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With ten thousand swords flying out at the same time, the scene was quite spectacular. Each of these sword lights was so condensed that it was difficult to block, giving off a great pressure.

Many of the Ink Clan were intimidated by her aura and didn’t dare act rashly for a moment. Anyone could see that this woman had taken the initiative to jump out of the protective range of the ship and was now standing in front of it. She was definitely going all out.

What she used was no ordinary Secret Technique.

This was… a Divine Ability Manifestation!

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly. When he had fought with this woman before, he had felt that she was extremely powerful. Among all the Seventh Order Open Heaven he had come into contact with, she was definitely second to none. Now it seemed that she really did have the qualifications to be powerful.

Divine Ability Manifestation were exclusive to High Rank Open Heaven Stages. Only High Rank Open Heaven Stages could allow one to comprehend their own Divine Ability Manifestation, and each person’s Divine Ability Manifestation were different. This was the profoundness and essence of one’s Dao.

However, not every High Rank Open Heaven cultivator had their own Divine Ability Manifestations. For example, Zuo Quan Hui, who Yang Kai had killed before, although he was also a Seventh Order, an Inner Sect Elder of Thousand Crane Paradise, he had no Divine Ability Manifestation. Otherwise, Yang Kai might not have been able to win that battle.

In the Open Heaven Stage of the same rank, the difference in strength was sometimes extremely great, and those who possessed Divine Ability Manifestation were often the cream of the crop.

Now that her Divine Ability Manifestation had appeared, this was a battle of full strength.

Yang Kai also had his own Divine Ability Manifestation, the Golden Crow Casting Sun, which allowed him to dominate the Heavens and Earth, but his situation was special. Before he had even broken through to Open Heaven, he had already comprehended this Divine Ability Manifestation when he was still an Emperor Realm, so this was now one of his trump cards.

Strictly speaking, the Sun and Moon Divine Wheel should also be considered a Divine Ability Manifestation, because the power of this move had far surpassed the power of ordinary Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities. However, no one had ever told Yang Kai about the Divine Ability Manifestation, so he wasn’t too sure.

Ten thousand swords clashed and the woman’s expression became solemn.

On the ship behind her, the few people who had argued with her before now all wore anxious expressions as they stamped their feet repeatedly, but there was nothing they could do. In the next moment, the ship suddenly flew backwards, smashing open a passage and transforming into a streak of light, quickly escaping.

Leaving the woman alone, facing hundreds of Ink Clan and Ink Disciple, she showed no fear. Her courage was incredible.

Yang Kai suddenly understood what they were arguing about.

The palace artifaact was surrounded and there was no way to escape, unless they killed all of these Ink Clan and Ink Disciple, but in this case, there would be some delay. If the Ink Clan’s reinforcements came again, it would be impossible to escape.

The woman obviously wanted to stay behind to stop the pursuers so that the palace artifact could escape. This was the reason for their dispute. The woman was probably someone with her own opinions and didn’t give her companions any chance to object before jumping out of the flying ship and activating her Divine Ability Manifestation.

In this way, the flying ship would either stay behind to fight with her or take the opportunity to escape. If it stayed, it was highly likely they would all be wiped out, if not, there was still a chance of escaping.

Sometimes, escaping wasn’t a sign of weakness, but rather because they didn’t want their fellow Daoists’ sacrifices to become meaningless. The latter often carried a heavy burden that made one’s body and mind suffer.

Breaking one’s wrist and risking one’s life in order to create a safe escape for her fellow cultivators, Yang Kai felt a deep respect for this woman.

The flying ship wanted to escape, but how could the many Ink Clans let it go so easily? Immediately, several Ink Clans rushed out to intercept it.

The woman’s figure didn’t move, but as the sword light behind her flashed, blood splashed through the air, minced meat and broken limbs fell to the ground, instantly killing the dozens of Ink Clan and Ink Disciple who had blocked the path!

Seeing this, Yang Kai was almost certain that this woman was only a step away from reaching the Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage! Ordinary Seventh Order masters couldn’t possibly be as strong as her.

One had to know that although the Ink Clan and Ink Disciple who had died didn’t have Seventh Order existences, many of them were equivalent to Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters. Under this sword light, they couldn’t even resist and were cut down like vegetables.

This was quite terrifying.

With this one blow, no one dared to act rashly. Many of the Ink Clan’s members could only watch as the palace artifact disappeared from their sight before turning their eyes towards the woman, their eyes filled with anger and dread.

“Attack together!” The Feudal Lord of the Ink Clan, who had lost an arm to the woman just now, roared. If they couldn’t even take down a single human, it would be too embarrassing.

As soon as he finished speaking, he took the lead and charged towards the woman first. Before he even arrived, he waved his hand and sent out a large amount of Ink Force towards the woman.

In a battle with a Human Race master, the Ink Clan would often display their advantages. Their Ink Force was extremely corrosive, and if a Human Race master was not careful, they would be invaded by the Ink Force. At that time, if they did not give up on their Small Universe territory, they would be converted into the Ink Clan.

Although the Seventh Order Open Heaven had a certain degree of resistance to the Ink Force, it was still unable to interact with it for long.

