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Not only Angry Flame, Yang Kai had just observed that most of the Ink Clan members who had entered the Ink Nest had brought along one or two Ink Disciple.

From ancient times until now, there had been countless Ink Disciples who had come from Cave Heaven Paradise who had fallen inside this giant evil Ink Nest.

Yang Kai’s fists clenched slightly as he had an impulse to rush in and destroy this Ink Nest, but he firmly suppressed it.

There was more than one Ink Nest in the Ink Clan. Even if he really destroyed this Ink Nest in front of him, it would not change the fate of many Ink Disciples. On the contrary, it would expose his identity. The existence of the Ink Clan was the root of the problem. Only by eradicating the entire Ink Clan from this world would he be able to resolve the crisis the 3000 Worlds had faced since ancient times.

After waiting silently for a few days, Angry Flame’s figure reappeared at the entrance of Ink Nest.

However, the first thing Yang Kai noticed was that he seemed a bit weak at the moment, his aura fluctuating wildly, and his expression was gloomy. Obviously, he wasn’t in a good mood.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. Combined with what Yi Er had said, how could he not know that Angry Flame’s promotion had failed?

Every time the Ink Clan’s advancement failed, they would be weakened for a while, and this was the second time Angry Flame had failed, so it would be strange if he was in a good mood.

Yang Kai looked behind him and saw that behind his tall figure, there was someone following closely. It was Ding Si.

Bing San, who had entered together with them, was nowhere to be seen.

Yang Kai’s eyes dimmed slightly as he realized that Bing San was probably dead. Although Angry Flame had failed to break through, he must have consumed the World Force of Bing San's small universe during his breakthrough. Now that the World Force had been swallowed, how could Bing San survive?

Although he hadn’t interacted much with Bing San during this time and didn’t have much friendship with her, the death of Bing San still made his heart sink.

Angry Flame walked out of the Ink Nest without saying a word. Yang Kai and Ding Si exchanged a glance, nodded slightly, and followed closely with Yi Er and Wu Wu.

Returning to his previous resting place, Angry Flame sat cross-legged, his chest expanding as he breathed in and out the omnipresent Ink Force in the Crazy Wind Territory. As he breathed in and out, his weak aura gradually recovered.

After escaping death this time, Ding Si seemed to have some lingering fear, although he knew what fate awaited him when he followed Angry Flame into the Ink Nest. As an Ink Disciple, it was impossible for him to resist his master.

However, facing the threat of death, everyone had an instinctive fear.

He who had always been a man of many words, also remained silent for a long time. Fortunately, Angry Flame’s advancement this time had failed. If there really was any hope of success, he would have to face the consequences of Bing San.

It took a full month for Angry Flame to fully recover. He slowly stood up and glanced towards the direction of the gambling hall, hesitating for a moment before finally shaking his head and calling out, “Let’s go!”

The ink coins Yang Kai had earned for him in the gambling hall had basically been spent in the Ink Nest. If he wanted to enter the Ink Nest again to cultivate and advance, he would need to accumulate more ink coins.

However, Yang Kai’s reputation had already spread far and wide in the Crazy Wind Territory, and no one was willing to gamble with him anymore. This way of making money had already been severed.

If he wanted to earn Ink Coins, he had to find a new place to start.

This was also the reason why some of the previous Feudal Lord had spent a great deal of money to purchase Yang Kai, but were refused by Angry Flame.

His subordinate, Jia Yi, was a money tree, so how could it be sold for twenty or thirty thousand ink coins?

The group of four Ink Disciple followed behind Angry Flame and rushed out of the Crazy Wind Territory towards a certain direction.

After a dozen days of leisure, everyone arrived at a new territory.

Yang Kai examined the Universe Chart Meng Qi had given him and found that this territory was called Chi Shi Territory.

Chi Shi Territory didn’t seem much different from Crazy Wind Territory. Although it was larger, it wasn’t much bigger. From afar, one could see the indomitable Ink Nest on top of the Chi Shi Territory, breathing out the Ink Force and enveloping it.

Arriving at this Chi Shi Territory, Angry Flame did not stop and immediately rushed to the gambling hall.

Every territory had a gambling hall, and the Ink Clan seemed to enjoy letting their ink disciples fight.

After the battle in the gambling hall ended, Angry Flame immediately gave Yang Kai a look.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he flew down.

Angry Flame used the same old trick again and told about the gambling method he had used in the Crazy Wind Territory, but this first round's ink coins had been raised from one hundred to five hundred!

Even so, it caused a huge uproar.

If they won, they could take away a Sixth Order Ink Disciple, but if they lost, they would only need to pay five hundred ink coins. Who would want to miss such a good opportunity? At that time, nearly a hundred Sixth Order Ink Disciples had flown into the gambling arena under the orders of their master and surrounded Yang Kai. If anyone who didn’t know the truth saw this, they would think they were bullying him with numbers.

Regarding this situation, Angry Flame had already expected it, and it was the same back in the Crazy Wind Territory.

With the same rules, if Yang Kai were to choose his own opponent, the Ink Clan naturally wouldn’t object.

Yang Kai didn’t stand on ceremony and chose a random opponent. After everyone else left, the battle immediately began.

