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Life and death were on the line!

Yang Kai couldn’t bear it any longer. Even if he were to expose himself now, even if there were no end to his future troubles, Yang Kai felt that he had to take action, otherwise he would never be able to rest in peace!

For the past two years, he had disguised himself as Ink Disciple and carefully infiltrated the Ink Clan, not daring to reveal his identity so easily and obeying Angry Flame’s orders. He had been used as a money tree to fight in the gambling arenas of the various territories in order to find a way out for himself. When the woman had fought alone, he had not helped her because the situation was still under her control.

However, now that this woman was only a step away from death, Yang Kai couldn’t just watch her die here.

With his current strength, if he really exposed his identity, there was a high chance he would die here. How could the Ink Clan, a Territory Lord, be easy to deal with? However, Yang Kai had made his way here, so although he couldn’t be considered an indomitable force, he had his own goals.

Now was the time!

Inside the Secret Realm, Meng Qi, who had come from Exquisite Paradise, had not hesitated to sacrifice his Seventh Order Body to protect the Void Corridor’s secrets.

This was a group of people who truly put their lives on the line and fought against the Ink Clan for many years, protecting the 3000 Worlds.

However, in the next moment, Yang Kai’s figure paused slightly, because under his gaze, the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord who had captured the woman was just quietly staring at her. Not only was there no killing intent in his eyes, there was even a trace of admiration.

He suddenly realized that if the masters of the Cave Heaven Paradise were captured by the Ink Clan, they might not necessarily die, but what awaited them was a different fate.

Sure enough, the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord did not immediately kill her, only sneering lightly, “You’re quite bold, if that’s the case, you’ll be a slave for generations to come!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a thick and solid Ink Force emerged from the Ink Clan Territory Lord’s hand and instantly wrapped around the woman, eroding her body.

The woman struggled to resist, but to no avail. Coupled with the fact that she had fought with all her strength, her Small Universe's strength was nearly exhausted, so she was unable to resist the erosion of the Ink Force at all.

After a while, she calmed down and her eyes were filled with darkness.

Yang Kai watched quietly, his heart filled with sorrow. Such a powerful master had actually been turned into ink. However, compared to dying here, this result was acceptable. Perhaps he could find an opportunity to save her.

The Ink Clan’s Territory Lord was obviously very satisfied with this new slave he had just subdued. After all, a Seventh Order Ink Disciple wasn’t a common cabbage and was extremely precious to the Ink Clan. After sizing her up, he said, “After you’ve recovered, follow me.”

“Yes!” The woman nodded respectfully.

The Ink Clan Territory Lord didn’t say anything else and instead wrapped his massive body in a black aura before rapidly approaching the fleeing Human Race masters.

A hundred Ink Clan disciples were left behind, staring at the woman.

It was quite awkward.

After all, just now, everyone had fought each other to the death, seemingly having some kind of irreconcilable enmity between them, but in the blink of an eye, all of them had become one of their own. The change in their stance was quite abrupt.

However, after the Territory Lord Ink Transformation, this Seventh Order woman was indeed Ink Disciple.

If it were any other time, the powerful Ink Disciple who is alone without their master would have easily attracted the attention of the other Ink Clans. However, everyone had seen with their own eyes that it was the Territory Lord who had turned this woman into Ink Disciple, so who would dare to fight for her? Now that they had seized this woman, it didn’t matter. If they were to be chased down by the Territory Lord, none of their Ink Disciple would be able to survive.

“Why are you running so fast? Do you want to die?” Angry Flame reprimanded Yang Kai.

Just now, in order to save the woman, Yang Kai had been a bit faster and had left Angry Flame behind. Fortunately, he had reacted in time and didn’t attack the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord, otherwise he would have been the one being chased.

Yang Kai lowered his head in silence.

Angry Flame only said a few words to him without any other meaning.

The fierce pursuit ended just like that, and the three leading Feudal Lord gathered together for a brief discussion before one of them said, “Leave a few to guard this place in case there’s a misunderstanding, the rest of you follow me!”

Although the Seventh Order woman had already been transformed by the Territory Lord, she was already on the verge of death and would need to recover for a while, the Territory Lord tell her to recover first before following him.

However, leaving her here alone was clearly not a good idea. If any of the Ink Clan’s masters were to pass by and accidentally kill her, there was no way they could explain themself to the Territory Lord.

Therefore, he had to leave a few people here. Firstly, it was to protect the woman, and secondly, it would be easier to explain if they encountered any clansmen.

Normally, Ink Disciple wouldn’t have such treatment, but this woman’s strength was something they all saw in their eyes, and she had even been given an ink transformation by the Territory Lord. She was the Territory Lord’s Ink Disciple, so they had to treat her specially.

After saying this, the Feudal Lord scanned the crowd.

Angry Flame took the initiative and stepped forward, “Sir, I am willing to stay!”

