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However, after observing for a while, Yang Kai found that it shouldn’t be a problem for Dīng Sì to win this battle. His strength was obviously higher than his opponent’s.

This was indeed the case. After fighting for a long time, the opponent’s momentum gradually weakened. Dīng Sì saw a good opportunity and rushed forward, his two daggers flashing brilliantly in his hands as he passed by his opponent.

When the battle came to an end, Dīng Sì turned around and a dark red line of blood appear on his opponent’s neck. Immediately after, blood spurted out like a fountain and a powerful force sent his head flying.

The headless corpse swayed slightly before collapsing to the ground.

Angry Flame laughed loudly and tossed a World Sphere into the field. The World Force released by the dead Fifth Order Open Heaven was instantly swallowed and sealed inside.

Dīng Sì held the World Sphere in his hands and his short figure flickered a few times before arriving in front of Angry Flame and bowing his head, “Master!”

Angry Flame took the World Sphere and nodded with a smile, “Very good!”

On the side, Wolf Fang’s expression became ugly. Although he also had a few Ink Disciple under him, it had not been easy to come by. Now that he had lost one, how could he not feel distressed?

His face twitching slightly, Wolf Fang shouted, “Again!”

Angry Flame sneered, “Why not, or do you want to fight another day?”

“Enough nonsense!” Wolf Fang had just lost an Ink Disciple, how could he be willing to give up so easily? Pointing at a burly middle-aged man beside him, he shouted, “You go!”

Hearing this, the middle-aged man nodded and flew towards the basin.

Wolf Fang then looked towards Angry Flame with a provocative look, “If you’re afraid, feel free to leave, I won’t force you!”

The Ink Clan also cared about face. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, how could Angry Flame be afraid? With a cold snort, he turned his eyes to Jiǎ Yī and Yǐ Er. The opponent was a Sixth Order Ink Disciple, and only Jiǎ Yī and Yǐ Er could deal with him. After a moment of silence, he lifted his chin slightly towards Jiǎ Yī and said, “Go.”

Jiǎ Yī silently cupped his fists and stepped into the battlefield.

Inside the basin, the two Sixth Order Ink Disciples stood still, not immediately attacking each other, instead cupping their fists in greeting.

As the World Force fluctuated wildly, the two of them seemed to have come to an agreement, each of them executing their own Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques towards the other.

This battle was like a raging inferno, each of them mercilessly attacking the other, many of their Secret Techniques releasing a brilliant light as their World Force collided.

Yang Kai observed for a moment but couldn’t tell who was stronger. These two Sixth Order masters were undoubtedly from Cave Heaven Paradise, and their strengths were similar to each other. Just like the first match he had seen, it would take some luck to win.

He turned his head and sized up Dīng Sì.

In the battle just now, Dīng Sì had consumed a lot of energy, but fortunately he hadn’t suffered any serious injuries. Moreover, because he had already fought once, even if there was another battle, it wouldn’t have anything to do with him. The anxious look on Dīng Sì's face was swept away and relaxed.

Sensing Yang Kai’s gaze, Dīng Sì took the initiative to explain, “This is a common bet between the Ink Clan, you should take a good look at it. In the future, you may need to participate.”

“I heard that person say something about a life and death combat?” Yang Kai asked in a low voice, “What’s the difference?”

Dīng Sì replied, “The literal meaning is that a deathmatch is a fight to the death. For example, in my battle just now and the current fight, a life or death combat is also a battle to determine the victor. The slaves of our masters are actually the stakes of a deathmatch. If either side is defeated or killed, Small Universe World power will be obtained by the victor. In a life or death combat, both sides need to make a bet in advance, for example, a bet on the ownership of us Ink Disciples, or a simple bet of Ink Coins.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly in understanding.

“Did you just say that this kind of gambling was common in the Ink Clan?”

Dīng Sì shrugged his shoulders, “Indeed, don’t you see that there are so many people gathered here? Everyone is here to gamble, and the Ink Clan is quite fond of this. If the strength of their subordinates, Ink Disciple, is strong enough, they will be able to earn a lot of benefits for their Master. Moreover, even though we are Master’s slaves, the strength of our slaves is often a symbol of Master’s face. Only when the tide rises will the ship rise.”

Yang Kai cupped his fists, “I understand.”

Dīng Sì waved his hand to indicate that it was fine, but his brow suddenly wrinkled as he focused on the battle below.

In just a short time, the battle below seemed to have undergone some unexpected changes. The two sides who were originally equal in strength now had a clear difference in strength.

Jiǎ Yī was forced to retreat under the opponent’s fierce attacks.

Angry Flame’s expression instantly became tense, while Wolf Fang, who was standing next to him, wore a mocking smile, as if his scheme had succeeded.

“Bright King Heaven's people!” Dīng Sì suddenly shouted, his voice not loud nor soft, seemingly speaking to Yang Kai, but actually explaining to Angry Flame, “Bright King Heaven’s people focus on cultivating their physical bodies, we were all fooled!”

Yang Kai also saw that Jiǎ Yī’s opponent was obviously from Bright King Heaven.

He had once come into contact with a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master named Xu Wang in the Shattered Heaven. Later on, a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master surnamed Yu arrived in Shattered Heaven and captured Blood Crow Divine Monarch.

