Although this Bright King Heaven cultivator was like a lamp without oil, unable to even resist, because he focused on cultivating his physical body, the strength of his physical body was not something he could easily kill.

Such a situation was unprecedented.

Yang Kai, who was dragging the Bright King Heaven cultivator towards Angry Flame, was quite nervous, not knowing if his plan could be realized.

But no matter what, he had to try. After all, this involved a life.

In the Secret Realm, Meng Qi had once told him that if he encountered Ink Disciple in the future, there was no need for him to show mercy. If he could kill them, he should kill them. Sometimes, death was a form of release.

He hadn’t expected such a choice to appear in front of him so quickly, but facing this Ink Disciple from Bright King Heaven, he couldn’t bring himself to kill him.

After all, he had his own methods, so perhaps he could find an opportunity to save him and restore his true nature.

That was why he had thought of ways to defeat his opponent without killing him.

Staggering over to Angry Flame, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Master, I didn't dissapoint you!”

Angry Flame smiled and nodded repeatedly, “Very good, I really didn’t misjudge you.”

In fact, he had sent Yang Kai to the battlefield to abandon him, but now it seemed he had the foresight to do so.

Angry Flame lowered his head to look at the Bright King Heaven cultivator Yang Kai had dragged in front of him, his eyes flashing with greed as he stretched out his hand and said, “Hand him over to me.”

Yang Kai did not refuse.

Angry Flame stretched out his hand and grabbed towards the Bright King Heaven cultivator, his giant palm directly lifting him up and wrapping him up in his Ink Force.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai let out a sigh of relief. Angry Flame’s actions had not disappointed him, which was also what Yang Kai was looking forward to.

On the other hand, Wolf Fang, who had been standing at the side, gnashing his teeth as he watched, suddenly wore a gloomy expression and shouted, “Angry Flame, what are you doing?”

He had thought that Angry Flame wanted to enjoy his spoils of war. After all, it was a Sixth Order Open Heaven World Force, a great supplement for High Rank Ink Clan. After swallowing such a Sixth Order Open Heaven World Force, Angry Flame’s strength would definitely increase greatly.

Unexpectedly, Angry Flame had no intention of doing so and instead used his Ink Force to corrode the Bright King Heaven with his ink force.

In this way, wouldn’t the cultivators of Bright King Heaven become the Ink Disciples of Angry Flame?

How could Wolf Fang accept this? A living Ink Disciple and a dead Ink Disciple had different meanings. Since he had already agreed to a deathmatch with Angry Flame, now that the outcome had been decided, he was already mentally prepared to have his Ink Disciple dead.

If Angry Flame had really killed that Bright King Heaven cultivator, he would have nothing to say, but now that Angry Flame had done this, he found it difficult to bear.

With this, the strength of Angry Flame’s subordinates had greatly increased while he had lost a great general. With this increase and decrease, the gap between his strength and Angry Flame’s was huge.

“Do you have any objections?” Angry Flame glanced over.

Wolf Fang said angrily, “You and I have agreed to a deathmatch, so we must decide who lives and who dies. What is the meaning of you snatching my Ink Disciple now?”

If it was a life combat, and they had agreed to use the Ink Disciple as the stake, it was understandable for Angry Flame to do this, but a deathmatch was different.

Angry Flame sneered, “How is that stealing? The outcome has already been decided. This is my spoils of war. If I want him to live, he can live. If I want him to die, he can die. His life is mine, what does it have to do with you?”

Wolf Fang firmly set the rules and refused to relent, “A deathmatch is a deathmatch. Of these two Ink Disciples, only one can survive, you can choose one!”

Angry Flame shook his head, “No one has ever said that only one can survive a deathmatch.”

It was true that no one had said anything about it, but the result of every deathmatch was the same. The main reason was that the strength of the Ink Disciples in the battle was almost the same, and one side would eventually lose and die.

Everyone agreed to this rule.

For someone like Yang Kai, who had managed to capture his opponent and return alive, this was the first time in so many years, and there was room for dispute.

Wolf Fang didn’t waste his breath and waved his hand, “Ask these clansmen what the rules of a deathmatch are!”




Voices rang out from all directions. The many Ink Clans didn’t care who benefited, they only wanted to see blood and slaughter.

Wolf Fang stared at Angry Flame provocatively, a smug look on his face.

Angry Flame’s expression became solemn. He really did like that cultivator from Bright King Heaven. It would be best if he could take him under his wing, but if he were to incur the wrath of his clansmen here, it would be a loss.

While hesitating, Yang Kai suddenly cupped his fists and said, “Master, why don’t you let me fight him again? I can slowly torture him to death!”

Angry Flame frowned, “Slowly torture him to death?” What was the point?

Yang Kai asked, “How about a hundred years?”

Only then did Angry Flame understand, thinking to himself, who would be willing to stay here for a hundred years? Even Wolf Fang probably wouldn’t have the patience to do so. As long as he left, the Bright King Heaven’s cultivators would naturally become his Ink Disciples.

This is something he like to see.

“You’re courting death!” Wolf Fang suddenly turned his head and glared at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai lowered his head and said, “If Master wants me dead, I’ll die myself!” The meaning behind his words was that he didn’t have the qualifications.

