Meng Qi waved his hand and asked, “What do you know about the Ink Battlefield and the Ink Clan?”

“Not much, before I came here, I heard a few of the Ancestors say something.”

Meng Qi nodded. He also knew that the information here had always been a secret to the 3000 Worlds, and only the upper echelons and elite disciples of the Cave Heaven Paradise knew a little about it. Moreover, it wasn’t complete, so Yang Kai naturally didn’t know much about it.

With a flip of his hand, he took out an object the size of a fist.

Yang Kai looked over and asked suspiciously, “Universe Chart?”

He had this thing in his possession, which he had purchased somewhere after leaving the Star Boundary. The 3000 Worlds were too vast, and countless Great Domains were connected to one another. Without the guidance of the Universe Chart, it was impossible to determine one’s direction and route, so basically every Open Heaven Stage cultivator had a Universe Chart.

Every Cave Heaven Paradise knew how to refine this thing, after all, it was a source of income.

Every year, the benefits of relying on the Universe Chart were enormous.

However, Yang Kai didn’t understand why Meng Qi would take out a Universe Chart at this time.

“This is the Universe Chart of the Ink Battlefield. Although the information contained within it is still three thousand years old, it is basically the same as the current one,” Meng Qi said as he handed the Universe Chart to Yang Kai.

He had entered the Ink Battlefield with his Sect’s Elder four thousand years ago. Three thousand years ago, when he was fighting with the Ink Clan, he had accidentally been corroded by the Ink Force, causing him to become an Ink Disciple. The information about the Universe Chart in his hand had never been updated.

Yang Kai accepted it happily. In his current situation, this was a good thing.

As soon as Yang Kai’s Divine Sense entered it, he felt as if he had entered a vast universe. Opening his vision, Yang Kai saw a mountain pass inside the Universe Chart that seemed to be a great formation.

He saw many mountain passes, each of which seemed to be related to a Cave Heaven Paradise.

For example, he saw the Great Battle Pass, Yin-Yang Pass, Lang Ya Pass, Gold Antelope Pass, and so on…

These mountain passes were connected to each other from afar, forming a massive array that stretched across the void. Yang Kai could almost imagine how grand these true mountain passes were in the Ink Battlefield.

At the end of these mountain passes was where the No-Return Pass was located, and that was the dividing line separating the 3000 Worlds from the Ink Battlefield. It was also the final line of defense. If the No-Return Pass was broken, it would mean that the Ink Clan would be able to break through and the 3000 Worlds would be in danger.

“Senior, where are we now?” Yang Kai looked around for a moment but couldn’t find where he was. Logically speaking, his location should have been easy to find on this Universe Chart, but he hadn’t been able to find it.

He had a vague feeling that it had something to do with him being in this Secret Realm. The Secret Realm was also a small world that was isolated from the outside world, which was why it was hindering the appearance of the Universe Chart.

Meng Qi stretched out his hand and pointed towards a certain spot on the Universe Chart, which instantly lit up, “This spot.”

Yang Kai checked the distance between the dot of light and the Cave Heaven Paradise’s Pass and couldn’t help gnashing his teeth. This distance was quite far, almost as if he had entered the belly of the Ink Battlefield. If he wanted to go to the Pass, he didn’t know how many dangers he would have to face.

Meng Qi explained, “This place is the territory of the Red Sickle Territory Lord. There are many Ink Clan under him and many Ink Disciple. After you leave this Secret Realm, the first thing you will face is this crisis.”

Before coming here, Six Wood Divine Monarch and the others had explained to Yang Kai that the Ink Clan had an extremely strict hierarchy, with the highest being the Royal Lord. Every Royal Lord had strength comparable to a Ninth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Below the Royal Lord was the Territory Lord level Ink Clan, equivalent to an Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage master.

This Red Sickle Territory Lord was undoubtedly at this level.

Below a Territory Lord was a Feudal Lord, which was equivalent to a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master.

Below the Feudal Lord were ordinary Ink Clans, but they were divided into High Rank and Low Rank Ink Clan. Among them, High Rank Ink Clan were equivalent to Mid Rank Open Heaven while Low Rank Ink Clan were equivalent to Low Rank Open Heaven. These Ink Clans posed no threat to Yang Kai.

However, if there were too many of them, it would be troublesome.

In the Ink Battlefield, under the command of a Royal Lord, there were many different number Territory Lords, and under the Territory Lord, there are also many different number Feudal Lords. In this way, the lower level were completely obedient to the higher-ups.

As for Ink Disciple, no matter what their cultivation was, they had to submit to the Ink Clan. Even if the Ink Clan only have the power equvalent to First Order Open Heaven Stage, their status in the Ink Battlefield is higher than the Ink Disciple of Eighth Order Open Heaven.

Although this was the case, to the Ink Clan, being weak was the greatest sin. Most of the time, the treatment ordinary Ink Clan received wasn’t even comparable to Ink Disciple with high cultivation, because during the War, they would be used as cannon fodder to consume the strength of the Cave Heaven Paradise’s masters, and the Ink Force that leaked out after their deaths would be a great deterrent to the cultivators of the Cave Heaven Paradise.