The physiques of Bright King Heaven’s cultivators were extremely powerful, when they fought with others, they basically wouldn’t use any Secret Artifacts or Secret Techniques. Their bodies were the most powerful Artifact.

However, at the beginning of the battle, Jiǎ Yī’s opponent had actually used a Secret Technique to compete with him, so no one had noticed this.

This was obviously his opponent’s plan, but while Jiǎ Yī was still immersed in the battle of Secret Techniques, his opponent had fiercely rushed towards him, catching him off guard.

In a battle between Sixth Order Open Heaven Stages, even the slightest mistake could be fatal.

After Jiǎ Yī fell into a disadvantageous position, he was only able to parry his opponent’s attacks for a short period of time without being able to fight back. He wanted to put some distance between himself and his opponent, but his opponent was like a shadow, following him like a maggot, obviously wanting to use his strength to attack his opponent’s weakness.

“You’re playing tricks!” Angry Flame suddenly turned to look at Wolf Fang and shouted.

Wolf Fang chuckled, “In the battle between Ink Disciples, what kind of trick is there? It’s your people who are too weak!”

Angry Flame’s eyes were spitting fire. How could he not know that he had fallen into someone else’s trap? Wolf Fang had first used a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage to entice him and then sent a Sixth Order to participate in the battle, obviously digging a hole for him to jump into.

Although the basin below covered an area of several dozen kilometers, it was still too small for Open Heaven Stage cultivator to maneuver through.

If they had fought in the void, with enough space, Jiǎ Yī might not have fallen into such a situation.

However, in such an environment, whoever had a strong ability to launch a surprise attack at short distances would be able to gain an advantage!

Whether it was the Ink Clan or Ink Disciple, both of them knew that in this gambling hall, the Ink Disciple from Bright King Heaven had an absolute advantage, especially when they were in close combat.

No one could defeat Bright King Heaven’s Ink Disciple in such an environment, unless it was them.

Therefore, in this gambling hall, Ink Disciple, who came from Bright King Heaven’s family, was very popular. If someone sent out Ink Disciple who came from Bright King Heaven’s family, no one would be willing to fight.

Wolf Fang’s previous outburst of anger had caused Angry Flame to send out his strongest Sixth Order subordinate without thinking, only to discover that the current situation was not right and realize that he had fallen into his trap.

However, it was too late for regrets now. The Ink Disciples had entered the arena, so it was impossible for them to leave without determining the outcome.

Jiǎ Yī’s strength was indeed extraordinary. At his peak, he was likely a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage, but his opponent was also incredibly powerful. Facing Jiǎ Yī’s many Secret Techniques, he didn’t even try to dodge, instead charging forward like a crazed beast.

Jia was caught off guard by this kind of fighting method, but the basin was still surrounded by a barrier, so he couldn’t move at all, greatly reducing his strength.

Dīng Sì suddenly sighed, “Jiǎ Yī is finished!”

Although he only had the cultivation of a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage master, his eyes were still sharp. He wasn’t the only one who had seen the situation. Anyone with a little bit of judgment would know that Jiǎ Yī was struggling on the verge of death. As an Ink Disciple, who was also a servant of Angry Flame, he couldn’t help feeling sad when he saw Jiǎ Yī being trapped.

Angry Flame’s expression became uglier, but Wolf Fang’s smile was extremely happy. The World Sphere in his hand had already been prepared, and as he tossed it back and forth, he was ready to throw it down to seal the dissipating World Force.

This scene made Angry Flame’s heart boil with anger.

Watching this battle, Yang Kai’s expression was filled with grief, but there was nothing he could do.

After struggling for a few breaths, Jiǎ Yī's opponent was finally able to break through his defensive line and close in on him. Although he tried his best to resist, he was still no match for his opponent’s iron fists.

Blood sprayed through the air as his protective barrier was shattered, and even his protective artifact dimmed as the fist smashed into his flesh, causing Jiǎ Yī’s aura to weaken at a visible rate.

With a loud bang, blood mist filled the air.

Jiǎ Yī’s figure disappeared and his body exploded. His opponent landed lightly in the middle of the battlefield, his body covered in blood, both his and Jiǎ Yī’s, looking extremely fierce.

The entire crowd cheered.

The Ink Clan was obviously very satisfied with this bloody scene.

Wolf Fang tossed out his World Sphere and swallowed the World Force that originally belonged to Jiǎ Yī before turning to look at Angry Flame, “Third match?”

Angry Flame remained silent, his originally dark face now like the bottom of a pot.

He had won the first round, but that was only a battle between Fifth Order masters.

In the second round, he had lost a Sixth Order. This was a huge loss, making him feel as if he had lost a watermelon while picking up seeds.

How could Angry Flame agree when he invite him for a third match?

If he didn’t count Yang Kai, he only had four Ink Disciple subordinates. Fortunately, he had picked one up on his way to the Crazy Wind Territory, otherwise, the loss this time would have been enough to make his heart ache for many years.

Ink Disciple wasn’t easy to obtain for them. Firstly, they had to preserve their lives on the battlefield, and secondly, they had to use their Ink Force to transform them.

Even if they did, it might not succeed.

Angry Flame had been accumulating for hundreds or thousands of years before his subordinates had such a foundation, so how could they dare to squander it?


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Rein Larsa
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