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Originally, he had thought it would be another victory, but who would have thought that there were actually capable people under Angry Flame’s command. Wolf Fang even suspected that this was all part of Angry Flame’s plan, otherwise how could he have been so unwilling just now?

Gritting his teeth, an Ink Disciple suddenly whispered, “Master, something is wrong!”

Wolf Fang couldn’t care less about being entangled with Angry Flame and quickly lowered his head to look down into the basin. What he saw made his heart sink.

The situation was indeed wrong.

Originally, the two Ink Disciples were evenly matched and it was impossible to tell who was stronger, but after a short while, the Ink Disciple under his command actually showed signs of weakness, completely losing the courage and ferocity of his opponent and was forced to retreat step by step.

This scene caused Wolf Fang’s expression to become even uglier. He had great confidence in his subordinate, Ink Disciple, who came from Bright King Heaven, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked him to fight two battles in a row. Originally, he had wanted to use this opportunity to gain some benefits from Angry Flame, but who would have thought that this would happen.

This time, it really was like trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it.

Another burst of laughter rang out from Angry Flame’s side, sounding extremely harsh.

Many of the spectating Ink Disciples were also cheering loudly, causing Wolf Fang to become even more anxious and finally couldn’t help roaring, “Kill him! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

On the arena, the Bright King Heaven’s Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage heard his master’s command and fiercely punched away Yang Kai, who was closing in on him. His hands quickly formed a series of hand seals and as the World Force around his body surged, a giant golden shadow enveloped him.

It was as if his entire body had merged into that phantom, causing his aura to suddenly soar.

Motionless Bright King Golden Body!

The cultivators of Bright King Heaven placed great emphasis on the cultivation of their physical bodies, and the Motionless Bright King Golden Body was also their secret. Once this Secret Technique was used, it meant that they would really have to go all out.

Opposite him, Yang Kai, who had been forced to retreat, wore a helpless expression.

With his current strength, if he wanted to defeat or kill this Bright King Heaven cultivator in front of him, he naturally wouldn’t need to expend so much effort, but now that he was trapped in the heart of the Ink Clan's territory, he really didn’t dare expose too much of his strength, so he had been suppressing it. Otherwise, if he really killed this person in a few punches, it would definitely attract the attention of various forces and perhaps even the Feudal Lord of the Ink Clan.

A Feudal Lord was equivalent to a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master, so if he was targeted by such a powerful master, there was no telling what kind of unexpected situation would occur. Now that he was with Angry Flame, a High Rank Ink Clan master, even if something really happened, he could easily resolve it with his own strength.

Therefore, when he had fought with his opponent before, Yang Kai seems to have used his full strength, as if he wanted to take his opponent down with him, but that was not the case.

Now that his opponent had suddenly activated this Motionless Bright King Golden Body, with the strength he had displayed, he was no longer his opponent.

As his thoughts fluctuated, Yang Kai let out a sigh and instantly activated his Dragon Vein.

There was no other way, otherwise there was no way to explain.

The other party’s strength had greatly increased, so if he didn’t use some of his trump cards, his strength naturally wouldn’t increase.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai roared angrily, his face twisted as a series of explosions rang out and his body began to swell.

He didn’t dare to fully use his Dragon Transformation, that is a big dragon that was two thousand zhang long. If he really did that, it would be too explosive.

Under Yang Kai’s suppression, his figure suddenly expanded by more than a dozen meters, his exposed skin covered in fine dragon scales, dragon horns sprouting from his forehead, his hands transforming into dragon claws, and a dragon tail swishing behind him as he stood on the ground, half dragon and half human.

A faint dragon pressure filled the air as Yang Kai roared.

Outside the stage, Angry Flame’s eyes widened as he stared at this scene in shock.

Standing beside him, Yi Er, Bing San, and Ding Si were also shocked, but Ding Si suddenly exclaimed, “So that’s how it is!”

Angry Flame turned back. “What?”

Ding Si quickly cupped his fists, “Master, Wu Wu doesn’t seem to be a simple human, he should have some Dragon Clan bloodline!”

“Dragon Clan Bloodline!” Angry Flame raised his brow, “Is it the Holy Spirit that you humans speak of?”

Although he had participated in many great wars between the Human Race and the Ink Clan, to be honest, he had never seen the Dragon Clan before and had only heard of this magical race.

“Isn’t that amazing?”

Ding Si shook his head and said, “Master should know that although Wu Wu has some Dragon Clan blood, it doesn’t seem to be pure. His appearance can be called a Dragon Descendant, not a true Dragon Clan.” Seemingly afraid that Angry Flame wouldn’t understand, he made an analogy, “If you compare the Ink Clan to the Dragon Clan, then the Dragon Descendant is the Ink Disciple. The Dragon Descendant possesses some Dragon Clan strength, but compared to a true Dragon Clan, there is still a huge gap.”

Angry Flame nodded, not fully understanding, but no matter what, he knew that this servant named Wù Wǔ was a bit amazing.

Ding Si continued, “The Dragon Clan is powerful and is known as the leader of the Holy Spirits and the leader of all spirits, so their physical bodies are naturally extraordinary. The strength of Wu Wu’s physical body should have something to do with the Dragon Vein he carries. As I said, he was born in Yin Yang Heaven, so how could his physical body be more powerful than Bright King Heaven’s?”

