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The void was vast and profound.

On the surface, this Ink Battlefield was not much different from the 3000 Worlds, but along the way, Yang Kai could feel the dangers hidden here.

There were many Star Continents or Spirit Provinces scattered throughout the void, with faint traces of life on them. Yang Kai didn’t dare approach them and simply avoided them.

However, whether it was the Star Continent or Spirit Province, from afar, it was filled with the Ink Force.

This was the territory controlled by the Ink Clan, so Yang Kai estimated that it would take him at least ten or twenty days to reach the nearest mountain pass under the control of the Cave Heaven Paradise. This journey was destined to not be smooth sailing, so no one knew what kind of dangers he would encounter.

Meng Qi felt that there was no way for Yang Kai to safely reach the nearest mountain pass. On the one hand, his strength was not high, but on the other hand, he knew much more than Yang Kai.

Even when he was at his peak, with Yang Kai’s conditions, it was absolutely impossible for him to escape from the Ink Clan’s hinterland.

However, he didn’t try to dampen Yang Kai’s mood. After all, there was always hope.

At one point, Yang Kai’s eyes were suddenly drawn to a strange scene in the distance.

In the distant void, there was a huge Spirit Province, and above this Spirit Province, there was an extremely strange existence.

Yang Kai looked carefully and found that this strange object looked like a giant flower bud, but it was completely black and gave off an extremely evil and strange feeling.

The flower bud seemed to have a life of its own, and as it gently opened and closed, a rich Ink Force surged out from it and filled the surroundings.

Perhaps it was because of the existence of this strange flower bud, the Spirit Province, and the surrounding space for a million kilometers was filled with the Ink Force.

What was this? Yang Kai was slightly surprised, Meng Qi had never mentioned this to him.

He didn’t dare to go up and investigate, so after observing from afar for a while, he couldn’t see anything and could only flee again.

Although he did not encounter any danger along the way, the void was not a safe place.

Along the way, there would occasionally be large amounts of Ink Force lingering in the air, like black clouds.

Yang Kai finally understood why Meng Qi didn’t escape with him. Although he was a Seventh Order, his Small Universe was no longer complete. The Small Universe’s incomplete state meant that he was flawed. Even if he could escape from the Secret Realm safely, it would be easy for him to be turned into ink again in such an environment.

If such a thing really happened, the consequences would be unimaginable. At the very least, Yang Kai would have to fight him again.

This Ink Clan’s hinterland was not something a cultivator could remain in for a long time. Without a treasure like the Universe Four Pillars, even an Eighth Order cultivator would face the risk of being turned into ink.

This environment was like a fish in water for the Ink Clan and Ink Disciple.

As Yang Kai walked along, his pace slowed.

This was something that could not be helped. According to Meng Qi, his current identity here was that of a masterless slave. Such a person would easily be targeted by the Ink Clan, and they would either be taken in as a slave or food. There was no other way.

He didn’t dare to meet with any of the Ink Clan’s masters, and his Divine Sense was constantly monitoring his surroundings, so any movement would be enough to alert him.

Although he had been careful enough, the sudden change had come too suddenly.

On this day, as Yang Kai was flying forward, he saw a massive and luxurious ship flying towards him from afar.

The Ink Clan also had their own flying artifacts. Although they weren’t proficient in Artifact Refining, they had been among the Ink Disciples for countless years, so refining some flying artifacts was no problem.

Over the past few days, he had seen many of the Ink Clan’s flying artifacts, all of them of different shapes and sizes. This flying ship in front of him was quite normal.

Some of these flying artifacts had strange shapes.

However, without exception, the flying artifacts of the Ink Clan were all extremely large.

Yang Kai could understand this point. The six Ink Clan Feudal Lords he had found in the Secret Realm were all giants, several times larger than ordinary humans, so their flying artifacts were naturally not small.

Generally speaking, this kind of massive flying artifact had an Ink Clan master guarding it.

Seeing this, Yang Kai didn’t dare to remain where he was. Looking around, he activated his Space Laws and instantly disappeared.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to teleport too far away, as he wasn’t familiar with the Ink Clan’s hinterland. If he accidentally entered a place he shouldn’t be, it would be a disaster.

As such, the direction he was teleporting towards was a black cloud.

There were many such black clouds in the sky and it was easy to hide. Yang Kai had avoided them like this several times when he encountered the Ink Clan’s flying artifacts.

The passing Ink Clans wouldn’t investigate too closely, after all, this place wasn’t too dangerous for them, and the ink clouds could be seen everywhere.

But this time, his luck seemed to have run out.

Yang Kai had just teleported into the ink cloud when he felt something was wrong.

There were actually a few auras hidden inside the ink cloud, as if they had sensed his sudden intrusion and had instantly surrounded him.

Yang Kai was shocked.

Before he could activate his Space Laws again, he was surrounded by a group of people and their Divine Senses locked onto him.

Two Sixth Order and two Fifth Order! Yang Kai’s brow rose as he deduced the other party’s cultivation from the power fluctuations around him.

Since it was Open Heaven Stage cultivator and had appeared here, it was undoubtedly Ink Disciple.

