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Fortunately, Yang Kai’s actions just now had been very careful and his Divine Sense had been retracted as soon as he had touched it. Although the Ink Clan members near the crystal ball had noticed it, they were too lazy to pay attention to it.

“What is that?” Yang Kai whispered.

Dīng Sì’s expression was somewhat complicated as he replied in a low voice, “World Sphere, there is a large amount of World Force sealed inside it.”

“World Force?” Yang Kai raised his brow in surprise.

This was the first time he had heard that the World Force could be sealed, and judging from the appearance of the so-called World Sphere, it was obviously a rare artifact.

“In every great battle, many Open Heaven Stage cultivators fell. After those Open Heaven Stage cultivators died, the World Force would disperse. Under normal circumstances, the Ink Clan would be able to swallow and refine it, but the situation on the battlefield is ever-changing. If one covets the World Force, there is a high chance they will encounter danger. Moreover, during a great battle, the Ink Clan is not allowed to casually devour the World Force. There is a special group of people on the battlefield who are responsible for sealing the World Force that disperse, so this World Sphere is a treasure to every Ink Clan.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s heart sank and his expression remained calm.

He had never seen such a World Sphere in the 3000 Worlds because it was useless to cultivators, but the World Force it contained was useful to the Ink Clan.

Yang Kai estimated that this artifact was specially developed by the Ink Disciples who were proficient in Artifact Refining. After all, in the Ink Battlefield, the Human Race and Ink Clan had been fighting for countless years, so it was highly likely that some strange artifacts had been created.

As the two of them spoke, he saw some Ink Clan negotiated a price with the seller and took a large amount of things that were as dark as ink and round like copper coins from his Space Ring before handing it over, casually reaching out to grab a piece of World Sphere before striding away.

Yang Kai was surprised, “The Ink Clan has their own currency?”

Dīng Sì nodded, “Ink coins don’t have much value to begin with, nor can they be used for cultivation, but they are used by the Ink Clan for trade. Each Ink Coin is forged by the Royal Lord and has the mark of the Royal Lord, so it cannot be imitated.”

Yang Kai asked curiously, “Since it has no value and can’t be used for cultivation, what’s the point of this ink coin?”

The Open Heaven Pills that circulated throughout the 3000 Worlds were the most important. No matter what kind of materials they were, they could be measured by the number of Open Heaven Pills, because Open Heaven Pills were pills used by Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

Anything that circulated should have its own value.

Dīng Sì smiled, “Since it can be circulated, it naturally has its own reasons. Let’s put it this way, if you can spend a certain amount of ink coins, the Ink Clan can enter the Ink Nest to cultivate. You must know that the Ink Nest is the place where the Ink Clan is born. Entering it is like returning to their mother’s womb, it is extremely helpful to improve one’s strength, and if the Ink Clan wants to advance, they must do so inside the Ink Nest!”

Yang Kai finally understood.

Ink coins may not have much value in itself, but they could be used to buy what the Ink Clan wanted.

Just the fact that it was necessary to advance in the Ink Nest forced all the Ink Clans to accumulate ink coins.

“Did Master come here to buy World Sphere as well?” Yang Kai saw that the Ink Clan who had brought them here was also constantly haggling with the seller, so he naturally had some guesses.

Dīng Sì shrugged, “Probably not.”

Their Master is just a High Rank Ink Clan whose strength was equivalent to a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage. Even if he had some ink coins, it was not enough to pay for a single World Sphere.

Dīng Sì had followed this Ink Clan member for quite some time, so he naturally knew his financial strength.

Sure enough, although they had worked hard, the Ink Clan still shook his head in disappointment and led Yang Kai and the others out of the shop.

Yang Kai secretly laughed. It seemed that this ‘Master’ of his was probably a poor bastard.

After leading Yang Kai and the others out of the shop, the Ink Clan didn’t stop and instead headed in a certain direction.

The usually talkative Dīng Sì suddenly fell silent.

Yang Kai even felt that he had become somewhat nervous, not just him, but also Jia Yi and the others. This made him somewhat puzzled, not knowing what these people were nervous about.

Not long after, the Ink Clan led Yang Kai and the others to a place filled with people.

Before he even got close, Yang Kai could feel a violent collision of World Force, as if some kind of master was fighting. The battle was extremely intense, and the sounds of explosions rang out incessantly, occasionally accompanied by dazzling light.

There was actually a fight inside the Crazy Wind Territory? This made Yang Kai extremely surprised. It had to be known that in any place where cultivators from the 3000 Worlds gathered, there were basically rules prohibiting private fights, but the Ink Clan didn’t seem to be stopping them.

The place where the battle was taking place was a huge basin that was several dozen kilometers in radius, but to the two sides, this space was quite small.

This was because there were two Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters fighting in the basin, but there was a Spirit Array here that formed a semi-circular light curtain that covered the entire basin.

The light barrier formed by the Restrictive Array was extremely powerful, and although the battle between the two sides was fierce, it was unable to damage the light barrier in the slightest.

Around the basin stood a number of massive Ink Clan masters.

