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This was an extremely sad and unavoidable matter, but it was nothing new in the Ink Battlefield.

It was for this reason that Six Wood Divine Monarch had said that there were only two paths for those who stepped out of the No-Return Pass, to die at the hands of the Ink Clan and their own people.

The Ink Clan looked at Yang Kai, who was named Wù Wǔ, and asked, “What cultivation level?”

Yang Kai circulated his Small Universe’s strength and replied respectfully, “Sixth Order!”

The Ink Clan’s thick eyebrows rose slightly as he grinned fiercely, “Very good!”

Obviously, he was very satisfied with Yang Kai’s strength.

“Let’s go.” The Ink Clan waved his hand and stepped out of the Ink Cloud.

Jiǎ Yī and the others followed closely behind. Yang Kai didn’t dare hesitate and quickly followed, his heart filled with helplessness. With the current situation, it was temporarily impossible for him to rush to the Cave Heaven Paradise’s mountain passes, so he could only take things one step at a time.

The several Ink Disciple’s personalities were quite different. Jiǎ Yī, Yǐ Er, Bǐng Sān were somewhat taciturn, but the short old man named Dīng Sì was quite talkative. After falling behind a little, he walked alongside Yang Kai and asked, “Little brother, which Cave Heaven Paradise do you hail from?”

Yang Kai turned his head to look at him, then at the Ink Clan in front of him.

Dīng Sì smiled, “There’s no need to be afraid, our Master is quite easy to get along with. The Ink Clan is the same as us, each with their own temperament. If Master has any needs, you just need to act obediently, he won’t care about you at other times.”

Seemingly thinking that Yang Kai was a bit afraid of the Ink Clan, he explained this to him. After all, he had just acknowledged a new master, so he had to adapt to it.

Thinking back to when he had been transformed into Ink Disciple, he had also been extremely cautious, as if he was treading on thin ice, afraid that he would be punished if he made any mistakes. But after spending so much time together, he had finally let go.

“Which family does Senior come from?” Yang Kai didn’t answer and instead asked, repeatedly reminding himself in his heart that although Ink Disciple had been transformed by the Ink Force, he was normally no different from a normal person. From this Dīng Sì’s performance, Yang Kai could tell.

Before being transformed into Ink Disciple, this person should have been quite talkative.

The reason why Yang Kai didn’t answer was because he was afraid that if the Cave Heaven Paradise he spoke of was the same as the other party’s, it would reveal some kind of flaw.

Dīng Sì smiled and said, “There’s no need to call me Senior here, just call me by my name. This old master is from the Nine Stars Paradise.”

Yang Kai knew about the Nine Stars Paradise. After all, he had dealt with the foreign envoys of Nine Stars Paradise in the Star Boundary.

Yang Kai really wanted to ask which Cave Heaven Paradise the others came from, but since Dīng Sì didn’t take the initiative to mention it, he couldn’t ask, so he could only brace himself and say, “I come from Yin-Yang Heaven.”

From the corner of his eye, Yang Kai saw that the others didn’t have much of a reaction, so he was relieved. It seemed that none of them were from Yin-Yang Heaven.

Dīng Sì suddenly understood, “Yin-Yang Heaven, that’s a good place.”

Yang Kai didn’t want to talk too much about this topic, so he changed the subject, “Where are we going?”

“Crazy Wind Territory!” Dīng Sì replied, “Our Master is considered a member of Crazy Wind Territory, so naturally he must go there.”

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he asked in a low voice, “Is Master a High Rank Ink Clan?”

The Crazy Wind Territory mentioned by Dīng Sì should be the territory of an Ink Clan Feudal Lord. Since he was an Ink Clan Feudal Lord’s subordinate and his strength wasn’t low, it should be a High Rank Ink Clan.

Yang Kai had originally estimated that this Ink Clan’s strength was equivalent to a Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage master, but now it seemed he was right.

Dīng Sì also nodded, “Master is indeed a High Rank Ink Clan!”

Along the way, he casually chatted with Dīng Sì and found that it was just as he had said, the Ink Clan was quite easy to get along with. Even when he noticed the servants behind him chattering non-stop, he had no intention of stopping them.

The group continued forward.

Although Yang Kai had repeatedly raised his murderous intention, he didn’t dare act rashly. This was the Ink Clan’s hinterland, if he didn’t act carefully, it would be easy for him to expose himself.

Moreover, he would occasionally encounter other Ink Clan masters, so he didn’t have many opportunities to act.

He could only endure it.

A few days later, a land covered in Ink Clouds appeared in front of them. It was a massive Spirit Province with thick Ink Clouds that filled the surrounding space for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Yang Kai had once seen something like a giant flower bud far away in the void. This Spirit Province actually had one too, standing tall in the middle of the Spirit Province. As it opened and closed, rich ink energy poured out from it.

Dīng Sì, who had been walking side by side with Yang Kai all this time, quietly poked his arm and said, “This is Crazy Wind Territory, the name of the Feudal Lord here is Crazy Wind.”

Yang Kai showed a look of understanding.

A Feudal Lord Ink Clan was equivalent to a Seventh Order Open Heaven.

“What is that?” Yang Kai couldn’t help asking as he stared at the black flower bud.

Dīng Sì looked at him curiously, “You don’t know about Black Black Ink Nest?”