It was fine if it was just Ink Disciple, but the key was that Ink Disciple would never leave their master’s side. In other words, the masters of these four Ink Disciple were definitely inside this ink cloud.

Sure enough, just as the four of them surrounded Yang Kai, a giant figure stepped out from the depths of the ink cloud and slowly appeared in front of Yang Kai, staring down at him with a look of surprise.

Yang Kai’s mouth immediately filled with bitterness.

He wanted to launch a violent attack and exterminate the Ink Disciple and the Ink Clan in front of him, but at the same time, he was worried about the nearby flying ship!

In his eyes, two Sixth Order Ink Disciples and two Fifth Order Ink Disciples were nothing. This Ink Clan master who had come didn’t seem to be a very powerful existence, at least he didn’t give Yang Kai much pressure and couldn’t be compared to the several Feudal Lords he had encountered before.

However, there was definitely a Feudal Lord on that ship, and once something happened here, it would definitely alert the other side. At that time, if he couldn’t eliminate them completely, there would be no end of trouble.

It was impossible for him to escape. When the Ink Clan saw that the Ink Disciple still had the courage to run away, this was an inexplicable problem in itself. Among all the Ink Disciples he had come into contact with, all of them regard the Ink Clan above anything else.

Once this was done, it would inevitably lead to endless pursuit.

Yang Kai suppressed the killing intent in his heart and a trace of fear flashed across his face. Under the gaze of the Ink Clan master, he seemed to retreat a few steps in fear.

The Ink Clan looked at him with interest and asked, “Where did this one come from?”

A burly Sixth Order Open Heaven replied, “I don’t know, he suddenly barged in.” Turning to Yang Kai, he asked on behalf of the Ink Clan, “Where did you come from? Where is your master?”

Yang Kai’s thoughts raced as he replied without hesitation, “From the battlefield, I have no master.”

Since the Ink Clan had been fighting with the Cave Heaven Paradise for many years, the front lines of the battlefield must have been extremely intense. Although Yang Kai had never experienced such a battle, he estimated that every time there was a great battle, someone would be corroded by the Ink Force and turn into an Ink Disciple.

Such an Ink Disciple had no one to rely on, it was impossible for them to return to the mountain pass guarded by the Cave Heaven Paradise, they could only seek refuge in the Ink Clan’s hinterlands.

This was also the excuse Yang Kai had prepared in advance along the way, just in case. He hadn’t expected it to come in handy.

He didn’t know if there would be any flaws, but after saying this, whether it was the giant-like Ink Clan or the several Ink Disciple, none of them seemed suspicious.

The Ink Clan cultivator even showed an extremely happy expression as he muttered, “My luck is quite good, I actually encountered such a good opportunity.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards Yang Kai, “Since you don’t have a master, from now on, I am your master!”

Yang Kai resisted the urge to dodge, because he didn’t feel any killing intent from this Ink Clan member. Not to mention, this Ink Clan only had two Sixth Order and two Fifth Order Ink Disciples, so his strength and status weren’t very high. A Sixth Order like him should be quite attractive.

The giant hand wrapped around Yang Kai’s body like a giant palm, and a thick Ink Force wrapped around him. Yang Kai didn’t move an inch as the Ink Force invade his Small Universe and was sealed by the World Spring.

Yang Kai, however, quickly covered his eyes with his Ink Force, causing his body to tremble slightly.

After a while, the Ink Clan withdrew his hand and sized up Yang Kai, nodding slightly with a satisfied look.

“From now on, your name will be…” The Ink Clan said, seemingly at a loss as he scratched his face and asked a Sixth Order Ink Disciple, “What is it again?”

The Sixth Order Ink Disciple respectfully called out, “Wù Wǔ!” [MSN: Direct MT is E-5.]

“Ah, that’s right, Wù Wǔ!” The Ink Clan curled his lips impatiently, “You humans’ things are just troublesome.”

Yang Kai didn’t know why he had suddenly obtained a new name, but he could only passively accept it.

The Sixth Order Ink Disciple seemed to notice his confusion and pointed at him, explaining, “My name is Jiǎ Yī!” [MSN: Direct Mt is A-1.]

He then pointed to the others and introduced, “Yǐ Er, Bǐng Sān, Dīng Sì!” [MSN: B-2,C-3,D-4.]

Yang Kai was immediately speechless. So this was how it was named. It was probably because this Ink Clan was too lazy to remember their own servant’s name that they had come up with such a simple method. Perhaps it was because the Ink Disciple had suggested it.

Jiǎ Yī and Yǐ Er were both Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivators, while Bǐng Sān and Dīng Sì were Fifth Order.

Among them, Yǐ Er was a pale-faced middle-aged man, Bǐng Sān was a somewhat bloated woman, and Dīng Sì was a short old man.

He didn’t know which Cave Heaven Paradise these people came from, but no matter which Cave Heaven Paradise they came from, they were all elites from their respective Sects who had come to this Ink Battlefield with the determination to die, but at this moment, they had been transformed by the Ink Force and had become the Ink Clan's slaves.


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