Hearing this, Meng Qi waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to blame yourself. For us, we would rather die like this than be treated as slaves by the Ink Clan. Being their slave is truly a fate worse than death. In the future, no matter which Ink Disciple you encounter, you don’t need to show any mercy. If you can kill him, feel free to do so and release him. Since we entered this Ink Battlefield, we have long been prepared for this.”

Yang Kai fell silent…

Meng Qi continued, “If… I mean if you can safely arrive at the mountain pass guarded by the Cave Heaven Paradise, you must keep your mouth shut about the Void Corridor. Unless you meet the Ninth Order Old Ancestor who is guarding it, you can tell no one!”

This was obviously to prevent people who knew about this matter from revealing it when they were Inked, and a Ninth Order Old Ancestor master was not so easily turned into ink. Throughout the countless years of battles, there had been many cases of an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator being turned into ink, but never a Ninth Order Old Ancestor.

“Junior will remember!” Yang Kai nodded seriously.

Meng Qi looked at him and sighed again. Although Yang Kai possessed the World Spring and didn’t need to worry about being turned into ink and his strength far exceeded an ordinary Sixth Order, he didn’t think Yang Kai could leave the Ink Clan’s hinterland and safely return to the Cave Heaven Paradise’s mountain pass. During this period of time, any slight carelessness would be enough to kill him.

Yang Kai asked, “Does Senior need me to deliver any message to Exquisite Paradise?”

Meng Qi’s eyes became slightly hollow as he thought for a moment before shaking his head, “There’s no need, there’s nothing to tell them. From the day I was turned into ink, I was already dead.”

Raising his head to look at Yang Kai, he said, “It’s never too early, you should leave. This Secret Realm also contains the World Force, which is very attractive to the Ink Clan. However, because there are some things here that are useful to Ink Disciple, Ink Disicple is allowed to enter and investigate first. In a few days, the Ink Clan will enter this place and devour the World Force here. At that time, this Secret Realm will definitely collapse.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai frowned, “The Ink Clan is waiting outside the Secret Realm?”

Meng Qi nodded, “Several Feudal Lords! So once you leave this Secret Realm, it will be time for you to resolve the crisis. The Ink Clan is very interested in slaves like you who have no masters, but if you show enough value, you may be able to preserve your life, otherwise you will only become their food.”

Yang Kai immediately felt a headache coming on. Coming out of this Secret Realm to meet with a Feudal Lord level Ink Clan master was not something fun.

Meng Qi told him the route to leave before waving his hand, “Go, there’s no time to lose!”

Yang Kai opened his mouth, and finally swallowed a thousand words before standing up and bowing to Meng Qi, “Senior, take care!”

Meng Qi nodded silently.

Yang Kai turned around and left the cave. After determining his direction, he flew in the direction Meng Qi had pointed out.

After walking a short distance, Yang Kai suddenly stopped.

Behind him, the sound of a Small Universe collapsing could be heard as the World Force dissipated.

He knew that this was the end of Meng Qi’s life. In order to protect the Void Corridor’s secret, he could only die. [MSN: Feelsbadman.]

This Secret Realm was quite large, and although Meng Qi had told him the route to leave, Yang Kai wasn’t too familiar with it, so it took him two days to arrive at the entrance.

Along the way, Yang Kai encountered a number of Ink Disciple who flew high up into the sky. What surprised Yang Kai was that these Ink Disciple’s cultivation was actually uneven.

Just like Meng Qi, the strong had reached the Seventh Order while the weak had reached the Fifth Order!

This puzzled Yang Kai greatly. Logically speaking, the Cave Heaven Paradise should know how powerful and strange the Ink Clan was. The Open Heaven Stage cultivators who had been sent to the Ink Battlefield over the past few years were definitely not low, so a Fifth Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator was obviously not qualified.

Sixth Order was the lowest limit!

But thinking about it, the reason why a Fifth Order Ink Disciple had appeared was probably similar to Meng Qi’s situation.

Because Meng Qi had given up a part of his Small Universe, his strength had fallen greatly. Although he was barely able to maintain his Seventh Order cultivation, he was not at the level of a Seventh Order.

If he continued to cut off his Small Universe, it was highly likely that his grade would drop!

These Fifth Order Ink Disciples might have been born in this way. Originally, they could have been Sixth Order or even Seventh Order Open Heaven Disciples, but after cutting off their Small Universe's territory, their foundation had become weaker, eventually falling to their current level.

This was the only reasonable explanation.

Facing these Ink Disciples, Yang Kai didn’t cause any trouble. Although he wanted to use the Purifying Light to disperse the Ink Force in their bodies and restore their true nature, doing so would only cause trouble.

Fortunately, the Ink Disciples didn’t have any intention of attacking each other. Although many Ink Disciples belonged to different Ink Clan subordinates, they had only entered this Secret Realm to search for treasures that were useful to them. Without the command of the Ink Clan Master, the Ink Disciples rarely had conflicts, after all, it was meaningless.