Angry Flame laughed and turned to look at Wolf Fang, mocking, “You’ve found the wrong opponent.”

Wolf Fang coldly snorted, “It’s not certain who will win and who will lose, don’t be too happy.”

Angry Flame snorted and didn’t say anything more. There was no point in wasting words with him. As long as his servant could win, he would naturally be able to see his flustered and exasperated face.

In the basin arena, the Bright King Heaven cultivator who had used the Motionless Bright King Golden Body and the half-dragon half-human Yang Kai once again collided.

This time, it was even more brutal than before.

Everyone knew that both sides had already used their trump cards and were really determined to determine the victor and the loser. Immediately, everyone’s interest was piqued.

The two giant figures crashed into each other, but instead of separating like before, they tangled together and used their Small Universe’s power to bombard the other party.

The two of them had completely given up on defending and were only focused on attacking, both of them ready to kill the other.

Yang Kai even used his dragon tail and teeth.

This battle didn’t seem exciting, but it was fierce and brutal.

Blood splattered everywhere as the two figures crashed into the barrier, creating a huge dent in it. Although the impact quickly subsided, it was obvious just how terrifying their collision was.

The golden glow of the Golden Body gradually dimmed.

Yang Kai was also covered in blood and appeared to be in imminent danger.

Whether it was Wolf Fang or Angry Flame, both of their expressions became solemn. No one had expected this battle to reach such a state.

No one knew who would win in the end.

However, it had to be admitted that this was a battle that everyone was watching to their heart’s content. This could be seen from the excited expressions on the faces of the many Ink Clan masters.


With a loud bang, the two figures that had been entangled with each other since both sides had used their trump cards finally separated and fell from the sky, smashing into the ground.

The Motionless Bright King Golden Body was completely shattered and the Bright King Heaven cultivator lay motionless on the ground, his fate unknown.

Ding Si’s mouth twitched slightly. Although he came from a Nine Stars Paradise, he knew just how powerful Bright King Heaven’s Golden Body was. Now that it had been broken by someone, if Bright King Heaven’s side were to find out about this, how could they bear it?

Yang Kai’s Dragon Transformation body slowly dissipated and he returned to his human form, lying there motionless.

Mutual defeat? Many of the Ink Clans’ eyes widened as they watched. If this was really the result, it would be far too exciting.

They didn’t care about Ink Disciple’s life or death, only being able to enjoy such an intense battle was worth it.

However, there was no sound of Small Universe’s collapse. In other words, neither side had died, it was just that the battle was too intense and they had both exhausted their strength.

Wolf Fang roared, “Stand up and kill him!”

Victory or defeat was determined by this single move, so how could all of his efforts be wasted?

Seemingly having heard his master’s command, the Bright King Heaven cultivator’s fingers twitched slightly before he struggled to his feet and staggered towards Yang Kai.

Angry Flame’s heart was in his throat. Although he had initially planned to abandon Wù Wǔ, this battle was beyond his expectations.

Judging from the strength displayed by Wù Wǔ, Yang Kai was even stronger than Jia Yi. Even Angry Flame was reluctant to abandon such a slave.

However, at this moment, he was at a loss as to what to do. The masters were not allowed to interfere in the battle between the Ink Disciples, this was a rule. Seeing that his opponent was about to reach Wù Wǔ, he quickly shouted, “Get up, get up!”

Yang Kai remained motionless.

Ding Si let out a long sigh. In the end, he still lost.

In this kind of situation, losing meant death, and the opponent would not show mercy.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the Bright King Heaven cultivator had already arrived in front of Yang Kai. At this moment, Yang Kai, who had been lying there motionless all this time, suddenly leapt up and kicked the other party’s chest, sending him tumbling to the ground. Then, he threw himself onto his opponent body and began beating him up.

Seeing this, Angry Flame, who was so nervous his heart was about to jump out of his chest, couldn’t help laughing.

Wolf Fang was dumbstruck. He hadn’t expected such an unforeseen event to occur.

Bang bang bang…

Yang Kai’s fists smashed down, hitting the Bright King Heaven cultivator’s nose and mouth, causing him to bleed profusely.

However, everyone could see that although he was fighting fiercely, he actually didn’t have much strength left, when he swung his fists, they seemed somewhat weak.

Originally, the Bright King Heaven cultivator wanted to resist, but he quickly lost the strength to resist and lay there, allowing himself to be slaughtered.

He was also at the end of his rope.

A moment later, Yang Kai withdrew his hand and staggered to his feet, doing something unexpected.

He grabbed the leg of the Bright King Heaven cultivator and staggered towards Angry Flame.

The cheers had already stopped, and all of the Ink Clan and Ink Disciple were staring at him. Up until now, the outcome of this battle had been decided, but the result had never appeared.

In this kind of arena, the result of a deathmatch was certain to be one party’s death.

But now, although Yang Kai had won, his opponent hadn’t died. Everyone could see that it wasn’t that Yang Kai didn’t want to kill him, but that he simply didn’t have the strength to do so!


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Rein Larsa
Rein Larsa
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Its so frustrating to see YK nerfed again and again and again...Now he can't even handle a low life OH without using his trump cards, sheesh... 🙄

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