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Especially since Yang Kai actually wanted him to enter his Small Universe. He knew that Jia Yi was a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage, while the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage's small universe was still illusory and couldn’t contain anything, so how could he enter?

While he was still confused, Yang Kai reached out and grabbed him. Small Universe’s door opened and stuffed him inside.

Ding Si’s vision blurred as he found himself in a different world, looking around in confusion.

Yang Kai’s Divine Sense Avatar appeared in front of him and answered his doubts.

In the void, the shockwaves from the Ninth Order Old Ancestor’s attacks gradually dissipated and a territory collapsed, killing countless Ink Clan and Ink Disciple.

Those lucky enough to survive didn’t even have time to react before a group of figures appeared and rushed towards them like ghosts. These were the Open Heaven Stage cultivators from the Human Race, as well as various Palace Artifacts. These Palace Artifacts all released violent attacks, causing the Ink Clan to panic.

This was definitely a surprise attack that had been planned for a long time, and the Ink Clan was completely unprepared for it. The difference in strength between the two sides was too great, causing them to suffer a huge loss in a single exchange.

Every moment, the Ink Clan or Ink Disciple would die, and after their death, the rich Ink Force of the Ink Clan would explode, transforming into Ink Clouds that scattered across the void. The Ink Disciple’s death was followed by the collapse of Small Universe.

Although all of these Ink Disciple had once been masters from Cave Heaven Paradise, in this kind of environment, no one would show mercy. If they were to face each other, either one of them would die.

Yang Kai observed from afar for a moment before his figure flickered and he rushed forward.

To him, this was an opportunity. As long as he could prove that he hadn’t been turned into ink, he would be able to join up with the Human Race’s masters and leave the Ink Clan’s hinterland.

This kind of opportunity was not easy to come by. He had been by Angry Flame’s side for more than two years and had traveled through many of the Ink Clan’s territories. He had also been chatting with a few Ink Disciple to obtain some information.

Although the Human Race would occasionally take the initiative to attack the Ink Clan’s hinterlands, the number of times they did so was very small, and it was almost impossible to encounter one in a hundred years.

The main reason was that even if the Human Race managed to break through and win, they wouldn’t be able to occupy it for a long time. The mountain passes guarded by the various Cave Heaven Paradise were the ones they had been guarding all this time. Every time they launched a surprise attack, it's mainly to consume the Ink Clan’s strength and kill a group of Ink Clan and Ink Disciples before retreating.

As such, this kind of surprise attack wouldn’t last for long, so Yang Kai didn’t hesitate.

But how to prove his identity was a problem. In such a battlefield, there was not much time for him to prove his innocence.

However, as long as he killed an Ink Clan master in front of a Human Race master, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The real Ink Disciple was completely loyal to the Ink Clan and would never try to kill their master.

With this thought in mind, Yang Kai made up his mind and flew forward even faster, using his Space Laws to teleport back to the battlefield.

One by one, the palace artifacts shuttled back and forth across the battlefield. From the palace artifacts, powerful Secret Techniques were constantly pouring out, causing the Ink Clan and Ink Disciple to complain incessantly. There were even some Seventh Order and Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, some in groups of three or five, and some chasing after the enemy leaders alone.

Yang Kai had just returned when an aura locked him in place, causing his skin to tighten as a great sense of crisis overwhelmed him.

Turning his head, he saw a white-robed woman with an otherworldly aura staring at him, a sharp sword in her hand stabbing towards him.

Without any mercy, the power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master was clearly displayed.

The sword strike was graceful, and the sword light was like an agile snake, giving Yang Kai a great deal of pressure before it even reached him.

Yang Kai turned pale with fright and shouted in a low voice, “Senior, please stop!”

Hearing this, the woman’s eyes flashed with a trace of sadness and pity, but her hands didn’t stop moving. With a shake of her long sword, it transformed into a curtain of swords and flew towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai wanted to cry, but no tears would come out. He knew that she thought he was an Ink Disciple, which was why she had been so merciless, but it was useless to explain now. No matter how good his words were, she wouldn’t believe him unless he killed an Ink Clan in front of her.

It was unknown which Cave Heaven Paradise this woman came from, but her cultivation was at the Seventh Order, so her attacks were extraordinary.

Seeing the sword curtain coming towards him, Yang Kai didn’t dare hesitate and immediately summoned his Azure Dragon Spear, unleashing his Unrestrained Spear Technique.

At this time, preserving his life was of utmost importance. If he were to be killed by someone, that would be a joke.

With a loud bang, Yang Kai’s eyes bulged as he was sent flying by the violent force. The blood in his chest roiled as numerous sword wounds appeared on his body.

This woman… was amazing!

Yang Kai was secretly surprised. Although he was only a Sixth Order, he had killed Seventh Order masters before and had fought with many Seventh Order masters, so he had witnessed the power of a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage's strike.

However, among all the Seventh Order Open Heaven he had encountered, there was no one who could compare with this woman.