Previously, Meng Qi had wanted to silence Yang Kai because he was afraid that Yang Kai would expose the existence of the Profound Spirit Fruit. This fruit was extremely rare and was very useful for repairing the damaged Small Universe.

As for the Ink Clan itself, they also hoped that their Ink Disciple’s strength would be as strong as possible. Only then would they be able to accomplish great things in battle.

Otherwise, how could the Ink Clan allow their Ink Disciples to enter this Secret Realm to search first? It was likely that the moment they discovered this Secret Realm, they would come here to devour the World Force.

The entrance was a Void Crack, not too small, about the size of a house, and after stepping out, it was the Ink Battlefield.

After arriving here, Yang Kai did not rush out.

He didn’t know what was going on outside, but Meng Qi had also said that there were at least several Feudal Lord of the Ink Clan stationed outside, so this was not a good news for him.

Over the next two days, he saw several Ink Disciple rush out from the entrance and disappear.

He patiently waited, expelling himself into the void without revealing his aura. With his current attainments in the Space Laws, as long as others didn’t deliberately investigate his location, there was no need to worry about exposing himself.

Another day passed, and at a certain moment, a ripple appeared at the entrance.

Yang Kai, who had been paying close attention to the entrance, raised his brow and paid close attention.

The ripples clearly indicated that someone had entered the entrance, no one had left the Secret Realm, so it was obvious that someone had entered from outside.

A few days ago, when he heard that the Ink Clan’s leaders will enter the Secret Realm to devour the World Force, he had a vague plan.

It was obviously inappropriate for him to leave like this. When other Ink Disciple went out, they would all go to their respective masters. If he went out, he would have no one to rely on and would definitely be targeted by the Ink Clan.

Since that was the case, he would wait for the Ink Clan to enter before leaving.

The ripples continued for a while before a tall figure stepped out from the crack.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes slightly and observed.

Speaking of which, this was the second time he had seen the true form of the Ink Clan, and it was quite different from the Ink Royal Lord he had seen in the previous Black Territory. The Ink Clan individual in front of him, who had barged in from the outside, didn’t look much different from a human, nor did he have any traces of a Monster Beast. He was only several times larger, and could be considered a small giant.

Yang Kai estimated that if he were to stand in front of this man, he would only be able to reach his knees at most. What was more obvious was that this Ink Clan man’s skin was pitch black, and his body was surrounded by a rich ink energy.

Only his pair of bright eyes, like two small suns, were extremely intimidating.

This is a Feudal Lord comparable to a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage!

After the giant-like Ink Clan entered, he looked around and were soon attracted by the rich World Force here. Taking a deep breath, a look of intoxication appeared on his face.

The ripples behind him continued to spread, and soon, another giant figure stepped out, followed by another…

A total of six Feudal Lord had entered this place together. From their appearances, four of them were male, while the other two were female.

Yang Kai didn’t dare to look again for fear of exposing his whereabouts. Although he had used his Space Secret Technique to exile himself into the void, he didn’t dare act carelessly.

After the six Feudal Lord arrived, one of them said in a low and muffled voice, “Disperse, we can eat our fill this time.”

In the next instant, the sound of air being torn apart rang out as six figures flew off in different directions, obviously preparing to devour the World Force of this Secret Realm.

Yang Kai waited for a while longer to make sure that no more Ink Clans would enter before rushing towards the entrance.

Without stopping, he directly rushed into the Void Crack.

In the next moment, the world around him spun and he appeared in an unfamiliar void.

Without waiting for him to react, Yang Kai’s body went stiff, because from all directions, Divine Sense was locked onto his body, causing him to feel like he was being stabbed in the back as his Small Universe’s strength was involuntarily activated.

Looking around, Yang Kai’s expression became solemn. Because of the surrounding figures, they had split up into six different places, completely surrounding the entrance.

Among these six groups, there were seven or eight people, two or three of them were familiar faces, all of them Ink Disciple, whom Yang Kai had met at the entrance a few days ago.

After leaving the Secret Realm, they obviously weren’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, they waited for their masters to enter the Secret Realm.

The six groups corresponded to the six Feudal Lord, causing Yang Kai’s head to ache.

He doesn't belong to any of them!

Fortunately, these Ink Disciple didn’t have any intention of attacking, so Yang Kai only hesitated for a moment before his figure sank and he grit his teeth as he dodged to the side, his figure flickering as he fled into the distance.

He had no other choice. After waiting for so many days, he had finally managed to wait for the Ink Clan’s Feudal Lords to enter. If he didn’t leave now, it would only be more dangerous. As for whether or not he would arouse the suspicion of the Ink Disciples, he didn’t care.

If he was really suspected, he could only try to escape.

As he flew forward, Yang Kai could clearly feel many pairs of eyes staring at his back like leeches. Fortunately, these Ink Disciple didn’t show any intention of attacking, only slowly withdrawing their gazes after Yang Kai completely disappeared from their sight.


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