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Reality proved that Yang Kai had not failed to live up to his trust, allowing him to win the third battle with great difficulty.

However, before Angry Flame could collect the stakes, a sudden change occurred.

At the same time, an extremely violent force suddenly surged above their territory, and at the same time, an extremely oppressive feeling descended upon everyone. In an instant, everyone felt as if an entire Universe World was pressing down on their shoulders, causing even their bodies to bend involuntarily.

Countless Ink Clans’ expressions changed.

The World Force surged violently.

In the gambling arena, Yang Kai, who was covered in blood, suddenly looked up into the sky, and what he saw made his expression tense up. In the sky, the World Force gathered like clouds, visible to the naked eye.

Yang Kai was shocked. Although he had come into contact with many High Rank Open Heaven Stages, he had never seen such rich and pure World Force.

In the Black Territory, when the numerous Eighth Order Supreme Elders had joined forces to attack the Ink Royal Lord, he had also been present. The attacks of these Eighth Order Supreme Elders were naturally extraordinary, but compared to what he was seeing now, they were nothing.

He didn’t know what was happening in front of him, but the World Force that was visible to the naked eye was obviously the power of some kind of Secret Technique.

“Enemy attack!” A furious roar rang out from the direction of the Feudal Lord’s palace.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before feeling both surprised and happy.

The current situation was actually an enemy attack. The Ink Clan’s enemy was undoubtedly the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise. In other words, the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise had actually come here?

What surprised him was that the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise were so bold. When he had first arrived here, he had investigated the Universe Chart. Although this territory was close to the frontline battlefield, it could still be considered the Ink Clan’s hinterland, so how could the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise be able to gain favor here?

He was happy because he hadn’t been able to find an opportunity to follow Angry Flame to the battlefield, but instead, the Cave Heaven Paradise had taken the initiative to attack them. Perhaps he could use this opportunity to escape from Angry Flame’s control and follow the Cave Heaven Paradise’s masters back to the mountain pass.

In the sky above the territory, the wind and clouds gathered, and in the blink of an eye, a giant palm had taken shape. This palm covered the sky, seemingly slow and clumsy, but in reality it was rapidly reaching down.

Without waiting for the countless Ink Clans in the territory to react, the palm grabbed the giant flower bud-like Ink Nest.

The palm clenched into a fist and with the force of pulling a mountain, the entire Ink Nest was uprooted. A rich Ink Force burst out and under the World Force, the Ink Nest was reduced to dust.

Inside the gambling arena, Yang Kai watched in awe, secretly excited.

What he saw in front of him had already exceeded his imagination. He had seen the might of an Eighth Order Ancestor, but it was definitely not as fierce as this. In other words, a Ninth Order Old Ancestor had taken action!

No wonder they dared to enter this place, it was actually a Ninth Order Open Heaven who had personally taken action, an existence comparable to the Ink Royal Lord. Back then, the Ink Royal Lord from the Black Territory, who had been imprisoned for many years made the Cave Heaven Paradise suffered many losses. It was hard to imagine just how powerful she would have been at her peak.

On the other hand, a Ninth Order Old Ancestor who was comparable to the Ink Royal Lord was naturally not weak.

However, this excitement only lasted for a moment before Yang Kai’s expression became bitter.

However, after destroying the Ink Nest, the hand came crashing down. This incomparably huge palm was almost half the size of a territory, and it was actually formed from an extremely pure and rich World Force. Even Yang Kai couldn’t guarantee he would survive this strike.

If he were to die under such a palm, it would be too undeserved.

Fortunately, the Ink Clan didn’t just sit back and wait for death. After the Feudal Lord’s Palace issued a warning, the Ink Force immediately surged, condensing into a giant figure that seemed capable of supporting both heaven and earth as it raised its palm towards the sky.

This figure was not a physical entity, but rather a manifestation of the Ink Force, obviously the Feudal Lord of this place.

Seeing that the Ink Nest had been destroyed, the eyes of countless Ink Clan masters also turned red. Without needing to give any orders, all of the Ink Clan masters, regardless of their rank, attacked one after another, sending violent attacks towards the azure palm.

There were also many Secret Techniques and artifacts used by the Ink Disciple. In an instant, colorful lights filled their vision.

The giant palm continued to press down, and the countless attacks that struck it caused ripples to appear on its surface. Although it continuously weakened its power, it was unable to stop the pressure.

The giant figure on the Feudal Lord Palace’s side was the first to suffer. Although he did his best to resist, he was only a Feudal Lord, equivalent to a Seventh Order cultivator. The power of a Ninth Order Old Ancestor was not something he could resist.

Before the palm could fully press down, the giant figure’s body was already bent, and although it tried to resist with all its might, it was quickly blasted apart, causing it to suffer heavy injuries.

It seemed like an instant, but also like ten million years.

The giant palm crashed down, and wherever it landed, whether it was the Ink Clan or Ink Disciple, most of them died. Only a small portion of them were lucky enough to survive. Countless pieces of earth collapsed and the World Force dissipated.