Not all of the Ink Clans were humanoid that had been enlarged several times over, but there were also many Ink Clan with strange appearances, some of which even looked like Monster Beast.

Yang Kai had noticed this when he first entered this Crazy Wind Territory.

A giant humanoid figure should be considered mainstream in the Ink Clan, with the appearance of a Monster Beast being second, there are also some Ink Clan appearances he can't bear to look at.

These Ink Clan members who were standing outside the basin and watching the battle below all wore excited expressions, as if they were watching two fierce beasts fighting each other, occasionally letting out loud cheers.

When Yang Kai and the others arrived, the battle between the two sides had reached the point of life and death. Each of them attacked without mercy, unleashing a series of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques at each other. The violent energy in the basin was violent, causing blood to spurt everywhere.

Looking down for a moment, Yang Kai sighed in his heart.

The two Sixth Order masters fighting below had come from some kind of Cave Heaven Paradise. Perhaps they used to have lofty statuses, or perhaps they had known each other and fought side by side, but now they had fallen to such a state. It was simply tragic.

There was nothing he could do to stop this, nothing he could do, so he could only watch silently.

“Angry Flame, are you here to give me benefits again?” A sly voice suddenly sounded from the side.

Yang Kai turned his head and saw a tall Ink Clan cultivator smiling towards them. Several Open Heaven Stage cultivators were gathered around this Ink Clan cultivator, probably his Ink Disciples.

The Ink Clan who had led Yang Kai and the others here snorted coldly, “Who knows who will give who benefits? Wolf Fang, don’t boast shamelessly.”

Only now did Yang Kai realize that his “Master” was called Angry Flame.

Although he had followed him for a few days, the Ink Clan had not taken the initiative to reveal his name, so Yang Kai didn’t ask. Dīng Sì had also not told him about this.

However, it seemed that Angry Flame had some kind of grudge with this Ink Clan named Wolf Fang, otherwise they wouldn’t have been so hostile.

“Whether it’s boasting shamelessly or not, we’ll know when we try it later,” Wolf Fang still smiled lightly.

Angry Flame nodded coldly, “Good.”

As soon as these words came out, Yang Kai noticed that the expressions of Dīng Sì and the others became even more solemn and nervous.

Combined with what he was seeing, Yang Kai had a vague guess.

The battle between the two Sixth Order masters quickly concluded. The two of them had similar strengths, but their combat experience was clearly different. The one who knew the Dao of Battle better had won, and although he had paid a price, he had successfully killed his opponent.

When the Small Universe collapsed, the World Force dissipated.

A World Sphere was thrown out just in time, and as it flickered with light, the World Force it emitted was completely absorbed and sealed inside.

The victorious Sixth Order Ink Disciple was covered in blood, and even one of his arms had been cut off from his shoulder. He endured the intense pain and used a spell to stop the bleeding. After the World Sphere sealed away all of the World Force, he grabbed the World Sphere with one hand and flashed over to a member of the Ink Clan outside the basin. Kneeling on one knee, he said in a low voice, “Master, I was fortunate enough to not fail!”

The Ink Clan master looked down at him and nodded slightly, “Very good.”

Reaching out, he took out the World Sphere and placed it into his Space Ring, allowing the Ink Disciple to withdraw and rest.

When the space here was empty, Wolf Fang turned to look at Angry Flame, “Let’s warm up first?”

Angry Flame didn’t hesitate and nodded, “Sure!”

Wolf Fang asked again, “Combat or Deathmatch!”

Angry Flame's eyes flashed with a ruthless light, “Of course it’s a deathmatch!”

“You’ve got guts!” Wolf Fang immediately turned to look at an Ink Disciple beside him and stretched out his hand, ordering, “You go!”

The Ink Disciple he had pointed out was a young man with a pale complexion. His expression was calm as he descended towards the basin. From the fluctuations of his strength, he should be a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator.

Angry Flame turned to look at Jia Yi and the others, his eyes shifting between Bing San and Dīng Sì before pointing at Dīng Sì, “You go!”

Although his face was filled with anxiety, Dīng Sì still cupped his fists respectfully, “Yes!”

In the face of his Master’s request, Ink Disciple could not refuse at all and could only obey.

Yang Kai also finally understood why Dīng Sì was so nervous. He obviously knew that Angry Flame would bring them to such a place and that they might participate in a life and death struggle.

Although Ink Disciple was willing to sacrifice everything he had for his Master, anyone who faced death would inevitably feel fear.

The two participants didn’t exchange any pleasantries. It could even be said that as soon as Dīng Sì flew into the basin, his opponent had already begun attacking him. A shocking sword light slashed towards him, and the World Force around him surged violently, causing Dīng Sì to quickly intervene.

Dīng Sì was a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator while his opponent was also a Fifth Order. Although their strengths were one grade lower than the previous battle, the intensity of the battle was no less than before.

His opponent was obviously proficient in the Dao of the Sword, and with a long sword in hand, he transformed it into a sword curtain that enveloped the world.

The artifact in Dīng Sì’s hands was a pair of daggers. He was short and nimble, under the fierce attacks of his opponent, his movements were unsteady and he seemed to be in imminent danger.


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