He was surprised, but the woman was even more surprised. It had to be known that she had immersed herself in the Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage for two or three thousand years and had fought in this Ink Battlefield for most of her life. Her strength could be said to have reached the peak of the Seventh Order and was only a step away from breaking through to the Eighth Order. Her combat experience was not something that the fellow cultivators of the 3000 Worlds could compare with.

Although she had not used her full strength just now, it was not something a Sixth Order Ink Disciple could resist. From the time she launched her surprise attack until now, more than a dozen Sixth Order Ink Disciples had died at her hands, as well as a dozen or so members of the Ink Clan with similar strength. She was confident that her sword strike just now could take Yang Kai’s life.

The truth shocked her. Although Yang Kai was injured, he had survived.

This Ink Disciple… seemed to be somewhat different!

The woman’s eyes burned with murderous intent. The more extraordinary the Ink Disciple was, the more she wanted to kill him. If she didn’t kill him now, there was a chance that a junior disciple would die in his hands on the battlefield.

However, before she could chase after him, a loud roar rang out. The woman raised her sword and stared in the direction where Yang Kai had fallen, hesitating slightly before turning around and leaving.

The long howl seemed to be a signal, and after it rang out, the Human Race masters who had been fighting began to retreat, quickly regrouping and scattering the battlefield like a violent wind.

They had actually retreated just like that!

Yang Kai tried his best to stabilize himself, but seeing this, how could he be willing to give up so easily? He quickly tried to catch up, but he soon noticed that something was approaching from behind.

Turning his head, his eyes narrowed.

In the void behind him, a black tide was rapidly approaching and wherever it passed, the void was dyed black.

Inside the black color, there were many powerful auras that made Yang Kai’s scalp tingle, especially one of them. Even though they were very far away, Yang Kai still felt his body and mind tremble.

This aura reminded him of the first time he had come into contact with the will of the Ink Royal Lord. This will was massive, and in front of it, his existence was as insignificant as an ant.

The Ink Royal Lord had arrived!

With the Human Race’s Ninth Order Old Ancestor taking action, the Ink Royal Lord was naturally unwilling to be left alone. Only the Ink Royal Lord could resist the Human Race’s Ninth Order Old Ancestor.

No wonder the Human Race was in such a hurry to retreat, it was because they had already noticed and taken precautions.

Although a Ninth Order Old Ancestor wasn’t inferior to the Ink Royal Lord, if they were to fight, they would be evenly matched, but this was still the Ink Clan’s hinterland, if they were to occasionally launch a surprise attack, it was still possible for them to take advantage of the situation and flee, but it wasn’t a wise decision to tangle with the Ink Clan here.

The Black Ink color came quickly, and Yang Kai only saw the corrosion of the black ink color after a few breaths.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to act rashly, quietly standing in place as the black aura quickly enveloped him and pushed him forward like a tide.

Huge figures flew past him, each of them exuding a powerful aura.

These were the Ink Clan’s Territory Lord and Feudal Lord level powerhouse.

These masters weren’t interested in Yang Kai at all and treated him as if he was nothing. Although they had sent out their Divine Senses to investigate, they didn’t do anything.

This made Yang Kai secretly rejoice.

A moment later, the black figure flew past Yang Kai and chased after the retreating humans.

Just as Yang Kai was about to give chase, he heard a voice call out, “Jia Yi!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai turned his head and his eyes twitched.

The one who called out to him was actually Angry Flame, this guy actually didn’t die!

During the chaos just now, Yang Kai had only cared about protecting Ding Si from the battlefield, not caring about the lives of the others, much less returning to Angry Flame’s side.

However, this guy had actually found him, and Yi Er and Wu Wu were also beside him, but all three of them seemed to have some hidden injuries on their bodies, their auras somewhat weak. Wu Wu was still alright, but Yi Er’s mouth was obviously stained with dried blood.

Thinking about it, it wasn’t strange. When their group was at the gambling arena, and when the Ninth Order Old Ancestor attacked, the impact on the gambling arena was relatively small, so it wasn’t surprising for a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator to survive.

A trace of hesitation flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes, but in the end, he still cupped his fists and greeted, “Master!”

On the other hand, Angry Flame seemed quite happy, “It’s great that you didn’t die.”

Yang Kai was his money tree, any of the Ink Disciple by his side could die, but Yang Kai definitely couldn’t die. As such, as soon as the Human Race masters retreated, he began searching for Yang Kai’s whereabouts, but fortunately, he soon found him.

“Let’s go, follow me!” Angry Flame called out and led the way.

For the Ink Clan, the Royal Lord had already taken action, so they naturally couldn’t just stand by and watch. No matter how useful they were, they had to follow the Royal Lord's footsteps.

He didn’t even pay attention to Ding Si’s life or death. To him, the most important thing was for Jia Yi to survive. If a mere Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage Ding Si had died, there was nothing to care about.

However, Yi Er quietly asked Yang Kai, “Where did Ding Si go?”

Yang Kai was silent for a moment before replying, “Dead!”

Yi Er’s expression became somewhat gloomy, but he didn’t say anything.

The three of them followed closely behind Angry Flame, quickly recovering as they pursued.


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