As the earth shook, the entire territory collapsed.

The violent shockwaves of the attack spread out, causing the universe to tremble and the four poles to become unstable.

The Low Rank Ink Clan didn’t even have a chance to resist before being annihilated by this shockwave. Only the High Rank Ink Clan, whose strength was comparable to a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, was able to resist this attack.

The sudden change only lasted for a moment. Yang Kai only had a few thoughts before the shockwave hit him.

His luck wasn’t bad, it could be said that everyone in the gambling arena was quite lucky to not be covered by the azure palm, otherwise everyone here would have died.

Even Yang Kai himself would probably have to transform into a Big Dragon to survive such a blow, but that was only to preserve his life.

Although they weren’t directly attacked, the shockwave from that palm still caused the entire gambling arena to fall into chaos. Countless Ink Disciple spat out blood while the Ink Clansmen’s auras surged.

The Spirit Province beneath Yang Kai’s feet had collapsed, and he was like a drowning man caught in a violent storm, unable to control his direction.

Shrieks and screams rang out in Yang Kai’s ears, and when he turned his head, he saw Ding Si’s face pale and blood flowing from his seven orifices as he struggled to hold on. A white light covered his body, and Yang Kai didn’t know what kind of protective artifact he was using.

The Fifth Order Ink Disciple next to him reacted a bit too slowly and was unable to summon his protective artifact. As he tumbled about, he was unable to withstand the shockwave and after a moment, his body exploded.

On the other hand, the light covering Ding Si’s body also became dim at a terrifying speed.

A look of despair appeared on his face.

With only a cultivation of Fifth Order, without a protective artifact, it was impossible to survive such an impact.

Just as he was feeling despair, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked most of the shockwaves.

Ding Si looked up, his face filled with gratitude, “Jia Yi!”

He hadn’t expected that at this critical moment of life and death, Jia Yi would come over to protect him. It had to be known that just now, he had stood together with Angry Flame Yi Er, and Wu Wu. When their territory had collapsed, they had used various methods to protect themselves, so no one had cared about his life or death.

“Let’s go!” Yang Kai grabbed Ding Si’s shoulder. At this moment, he couldn’t care less about exposing himself as he quickly activated his Space Laws to escape. The shockwaves behind him were like maggots in his bones, chasing after him relentlessly.

After several twists and turns, Yang Kai stabilized himself and turned his head back to look. Several million kilometers away, a massive light burst out and the original location of the territory was now empty.

The might of a Ninth Order Old Ancestor was terrifying. In fact, even now, Yang Kai had yet to see the true appearance of the Ninth Order Old Ancestor. With just a single Secret Technique, this Ninth Order Old Ancestor has reduced the territory to ashes, and the Ink Clan and Ink Disciple had suffered countless casualties.

Ding Si was a little stunned. Being brought here by Yang Kai’s Space Secret Technique was already considered safe, but he couldn’t understand how Jia Yi could run so fast. Just now, he almost thought he was dead.

However, now was obviously not the time to pursue this matter. Panting a few times, he hurriedly said, “Quickly go find Master, it’s not safe for us like this.”

Any Ink Disciple who was not accompanied by the Ink Clan was not safe.

Just like how Yang Kai had been discovered by Angry Flame, an ownerless Ink Disciple could easily attract the attention of the Ink Clan. Angry Flame was still alright last time, only using his own Ink Force to corrode Yang Kai and turn him into his slave. If they encountered a murderous Ink Clan member, they might even directly devour the World Force to strengthen themselves.

Not to mention, Ink Disciple was also loyal to the Ink Clan, so Ding Si was obviously worried about Angry Flame’s safety.

Yang Kai turned to look at him, wondering what kind of master he was looking for. He had never regarded Angry Flame as his master, and after waiting here for two years, he had finally found an opportunity. How could he be so stupid as to run over to find Angry Flame?

Yang Kai couldn’t be bothered to explain, “Brother Ding, I’ll give you a big present!”

Ding Si was slightly startled, “What?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai suddenly raised his hands, each of them glowing with a different color. Yang Kai pressed his palms together, and as the yellow and blue light merged together, it transformed into a pure white light.

It came crashing down towards Ding Si!

Ding Si also didn’t expect Yang Kai to act against him, mainly because his life had just been saved by Yang Kai. If Yang Kai really had malicious intentions towards him, he wouldn’t have tried to save him, so who would guard against his savior?

Under the envelopment of the white light, Ding Si’s expression suddenly became one of pain as a black aura spread from his body, his expression gradually becoming calm.

A moment later, the white light faded and Ding Si returned to his normal self. Opening his eyes, he stared at Yang Kai in shock.

“Enter my small universe and we’ll talk about other things,” Yang Kai shouted.

He had long wanted to take Ding Si into his Small Universe, but he had never had a chance to do so. Now that he had finally found a chance to be alone with Ding Si, he naturally wouldn’t miss it.

Ding Si opened his mouth, “Brother Jia Yi, you…”

He was still somewhat confused, mainly because this change had occurred too frequently and was simply impossible to digest.


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