Naturally, there was no need to say anything more about the result. Angry Flame smiled and accepted five hundred ink coins before declaring that he would bet on the second round.

The second bet was a thousand ink coins!

The Ink Clan members who hadn’t grasped this opportunity before were both surprised and delighted, once again sending their own Ink Disciple to participate.

Soon, it was the third round, and the stakes for the third round were raised to two thousand ink coins.

After three rounds in a row, Yang Kai retreated while bathed in blood, while Angry Flame happily collected 3,500 ink coins, more than twice the amount from the Crazy Wind Territory.

Yang Kai’s efficiency had greatly increased after fighting two battles here.

The first day of the bloody battle had allowed Yang Kai, this Ink Disciple, to enter the eyes of many of the Ink Clan’s people, causing many of them to become interested in him. Immediately, a Feudal Lord Ink Clan member came to find Angry Flame, wanting to buy Yang Kai.

Angry Flame had refused many times in the Crazy Wind Territory, so he naturally wouldn’t agree now. Although the status of a Feudal Lord in the Ink Clan was higher than his, the Ink Clan also had its own rules. No matter how much they liked him, they wouldn’t try to snatch his subordinate’s Ink Disciple.

Otherwise, Angry Flame would not be able to protect Yang Kai.

After allowing Yang Kai to rest for a few days, Angry Flame led him back.

Another month later, the Sixth Order Ink Disciple on Chi Shi Territory's side was beaten to a pulp and no one dared to fight anymore.

Angry Flame was quite decisive and immediately led Yang Kai and the others out of Chi Shi Territory to the next location.

At times, Yang Kai also admired Angry Flame’s business mentality. It was obvious that he was lacking in intelligence. Every time he went to a new territory, the Ink Clan people who didn’t know Yang Kai’s strength all wanted to take advantage of him, but who would have thought that they would fall into Angry Flame’s trap and give him their Ink Coins for free.

This continuous struggle was not completely useless to Yang Kai.

Because his Small Universe was different from others, it had already gained a physical body when he broke through. Coupled with the fact that his Small Universe had fused with the Mysterious Boundary Bead, his foundation was much more robust than cultivators of the same level. All this time, he had always been able to suppress cultivators of the same level.

However, in this gambling hall, he had to suppress his strength every time he fought, not daring to expose too much lest others notice anything.

In this way, if he were to fight with others while suppressing his strength, both sides would suffer heavy losses, which would naturally be a great improvement to his Dao of Battle.

If it weren’t for this, Yang Kai would have considered deliberately losing this match. After all, being treated like a money tree by Angry Flame wasn’t a good life. If it was someone else, the situation might have been different.

However, the next “Master” might treat him the same way Angry Flame did.

Their time staying in any territory will not exceed more than two months, so no matter how long they stayed, it would be meaningless. When others learned of Yang Kai’s ability, no one would accept his challenge, so naturally they wouldn’t be able to earn any ink coins.

It could be said that Angry Flame led Yang Kai and the others from one territory to the next, and wherever they went, Angry Flame earned a fortune.

Every time he fought three battles, Angry Flame would receive three thousand five hundred ink coins. Even if they could only fight seven or eight times in a territory, it would still be twenty or thirty thousand ink coins, which was a considerable amount for a High Rank Ink Clan.

Yang Kai had been worried that Angry Flame would break through again, so Ding Si might be in danger.

However, on second thought, the reason why he had brought Bing San and Ding Si into the Ink Nest last time was to prepare for emergencies. Now that Angry Flame had accumulated a large number of Ink Coins, it was entirely possible for him to buy some World Sphere, so there was no need to sacrifice his subordinates.

Moreover, after chatting with Ding Si, he learned that after the Ink Clan failed to break through, they would not choose to break through again for several dozen years, because the chances of success were not high.

Only after completely resolving the aftereffects of failure would the Ink Clan try again.

This allowed Yang Kai to relax completely.

However, this kind of life was not what he wanted. Back then, Meng Qi had sacrificed his own life in order to protect the secret of the Void Corridor, allowing him to escape from the Secret Realm alone. If nothing unexpected happened, he would have to rush to the Cave Heaven Paradise's mountain pass and compete with the Ink Clan on the battlefield, instead of pretending to be Ink Disciple and following behind the Ink Clan as a money tree.

However, now he didn’t dare act rashly and could only wait patiently. Angry Flame was a High Rank Ink Clan member, so it was impossible for him to remain outside the battlefield forever. As long as he was on the battlefield, Yang Kai could find an opportunity to escape.

Two years passed in the blink of an eye.

In the gambling arena, Yang Kai was locked in a difficult battle with a Sixth Order Ink Disciple. This was the third battle of the day, and before this, Yang Kai had already won two matches, bringing in 1,500 ink coins for Angry Flame, while the third battle concerned the ownership of 2,000 ink coins and even himself, so it naturally attracted the attention of many Ink Clans.

On the periphery, Angry Flame was calmly observing. Although Yang Kai was covered in blood, he was not worried at all and was instead in the mood to chat with his fellow clansmen.

Because in the third battle, Yang Kai always looked like this, as if he was on the verge of losing, but in the end, he still won.

At first, Angry Flame was a bit nervous, but after two years, he had basically gotten used to it.

No matter how miserable Yang Kai’s performance was, he still had great confidence in him.


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