Ding Si’s eyelids twitched as he listened from the side, only now realizing that this little brother of his was a bit too bold, actually daring to speak to the Ink Clan in such a strange manner. He probably didn’t know how to write the word ‘death’.

“Impudence!” Angry Flame reprimanded, but there was no trace of reprimand in his tone.

Yang Kai lowered his head respectfully.

Angry Flame turned to look at Wolf Fang, “I don’t think you want to spend a hundred years watching an unsightly battle, right? If you really have the time, I can let these two Ink Disciples continue fighting here.”

In any case, the Ink Disciples of Bright King Heaven had already been contaminated by his Ink Force and could be considered his Ink Disciples. As long as he gave the order, the two Ink Disciples could fight for a hundred years.

Wolf Fang’s face was cold as he remained silent.

“How about this, let’s ask the three Feaudal Lord to judge and ask for their opinions. We’ll submit to their wishes,” Angry Flame suggested.

The reason why he had made such a proposal was because no matter what the result was, it would not be a loss for him.

If that Bright King Heaven cultivator could really survive, he would naturally have another great general under his command.

If he had to die, angry Flame could take advantage of this opportunity to devour his World Force and turn it into his own power.

In any case, there was no benefit to Wolf Fang.

Angry Flame didn’t have a hundred years to waste.

Since he had already made such a suggestion, how could Wolf Fang disagree? He immediately nodded and said, “Sure!”

Angry Flame turned his head to look around and placed his hand on his chest, “I respectfully ask the three Feudal Lords to judge this matter.” He then pointed at the Bright King Heaven cultivator and said, “Whether this Ink Disciple lives or dies is entirely up to you.”

Amongst the surrounding Ink Clan, there were a number of Ink Clan with Feudal Lord level. Feudal Lord is a division of the Black Ink Clan rank, and once one’s strength reached a certain level, they would naturally become a Feudal Lord.

However, not every Feudal Lord level Ink Clan had their own territory.

This place was the Crazy Wind Territory, and its Feudal Lord was the Crazy Wind Feudal Lord, so it had nothing to do with the other Feudal Lords. However, since the Crazy Wind Feudal Lord owned such a territory, his strength was naturally not something an ordinary Ink Clan Feudal Lord could compare to.

For example, in the Void Land, there were many Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, but Yang Kai, who was also a Sixth Order, was the Lord of the Void Land. Although the others were also from the Void Land, they were not the Lord.

After saying this, Angry Flame waited quietly.

After a while, a female Feudal Lord said in a cold voice, “A deathmatch is naturally a life or death battle, what’s the point of both living?”

Her meaning was clear.

Wolf Fang and Angry Flame both reached out their hands to support their chests and respectfully waited for the next Feudal Lord to speak. However, with the support of this female Feudal Lord, Wolf Fang’s expression became much more relaxed.

Angry Flame’s attitude was still indifferent, just as he had planned before, no matter the result, it would not be detrimental to him.

A moment later, another Feudal Lord said, “Ink Disciple is also the power of my Ink Clan. Let him live, he will be of some use on the battlefield.”

The two Feudal Lord had the opposite opinion. The last Feudal Lord would undoubtedly decide the life and death of this Bright King Heaven cultivator.

From somewhere, a voice called out, “Let him live!”

His words were concise, and he didn’t explain too much. It was probably just as the second Feudal Lord had thought, allowing Ink Disciple to survive and play some role on the battlefield.

Angry Flame and Wolf Fang bowed again.

As he stood up, Angry Flame smiled proudly at Wolf Fang, who snorted before leading his Ink Disciple away.

Originally, he had been surrounded by three Ink Disciple, two Fifth Order and one Sixth Order. One of the Fifth Order Ink Disciple had been killed by Ding Si, and the only Sixth Order Ink Disciple had been captured by Yang Kai. Now, only the last Fifth Order Ink Disciple remained.

If he wanted to obtain more Ink Disciples, he could only only get others' Ink Disciple, participate in such a gambling contest, or wait for a war to break out so that he could ink the Human Race’s cultivators on the battlefield.

But no matter what, Wolf Fang had suffered a great loss this time.

On the other hand, Angry Flame, who had some conflict with him, was naturally overjoyed.

In the two gambling match, he had lost Jia Yi, but now there was a new Bright King Heaven cultivator, maintaining the lineup of five subordinates and increasing his strength.

All of this was thanks to this newly accepted servant named Wù Wǔ. If it weren’t for him giving him a pleasant surprise, he wouldn’t have been so happy.

Turning his head to look at Yang Kai, who was covered in blood and in a sorry state, the more he looked at him, the more he liked him.

He had never felt that Ink Disciple was so attractive.

“From today onwards, your name will be Jia Yi!” Angry Flame looked at Yang Kai and said.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before cupping his fists and whispering, “Yes!”

From Wù Wǔ’s name to Jia Yi’s, his status had obviously soared. [MSN: No.5 to No.1]

“Your name is Wù Wǔ!” The Ink Clan cultivator turned to look at the Bright King Heaven cultivator.

After a short rest, although this Bright King Heaven cultivator had yet to fully recover, he was at least able to stand up and respond with a pale face.


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