Yang Kai glanced at him from the corner of his eyes. After following him for two years, he had yet to discover that this guy was afraid of death. This time, when he fought with a Human Race master, Angry Flame’s fear of death was immediately revealed.

Previously, Yang Kai had discovered that this guy had no other abilities, but his perception of danger and his ability to protect himself were definitely top-notch. It was not unreasonable for him to be able to survive in the Ink Battlefield until now.

Hearing that someone should stay here, how could Angry Flame not seize this opportunity? Before anyone could react, he had already volunteered.

This wasn’t something that needed to be argued over. Since he had taken the initiative to step forward, the other Ink Clans naturally wouldn’t fight with him over anything.

The Feudal Lord who spoke nodded and said, “Then you stay here, the others follow me!”

Saying so, he took the lead and chased after them, the others following closely behind.

Soon, only Angry Flame, Yang Kai, and the other Ink Disciple remained.

“Let’s all take a break. Everyone should be tired from the battle just now, but fortunately none of us died!” As Angry Flame spoke, her turned his head towards the direction of the woman with a look of relief.

There were several Feudal Lords who had died under this woman’s hands, and there were countless High Rank Ink Clan. It was his luck that he had managed to survive, but what made him feel even more fortunate was that the few Ink Disciples around him had also managed to survive.

The few of them sat down cross-legged and took out their recovery pills to consume.

On the other side, after the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord left, the Seventh Order woman also silently recovering.

From time to time, the Ink Clan would chase after them from the rear, with many or fewer people. When they encountered this situation, they couldn’t help being curious, so when they came to inquire, Angry Flame naturally answered truthfully.

When they heard that the woman with dishevelled hair was actually the Territory Lord Ink Disciple, all of them quickly gave up and left.

After only half a day, under Yang Kai’s close attention, the woman opened her eyes and her pale complexion returned to normal.

She casually tied up her long hair and slowly stood up, walking towards Yang Kai and the others step by step. Her pure white dress was dotted with bright red spots, making her look extremely dazzling.

Angry Flame noticed her movement and also stood up with a forced smile, “Have you recovered?”

He couldn’t wait for the woman to recover for as long as possible so that he wouldn’t have to chase after the Human Race masters and take any risks.

Moreover, as a member of the Ink Clan, although his strength was much lower than this Ink Disciple’s, in the eyes of all the Ink Clans, Ink Disciple was only a servant, regardless of cultivation level. However, because this person in front of him was a servant transformed by a Territory Lord, Angry Flame still gave her some face and spoke in a friendly manner.

The woman didn’t say a word, only silently staring at Angry Flame.

In the next instant, she stretched out her hand and grasped a long sword in her hand, causing the world to dim.

Anfry Flame’s forced smile was still on his face, but his eyes were filled with shock and fear. He raised his hand slightly and pointed at the woman, “You…”

As soon as his voice fell, his massive body suddenly split into two, the black blood and the Ink Force exploding into a black cloud.

On the side, Yang Kai and the others were all stunned.

No one had expected such a turn of events.

Ink Disciple was a servant of the Ink Clan, so no matter how high one cultivation was, when facing any of the Ink Clan’s members, it was impossible for them to feel any kind of heart backlash.

So when this woman walked over, Angry Flame was completely defenseless.

Of course, with the disparity in strength between them, even if he wanted to defend himself, it would be impossible.

However, this scene was completely unexpected. The woman who had just fully recovered had actually killed Angry Flame with a single sword strike! Although Yang Kai had hoped that Angry Flame would die sooner so he could escape his control, he had not expected him to die like this.

Truth be told, Yang Kai’s head was a bit muddled.

However, before he could even think about it, a deathly aura descended from above. After killing Angry Flame, the woman didn’t stop and slashed her sword towards Yang Kai again.

Yang Kai’s face went pale with fright. Without even thinking about it, he summoned his Azure Dragon Spear and thrust it forward.

With a loud bang, Yang Kai was hit by a powerful force and was sent flying.

His mouth was filled with bitterness as his blood surged in his chest. This was the second time he had suffered a loss at the hands of this woman, and in the blink of an eye, he had guessed something.

The woman’s expression was slightly surprised. When they were raiding that territory, Yang Kai had managed to escape from her, but this time it was the same.

This Sixth Order Ink Disciple was indeed extraordinary.

On the other side, seeing Angry Flame’s death, Yi Er and Wu Wu went crazy. As Ink Disciple, their Ink Clan master was their top priority, and protecting their master’s safety was their responsibility, but Angry Flame, their master, had actually been killed right in front of their eyes. How could they not be angry?

The two of them didn’t hesitate in the slightest as one of them shot out a Divine Ability towards the woman while the other pounced towards her. Under the activation of their Secret Techniques, their bodies expanded greatly.

The woman’s expression remained indifferent as the long sword in her hand transformed into a curtain of sword light and flew towards Yi Er and Wu Wu.

With her strength, killing these two Sixth Order master was as easy as blowing off dust.

At this critical moment, Yang Kai roared, “Senior, Universe Four Pillars!”


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