Yang Kai spoke the excuse he had prepared beforehand, “I haven’t been here for long, so I don’t know much about this place.”

Dīng Sì suddenly understood and explained, “The Black Black Ink Nest is the foundation of the Ink Clan and is also the place where the Ink Clan is born. To the Ink Clan, the Black Black Ink Nest is a very important thing.”

Yang Kai’s face went cold. This was actually the place where the Ink Clan was born? He had seen many Black Black Ink Nest along the way. If these Black Black Ink Nests were able to give birth to the Ink Clan, how could they be exterminate?

Somewhat puzzled, he asked, “The Ink Clan was born here?”

Dīng Sì nodded, “The Ink Clan itself does not have the ability to reproduce, all of them were born from the Black Black Ink Nest. Moreover, the Black Black Ink Nest has the ability to swallow all things, no matter what it is, as long as there is enough energy, it can transform into the Black Ink Nest’s nutrients. With enough nutrients, it can nurture the Ink Clan and Ink Force. The Ink Force is also the foundation for the Ink Clan’s cultivation to become stronger. Of course, they also like to devour the World Force, which is very helpful to their cultivation.”

Yang Kai nodded in understanding and took a deep look at the Black Ink Nest.

As the two of them spoke, they arrived at the Crazy Wind Territory. This place was filled with the Ink Force and the entire world seemed to be shrouded in darkness.

On this Crazy Wind Territory, huge buildings could be seen everywhere. The style of these buildings was also extremely rough, clearly the style of the Ink Clan.

This wasn’t difficult to understand. The Ink Clan itself was massive, so their buildings naturally weren’t small.

On the spacious streets, tall and large Ink Clan came and went. There were many of them, most of them alone. There were also some Ink Clan who had their own slaves, but there weren’t many of them. There were only one or two.

For example, there are five people on Yang Kai's side, which was extremely rare.

As such, the Ink Clan led the way, attracting the attention of many people wherever he went. Many of the Ink Clan’s eyes were filled with envy.

This made the Ink Clan even more complacent, and as he walked, he was like a tiger in the wind, as if he was the number two in this place beside the Feudal Lord.

Yang Kai looked around, his expression uncertain.

This was because he discovered that on both sides of this street, there were actually shops selling a variety of goods.

There were even some materials that human cultivators needed to cultivate.

The Ink Clan was actually doing business here?

After enduring for a long time, Yang Kai couldn’t bear it anymore and quietly asked Dīng Sì this question.

Dīng Sì smiled and said, “These things are naturally useless to the Ink Clan, but they are useful to us. Although we are now Master’s slaves and our lives are in Master’s hands, as long as we are strong enough, it will also be beneficial to Master. When we return to the battlefield, we can help him capture more slaves and help him swallow more World Force, we can also protect his safety. So following a good Master will also be beneficial to us. Master will think of a way to increase our strength.”

This was the reason why the Ink Disciples like Meng Qi were allosed to enter the Secret Realm first.

Meng Qi also said that the Ink Clan hoped that the strength of their Ink Disciples to be as strong as possible. In any case, as long as they were turned into Ink Disciples, they would never be able to rebel, so there was no need to worry about their loyalty.

The Ink Disciples were allowed to enter the Secret Realm in advance to search for treasures and improve their strength, and the several Ink Clan Lords to enter and absorb the World Force later.

Yang Kai was focused on something else.

Dīng Sì’s words allowed him to see hope of escaping from the Ink Clan!

In the end, the Ink Clan still had to go to the battlefield. As long as he waited patiently, he could find an opportunity to escape or kill them when he followed them into battle. He could then meet up with the masters from the Cave Heaven Paradise and head to the mountain passes.

With this thought in mind, all the anxiety he had been feeling disappeared.

Yang Kai knew that what he needed to do now was patiently wait for the opportunity to follow the Ink Clan onto the battlefield!

On the side, Dīng Sì was still talking, “Also, Master doesn’t have a single flying artifact right now. If he want it, he’ll have to buy some things and hire people to refine it. Moreover, their business isn’t just limited to us Ink Disciples. The Ink Clan itself has business dealings.”

Yang Kai nodded.

While the two were talking, the Ink Clan had already led them into a shop.

Inside the shop, another member of the Ink Clan came up to them, seemingly familiar with each other as they smiled and chatted.

Yang Kai looked around and found that this shop really had everything he needed. There were artifacts used by cultivators, some Spirit Pills, and some high-quality cultivation resources.

Such things were common even in the 3000 Worlds, but what attracted Yang Kai’s attention was a crystal ball the size of a human head.

There weren’t many of these things, only a dozen or so, and they were placed in the most eye-catching positions. Before Yang Kai and the others arrived, the Ink Clan had already gathered around this crystal ball and were examining it with interest, as if this crystal ball was of great use to them.

Yang Kai looked at the crystal balls and couldn’t see anything, only that there seemed to be something flowing inside.

Releasing his Divine Sense to probe, he frowned.

He didn’t dare act too presumptuously, but during that brief moment of investigation, he seemed to have noticed that the crystal ball contained an extremely rich World Force!

“Be careful!” Dīng Sì noticed his movements and quickly warned.

If he suddenly released his Divine Sense to investigate this gathering place of the Ink Clan, it was highly likely he would anger the ill-tempered Ink Clan. At that time, their Ink Clan Master would not favor him.


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