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This wasn’t a big deal. There were many masters in the Cave Heaven Paradise, so all they needed to do was dispatch an Eighth Order master and bring some Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage masters to guard the place.

After a brief discussion, everyone came up with a plan.

Over on High Heaven Palace’s side, suppressed sobs rang out, causing Lan Youruo to feel annoyed, “Why are you crying? He’s not dead yet, if you really want to help him, go back and cultivate.”

Yu Rumeng seemed to have understood something, “Elder Sister means…”

Although Lan Youruo was a Senior, she had always regarded Yang Kai as her younger brother, so it was normal for Yu Rumeng to call her Elder Sister.

Lan Youruo said, “If he can successfully return from this trip, it naturally won’t be going to the Ink Battlefield. He’ll be safe, but if he can’t return, he’ll really be entering the Ink Battlefield. If you has time to cry here, you might as well focus on your cultivation and break through to the Seventh Order as soon as possible. When the time comes, I’ll bring you to the Ink Battlefield to find him!”

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes lit up.

High Heaven Palace’s people were basically all Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage masters, while the various Great Emperors and Madams had all reached the Sixth Order directly, so their future limit would be Eighth Order Open Heaven Stage masters.

Although the Sixth Order Open Heaven Stage was not bad, it was still a bit low in the Ink Battlefield. Only by advancing to the Seventh Order and entering the Ink Battlefield would one be able to protect themselves.

Lan Youruo’s words caused everyone’s sadness to subside and they now had a goal to strive for.

Yue He took out a large number of Space Rings and handed them to Hua Qing Si, “Chief Manager, this was given to me by Young Master and asked me to pass it to you.”

Hua Qing Si caught it and probed it with her Divine Sense, a look of shock appearing on her face.

These Space Rings all contained Yin-Yang attribute resources, and the pile of Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals in the ring were all of high quality, some even the size of small mountains.

This batch of materials was priceless.

With this batch of resources, the Sect’s cultivation resources would also be able to be provided with sufficient resources, greatly reducing the time the Sect’s disciples could cultivate.

Hua Qing Si vaguely knew the origins of these Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals and had also heard from Lan Youruo about Yang Kai’s methods to deal with the Ink Clan, so she couldn’t help worrying, “If Sect Master leaves these things behind, what will happen if he encounter the Ink Clan in the Ink Battlefield?”

Without these resources, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to use the Light of Purification.

Yue He whispered, “Young Master said that only half of it was left behind, he took the other half.”

Hua Qing Si nodded in relief, her heart filled with shock. This large Space Ring was filled to the brim with Yellow Crystals and Blue Crystals, but this was only half?

How many benefits had the Sect Master obtained from the Chaotic Dead Territory?

Calming herself down, she put away the Space Ring. As High Heaven Palace’s Chief Manager, she was responsible for the overall distribution of supplies, so these things were most suitable for her to keep.

Lan Youruo led the group to bid farewell to the Cave Heaven Paradise’s Supreme Elders. Naturally, they didn’t try to persuade them to stay. After entering the Void Corridor and sealing it, Yang Kai had done his best, so there was nothing left for High Heaven Palace to do.

The several Eighth Order masters, led by Six Wood Divine Monarch, urged everyone that if they needed anything in the future, they would ask their lower base disciples to cooperate.

Lan Youruo expressed her gratitude before leading everyone away.

With the guarantee of these Supreme Elders, whether it was High Heaven Palace or the Void Land in the future, both of them would maintain a transcendent status and wouldn’t need to worry about being ostracized.

After all, Yang Kai had just paid a huge price for this vast Universe. If the Sect were to be ostracized, it would be too disappointing.

Inside the Void Corridor, the Space Law around Yang Kai surged, causing the surrounding void to become turbulent as he exerted a sealing force.

In order to explain the situation to the Eighth Order Supreme Elders, Yang Kai had deliberately taken out a bamboo tube to demonstrate that the ancient sealing power that had filled the bamboo tube was slowly dissipating. What he needed to do now was to refill the place where the seal had disappeared so as to conceal the existence of the Void Corridor.

Doing this required a lot of energy, so Yang Kai was constantly using his Space Law.

Sealing the exit meant that he had no way out and could only continue sealing.

Inside the Void Corridor, it was a chaotic mess. There was no light, no sound, and even Yang Kai’s perception was extremely blurry. Yang Kai only relied on the power of the Seal to calculate his own progress.

As time passed, Yang Kai occasionally had to stop to rest. He didn’t dare consume too much of his strength, no one knew what kind of danger he would encounter in the next moment, so he had to maintain the necessary strength to deal with unknown dangers.

Wherever he went, the power of his Seal would fill the Void Corridor and if one wanted to break it, one would have to either use brute force or their attainments in Space Law were equal to his.

