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Seemingly because of Yang Kai’s previous performance, Angry Flame’s attitude towards him had become much friendlier. From time to time, he would turn to look at him with a thoughtful expression.

Leading his subordinates out of the gambling house, he found a place to rest and even gave Yang Kai many cultivation resources to help him recover.

Yang Kai could only be grateful.

The truth was that Yang Kai hadn’t expended much energy in his previous fight with the Bright King Heaven Cultivator. After all, he had been holding back all this time, just looking miserable on the surface.

However, in order to not expose his true strength, he could only try his best to suppress his recovery ability. Only after three days did he barely recover.

Moreover, during these three days, Yang Kai had felt Angry Flame’s gaze on him several times, as if there was some profound meaning behind it.

This caused Yang Kai to become slightly vigilant, even suspecting that he had exposed something, causing Angry Flame to become suspicious. However, after thinking about it carefully, it's not possible. He hadn’t revealed any flaws, so Angry Flame shouldn’t have discovered anything, but he didn’t know what he was planning.

When Yang Kai opened his eyes, Angry Flame had clearly been waiting for him for a long time, so he immediately looked over and called out, “Jia Yi!”

Yang Kai stood up and cupped his fists, “What instructions does Master have?”

“With your ability, if you fight a human race without stopping, how many times can you win?” Angry Flame asked.

Yang Kai didn’t know why he was asking this, but he knew that if they were on the same level, it would be impossible for him to lose, so he cautiously replied, “At most three matches.”

Angry Flame raised his brow, “Three match! Very good.”

Saying so, he also stood up and looked towards a certain direction, “I want to take you to the gambling arena. Can you guarantee that you won’t lose three rounds?”

Yang Kai frowned and said, “A few days ago, this subordinate showed up at the gambling arena. If I go there now, will anyone be willing to be my opponent?”

The battle between him and the Bright King Heaven Cultivator had been witnessed by many of the Ink Clan. No matter how much he suppressed his strength, victory was still victory. With the abilities he had displayed before, no one would be willing to participate.

Angry Flame chuckled, “Don’t worry, there will definitely be. Even if there isn’t, I’ll think of a way. You don’t need to worry about this, but I need you to promise me that you won’t lose. If you feel you’re too weak to fight, you can inform me in advance.”

A servant like Yang Kai was something Angry Flame couldn’t bear to lose.

“Yes!” Yang Kai replied.

“Let’s go!” Angry Flame waved his hand and led his several Ink Disciples towards the gambling hall.

A short while later, everyone arrived outside the gambling arena. Inside the basin arena, two Ink Disciples were already fighting, and the surroundings were as lively as ever.

This was undoubtedly a life or death battle. The two Ink Disciples used their full strength, each of them using their own Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities, causing the battle to become extremely lively. The cheers from the surrounding crowd also rang out continuously.

After a moment of silence, the two Ink Disciples finally decided on a victor. The winner would live while the loser would die. The fate of the Ink Disciples was sometimes decided by a single thought.

After the victorious Ink Disciple left, Angry Flame shot Yang Kai a look.

Yang Kai understood and flew down.

Three days ago, he had been fighting with a great number of people here, but now that he had suddenly appeared, many of the Ink Clan’s people recognized him and immediately became excited, whispering amongst themselves as they watched.

However, none of the Ink Clan’s subordinates were sent in.

Yang Kai’s performance a few days ago was indeed extraordinary. If one didn’t have the confidence to fight, they would only end up in a tragic state. The Ink Disciples didn’t come easily, and the Ink Clan didn’t want to squander them.

Although many members of the Ink Clan showed interest in Yang Kai, after asking their Ink Disciple subordinate, they could only shake their heads regretfully.

After waiting for a while, no one came to challenge him. Yang Kai stood in the middle of the basin, seemingly bored.

At the periphery, a member of the Ink Clan said, “Angry Flame, if you let this person fight, I’m afraid no one will accept. Let’s change to another!”

Angry Flame bared his teeth. Originally, he had been wondering if he could take advantage of this situation and see if any of the Ink Clan’s Ink Disciple subordinates, who didn’t know about Yang Kai’s background, would come out. Who would have thought that none of them were fools? The Ink Clan, who had witnessed the battle three days ago, naturally wouldn’t be deceived. Those who hadn’t seen Yang Kai before would be able to inquire about the situation.

Since he couldn’t take advantage of this opportunity, he could only use something to lure them.

Angry Flame chuckled and said in a clear voice, “This Ink Disciple of mine is indeed a bit stronger. I’ve never seen anyone stronger than him in the same grade, but since he’s already enter the stage, there’s no point in coming back without a fight. How about this, this time we’ll have a life battle. If anyone wins, just take him away. If anyone loses, just give me a hundred ink coins.”

As soon as these words were spoken, many of the Ink Clans burst into an uproar.

Angry Flame’s words were too arrogant, as if his Ink Disciple would never lose.

Immediately, a member of the Ink Clan impatiently asked, “Angry Flame, are you serious?”

A Sixth Order Ink Disciple’s value wasn’t low. If it was really sold for money, ten thousand ink coins would definitely be the price, and ten thousand ink coins was a considerable sum for the Ink Clan.

Even if they lost, they didn’t need to pay too much of a price. Since it's not a deathmatch, they wouldn’t need to worry about their Ink Disciples dying. They only needed to pay a hundred ink coins.

