, which can help me resist the erosion of the Ink Force.”

Mystery Fish, one of the Universe Four Pillars. Yang Kai didn’t know what this Secret Technique was, nor had he ever heard of what kind of Secret Technique could be planted based on the Universe Four Pillars, but it was obviously something they had developed in the Ink Battlefield.

In order to resist the Ink Force, the Human Race’s masters naturally racked their brains and put in a lot of effort. After countless years of struggle, it wasn’t surprising for them to produce some new sparks.

“Does Senior mean that this Secret Technique can protect Senior once?”

The woman nodded.

“Can I verify it?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

The woman fell silent for a moment before opening her Small Universe's door. She also knew that this was the only way to gain Yang Kai’s trust, and in this Ink Battlefield, it was perfectly normal for someone to investigate their Small Universe.

Yang Kai examined the woman’s body and found that there were no signs of her body being corroded by the Ink Force, nor were there any Universe Four Pillars, causing him to click his tongue in wonder.

“We can’t stay here for long,” The woman said lightly. Angry Flame's corpse was still lying there. If another Ink Clan member passed by here, the two of them wouldn’t be able to explain themselves. As she spoke, she glanced at the two Ink Disciples in Yang Kai’s hands and said, “You can’t save them, kill them.”

Yang Kai nodded, “If it was just this Junior alone, I naturally wouldn’t be able to save them, but with Senior here, it’s different. Senior, please take them into your Small Universe.”

The woman frowned, “Impossible, they are Ink Disciple. If I take them into my Small Universe, when they wake up, I will be in trouble.”

“Senior, please wait a moment!” Yang Kai said as his left and right hands suddenly lit up with a dazzling light. As he pressed his palms together, the yellow and blue light fused together and transformed into a pure white light that enveloped Yi Er and Wu Wu.

A crackling sound rang out as the two unconscious men suddenly showed expressions of pain. Immediately after, a rich Ink Force burst out from their bodies and transformed into nothingness. As the Ink Force dissipated, their expressions gradually softened.

Yang Kai withdrew his Light of Purification and nodded towards the woman, “There’s no problem now.”

The woman’s jaw dropped as she stared at this scene, faintly guessing what was going on, but she still couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Taking a step forward, she grabbed Yi Er’s wrist and carefully examined it. After a while, she stared at Yang Kai as if she had seen a ghost, “What kind of technique is this? It can actually dispel the Ink Force?”

Such a method was unheard of. She had fought with the Ink Clan on the Ink Battlefield for two or three thousand years but had never heard of such a method.

“I can’t explain it right now, but this is Junior’s unique ability,” Yang Kai said lightly.

The woman didn’t know what to say, mainly because Yang Kai had given her too much of a shock. Moreover, she could faintly feel that if this method was spread out, it would definitely have a huge impact on the never-changing battle situation since ancient times.

In the past, Ink Disciple was destined to be an enemy. When the Human Race’s masters and Ink Disciple encountered each other, they would fight to the death.

But now, there was actually a way to turn the Ink Disciple's situation around. If this method was used properly, how much losses would the Human Race suffer?

Where did this little brat come from? How come she had never heard of him before! Moreover, he was actually living alone in the Ink Clan's territory. The woman didn’t know if she should say that Yang Kai was fearless because of his ignorance or that he was simply too skilled.

Carrying the Universe Four Pillars and having the ability to dispel and purify the Ink Force, the woman suddenly realized that she had picked up a treasure. This child was a great asset to the entire Ink Battlefield.

After confirming that the Ink Force in the bodies of Yi Er and Wu Wu had been purified, the woman didn’t hesitate and directly threw the two unconscious men into her Small Universe, grabbing Yang Kai’s arm, “Let’s go!”

Yang Kai didn’t resist, allowing her to lead him in a certain direction.

Halfway down the road, the woman glanced at him from time to time, eventually unable to suppress her curiosity, “Which Cave Heaven Paradise did you come from? What is your name?”

Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before finally saying, “Junior name is Yang Kai, he come from Yin Yang Heaven.” He didn’t mean to lie to her, but if he mentioned the Void Land, she might not know, and he might have to explain a lot.

Moreover, as a Sixth Order Open Heaaven Stage cultivator, he is not someone from a Cave Heaven Paradise, so how could he have come to the Ink Battlefield for no reason? This was a suspicious point, and since it was related to the Void Corridor, he couldn’t speak carelessly.

He still remembered Meng Qi’s warning that apart from Ninth Order Old Ancestors, he can't expose the Void Corridor's secret to anyone.

The woman didn’t think he was lying, mainly because she hadn’t expected someone to lie about their origins. Nodding slightly, she said, “I am Feng Ying from Blue Sky Paradise.”

“Blue Sky Paradise…” Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, “Does Senior recognize Elder Mu Zhuo?”

Mu Zhuo was the foreign envoy of Blue Sky Paradise, and he was the one who presided over their Training Hall in the Star Boundary. Although Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with him, he had met him several times.

Because of the Star Boundary World Tree, although Yang Kai’s cultivation wasn’t high, he more or less knew one or two Elders from the various Cave Heaven Paradise. Some of them had a good relationship with him, and sometimes, connections were displayed in such places.

“Mu Zhuo? That’s my Junior Brother, do you know him?” Feng Ying was somewhat surprised.

Yang Kai replied, “A few encounter.”

Feng Ying wanted to ask, how could a disciple of Yin Yang Heaven meet an Elder of Blue Sky Paradise?

However, she had been in the Ink Battlefield for more than two thousand years, so she didn’t know much about the outside world. As such, asking such a question was useless, so she quickly suppressed her doubts.

Yang Kai suddenly looked around and felt that something was wrong, so he took out the Universe Chart and compared it with his current location before asking in surprise, “Senior, are we not going back?”


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