This was also the reason why Meng Qi didn’t want to escape with Yang Kai back then, because he knew he couldn’t escape from the Ink Clan’s hinterland. As long as he left the Secret Realm with Yang Kai, sooner or later he would be turned into an Ink Disciple, and the existence of the Void Corridor would become impossible to conceal.

Therefore, he would rather die in the Secret Realm than keep the existence of the Void Corridor secret.

Under the command of the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lord, many of the Ink Clans followed suit. In an instant, the entire void was filled with black clouds that wrapped around the woman.

A sword cry rang out, accompanied by a cracking sound. Yang Kai looked towards the pitch-black cloud, his eyes narrowing.

The thousands of sword lights that had been floating behind the woman all this time seemed to have been given a life of their own as they converged towards the woman, wrapping around her in the blink of an eye.

Countless sword lights continued to converge, and the cracking sound was the sound of sword lights colliding.

A terrifying aura emanated from the black cloud, as if the end of the world was approaching. In the face of this great catastrophe, no one had any hope of survival.


A furious roar suddenly rang out, like the roar of a fierce beast, and a wave of Qi spread out, causing the black cloud that had wrapped around the woman to instantly suffer an unimaginable impact and collapse.

A massive figure was revealed.

The woman had already disappeared, and in her place was a giant creature that was several thousand feet! This giant creature’s body was filled with a cold light, and the lines on its body were hard and sharp, like a giant steel beast.

It was a dragon!

A Sword Dragon formed from thousands of sword lights.

This sudden turn of events stunned all of the Ink Clan members, and Yang Kai’s mouth even curled into a circle.

A Divine Ability Manifestation could be played like this? What he saw in front of him was simply beyond his imagination. A Sword Dragon that was a few thousand feet long was indeed incomparable to his Dragon Body that was two thousand zhang long, but the oppressive aura coming from the Sword Dragon was not something his Dragon Body could possess.

Both of them had dragon bodies, so if they really fought, Yang Kai estimated that he would be defeated in ten moves.

No wonder she dared to stay behind and block these hundreds of Ink Clan cultivators, she had something to rely on.

Yang Kai looked around carefully and found that the woman’s figure was hidden behind the Sword Dragon’s head. From the gaps between the sword lights, he could vaguely see her spotless white clothes.

As long as the Sword Dragon was not destroyed, the woman would be safe, so Yang Kai’s worries for her eased slightly.

This sudden turn of events was too sudden, and the many Ink Clan and Ink Disciple who were rushing towards her didn’t even have time to change their direction. Under the leadership of the Feudal Lord, they all shot out their Secret Technique towards the Sword Dragon.

The Sword Dragon moved, its dragon head swaying as it charged towards the hundreds of Ink Clan cultivators. The sword light that formed its dragon body trembled at an extremely high frequency, emitting a series of crisp sounds.

When the two sides collided, the Sword Dragon opened its mouth and bit down on the Ink Clan Feudal Lord, who was charging at the front and had lost an arm, before swallowing him whole. One could faintly hear the Ink Clan Feudal Lord’s angry roars and screams, but it soon came to a halt as a black mist of blood burst from the dragon body.

Everyone was thrown into chaos.

Wherever the Sword Dragon passed, the Ink Clan and Ink Disciple were unable to fight back at all. If they touched it, they would be wounded, but if they touched it, they would die! Although countless attacks landed on the Sword Dragon’s body, they only managed to destroy some of its sword light, unable to damage the woman’s true body in the slightest.

Like a cavalry charge, the Sword Dragon passed through hundreds of Ink Clans before immediately turning around and charging forward again.

In the first clash, the Ink Clan’s formation had been completely scattered. Facing such a fierce Divine Ability Manifestation, even the Ink Clan couldn’t help feeling a chill run down their spines as they hurriedly fled, giving the Sword Qi a chance to break through.

Numerous Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques bombarded the Sword Dragon’s body, and in the chaotic battlefield, every moment was filled with life being taken.

Broken limbs, minced flesh, black blood, and the aura of Small Universe’s collapse filled the air.

The Sword Dragon flew back and forth seven or eight times, causing more than half of the several hundred Ink Clan masters to die, while the remaining half all wore terrified expressions as they tried to escape.

The might of this Sword Dragon was truly awe-inspiring, causing Yang Kai to gasp in amazement.

However, there was one thing that made him a bit unhappy. This guy, Angry Flame, didn’t have any other skills, but his ability to protect his life was top-notch. The Feudal Lord had been killed by this woman, yet he was still able to avoid the sword dragon’s attack every time.

Yang Kai couldn’t wait to secretly take out his Azure Dragon Spear and stab him to death.

In such a high-intensity battle, the Sword Dragon was not completely unscathed. The resistance of the Ink Clan and Ink Disciples before their deaths was especially fierce. Coupled with the constant bombardment of Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities, the awe-inspiring Sword Dragon now looked somewhat ragged, its body riddled with holes. Even the woman hiding in the dragon's head had been cut by an attack, revealing her figure.

The woman’s face was pale and her aura was heavy. Activating such a Divine Ability Manifestation for a long time would definitely put a great burden on her.

By herself, She had managed to stop hundreds of Ink Clan and Ink Disciple, killing half of them. Among them, there were several Ink Clan Feudal Lord equivalent to Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

Such an accomplishment was something to be proud of.

However, to her, this was only the beginning.


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