A hundred ink coins, who wouldn’t be able to afford it? Even a Low Rank Ink Clan could easily afford a hundred ink coins.

Angry Flame couldn’t help nodding, “Of course it’s true. If I say it in front of everyone, can I go back on my word?”

This time, the Ink Clan couldn’t sit still any longer and immediately ordered their Ink Disciples to descend. In an instant, dozens of Ink Disciples soared into the sky and flew towards the basin arena.

Originally, there was only Yang Kai alone in the gambling arena, but now there were several dozen figures.

Angry Flame chuckled, “You won’t bully me with numbers, right? Then I must admit defeat in this match.”

Many of the Ink Clansmen glanced at each other, none of them willing to let their own Ink Disciple withdraw. After all, this was a great opportunity to take advantage of the situation, all of them waiting for others to make their Ink Disciple withdraw.

After a moment of stalemate, Angry Flame suggested, “How about this, let this Ink Disciple choose any opponent he wants, he can choose whoever he wants, there’s no need to argue, is that alright?”

This proposal naturally received everyone’s approval and they all nodded.

Angry Flame looked down at Yang Kai and said, “Choose one yourself.”

Yang Kai swept his eyes over the crowd and pointed at a young man with an extraordinary appearance, “You!”

The young man nodded slightly, and after receiving the order from their master, the other Ink Disciple quickly left.

Soon, only Yang Kai and the young man remained.

Angry Flame said, “If you two are ready, you can begin at any time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Kai shot towards his opponent like an arrow released from a bowstring, stretching out his hand and releasing the World Force in his palm.

The young man had obviously seen the battle three days ago and knew how strong Yang Kai was. Seeing him take action, he didn’t dare to let him get close to him and immediately retreated. At the same time, he formed a series of hand seals and sent out a Secret Technique towards Yang Kai. Yang Kai didn’t try to dodge and simply punched out.

This battle was quite fierce, and the young man’s strength was also quite extraordinary. After all, he came from a certain Cave Heaven Paradise and was not a mediocre cultivator. The two sides fought back and forth, allowing the spectating Ink Clans to watch with great interest.

To Yang Kai, this kind of battle wasn’t a big deal, he just needed to display his strength appropriately and not expose too much of it.

After an incense stick’s worth of intense fighting, Yang Kai finally found an opportunity to punch the young man until he vomited blood and retreated.

He didn’t press the advantage and simply stood there quietly.

Panting for a moment, the young man stood up, cupped his fists, and flew off without a word.

Seeing this, Angry Flame’s lips curled up into a smile as he accepted the one hundred ink coins from the Ink Disciple’s master and glanced towards Yang Kai, who nodded slightly.

Seeing this, Angry Flame immediately understood and shouted, “Next round, the rules will remain the same, but the loser must give me five hundred ink coins!”

Many Ink Clan members were stunned.

Generally speaking, the Ink Disciples would take a break after a fight, and it wasn’t common for them to fight consecutively. This had happened three days ago, but Wolf Fang’s Bright King Heaven Ink Disciple had been snatched away by Angry Flame.

The difference in strength between the Ink Disciples of the same grade wasn’t too great, so it was difficult for them to support the burden of continuous battles.

Angry Flame's method was undoubtedly somewhat arrogant. Although the number of ink coins had increased from one hundred to five hundred, it was still acceptable.

Five hundred wasn’t a lot, and his Ink Disciple had already fought once, so his strength had definitely fallen.

After a moment of shock, dozens of Ink Disciple flew down and stood in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. At this point, how could he not know what Angry Flame was planning? He was treating him like a money tree!

It was no wonder he had asked him how many battles he could endure and repeatedly warned him not to lose. If he couldn’t fight, he would inform him in advance.

Although he knew, now that things had come to this, he could only comply with the arrangements. Fortunately, Angry Flame only wanted to earn some ink coins, and it wasn't a deathmatch. Otherwise, he really didn’t know if he should kill the other party.

The scene just now was naturally the same as before.

Yang Kai chose another opponent.

The master of the Ink Disciple, who had not been chosen, naturally sighed, but there was nothing they could do. In their eyes, this was a great opportunity to take advantage of others, but unfortunately, they had failed twice.

However, the truth was beyond their expectations. At the end of the second battle, Yang Kai had won again. Although it seemed like he had paid a heavy price, his opponent had been beaten to the point of vomiting blood and was clearly unable to continue fighting.

Angry Flame smiled so widely that his teeth almost popped out. With five hundred ink coins in hand, he looked towards Yang Kai again.

Yang Kai somewhat regretted saying that he could fight three times in a row. If he had known, he wouldn’t have given such an answer.

Now that he was riding a tiger, it was difficult for him to stop. Silently nodding, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and quickly recovered, looking like he had consumed a lot of energy.

Many of the Ink Clan’s eyes turned to Angry Flame, waiting for him to speak.

Not letting them down, Angry Flame shouted, “Last match, my rules will remain the same. The winner will take my Ink Disciple, but the loser will have to pay a thousand Ink Coins.”

Compared to a Sixth Order Ink Disciple worth ten thousand ink coins, a thousand ink coins was undoubtedly worth a gamble, especially after Yang Kai had fought two battles in a row.


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Rein Larsa
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YK the ink gladiator!


He should fight against 70-100 in a row for justice

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