Yang Kai didn’t know how long he had been in the Void Corridor, but in such a place, even the flow of time had become blurry. Because of the disappearance of the Ancient Seal’s power, the turbulence in the Void had become extremely dangerous, constantly attacking from all directions.

If he had faced this situation in the past, Yang Kai might not have been able to resolve it, but now, his attainments in the Space Law were extraordinary. According to his own understanding of the Dao, his mastery of the Space Law had reached the Eighth Stage.

This was a level that ordinary people could not reach.

At a certain moment, Yang Kai suddenly felt an invisible force blocking his path, causing his heart to relax.

He had finally caught up!

He knew that the invisible force behind his back was the power of the ancient seal, which meant that his initial calculations had not been wrong. He had a chance to conceal the exit on the other side of the Void Corridor, and if he was lucky, the existence on the other side would not be discovered.

The Ancient Seal Power continued to dissipate, and Yang Kai’s current situation was like he was being sandwiched between two walls.

One of them was the power of an ancient seal, while the other was the power of a seal formed from his own Space Law.

As the wall behind him continued to dissipate, Yang Kai needed to continuously retreat and replenish his sealing power.

One day, when the power of the Ancient Seal completely dissipated, he would be able to seal the Void Corridor again.

As the days passed, Yang Kai continued to maintain the seal. Every time the ancient seal dissipated, he would take a step back and repeat the process.

This situation continued for a long time until Yang Kai suddenly felt that something was wrong behind him.

Inside the originally dark Void Corridor, there was suddenly a bit of light. This light seemed to be blocked by something and couldn’t be completely reflected, making it appear somewhat hazy.

From the source of this light, Yang Kai could faintly sense the aura of another world!

Yang Kai’s expression couldn’t help turning cold as he knew that he was about to reach the other end of the Void Corridor. The aura of another world and the light was the best evidence.

He immediately perked up and waited!

No one could say for sure what was happening on the other side of the Void Corridor. They had previously speculated that it was most likely the Ink Battlefield, but now it was time to determine.

It would be a lie to say he wasn’t nervous. If it really was the Ink Battlefield, he would never be able to return.

Feeling somewhat nervous, Yang Kai was filled with a sense of awe towards the unknown. His hands continued to move as he constantly changed his hand seals, causing the Space Law to surge. As he retreated, the power of the Seal continued to fill the Void Corridor.

The light grew brighter, and the aura of another world became clearer.

At a certain moment, the Ancient Seal's power behind him suddenly dissipated and Yang Kai, who was closing in on it, suddenly emerged from the Void Corridor.

Immediately, he spread out his Divine Sense to monitor his surroundings.

This was a world filled with vitality, surrounded by towering trees that stretched as far as the eye could see. The World Force here was extremely rich and the laws here were perfect.

In the nearby bushes, there was even a spirit plant that was growing healthily. This spirit plant had a few red fruits that gave off a sweet fragrance.

Yang Kai didn’t recognize what this fruit was, but with a single glance, he could tell that it was of extraordinary quality and was likely extremely beneficial to Open Heaven Stage cultivators.

What was this place? Yang Kai frowned.

The Ink Battlefield that was filled with the Ink Force was not like this.

Could it be that the other end of the Void Corridor was not connected to the Ink Battlefield? This thought filled Yang Kai with joy.

As long as it wasn’t the Ink Battlefield, it was fine! That meant he could still find his way back. If he really entered the Ink Battlefield, he would never be able to return.

Ignoring the spirit fruit, Yang Kai quickly sealed the Void Corridor.

This entrance was a hidden danger and had to be sealed immediately to ensure the safety of the Black Territory.

This was not a big deal, after all, Yang Kai had sealed the void corridor all the way here, so he was quite familiar with it.

The black hole-like entrance to the Void Corridor quickly closed and disappeared.

However, at this moment, Yang Kai’s brow furrowed as he sensed a powerful aura rapidly approaching him. This person’s energy fluctuations indicated that he was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage master!

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as his movements became faster.

A moment later, the Void Corridor’s entrance was completely sealed and disappeared.

Just as he finished doing this, the sound of something breaking through the air rang out and a figure landed a few hundred meters away, quietly observing him.

Yang Kai turned around and saw a hale and hearty old man wearing a thin black robe.

From his appearance alone, it was impossible to tell which Cave Heaven Paradise he came from, but since he was a Seventh Order Open Heaven Stage cultivator, he must have come from some kind of Cave Heaven Paradise.

The old man stared at Yang Kai and then looked around suspiciously.

Yang Kai’s heart sank, knowing that although he had sealed it in time, the Void Corridor’s existence had clearly been detected by someone.

However, because the entrance had already disappeared, the people who had come couldn’t figure out what was happening here.

Yang Kai even suspected that the fluctuations coming from the Void Corridor’s entrance had attracted this person.


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