Almost every time a battle broke out, countless ordinary Ink Clan would be killed, whether it was the Low Rank or High Rank Ink CLan, but after countless years, these ordinary Ink Clan that were like consumables were never-ending.

“This old master noticed that you were able to disguise yourself as Ink Disciple just now?”

Yang Kai nodded, “If someone wants to check my identity, this Junior can conceal it from the world, but the Small Universe cannot be examined.”

Meng Qi said, “Although this is a practical method, you can’t rely too much on it. On the Ink Battlefield, you’re not the only one who possesses the Universe Four Pillars. In the past, there were also Ancestors who disguised themselves as Ink Disciples and killed their way into the gathering place of the Ink Clan, so the Ink Clan is still somewhat vigilant.”

Yang Kai was slightly surprised, but soon relaxed.

A treasure like Universe Four Pillars could be said to be the nemesis of Ink Force, so how could the Cave Heaven Paradise not use it?

Over the course of countless years, although Universe Four Pillars had rarely appeared in this world, they had always appeared. If the Cave Heaven Paradise snatch one, they will find a way to immediately send them to the Ink Battlefield to increase their combat strength.

Yang Kai even suspected that the Mystery Fish, one of the Universe Four Pillars that appeared in the Shattered Heaven three thousand years ago, had been obtained by a master from the Cave Heaven Paradise.

“The relationship between the Ink Clan and Ink Disciple is that of masters and slaves. In the eyes of all the Ink Clan, Ink Disciple is nothing more than an animal raised by them. They love to devour the World Force, which is how they strengthen themselves. This is their way of cultivation, which is why the existence of the Ink Clan poses such a great threat to the 3000 Worlds.”

Of the 3000 Worlds, there were countless Universe World, each of them possessing their own World Force, and this World Force was the Ink Clan’s food and capital. Once the Ink Clan invaded the 3000 Worlds, all of the Universe World would be finished.

This was especially true for the headquarters of the various Cave Heaven Paradise. With the accumulation of countless generations, the density of the World Force was far greater than that of the ordinary Universe World.

If the Universe World was a common food for the Ink Clan, then the various Cave Heaven Paradise headquarters were filled with exotic delicacies.

Yang Kai had also learned from the Black Territory’s Ink Clan that Ink Clan loved to devour the World Force. If he hadn’t stopped them in time, who knew how many Ink Disciples would have run to their deaths and been swallowed by her to restore herself.

“The Ink Clan’s Ink Disciple is the Ink Clan’s slave, and the Ink Clan has the ability to sense slaves.”

“Senior means…”

Meng Qi explained, “In other words, if I am a member of the Ink Clan and you are transformed by my Ink Force, you will be my slave and I will be your master. As long as you are near me, I will be able to sense your existence at all times, making it easier for me to command you.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

“However, I don’t know if the Ink Clan can sense the state of the other slaves,” Meng Qi frowned slightly, “In short, if you encounter the Ink Clan, you must be careful.”

Whether he was an Ink Disciple or not, it was impossible to tell from his appearance, and this was the same for the Ink Clan. Since they couldn’t judge an enemy from their appearance, the two sides naturally had other methods.

For the Cave Heaven Paradise, inspecting Small Universe was the most reliable method.

“In the Ink Clan, there are many examples of people snatching slaves. Our Open Heaven Stage cultivators form a Small Universe within their bodies, so the World Force is also extremely attractive to them. In order to compete for Ink Disciples, it is not uncommon for them to fight and kill each other. In fact, after every great battle, there will always be people who are transformed into Ink Disciples. If these people are lucky enough to survive, they will take the initiative to go to the gathering place of the Ink Clan to find their master. If you can successfully leave this Secret Realm, you can pretend to be an ownerless servant.”

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly, “Does Senior mean that act like my master is dead or has disappeared?”

Meng Qi nodded, “This is the only way to protect yourself. Outside the Secret Realm, there are dangers everywhere. If your identity is exposed, you will definitely die.”

Other Open Heaven Stage masters could be turned into ink and preserve their lives, but Yang Kai would never be turned into ink. If he was discovered by the Ink Clan, they would definitely kill him.

“I understand!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Take this Universe Chart, it’s useful to you, so take this as well,” Meng Qi said as he took off his Space Ring and handed it to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai accepted it silently.

Meng Qi had talked so much with him, how could he not understand what he meant?

Pursing his lips, Yang Kai said, “Senior, that may not be necessary.”

Meng Qi smiled, “If I can live, who would be willing to die? But if I don’t die, sooner or later I will be Inked, and that secret will be exposed! This old master has lived through three thousand years in a muddled state, and being able to get a clear and bright mind before dying. This old master is very happy, so there is nothing to regret.”

Yang Kai sighed in his heart. Although he knew the other party was telling the truth, he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. In the depths of the Ink Battlefield, Meng Qi was unable to completely resist the erosion of the Ink Force. Only by dying here would he be able to preserve the existence of the Void Corridor.

“It was I who harmed Senior,” Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy.

If he hadn’t told Meng Qi about the Void Corridor, Meng Qi wouldn’t have had to make such a choice. He could have killed his way out with him, and even if only one Ink Clan is killed, it wouldn’t have been a loss.


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