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Therefore, when Wolf Fang invited him to fight the third round, it was impossible for Angry Flame to agree unless he was crazy.

Snorting coldly, Angry Flame turned to leave.

“I will still use this slave, you can just send someone to fight, how about it?” Wolf Fang’s voice came from behind.

Angry Flame’s figure paused for a moment before turning back to look at him with a puzzled expression, as if asking, 'Are you serious?'

Wolf Fang shrugged lightly, indicating that he was not joking.

Numerous eyes from all around stared towards him, as if they were watching a good show, causing Angry Flame to frown. Of course, he could leave now. Although he had suffered a great loss, it wasn’t as if he had gained nothing. A Fifth Order Open Heaven World Force was also useful to him, not to mention that he had picked up E-5 (Wù Wǔ) along the way here, making up for this loss.

However, leaving just like that, the resentment in his heart couldn’t be swallowed.

He lowered his head and looked towards the basin. Although Jiǎ Yī had been killed by the Bright King Heaven cultivator, he was not completely helpless. Jiǎ Yī’s desperate resistance had also caused some injuries to his opponent, and in that battle just now, the Bright King Heaven cultivator must have consumed a lot of energy.

In a one-on-one fight, the others is not his opponent, but if it's like this, wouldn’t they be able to turn the tide?

It had to be said that the Sixth Order Open Heaven below was a great temptation for Angry Flame. Most importantly, if he could win, he would be able to vent his anger.

Seeing him hesitate, Wolf Fang immediately waved his hand and said, “Of course, if you’re afraid, feel free to leave, I won’t force you.”

He had also said these words before. Before, it was a provocation, but now, it was also a provocation, just that his tone was completely different. Earlier, he was gritting his teeth, but now he was sneering.

Angry Flame was originally hesitating, but after being provoked by these words, he immediately made up his mind, “Who’s afraid? But first, if you lose later, don’t regret it.”

Wolf Fang nodded repeatedly, “Rest assured, I won’t go back on my word.”

His expression was relaxed and he seemed to have great confidence in his subordinate Ink Disciple, causing Angry Flame’s heart to skip a beat as he faintly felt that he had become stupid again.

But now that he had agreed, it was impossible for him to back down. If he continued to refuse, he would only become the laughing stock of his clansmen.

Bracing himself, he turned to Yǐ Er with asking look.

With Hia Yi's death, he could only rely on Yǐ Er. Although Yǐ Er's strength was slightly weaker than Jia Yi's, it wasn’t much worse. Against an opponent who was injured and had consumed a great deal of energy, he still had some chance of winning.

Facing his gaze, Yǐ Er lowered his head silently.

“Trash!” Angry Flame grit his teeth and shouted. It was obvious from Yǐ Er’s appearance that he didn’t have much confidence. With such a mentality, if he were to fight, he would definitely not have a good end.

Although he was cursing, Yǐ Er had followed him for many years. Although he was a servant, he had always been at his beck and call, so he really couldn’t bear to see him die.

Angry Flame turned his eyes to Yang Kai and shouted, “You go!”

This Wù Wǔ was picked up from the streets, so he didn’t know how strong he was, but the Open Heaven Stage cultivators of the human race were only so-so. Even Yi Er didn’t have confidence in himself, so Wù Wǔ was probably useless.

He already regretted not leaving immediately just now. If he had left just now, although he would have suffered some losses, it wouldn’t have been too big. But now, even this Sixth Order Ink Disciple he had picked up would have died here.

However, if he really wanted to abandon someone between Yǐ Er and Wù Wǔ, he would only choose the latter. He wasn’t familiar with him, he would just pretend he didn’t pick him up.

“Yes!” Yang Kai cupped his fists in response.

He hadn’t expected this matter to fall on his head, so he was truly helpless. But as the ‘Master’ of the Ink Clan, he had already spoken, so he couldn’t openly disobey.

Angry Flame grit his teeth and said, “Even if you die, drag him down with you!”

Yang Kai nodded before his figure flickered and he fell into the basin.

Standing next to Angry Flame, Dīng Sì sighed lightly. Speaking of which, he quite liked this newcomer Wù Wǔ, mainly because Jiǎ Yī and the others were all taciturn people. Although Wù Wǔ was a newcomer, he was able to chat with him.

However, now that he had entered the arena, it was likely he wouldn’t have a chance to return. The Sixth Order Open Heaven of Bright King Heaven was not to be trifled with, making him feel quite regretful.

Inside the basin, the smell of blood filled the air and broken limbs and flesh could be seen everywhere.

It was unknown how many Ink Disciples had died in battle here, but the blood that spilled from their wounds had dyed the ground red.

Bright King Heaven’s Sixth Order Open Heaven looked over indifferently, his expression calm. Although there were traces of injury on his body, it was actually not a big deal. It was just that his battle with Jia Yi just now had consumed a great deal of energy.

However, he was still confident he could defeat this opponent in this kind of arena.

“Please!” Yang Kai cupped his fists towards him.

As soon as his voice fell, the other party had already charged towards Yang Kai like an arrow released from a bow, his World Force surging.

He had already exposed his identity in the first round, so there was no need for him to hide any longer. Moreover, he was determined to end this battle quickly, so he naturally wanted to seize the advantage in close combat.

In the next moment, his expression froze slightly.

This was because his opponent had also reacted the same way he did. He didn’t use any kind of Secret Technique, nor did he use any kind of Secret Artifact. Instead, he simply punched out with his World Force.

The entire crowd went into an uproar as countless Ink Clan and Ink Disciple’s eyes widened in shock.

Angry Flame was also shocked, but he was even more furious!

This Wù Wǔ was simply an idiot. He clearly knew that the other party came from that so-called Bright King Heaven and had a powerful physique. He had used this method to kill Jiǎ Yī, yet he still dared to provoke him!

However, when he thought about his previous warning, he suppressed his anger and faintly felt that Wù Wǔ was following his orders to find an opportunity to perish together with him.

If so, it was understandable.


With a loud bang, a visible shockwave burst out and the two figures collided fiercely before separating and smashing backwards.

The first collision was unexpected.

Bright King Heaven's Sixth Order master had already displayed the strength of his physical body in the previous battle. Seeing Yang Kai rush over without fear of death, everyone thought that this was a one-sided slaughter, but who would have thought that they were evenly matched?

Angry Flame was stunned!

The smiling Wolf Fang was also stunned.

Dīng Sì’s jaw dropped.

No one had expected that Yang Kai would actually be able to withstand a blow from a Sixth Order Bright King Heaven master.

However, a single collision didn’t prove anything. Only the next battle would reveal something.

The two figures landed heavily on the ground. The Sixth Order Bright King Heaven's eyes flashed with surprise, but he didn’t stop. Instead, he stomped his feet on the ground, creating a huge crater as he rushed towards Yang Kai again.

In midair, he saw his opponent make the same choice!




The two figures continued to collide and fly back and forth in the arena, but they did not stop at all. Every time they collided, the violent World Force would stir up the wind and clouds, causing ripples to spread out in all directions.

All around the basin arena, cheers suddenly rang out. This kind of intense battle caused the Ink Clan to become excited and their blood to boil.

There were no fancy Secret Techniques, no offensive or defensive artifacts, only bloody battles where fists met flesh. This was the most primitive kind of power struggle. This was a battle that had never appeared in the gambling arena, one that was enough to ignite the bloodlust in the depths of the Ink Clan’s hearts, causing them to become intoxicated.

Wolf Fang’s smile gradually disappeared and his expression became solemn.

Angry Flame’s face was filled with surprise. Originally, he had only made a choice between Yǐ Er and Wù Wǔ, which was why he had asked Wù Wǔ to fight. Who would have thought that he would give him such a big surprise.

In a direct confrontation with a cultivator from Bright King Heaven’s family, he wasn’t at a disadvantage at all. Even if the final result wasn’t decided, just the scene in front of him was enough to break the old tradition.

“Is he also from Bright King Heaven?” Angry Flame turned to look at Dīng Sì.

Along the way, Dīng Sì and Wù Wǔ would occasionally whisper to each other. It wasn’t that he didn’t notice, but the Ink Clan weren’t worried about the loyalty of their Ink Disciples, so he couldn’t be bothered with them. He hadn’t asked about Wù Wǔ’s background, and even his name was given randomly.

However, Dīng Sì should know something.

Hearing this, Dīng Sì shook his head, “No, he said he came from Yin-Yang Heaven.”

The Ink Clan also had some understanding of the Cave Heaven Paradise, so Angry Flame had naturally heard of Yin-Yang Heaven before and was immediately puzzled, “The bodies of people from Yin-Yang Heaven are also so powerful?”

Dīng Sì shook his head and said, “Yin-Yang Heaven’s people are proficient in the Way of Unity, they don’t specialize in physical strength. Wù Wǔ, he… may be extremely talented!”

This was the only explanation. It didn’t mean that if one didn’t come from Bright King Heaven, they wouldn’t have a powerful physical body, but relatively speaking, Bright King Heaven’s cultivators placed the most emphasis on the cultivation of their physical bodies, and their cultivation methods were based on this.

“Which one of them do you think is stronger?” Angry Flame asked excitedly. Although he was also a High Rank Ink Clan member equivalent to a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, he didn’t know much about the way humans fought. The battle in front of him was extremely fierce, but he couldn’t tell who was stronger.

Dīng Sì couldn’t say for sure, mainly because he really couldn’t tell, so he could only say conservatively, “Wù Wǔ has a chance of winning!”

This was enough.

Angry Flame laughed heartily, “Good, very good.”

This time, he had really picked up a treasure. Fortunately, he had come out to fight, otherwise he would not have been able to understand how incredible this Wù Wǔ was.

However, in this way, he began to worry about Wù Wǔ’s safety. If he won this battle, it would be fine, but if he lost and was killed, the loss would be even more painful than Jia Yi’s death.

Turning his head to the side, he saw that Wolf Fang’s expression was solemn and no longer as calm as before. Angry Flame sneered, “Dīng Sì, what is your Human Race saying on this?”

Dīng Sì observed his expression and quickly said, “Too clever! There’s also a saying that goes, ‘Stealing a chicken only to end up losing the rice’!”

“Yes, yes!” Angry Flame couldn’t help nodding, “That’s what it said.”

Wolf Fang glanced over and coldly said, “Your subordinate Ink Disciple is too presumptuous.”

Angry Flame sneered, “You also know that this is my Ink Disciple subordinate, what does it have to do with you! Weren’t you laughing just now? Why don’t you show me a smile now?”

How could Wolf Fang still laugh? His face was extremely blue.


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